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                                                              *Welcome to:

                                       Snowflakes in the snow dog breeders*


Hello! I am a dog breeder ( In the game) And I breed a lot of different breeds!! Below I have my blog but up here is where I introduce myself as a dog breeder!! The only thing you have to do to reserve a puppy is go on my forum where I take the reservations read that and ask for one!! That forum will tell you exactly how to fill out the reservation and I`ll get right on it!! So here are the breeds I am currently selling:

Australian shepherds:


Australian shepherds are for $500.  for the parents I have:





Zoey. Zoey is currently not able to breed.



Chihuahuas are $500. Parents are:

Jamie is the Mama

I do not have a father but I am relying on the public breedings.

American Staffordshire terriers:


These guys are simply too beautiful:) $500 For these cuties. The Parents are:



Alaskan Malamute:


Alaskan Malamutes are $500. The parents are:


I currently do not have a Dad I am relying on the public breedings.

St. Bernards:

St. Bernards are $500. Parents:


No father

Cocker Spaniels:


Cocker spaniels are $500. Parents:




Minature pinscher:


Minature pinschers are $500 Parents are:










Again  to place your order for your puppy go to my forum and place your order below on that forum. All puppies will come with the affix "Is Loved" If you don't want that tell me on your order and also tell me the gender you wish to have and I`ll gladly get right on that. a heads up to people I really need someone to buy 2 of my dogs for 1 premz each cause I need it to make my orders go faster (hourglasses) and also I need to revive my dog Zoey.Thankyou!!


December 21st 2016,

Hello peeps!! My name is Lucy Pilfer. I love Dogs (Duh) and I love:

-Ice cream


-ice skating



  • And lots of other things but im so interesting it would take forever to write! LOL!!
  • When I grow up I want to be a Baby nurse or a Veterinary Technician. I love Babies, Kids, and Animals.
  • I hope you love my site and will consider me a great Dogzer member!!
  • Stand For Your Beliefs.....
  • Lucy Pilfer.  
  • Hello, Hello! I am a serious lover of hamsters! I own a Roboroviski! She is 2 years old and her name is Muffin! currently she is sick with a Thyroid tumor. Ugg :cry: Her Favorite snack is Sunflower seeds and she loves these special hamster cupcakes I give her! But she just eats the frosting not the cake! LOL!!
  • I would put a picture of her on my page but I cant figure out how to exactly do that! She also loves dried papaya! And fruits and vegetables! So I am very educated when it comes to hamster! There are 5  different breeds of domesticated hamsters.
  • -Roboroviski From Mongolia and China the smallest breed of a dwarf hamster. Also the most isolated.
  • -Syrians from Syria (duh) the most friendly and popular hamster.
  • -Siberians from southwest Siberia.
  • -Djungarians from Russia
  • -Chinese from china ( im not
  • O my gosh what happened to my page!! All my writing is gone!
  • February 13th 2017,
  • Oh dear!! Practically all my page got deleted!!! UGG!! :( Anyway what I posted yesterday was that I have never been specific about my dogs that I have. I just bought a Pembroke welsh corgi
  • So my dogs:
  • -Bella a St Bernard.
  • -Perdy a damaltion.
  • -Roxy an Akita
  • -And the newest addition Buddy a Pembroke welsh corgi!!
  • Their the cutest!!
  • Also if you have read my page before you would have read the news that on Christmas Eve my little Baby Muffin ( My hamster) died. I miss her like nuts! But I know shes having fun in heaven! That brings me to another point in conversation!! I am a Christian you would have known that if you have read my page before all my info got deleted!!!! UGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • Well anyway I opened a kennel and I named it Lizzie McGuires Kennel! Please board your dog there!
  • Look here constantly to see what dogs are available and what litters are upcoming!:::
  • Dogs For sale:
  • Look down At the bottom for dogs for sale!


 I do not accept friend requests!!

I don't chat!!

And I will not respond to emails!!!

So please do not send me any!!!!

Im not meaning to sound harsh or cruel but I do not socialize! PERIOD!!!!!

