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XP points: 3435


South Korea
Overall Ranking: 10th
Reputation points: 1,691
Certificates: 10/10
Job: President of a breed club. Unemployed
Founder of the Panda Land kennel club
Landscape of Athena
Paendeo peiji e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida! 
That means 'welcome to the panda page!'
 Proudly breeding 40+ gens of Akita's!
Steal my art/characters. They are important to me.
Send me friend requests after I deny the first one. I dont mind getting friend requests, but if I deny them, do not resend them. (Im pretty cool I just dont wanna be friends with people I probably wont talk to. If I add you, that means I think we'll be good friends)
Ask me to buy a dog. I do not want it!
Ask me to sell a dog. Especially if it has a ruby!!
Be rude. That includes cussing. I do not tolerate mean people!
All Dogzer rules apply, so please behave! 
Hello there, world! My name's Dakota (Kota) and I'm a 19 year old guy from South Korea (Yes, I am fluent in Korean). I live here with my girlfriend, dog, 4 rats, and soon we'll have our son here! I work for Samsung here, where we create phones, laptops, and other electronics. I have a background in basic medical, and I'm an artist. I was born on Halloween, and my favorite color happens to be orange. I love pandas! My hobbies include art, reading, and other such things. In my free time, I watch youtube or listen to music. I'm currently into youtubers such as Idubbbz, Leafy, and Cr1tikal. Although I enjoy Pewdiepie and the occasional Markiplier. My music includes a lot of Kpop artists such as BTS, Block B, EXO, Monsta X, and a lot more. But I do happen to enjoy bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic!, Black Bear, Marvin Divine, and Twenty One Pilots. My absolute favorite happens to be the Gorillaz. 
These people are very important to me and have changed my life for the better. 
Halandangel: She's one of the most important people in my life. She's helped me through a ton and I cant thank her enough. She's practically my little sister. She knows practically everything about me and my family. She deserves a lot of respect. 
Puppylover1244 - One of my best friends on here. She's extremely awesome and likes the same things I do. ^.^
Bailey - Im too lazy to type his full name but he's awesome! He likes Twenty One Pilots just like me. He's super nice and great to talk to!
Mileysmiley - My other best friend. She doesnt come online much anymore 
Zooguard - Omg zoo zoo is like, the best. She doesnt come on anymore either but she's such a great person. 
Rasclieboobear - She doesnt come on much either but she's amazing! Ugh if only she was here. She's weird, but a good kind of weird.
Horselover108 - Very awesome and great roleplayer. ^_^ Go talk to her, shes great!
My Art: 
    This was done with melted crayons
Gifts from Friends: 
Thank you Tristan! :D 
 - From Bailey 
 - From Cat
 - From Strawberrywaffles
Random pictures: 


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Vizsla Puppy - coat 17
Dogo Argentino Adult - coat 1237
German Spitz Adult - coat 7
Wolf Adult - coat 1340000489
German Spitz Adult - coat 1340000470
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  souleater1212 - 1 hour ago
 trish777 acquires **Murdoc.   Comment
  souleater1212 - 4 hours ago
 souleater1212 publishes an offer to purchase **Murdoc at a fixed price.   Comment
 AndreaC2 - 2 days ago
So.....How goes new fatherhood?   Comment
  souleater1212 - 2 days ago:
Stressful and wonderful. It's amazing how much babies sleep through.  Comment
 AndreaC2 - 2 days ago:
It's probably a blessing that he sleeps so much. That way you can get some sleep too. Does the name Taehyung have a deeper meaning?  Comment
  souleater1212 - 2 days ago:
The name means 'Great honor' or 'superior'. The proper way to spell it is Tae-Hyun but we decided to go with the Chinese version of it.  Comment
 AndreaC2 - 2 days ago:
It's a great name...I just love it. ^-^  Comment
  souleater1212 - 13 days ago
Taehyung was born on November 24th, at around 4 am! He is 8 pounds 5 ounces.   Comment
 Emily1610 - 13 days ago:
Congrats :0! I saw the pics on your page he's an adorable little one!  Comment
  souleater1212 - 12 days ago:
Thank you! I didn't know he would come this soon  Comment
 Emily1610 - 11 days ago:
I know right? It felt like it went by so quick to be honest  Comment
 AndreaC2 - 10 days ago:
Congrats! He's adorable. ^-^  Comment
  Starrise - 10 days ago:
Congrats!! He's so cute.  Comment
  souleater1212 - 8 days ago:
Thank you both!  Comment
 puppylover1244 - 6 days ago:
Late congrats!! He's an adorable lil' panda! How does it feel being a parent? XD  Comment
  souleater1212 - 6 days ago:
It feels stressful. Help meeeee  Comment
 puppylover1244 - 5 days ago:
r.i.p Kota  Comment
  souleater1212 - 4 days ago:
Here lies Kota - Death by baby  Comment
  Defeatcynophobia - 4 days ago:
Cute baby :)  Comment
 pinkey280 - 1 day ago:
Sorry this is so late, but wow, congratulations!! Taehyung is so cute! How are you and his mom handling things? And what's he like?  Comment
  souleater1212 - 1 day ago:
Thank you! Everythings going great! He sleeps a lot and never cries either! Lol lucky me  Comment
  tayekehinde - 1 day ago:
Congratulations!!!! I just saw this. How is fatherhood treating you?  Comment
  souleater1212 - 9 hours ago:
Better than expected! It was stressful for the first 3 days  Comment
  tayekehinde - 7 hours ago:
Thats the way it usually is. They are cute when they are born and then when u become sleep deprived u begin to see how their cuteness becomes something else. LOL but then they become cute again. I am ranting  Comment
  souleater1212 - 7 hours ago:
Lol, it's true though. He almost never cries so I have to check on him constantly! I kinda wish he cried so I'd know when he was hungry or something xD  Comment
  souleater1212 - 8 months ago
Akita names already used (for my use): Yasu, Ai, Aika, Aimi, Akemi, Amaterasu, Arisu, Avaron, Ayumi, Bunko, Chi, Chiharu, Chikako, Chiyoko, Chou, Dai, Daichi, Eiji, Futoshi, Gina, Hachijuki, Hachiro, Hajime, Haruka, Hiro, Hisoka, Hitoshi, Hoshi, Hotaka, Inuyasha, Isamu, Iwao, Izanagi, Izumi, Jirou, Jun, Junichi, Katsuo, Kazuhiro, Kenta, Kiku, Kin, Kitsune, Kiyomi, Koji, Kotone, Kotori,   Comment
  souleater1212 - 8 months ago:
Makoto, Manabu, Mikio, Miroku, Momoe, Nobuyuki, Nori, Noriko, Orochi, Rei, Ren, Ryota, Sachiko, Shigeko, Shinju, Suzu, Tadashi, Tsubaki, Tsume, Uchiha, Ume, Yoshie, Yoshikazu, Yuko  Comment