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My drawings so far 
[dont steal[
No dteal

 This took forever to draw on computer and paper

      Favorite five nights at Freddy's ....

Got mangle go mangles                                                                              


Big fan of hel
Ride with me happy Halloween 
I'm food yes my two favorite foods on pushhen hey she look good an CUTE 

Cartoon of the running moon starring the toxic wolf , flutter shy wolf and Halloween siko Sarah wolf 

The toxic wolf :
Sarah um .... I know I was not suppose to me judging you know but .. WHY THE HEAK ARE YOU WEARING SANTA WHEN IT'S NOT WOLF CHRISMAS YET .....?
Guess what time to count down if you can stay on my wall for at least a minute 

Sarah the Halloween siko wolf :ps.. Toxic you know it's Halloween so I'm being Santa an its the only thing I have to wear you know right because you know right thats is Halloween and why are you still mad at me I've never did anything but try an help you but all my life you have been a jerk but yea it's Halloween it's my turn to be a jerk to you butt head and guess what least img a good wolf an my parents acually like me , and I hope that feels hurt in you because that's what I feel every single day of my life when you talk mean things to me sister 

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG we need to stop fighting now our sister flutter shy is comming over be nice now you know how very fragel she is Sarah ok ..........

Ok well ok and hey why are you nice to her an not me 
Toxicwolf:because she does not get on my last nerves an we have lots in comment so yea and shhh ....shes comming over 
Flutter :hey guys how are you I just got back from helping out the animals anything wrong 
Sarah:nope not at all 
Toxic wolf :*whispers *i wish Sarah would run to the moon an never back 
Flutter:don't say that everyone is diffrent an everyone has a a sweet spot toxic so yea , shes nice to me an o are y'all an I thought y'all got alone we are friends not haters so PELASE everyone love not hate be loved an know I love you and you love me were wolf sisters in blood an through hisprry 
Toxic wolf :ugh I agree whe should not fight sorry fr fighting sisi an flutter I love you as a sister more than ver 
Sarah the siko but acually nice wolf :love you to sister an I'm sorry toxic it's just I've always wanted to make you happy an so yea but thank you for sorry an I'm sorry to 
Flutter the peace maker :*smiles happily a howles as all animals come smiling giving thanks for the love of these three sisters in the moon * I love you to sisters an always will 

THE END *i make one ever week 

Running to the moon to *true love or ruin love *starrign Ralph made by ARTIYA my dear friend an rarity ARTIYA made up and flutter shy , toxic wolf a and flutter shys brother an twilight sparkle * 

You man,am joke
L. Youuouybouyovyuov when sje had her child ,it was so ugly when it looked in the mirror the reflection did this 

Smile dog 
This is smile dog he s a creepypasta an he is a killer dog who is a siren husky that is as big as a Great Dane an he is my dream dog if I was a dog I would wanna marry him 

