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About Me.


Hey friends, as most of you know, I'm the one and only, but why not call me Vitani, or Annie. Whichever you perfer. Annie is just a nickname, people in real life call me. So why not call me that too. I live in the state of Tennessee, with my handsome boyfriend, and our cute animals. We are expecting a little bundle of a nightmare, who will be part of our lives too. Of course, you read that right! I said a bundle of a nightmare. Just my sarcasm kicking In, my boyfriend hates that, but he loves me anyway. Now, to tell you what I look like, I have long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles. I am an adult, 21 year old, young lady, to be clear. But, i dont look my age. Born in the month of Halloween. Which would be October of course. I am sarcastic, I have warned you. But, I'm very gullible. I will 100% believe anything that has been said to me. I have grown up with a military family. My father was in the Vietnam war, he's retired though. And my mother was a nurse, she's also retired. Old age I suppose. Shhh don't tell them. I have siblings, and I happen to be a twin, to my awesome sister, whom, I barely talk to. I'm currently on disability. My disability that I have, is a disease, which affects my nerves in my hands, legs, and feet, if you would like to learn more about it, feel free to via pm me. I also have ADHD, and a severe case of OCD. Anyway when I was younger, I always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. My favorite things to do, in my free time, is spending time with my boyfriend, when he's not to busy playing his video games. I won't judge that, because this here, is a game, lol. But we do many other things together, like star grazing at night. Going for long walks with our dogs. Watching movies. Playing video games together, multiplayer. I love music, and I mean I love it. I listen to music when I'm sad, which of course, makes me even more sad. Don't ask me why I have music that's sad. I don't have the answer. I mostly enjoy listening to country. I love youtube, my favorite thing to watch is Delirious, best youtuber ever. Makes me laugh till my ribs hurt. Which is not good. My favorite colors are red, purple, black, and orange. My least favorite is pink. My favorite animals are, wolves, german shepherds, rodents, and mutts. I happen to be a Christian, so that means i go to church, Sundays and Wednesdays. I will most likely become active, due to me not being able to sit for long periods of time. But i try my best. Most days, i do not go to church, but god forgives me, and my church family does to. Thats all about me.



About My Game.


On this here game, known as Dogzer, I have been playing for a wee while, so I know the basic of well everything. Now, I breed a whole lot of breeds, which include, tollers, german shepherds, huntaways, and german spitz. I am teamed up on most of my breeds. So there's some that I don't do solo. I do purchase premz, sometimes daily. Don't worry, my boyfriend does not care, as long as he gets to buy new games too, lol. I will most likely help out with premz and dogz, to players who need help. I will even help out with training tips, if you ever want to start breeding and earning rewards, and most of all, improving the breeds capacity. Only if your willing to exit real life for many hours of every day, to come online and play Dogzer. 




I have no rules, but Dreamzer may, so might as well follow his rules, but when your in contact with me, your please to do what you wish. 



Gift from friends/to friends.


Thank you LidyGH, I love it.

Thanks LidyGH, it's so pretty.


 Thank you Pollyjolly25th, it's awesome.


 For you Pollyjolly25th.


 Thank you Pollyjolly25th.



For your own safety, you have been warned, my severe OCD, may cause me to delete our conversations on my wall. But I'm trying my hardest to keep the post on my wall. Thank you, and come again.


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