 February 18th 2017,

Hello!! I have more dogs for sale look ^^^^^^

I finally figured out how to post a picture on my page!!! ......I think. :o

Lets try it again:

 Arent they cuties!!?? They aren't mine though :( I wish!! I found this picture on google images!! YEA!! IT WORKED!!

 Cutie to the MAX!!!

 OM goodness!!! I cant seem to upload pictures from my computer. Oh well.

 This is my Little Muffin. Which if you read up there ^^^ you would know she died on Christmas Eve. I miss her like nuts. But I know shes having fun in heaven.

Heres Muffin again.


 What a QT!!!

 This is the Tv show I like its called Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!

February 19th 2017,

Hello Peeps!! Sadly I sold my baby Little Grizzly :( I didn't think anybody would buy him but they did :( Ugg. I spent a lot of money on him and Griffy and Molly to breed. NOBODYS BUYING THE GRIFFONS! UGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just 5 more days then I`ll have my 50 day certificate and Buy dogs at an Auction!!!! Yea!!! Well I better go!


Vydia. Silvermist. Fawn. Rosetta. Iradessa. and Tinkerbell.


  Winter. Learn more about her at


 I am in love with this movie!!!

and this one!!

April 7th 2017,

Hello! I haven't been on this game in quite awhile! I have been super busy with my new puppy (Buddy) which I actually decided that the name Buddy wasn't going to be good enough for this cutie and his name is now Leo! He`s quite the handful! But I love him to death! He`s a little skittish and isn't quite used to me or my family members yet but he`ll get there. The guinea pig thing didn't happen but I`m as happy as I can be with my 4 little pooches! (and big pooches.) I love the show When Calls The Heart! We are in an epic season right now! I`m not going to spoil it for you but you have to watch it! Every Sunday night at 9:00.  Its about a teacher (Elizabeth Thatcher) In the oldie times!!! I LOVE IT!! Its a great show, and so romantic!

The guy way left under the words Erin Krakow is (the character) Bill Avery He is a forensic investigator! The guy next to him in the red is Constable Jack Thornton. He is a Constable (obviously) and is apart of the RCMP. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police.) Then next to him is Elizabeth Thatcher. She is the School Teacher who comes west to teach in Coal valley. Then next to her is Abigail Stanton. A lady who lives in Coal valley and her husband and son died when the mine they were working in had an explosion. She now owns a café named Abigail`s café.

Heres a few more pictures of the series:

Jack and Elizabeth!



Ok so this is Lee and Rosemary They are also adorable!

This is Elizabeth`s sister Julie (who gets into a lot of trouble)

Ok so Way left is Elizabeth`s sister Julie middle is Elizabeth's sister Viola and way right is Elizabeth.


April 10th 2017,

Hello!! We are focusing on our spring cleaning this week. Ugg! I hate spring cleaning.

Hey guys Easter Sunday is in 6 days and I just want to be that little reminder why we celebrate Easter. Some of you out there may not know the REAL meaning of Easter. Some of you are just thinking Wow I cant wait for Easter to get candy from the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny does come for my family too but we never lose site of what the real meaning of Easter is about. And that is the following:

I believe I have told you that I am a Christian. Well God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. That's why we celebrate Easter. I would get more indepth about the story I`m about to tell you but I think it would be best if you went to church on Easter Sunday and found out for yourself. Because I`m a horrible explainer and If I do it I`ll probably leave something out or something like that. However I will explain a little about it. The world is a cruel and evil place I`m sure you all know that, but that's not what God intended it to be like when he was creating it He knew it would come to that though. And the worse the world gets the closer it will be to when God will come and get us. That doesn't mean we should go out and do wrong it means the exact opposite infact. We need to prepare our lives so that when God does come to get us we`ll be ready. I will talk more later right now I need to go eat dinner.

