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United States
Overall Ranking: 14th
Reputation points: 476
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Dog instructor. Unemployed doesn't have a kennel club
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        Hello, welcome to my breeders page, I am, but of course why not call me Vitani. I am between the ages of 10-20, i am a female, who happens to be a tomboy. As i said i'm a tomboy, so that means i only wear skinny jeans, i wear long sleeve shirts, and sweaters, and a pair of sneakers, not a girly girl. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, and i have a kind heart. I am going to college when school starts back, i will be going there to become a veterinarian, because i enjoy helping animals. I do have pets of my own, and they are my everything, they come first before anyone else. My favorite colors are, purple, black, red, and orange. On my free time, i usually listen to music, and the music i happen to listen to, are country, and nightcore. I am an excellent singer, so i'll be singing while doing my daily activity's. I enjoy the outdoors, i love going for hikes in the woods with my dogs, i am a book reader, i love to write silly stories and just gruesome stories. Anyway lets get to this game i play, on this game, i train and breed, the breeds i train, are the ones i'll be breeding, to earn progress stars, yes, i'm always willing to aim for a star or two, sometimes i don't always earn a star, because i have a life, and i'd like to enjoy that as long as i can, but Dogzer has gotten my attention, so i'll be on, every chance i get, usually at night, around midnight. Back to the game, i breed a few breeds, some i don't train as much, because like my Toller's, they have a capacity of 400+ and i got to keep track of them, but sometimes i'll go back and forth on a breed, because it's easier for me. I do have a few ground rules, they are to be nice, no rude comments, just be kind to one another, please don't ask for premz, i buy them not you, and no asking for my dogz. Please no asking for a breeding with my male Toller's, or my other breeds, because some of the breeds, i'm teamed up with other players with them. And that's all about me and this game i play. Have fun playing Dogzer.
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Toller Adult - coat 41
American Pit Bull Terrier Adult - coat 16
Toller Adult - coat 41
Toller Adult - coat 41
Belgian Tervuren Adult - coat 458
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