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Hi there! x My name is Anna :) I'm 13 , i'm in 8th grade, I have a 12 year old sister Chaleigh , and I love dogs xoxo
So, there's not much to say about myself.....or not much interesting things to say....Ummmm....
.I like pizza, I live in an apartment with my mom and sister,
 I have a dog at my grandparents - her name is Sadie and she's a mut, I'm like a normal teenage girl with a creepy and weird mind,
i'm from the United States - Kokomo Indiana,
I want to travel to  Australia (every part of it) - London - Ireland- Germany- New York - Los Angeles,
5SecondsOfSummer - One Direction - Sleeping with sirens - and The Vamps are my favorite band,
My favorite movie is a polish film called  "Suicide Room",
- Monster by Meg and Dia is my favorite song to listen to,
I wear jeans - tshirts - and converse,
I have about 329 followers on Twitter (i'm not bragging...I mean i think im not),
Creepypasta - Horror Movies - and Creepy videos are things i enjoy,
I have three friends - Phoenix  Kiara, and Claudia,
my height is 5'1,
my hair is blonde and usually turns red when i have a bad day and turns strawberry blonde in te summer,
I have blue eyes, i have lots of freckles - on my face and body
I can be annoying some days, quiet other days, loud often times, and i can get super ticked-off easily....So don't make me angry x

I am a very nice person and i'll gladly be your friend if you need one <3 :) x

 "Best friends are hard to find, because the very best is already mine." - Best Friend quotes <3 :3

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Jack Russell puppy - coat 35
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 Miss.Teenager - 2 years and 4 months ago
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