April 11th 2017,

Hey sorry I couldn't talk anymore yesterday We were really busy with spring cleaning. Easter is when the people crucified Jesus and let him die on the cross. But three days later he rose from the dead. He loves us so much. This brings me to a song I know its,  "Chris Tomlin He loves me."  Also a movie I watched is Mom`s Night Out In there a man named Bones (kind of a creepy name I know but he`s super nice and sweet.) He says In  there "He loves you Charles, no matter where you go or how far you run, Jesus loves you with his arms wide open." Jesus loves you so much, so much that he would be crucified and would be hurt and nailed to a cross. He did it for us because he loves us. Instead of us all dieing on the cross for our sins he took the blame and said it was him, him who had done all these wrong things and he the most caring, loving, kind, and about a zillion other things He died for us on the cross. We`ll talk more later or tomorrow I gotta go. But think about this how can it be that he would take the blame for us? Selfish unkind us?.

April 12th 2017,

Hello! Tomorrow is Thursday and tomorrow we are going to Church for the service of the last supper. This is about how God had the last supper with the Apostles before he was going to be crucified. He knew but nobody else knew. There's more that happens but I want you to buy a Bible and look That's your quest for today BEFORE Easter get that and read it! So giving thanks to the Father He picked up so bread He said "This is the bones from my body let it be broken for many." Then He broke the bread and gave each Apostle a piece, they took the bread and ate it. Then He took the cup gave thanks to the Father and said " This is my blood that shall be shed on many." Then He took a drink and passed the cup to each of the Apostles.

I`m not getting it word for word so you`ll have to read it for yourself. Also there's more to the story. Now to be precise this is how Easter works:

The Thursday before good Friday- The last supper.

Good Friday-When Jesus gets crucified.

Easter Sunday- Three days later when Jesus rises from the grave!Jesus conquered the grave he rose from the dead. (don't take it as a creepy thing take it as a beautiful thing.)

It doesn't make any sense that a person would tell people that it was him, him who did all these wrong things, Wrong things that are too wrong to Minchin because my page is a G rated area. It doesn't make any sense that a perfect, clean, white as snow person would say "All these wrongdoings are me, my fault I did it." Lets say Yesterday Jenny (just a pretend name for instance.) Jenny went out and stole a dog from somebody. Today people came to her house and said you stole this dog you are a criminal and you need to be in jail. Jesus came and said 'I stole the dog, I am the one who is guilty." !!! Instead of Jenny suffering and being crucified Jesus took the blame and He suffered until death. Why? Why? Why? would Jesus do this for us? Us who did wrong things who have done unforgiveable things? Because Jesus loves us and He doesn't want us to suffer. HE LOVES US!!!! If you read up ^^ you would have heard about a song that I said something about (Chris Tomlin he loves me.) Check it out. And I really hope you will go to Church and you will listen and hear, and hear enough to make you want to go to Church every Sunday!! Jesus deserves praise He deserves everything. Literally EVERYTHING! We have because he saved us. More than that He has done EVERYTHING for us so EVERYTHING He gave us we need to give back to Him in Praise!

So your quest for today:

Go and buy a NIV Bible.

Your quest for Easter:

Go to Church.

Your LIFE quest:

Go to Church each Sunday and listen with your hearts wide open to hear Gods word. And then move on to giving your whole life to Jesus Christ. And live for Him forever!

April 14th 2017,

Hello!! Well today is Good Friday. Believe it or not today we are supposed to be happy. I`m sad. Exactly 2000 years ago Jesus Christ  my Savior died on the cross. But in three days he would rise again!! Easter Sunday is truly the most amazing day in our lives! When tolled I bet probably over 90% of people in the world say that Christmas is more important that Easter. It is true that Christmas is a very important day in our lives but its the second most important in my opinion. Jesus was born on Christmas that is why it is CHRISTmas. But he died and rose from the grave to save us on Easter and that's the most important day of our lives!! Its not about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Its all about Jesus Christ, God. If any of you out there are like me you worry a lot but here`s a thing that helps me not to worry so much:

~ If you pray why worry?

                                 If you worry why pray? ~

It certainly is the best cure to pray! Even if the problem is small, like having sore throats or being worried about getting sick or getting a tooth pulled. Or even things that are as small as a speck of dust! God cares about everything that bothers you! EVERYTHING!


You know this has absolutely nothing to do with what we`re talking about but I just have to say it! Somewhere I read this:

~ Nothing is impossible the word itself says I`Mpossible!