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Labrador Retriever adult - coat 51
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 Stranger - 9 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago
 Horselover108 - 2 years 2 months ago
Love your drawings by they way, you're really good!   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 21 h 27 min ago:
Thank you !  Comment
 Horselover108 - , , , 9 h 42 min ago:
You're welcome :)  Comment
 Defeatcynophobia - 2 years 3 months ago
  Chase66 - 2 years 4 months ago
Is it fine if I just make Foxy or Springtrap? I am not very good at Mangle and I draw Springtrap and Foxy Best.   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 15 h 11 min ago:
You can do foxy of course :)  Comment
  Chase66 - , , 15 h 23 min ago:
Okay!  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 15 h 35 min ago:
Yay  Comment
  Chase66 - , , 15 h 55 min ago:
It will probably be done in an hour.  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 16 h 3 min ago:
Okay fine with me  Comment
  Chase66 - , , 16 h 15 min ago:
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 16 h 56 min ago:
Okay  Comment
 strawberrywaffles - 2 years 4 months ago
The The Magic Prison group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
 akita2002 - 2 years 4 months ago
The Paws 'n Claws Adoption & Training group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment - 2 years 4 months ago
Sorry my dogs were playing and I accidentally hit the refuse button.   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 1 h 34 min ago:
So did I gosh can you send me one again I didn't mean to hit refuse , I'm on a stupid touch screen iPhone five so it's tiny  Comment - , , 1 h 42 min ago:
I'm on a phone too, and yes I'll send one again  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 23 h 24 min ago:
Phones suck at times  Comment - , 15 min ago:
Yes they do, and it said I already sent a friend request and waiting for you to accept it.  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 18 h 39 min ago:
I accepted  Comment - , , 18 h 41 min ago:
Alright thank you.  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 18 h 42 min ago:
Yep  Comment
 Stranger - 2 years 4 months ago
 Nowyouseeme - 2 years 4 months ago
The The Legend Of Excalibur *Rp* group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - 2 years 5 months ago
If you want me to do you some art just commen your form here and I'll do it but I have slots so I'll make it on my breeder page when I get a form but anyways the form Name of animal, type of animal, accessories, pose, face expression, reference of drawing such as a picture but only the ones you've drawn or realistic one cause of copy right , back ground transparent or what color, other   Comment
 BlackButler119 - 2 years 6 months ago
 strawberrywaffles - 2 years 7 months ago
HI LIVE WOLFFF!!! My page got deleted which sucks... I haven't had a real chat with you for a while, mostly for role plays though. :)   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 2 h 51 min ago:
Hey ..... I've been off a while just gettig started up to come on more thought :)  Comment
 strawberrywaffles - , , , 4 h 1 min ago:
Yay. XD  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 2 h 55 min ago:
I'm back , finally was able to get a technology that didn't glitch for me when I sign in !!!  Comment
 strawberrywaffles - , , 3 h 1 min ago:
Wonderful! :D  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 3 h 6 min ago:
I have drawing now from my computer I did yay finally until it disappeared but drawing were saved  Comment
 BleachFan123 - 2 years 7 months ago
The Five Nights At Freddy's 2 *rp group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
  Chase66 - 2 years 7 months ago
The Wolves Of The Northern Lights group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
 Atriya - 2 years 7 months ago
Hey,I'm Back! I forgot abut Dogzer and checked my Bookmarks, So I'm Back!   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 16 h 29 min ago:
Dear, I haven't been on in about two mouths  Comment
 Atriya - , , 2 h ago:
I said I was leaving for thanksgiving week but it turned out to be longer than expected  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 6 h 44 min ago:
lol hjjj  Comment
 Atriya - , , 16 min ago:
And It Happened again.. wow,Im not great at keeping up! :P  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 2 years 8 months ago
Hola friend I see you have changed your password xP. Good thing you did that. Oh, and fyi, I reccomend of getting rid of the Smile Dog thing on your page (I suppose your sister did that). Just cuz I don't want little kids to see it and ask what it is plus some people might get nightmares or something. o.O XD But anyways hi!!!! I haven't talkz to you in forever!   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 14 h 41 min ago:
I haven't been on in forever and no ....... I like smile dog lol but ok I will. It's been forever on here so I thought why not come on DOGZER and see what's been up. But yeah hey  Comment
 Ruffianfan - , , , 18 h 48 min ago:
Sorry for late reply xp and I dun want you to get banned but you can keep it up if you wanna  Comment
  Chase66 - 2 years 9 months ago
Hi!!! *Hugs* Are you my real friend or the fake sister?!   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 22 min ago:
Real I was able to change my pass word again without her knowing and me not forgetting it hey I haven't been on in a while haven't i  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 26 min ago:
You Haven't!! Yeah, it was really good you changed your password. if my sister got into my account I would literally punch her in the face xD but she is too young todo that anyway.  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 28 min ago:
I've been off for a mouth  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 29 min ago:
a Mouth :3 also.. it is almost my birthday!!!  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 30 min ago:
Oh and how do I send a message to everyone at the same time because I need to send a message to all my friends at once  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 33 min ago:
you send a message to everyone by clicking on your friends list at the top of the page, then in the top right corner you see an envelope, click on that then just send it :)  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 34 min ago:
Ok and what do you want from your birthday like a picture I can make for you like a gif what you want  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 35 min ago:
Meh I don't need one but if you feel like it you can :)  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 36 min ago:
Ok my birthday was on December 19 what age will YIU be turning  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 38 min ago:
Eleven ^^  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 40 min ago:
Oh we're you born in 2004  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 42 min ago:
Yep I was!  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 47 min ago:
Oh I was born in 2003 and I'm BLAH it's weird when I'm older than my friends don't you think s little bit  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 48 min ago:
I think it is weird. I have not many friends that are younger than me though  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 51 min ago:
Well poopee  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 52 min ago:
I have some and I'm only "4foot7and a half pretty short for a firth graded while there's some friends that are older than me in my grade 5 foot three  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 19 h 53 min ago:
I think I am five foot eight  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 57 min ago:
NU nu nu NU nu nu nu poopy ok  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 19 h 57 min ago:
Well I have to togo my mom will be home in an hour an she uses my mini iPad so I have to charge the iPad  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 20 h 1 min ago:
Ok and I foun you on I am Alucard_Awesome on there  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 15 h 35 min ago:
Ok I'm back  Comment
  Chase66 - , , , 15 h 36 min ago:
That's good :)  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , 2 h 55 min ago:
Omg it's been forever  Comment
 BarianPower - 2 years 10 months ago
 BarianPower - 2 years 10 months ago
 frostflower - 2 years 10 months ago
 huskylover4 - 2 years 10 months ago
Hey!   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 4 h 8 min ago:
Ugh .. Um I mean hi how are you not in a god mood right now  Comment
 huskylover4 - , , , 4 h 9 min ago:
? Hey good. Why not?  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 4 h 10 min ago:
Just don't wanna take about so I wanna ask you somthing do you have  Comment
 huskylover4 - , , , 4 h 12 min ago:
No I do not.  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 4 h 53 min ago:
I'm bored  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - 2 years 10 months ago
Njjj   Comment
 kindbark - 2 years 11 months ago
 Atriya - 2 years 11 months ago
Hey, Do you think I could help you with the stories on your wall every week? I Love them! And could I do the same but with different Pics?   Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 15 h 18 min ago:
Umm well you can help me sure but I wanna be like keep it to myself for the peeps so yea it's kinda specaial but you could help me for the charictors an we could do it over on message so people don't know what were doing  Comment
 Atriya - , , , 15 h 36 min ago:
Okay! Thank You! :D  Comment
 Lolilovemylifewolfff - , , , 15 h 52 min ago:
Well what we waiting for I'mlanning on making one today an putting it up tomorrow lets go on message an plan this one out  Comment
 sparkleworks01 - 2 years 11 months ago
The Wolves Of The Wild (wolf RP) group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
 strawberrywaffles - 2 years 11 months ago
The The Magic Prison II group welcomes a new member: Lolilovemylifewolfff   Comment
 Charitynwright - 2 years 11 months ago
 dogbreeder - 2 years 11 months ago