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souleater1212 - Dogzer dog breeder

XP points: 3465


Overall Ranking: 10th
Reputation points: 1,951
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Dog trainer. Unemployed
Founder of the Panda Land kennel club
Dogz': Array
Landscape of Athena
Paendeo peiji e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida! 
'Welcome to the panda page!'
Quitting Dogzer
Dogs are not for sale!
 Proudly breeding 40+ gens of Akita's!
Steal my art/characters. They are important to me.
Send me friend requests after I deny the first one. I dont mind getting friend requests, but if I deny them, do not resend them. 
Ask me to buy a dog. I do not want it!
Ask me to sell a dog. Especially if it has a ruby!!
Be rude. I do not tolerate mean people!
All Dogzer rules apply, so please behave! 
Hello there, world! My name's Dakota (Kota) and I'm a 19 year old guy from South Korea (Yes, I am fluent in Korean). I live here with my girlfriend, dog, and our son. I work for Samsung here, where we create phones, laptops, and other electronics. I have a background in basic medical, and I'm an artist. I was born on Halloween, and my favorite color happens to be orange. I love pandas! My hobbies include art, reading, and other such things. In my free time, I watch youtube or listen to music. I'm currently into youtubers such as Idubbbz, Pyro, and Cr1tikal. Although I enjoy Pewdiepie and the occasional Markiplier. My music includes a lot of Kpop artists such as BTS, Block B, EXO, Monsta X, and a lot more (considering I'm Korean). But I do happen to enjoy heavy metal/post-hardcore bands such as ALASKA, Outline in Color, Famous Last Words, and much more! I am currently getting more into writing too. I also roleplay occasionally, although not much anymore considering my busy life. 
My Art: 
 - This was from Strawberrywaffles
Random pictures: 


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Vizsla puppy - coat 17
Dogo Argentino adult - coat 1237
German Spitz adult - coat 7
Wolf adult - coat 1340000489
German Spitz adult - coat 1340000470
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 souleater1212 - 2 hours and 34 minutes ago
 souleater1212 - 5 months ago
Officially quitting - dogs are not for sale. This game has gone downhill and I just dont have time for all the bugs. Maybe I'll come back some day. Hope to see my friends soon! :)   Comment
 souleater1212 - 1 year and 6 months ago
Taehyung was born on November 24th, at around 4 am! He is 8 pounds 5 ounces.   Comment