                                                          Audrey Hepern.~

I hope that my page will help some of you to come to Christ. I know that I cant help everyone but I hope to help as many as I can to get to Jesus Christ mine and yours always GOD.

Happy Easter and God bless everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank God for all that He has done Today!


April 17th 2017,Hello!! I hope everybody had a great Easter!! For me and my family it was a little stressful. But under the stress was loads of fun!! I got a new hamster and Buddy does not like him one bit!! The other dogs seem pretty much fine with him. At first Perdy was a little Ehhh?! about it but now shes fine. I`ll post some pictures of him soon! He`s a Syrian!! I just got my little Zoey (aussie) a fantastic coat! And now I barely have any money to use on her food and etc. I have 11 dogs for sale at the Auction please go and bid for them!! The dogs available are below this in the for sale thingy! :thumbs_up:  I really am not having good luck with selling dogs!! Also I just want to say that me investing all my money and premz into buying 2 wired haired griffons and breeding them has not worked one bit! So I am trying to sell Molly and Griffy but if no one bids on them I will be keeping them until I find out if this new work will work! So I would like to announce!

I will be breeding and selling American Staffordshire terriers!!! I have 2 of the best American Staffordshire terriers and they are simply the cutest things!!

So the Mother will be:

Maddie Purebred HS Over 50% I`m not sure exactly will get back to you on that later


Jaggar Purebred HS over 50% again I`m not sure exactly wil get back to you on that later!

So I will get them to breed as soon as I have enough money. Someone bid on Jack so that should get me back on my feet. Not through the woods but back on my feet. So Jacks time left is 22 hours so the 19th of April I should be getting them bred and hopefully she will have her baby(s) Sometime on that day. Check here constantly for upcoming litters and I will post an add in the fourms!!

look below to find upcoming litters and available pups!


  April 26th 2017,

Hello there!! Nothing much has happened. I love the movie Sing!!! Its awesome!!

Johnny played by Taron Eagerton! BEATIFUL AMAZING AWESOME voice! I cannot believe he does not actually sing in real life!

Buster Moon played by Matthew McConahey (however you spell that:) The great MM!

Rosita played by Reese Witherspoon.!!

Mike played by Seth Macfarlin (again however you spell that:) AMAZING voice!! There's no other word for it!

Meena played by Tori Kelly. Amazing voice also but I don't know her outside of this movie.


Ash Played by Scarlett Johansson Great voice also!


Fun thing I learned, all of the actors and actresses in this movie sung for themselves they didn't have any extra people to sing for them!! ^^^ All amazing voices!! And to think only Mike and Tori are singers! Johnny is totally amazing and I have no idea why he has not pursued a singing career. But I guess that's just not what he wants. Talk to ya lata!    

April 29th 2017,

Here is my goal for the future (on Dogzer.)  I am starting to breed purebred American Staffordshire terriers, dingo's, Maybe Rottweiler's. And I am trying to find out what the most popular breed of dog is that I can breed and sell.  I am going to make a new dogs for sale and upcoming litters thing down here instead of using the one ^ up there.

The list is not here anymore if you wish to see the dogs available look above ^


May 1st 2017,


Hello peeps!! I just wanted to say lets remember Zoey today, my Dingo. She died last week


 Zoey was about 4 years old when she died. I had her since she was 4 months old. She was abandoned and I loved her to death! She had 1 baby which I sold for financial reasons. His name was Dopple.

So life is so far so good. I hope you will buy the dogs I have for sale because I desperately need the money!!! Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooo

I cant stand that red color ugg its making my eyes go crazy!

This movie is great! It has some scary parts in it though... Like I`m talking really scary. :o I was sad because Pua the pig wasn't really in there that much. I cant decide if I want to call my corgi Leo or Buddy.......I think I`ll go with I`ll just call him Buddy. That's a good name anyway.

