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                    Welcome To The Crazy Breeders Page

About Me


  Hello, I'm, but you can call me Vitani. I love watching scary movies, eating food, specially M&M's, yeah so, who cares if M&M's aren't healthy food, besides I'm very healthy, lol. I also love love playing Dogzer, playing with my animals, swimming, reading, listening to music, mostly country, i love taking my dogs for long walks, while playing Pokemon Go. I'm 21 years old, my birthday is in October, I'm a girl, whoop whoop girl power. I'm a complete tomboy, beware. My favorite color is red. My favorite animals i have a bad obsession with are, Wolves, and German Shepherds, Toller's, Cats, Rabbits, other Rodents, and Mutts. I've got long red hair, but not natural, my hair use to be blonde, and thankfully my blonde is coming through, which looks really cool. I've got freckles, and hazel eyes. I happen to live in Tennessee, which is amazing, except for the cold weather. Alright, for most of you who don't know this, I'm a complete goofball, I'm extremely sarcastic, don't worry, my vocabulary and mind are somewhat intact.



About My Game



   On Dogzer, I breed German Shepherds, and Tollers, and German Spitz, and Huntaway's. I also breed other breeds as well, but those are my main ones. German Shepherds, I'm teamed up with KidKrazy97641, and Doglova2004_us. German Spitz, I'm teamed up with Spicalicious. Huntaway's, I'm teamed up with Dogbreeder. Tollers, I breed them alone. Now, I only breed purebred breeds, not none-lod. So please refrain from posting on my wall, or by pm, asking to be teamed up on them. If you ask to be breeding partners for a specific breed, I may reconsider,  but then I may turn down your offer, as I'm extremely busy training my main breeds. Fun fact, I may even hand over certain progress star dogs, breeding offer's, if I'm no longer breeding that breed for progress stars. 





1.) Have over 1,000,000 dogz.

2.) Have over 1,000 hourglasses. :star:

3.) Have over 300 dogs. :star:

4.) Have Toller's to 500 Capacity. 

5.) Have 1,000 Progress Stars.

6.) Win The Dogzer Championship:star:

7.) Have Membership:star:

8.) Have over 1,000 Reputation Points.:star:

9.) Have 1,000 Presence days. 

10.) Have 100+ Premz all together. :star:





   Please no asking for premz and or dogz, i use real money to get my dogz and premz. The only time I would be willing to spare premz and dogz, is if I'm doing a give away in the forums, or if your willing to pay me dogz for my premz, or premz for my dogz. And if your my breeding partner(s) or if i happen to buy your dog(s) at sales, and or auction. Please no asking me to sell a (certain) dog(s) unless we discuss buying or selling dogs on my wall or through pm. Same goes for breeding offers. No asking me to join any other Dreamzer games, I  prefer to only play All Dogzer rules apply.


Thanks For Taking Your Time To Read My Breeders Page, Come Again.


Gifts from friends: 

