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United States
Overall Ranking: 13th
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Certificates: 10/10
Job: Dog instructor. Unemployed doesn't have a kennel club
Landscape of Athena

:star:Hello, welcome to my breeders page, I am, but of course why not call me Vitani, correct, i love the Lion King, but a huge Vitani fan here, beware. Anyway i'm 20 years old, born in the month of October, oh ya'll haven't heard, that's when the dead comes out to play, indeed, i'm the dead, most times. Crazy is right. I do not blame you one bit, if ya'll think i'm crazy, well lets put it this way. i'm just crazy wacky, nah, i have my wacky moments. ooooh i have favorite colors, does little happy dance in chair, here are my favorite colors, clears throat, Red, Black, Orange, and Purple, boom, those are my favorite colors in the whole wide universe, weird i said universe, okay just making sure. So what do i look like you say, well i have long blonde hair, hazel eyes, oooh i have freckles too, i adore wearing plaid shirts, long sleeves are the best, skinny jeans, and a pair of my purple sneakers, i have a lot of plaid, that i enjoy wearing, oooh i get called cute a lot, which i hate, guess i'll have to teach them a lesson of a snowball fight. Snowballs??? where'd that come from you say, well i happen to love and i mean love snowballs, yes snowball fights, snowball forts, everything containing snowballs. But, ya'll should pretty much know, that laughs before typing, yeah, i do pranks, on my friends and family, I can make then laugh when I prank call them with my silly speeches, but get caught, when I start laughing, indeed i'm very silly, I can make anyone laugh, i have gotten people upset but worse, mad at me, but I still laugh. Oooh i have a heart of a child, still do whats kids do these days, i go swimming, hiking, mudding, four-wheeling, video games, heck i'm a true tomboy right to the core, but i am a female.:star:


:star:Now about my pets, woohoo, I have two cats, Opie and Sprinkles, now the animals I have in my real dogs and real animals, those are the ones I used to own, some passed away, and some I left at my parents house, but right now I have two cats of my own, I have a fancy bear hamster name Bear, I'll be getting a horse, as said somewhere below, and a German Shepherd, I just have to find a breeder, I will post some up so y'all can see them. Okay skips a whole lot of information, I used to own a Toller, but sadly she passed away, that's why I'm continuing the Toller breeding, in remembrance of my beloved princess, Cherry, yes just like my Toller Cherry on here, which I had longer, I do miss her, she was my little princess. Yep, skips more information, yes i tend to skip a lot of information, so now, let me see here, ah I love music, country, nightcore, I listen to country more then nightcore, I love singing along with the music, I tend to pick up the lyrics, in less then 2 minutes, which i happen to be excellent at singing,  but i do sing to the songs that I happen to listen to while playing Dogzer and going for walks etc, aside of country, i can talk southern, and talk with my british accent, love making the family and friends laugh till they cry, how rude to do that, but its funny, I have moved to Tennessee, my dream place, I'll be getting a horse name Chestnutt and he's a real beauty, born and raised from a professional horse breeder and trainer. Skips more information, ah I love horror movies, correct love horror movies, yeppers, the ones that make you so scared, you won't be able to go to the bathroom alone. ooooh, guess what, oh okay, i'll just tell you, I love writing stories, yes the gruesome ones, and hilarious ones, oh, you didn't know, hmm you sure, oh alright, thought you knew, all welI. indeed i'm very sarcastic, no, you didn't know that either, well darn.:star:


:star:Well your probably about to leave this strange breeders page, so lets cut the weirdness of my wackiness, anywho, what about this game I play?? hmmm well I'll be honest, I breed and train my dogs, to earn progress stars and to approve the capacity of my breeds, i'm very serious when it comes to training and breeding my dogs, now if you want to breed with one of my males, all ya'll gotta do is post on my wall or send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You may or may not get the answer you were hoping for, as some of my males won't be up for private breeding. But hey, maybe this will cheer ya up, If you want a puppy, please tell me, and we can discuss a price. I do breed lots of breeds, but not all breeds. I do spoil some of my dogs, you can see by hovering your mouse on my wonderful dogs, while your admiring my beauties, why not vote for them or just a few, which ever you prefer, and please do cuddle with them, when you have clicked on them, or again a few, so they know they are loved, i know they are virtual, but in my mind, they are my prized doggies, yes i said doggies, deal with it, starts randomly laughing.:star:


:star: Now i know 30% that you all hate rules, yes 30%, but i'm afraid to say, i have rules, sounds evil when laughing, how rude, only rules I have, are to not ask for premz, I buy them, not you, or unless I offer you some, don't ask for my dogz, and don't ask me to sell you one of my dogs, if i wanna sell some of my dogs they will be put on flat price, or auction, and please no rude comments, I dislike rudeness, I will report you to a moderator, without you knowing it, how rude again, you say, i'm just only being honest, so please think before you say anything rude. And all Dogzer rules apply, please follow them. Thanks.:star:

Breeding: More to be added.

Toller's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 417.78:star:)

Doberman's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 352.07 )

Cane Corso's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 353.29 )

Mongolian Bankhar's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 351.36 )

Boerboel's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 351.75 )


Belgian Tervuren's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 355.40 )

German Shepherd's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 353.61 )

,American Staffordshire Terrier's ( Highest Capacity I Have, 370.84 )

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Toller Adult - coat 41
American Pit Bull Terrier Adult - coat 16
Toller Adult - coat 41
Toller Adult - coat 41
Belgian Tervuren Adult - coat 458
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