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About Me:


Why hello there, i see you have came to stalk my wonderful breeders page, how exciting. Names Vitani, and i have a whole lot to say about my wonderful self. First, i will love to introduce my wonderful self. I'm known to be laid-back, but i happen to have a sarcastic side, so please don't get offended if i release my sarcastic side, i can't help it, to be honest. I am a girl, who happenes to be 21 years old, born in October, yes, the month of the wonderful Halloween. I live in Tennessee with my boyfriend and our pets. Which is amazing. I have long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles. I'm currently on disability, but when I was young, my dream was to help animals, but sadly that dream went down the drain. I have a whole lot of hobbies, as my life is pretty much fun and games. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to my music, which is mostly country, watching scary movies, eating M&Ms, which is my favorite candy. I also love to go for walks, with my dogs of course. I happen to be a tom boy, so basically, that means i love video games, but my top favorite game is Dogzer. I have a few favorite colors, red, black, and purple. I have a unhealthy obsession with the following animals, Wolves, German Shepherds, Tollers, Cats, Rodents, and Mutts. Thanks for reading all about me.


About My Game:


On Dogzer, i breed a whole lot of breeds, which include, German Shepherds, Tollers, Huntaways, and German Spitz. I may breed other breeds out of the blue, mostly because i get inpatient, and dislike to leave my wonderful self bored. I am on a breeding partnership team, but right now, i'm pretty full, and no longer accepting other breeders to be teamed up with me on breeds. I train my dogs to 80+ HS, with at least 240+ level, unless, they have a waterfall attached, then i prefer at least 300+ level.




1.) Have over 1,000 reputation points. ( Completed )


2.) Have over 1,000,000 dogz.


3.) Have over 1,000 hourglasses. ( Completed )


4.) Have Tollers to 500 capacity.  


5.) Have 1,000 dogs.


My Rules:


1.) I do Not spare premz, nor dogz anymore, i have come to my senses, that everytime i give premz or dogz away, i don't have any for my own use. I will spare premz and dogz, if you are my Breeding Partners. 


2.) I do Not buy dogs, nor do i sell any of my dogs, unless stated otherwise.


3.)All Dogzer Rules Apply.




                                    German Shepherds 


                                  1.) Breeding Partners.






                                   1.) Breeding Partners.





                                   1.) Breeding Partners.



                                         German Spitz


                                    1.) Breeding Partners.






                                        Gifts From Friends

                                          Thanks LidyGH


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