Thank you LidyGH, I just wove it<3

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  dogbreeder - 5 hours ago
Huh, I can't seem to send PMS or Pm replies for some reason . . . So anyway, about the update, I wasn't sure when it was supposed to appear and last night I couldn't send PMs or post. So I will report that now if I can post. As a side note, Ace's training is going a little slower than Katrine's, he can't seem to get once decent win >.< But hopefully he will do better soon.   Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 23 h and 47 min ago:
I still can't post in the forums >.< It says the message is too short and must contain at least one character.  Comment - , , , 23 h and 48 min ago:
I saw, already 5+ years and no wins o.o im almost done with my female toller so once her pup is born ill enter in shows for you. Hmmmm I never had a problem sending out pms? Usually update goes through around 4 AM my time, lol. Well what I see in my inbox when I get a pm about winning a progress star for one of my dogs.  Comment - , , , 23 h and 48 min ago:
Hmmmm just saw ill try reporting it for ya:)  Comment - , , , 23 h and 53 min ago:
I was able to report it for you.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 23 h and 57 min ago:
Yeah, and I entered him in a lot of shows in a variety of types so I would have thought he'd have at least 1 win o.o Thanks! I am not sure why I can't send Pms, that has never happened to me before.  Comment - , and ago:
I wonder why I can report bugs but you can't? I saw but sadly my female out won your dog.....but hopefully with the next gen toller, you'll get your wins.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , and 3 min ago:
Yeah, I get the "Message must be 1 character or longer" in the forms and "Subject and Message must both be filled out" or something like that trying to send PMs. Weird. Well, hopefully another day or entering shows like crazy will help! His training bars are all full and his level is at least progressing fairly well.  Comment - , , and 8 min ago:
Ugh I hope Dreamzer fixes it, I feel bad being the only one reporting bugs-theirs a bug like when I feed my dogs the right amount and age them, it tells me my dog hasn't been fed.....and I didn't report it because I feel awful being the only one reporting stuff:( I feel weird because everytime my dogs have the waterfall I got to fill allllll training and activity games, I have 3 more to go to finish activity.....but im getting it done because Ive got meh music on lol  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , and 10 min ago:
Same! It tells me that and that they lose 10% strength, but the bar remains at 100% Lol^^ I was doing the activities, but I was told they made little to no difference so I stopped doing it when my dogs were old enough to train/ enter shows. It seems a little easier or quicker with the new game version, but it could just be me.  Comment - , , and 29 min ago:
It is faster lol. I always do the activity when a dog has a waterfall, it gives me some level.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , and 36 min ago:
I haven't trained in so long I thought maybe I was imagining it^^ It was so long before that is another reason I seldom bothered with activities! Maybe I will have to do some activities with Ace to help raise his HS.  Comment - , , and 38 min ago:
"Nudges you" you should lol. And Ive got a male whoop whoop. Ill start training him now, and hopefully he don't beat you in shows....._.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , and 42 min ago:
I most likely will, lol^^ Yay! Hopefully not!  Comment - , , , 1 h and 8 min ago:
I got 2 wins so far.....and he happened to beat your dog in i believe it was disk O.o  Comment - , , , 1 h and 47 min ago:
Oh my lord!!!! You have spammed Agility Category B with 100 pages of all Ace.....and I wasted 4k on Agility......jeez I hope I get at least 2ed place to make up for the 4k loss of dogz.....I have lost so much dogz.....nooooooo._. Oh hear that....its my Netflix.....hear it crying? It wants me to watch some Netflix after all that entering? Pfft I better get 4k back in shows lol XD  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 3 h and 50 min ago:
I went crazy the other day entering him in shows, lol^^ Hopefully we both have some luck!  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 3 h and 51 min ago:
Well, he now has 1 show win out of all of that^^ oh well.  Comment - , , , 3 h and 56 min ago:
9 wins for my Toller and only got 2k back._. Well then not gonna pull my hair out, I shall enter some more.....  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 4 h and 9 min ago:
Well, at this rate I may have to get Ace a ruby so he doesn't die before getting some wins^^ Well, back to the shows . . .  Comment - , , , 4 h and 11 min ago:
Do you need 3 premz for ruby? And yeah hehehe the only category that is B is Obedience and I kinda spammed those with my female Toller yesterday.....and I can't enter because only 1 dog of mine or unless its a show that's entries are more than 3?  Comment - , , , 4 h and 14 min ago:
Did you know your day count is at 5 presence days :0  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 4 h and 14 min ago:
I will if I do end up needing one, I have 2 after giving him the vaccine bonus. Thank goodness he has had that! Oh yeah, some shows still had my female Huntaway in them so Ace couldn't enter. He limit of 1 dog per show can be frustrating when it seems like no one else is entering shows>.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 4 h and 15 min ago:
Really? I didn't see that:( but that might be why they wouldn't let me make a breeding . . . I tried and it said I only had 4 presence days, of course . . . I cannot report the bug!  Comment - , , , 4 h and 18 min ago:
Want me to report it for ya? How many days have you had? Your first post just confused the heck out of me.....yes on 3 premz? Or you got it? Sorry my mind is not yet mature, I don't think?  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 4 h and 21 min ago:
If you wouldn't mind, I feel bad since you have had to report so many bugs already!sorry about that^^ I worded that kind of awkwardly. I was saying that yes, if he does get too much older with no wins I will need 1 premz for the Ruby. I currently have 2 left after giving hi the vaccine bonus. I hope that made more sense!  Comment - , , , 4 h and 26 min ago:
Alright I check the rankings, some reason its frozen._. But I did meh math, my shows 668, but I have 675, you had 1,625, I added up the days, you should have 1,635 days, which is way more than mine, me so jealous. Lol. I will happily report all the annoying bugs, so I don't have to keep feeling bad for my self. "Cries" and when Ace reaches that certain age, let me know and ill give ya the 1 premz for the ruby. That made more sense, lol.  Comment
  dogbreeder - , , , 4 h and 29 min ago:
Lol^^ thanks:) *pats on the back* thanks^^ good! Sometimes I am just too tired to make sense, lol.  Comment - , , , 4 h and 38 min ago:
Your welcome, I felt like I was being annoying when I was typing the issues we are many issues reported by me.....wait.....I think im a temporary mod, me being the only one able to report in the forums? This could be awesome!  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 13 hours ago
Thanks for helping Lidy with my birthday present.. ;)   Comment - , , , 16 h and 42 min ago:
Your welcome^^  Comment
 LidyGH - , , , 18 h and 8 min ago:
Hey! I said no peeking! Bad Paws! xD  Comment - , , , 18 h and 34 min ago:
Indeed bad paws! You are so grounded. But you don't know my gift to you xD "cheers Lidy"  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - , , , 19 h and 40 min ago:
Hehe, I is a bad Paws. Wait, you're getting me one too?! I feel like a spoiled cat...  Comment - , , , 23 h and 26 min ago:
Yeppers your getting a gift from me too, I already have it, but you'll never figure it out :P  Comment