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 Hiya Dogzer players, as most of you know, I'm Now I'm gonna start out with my game. If you don't mind? "We don't mind" thanks, so on this game, I breed many breeds, to many to count I suppose, lol. I breed to improve my breeds capacity, and to earn progress stars. Now before you ask any questions, I'd like to introduce myself, to the world. I'm 20 years old, who does not act her age. "Her?" Yes I'm a her, what'd ya think I was a he, lol. I was born in the month of October. "October!" Yes, October, I know what your thinking, October is a creepy month. "How so?" Hello!!!! Vampires, werewolves, ghost, creepy looking demons, witches! "Laughs" yeah, ya can laugh, I'll prove ya all wrong, lol. Alright, enough with the questions, making my head spin. Now where was I, ah, yes, introducing myself. I have alot about me, that you all didn't know! Like, ya didn't know, that my favorite color is red, and my best dogzer buddie on this version and the .net version, is the lovely Sneasel, go give her a vote, will ya, she deserves it! "Alright, alright, I'll go vote for her" thank you lovely, oh make sure to ask her how her day is going, she'll like that. "Fine" hey, it's nice to ask her, how her day is going! Alright, back where I was, I love food!!!! Yes, food, specially M&Ms! "M&Ms is candy?" It's food!!!! You eat it, lol. I love animals, but only certain ones. "Which ones?" Now now, calm yourself, I love Wolves, German Shepherds, Tollers, Cats, Rodents, and birds! "Birds, what's so special about Birds" hey, wasn't finished, sorry had a coughing fit, lol, I love pitbulls as well, and mutts, I love mutts, now, birds you said? "Yes!" Well, birds are nice, I got two parakeets, they so sweet, but Stewart......"what about Stewart?" Well, he bites, when I try to pick up my girl Simba. "He loves her, he doesn't want you to pick her up!" Oh, alright, thanks for the heads up. Will write that down. Now, back to introducing myself! Again, enough with the questions! Okay, I love reading, writing. I'm extremely sartastic, and extremely funny, as you can tell. "Laughs" that wasn't funny? "Laughs" alright, alright, I'll ignore that. I love and I mean love, music, I mainly listen to nightcore, and country. Before you say anything, I do listen to music, while playing, along with "laughs" alright, you asked for it, I'm done introducing myself! "Nooooooooo!!!!" That's what I thought! Now, I'm extremely shy in real life, but when I'm online, I'm a whole different person, and therefore, be warned! Lol. "Stares" well what are ya waiting for? "Blinks" hello, ya gonna friend request me, and I'd love a vote please, and if you vote for my dogs, I'll mostly likely vote for your dogs too? "Stares" alright, I'll vote for you too! Lol. Well thanks for visiting my breeders pages, come again. "Leaves" hey, where ya going? "Shuts the door" well then, it was nice meeting you too^^

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Toller Adult - coat 41
American Pit Bull Terrier Adult - coat 16
Toller Adult - coat 41
Toller Adult - coat 41
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