May 9th 2017,

Hello! So our thing for today is this:

~Acting more like God~

So its like this. We need to act more like God because its the right thing to do and it pleases God and its what God tells us to do. We are never going to be perfect cause only God is perfect, but that doesn't mean we cant try to be perfect. We need to think before we act before you say to your brother. "Daniel! What the heck! I hate you!" Think about it.... If I was in heaven would I say Heck? Would I say Hate? The answer will be, No Because Heaven is Gods and God says to act likewise. I`m pretty sure I`ve said this before but I am horrible at explaining things so if this does not sound right or if I am going in circles I apologize ahead of time and get a Bible and read stuff for yourself!! (you should do that anyway but..)

May 16th 2017,

Hello!!! Not alots going on. I`m trying to upload some pictures of my new hamster but its taking awhile for them to get approved by the moderators. I really do enjoy this game. Its a nice game to play without people bothering you constantly!!! (I don't mean to say that people in my real life bother me like crazy just the opposite I love the people in my real life but sometimes on games the people keep bugging you to socialize and I am so glad that people on dogzer don't do that:) its nice and peaceful on this game and I can just relax and pretend that my dogs are real and I`m taking care of them by myself!! :) I think when I posted this earlier on in the year it got deleted so here are some inspirational quotes and Bible verses:

I can do ALL things through CHRIST who gives me strength I don't have to be strong enough

Philippians 4:13~

~ Watch your thoughts

   they become words

                watch your words

                  they become actions

                            watch your actions

                                   they become habits

                                             watch your habits

                                                   they become your Character

                                                       watch your Character

                                         It becomes your Destiny....

THINK before you speak:

Is it True?

is it Helpful?

is it Important?

is it Necessary?

is it Kind? ~~~ :)

 May 26th 2017,

Hello peeps!!! For king and country (one of my favorite Christian bands) Has the official music video out for "O God Forgive Us" and its amazing!! Personally that's one of my favorites from them!!! Check it out!! 

Its a truly great song!!

So left is Joel and right is his brother Luke they are For King and Country.

Here is their logo IV =4/ & =and/ crown =king/ Australia =country.

They speak with an Australian accent because they are from Australia (no way, I`m sure you would have never figured that out without me!) I especially like Joel's voice!!! He`s definitely my favorite out of the 2. (shhh but if you ever come across them I don't know you:) No I like both of them the same! Joel`s wife is Moriah Peters also a Christian singer who has her own band They have the cutest song which I think is their song because they sung it at their wedding and it is simply adorable and romantic. He just adores her and its the cutest thing!! Luke`s wife is Courtney she isn't as famous but she is a stay at home mom and has a job worth being famous!!! I really wish I could meet them but chances of that are slim to none. :o But at least I can listen to their music!! And dream on!


 Here`s Joel`s wife:)

June 5th 2017,

How Y`all doin? I am very happy to say that I am well and happy. I hope you are well as well! LOL!!

June 6th 2017,

I love the new beauty and the beast movie!!

Truly magical!!!

I love it!!!!! So romantic!!! so everything!!!! accept bad of course!!

June 9th 2017,

I have another really cute picture of my hamster Leo. Lets see if I can upload it here.

For some reason its super blurry so sorry!!! :(


He`s a cutie!!!
A hamster fact:

*Nail polish, nail polish remover, hand lotion, and other smelly products can and in many cases will cause respitory problems such as:


-thyroid tumors

and many more harmful things!!!

And the acetone in nail polish and nail polish remover can make your finger nails not breathe and cause them to turn yellow and ugly. So it would be better for your nails and for the health for your hamster if you quit making your nails look pretty your hamster will be healthier!!

June 26th 2017,

If you have a hamster put hay in its cage after everytime you clean the cage ( which should be once a week)

July 2nd 2017,

Sorry I am not going to be posting anything from now until after the 4th. I hope you have a  great 4th of July. God bless the USA!




 July 5th 2017,

Hello!!! I hope y`all had a great 4th of July!!!! I had alot of fun with my family! I hope you all thought about your pets (dogs especially) during this holiday and took it to extreme measures about kenneling them up and providing a other noise such as a woosher (however you spell that) and/or a fan or a radio with some classical music. Make sure your pets are not outside and are given extra kisses that day!!! So I have a writing here from Max Lucado that i wanted to share with all of you.. I hope you like it and that it inspires you to do something beautiful!!!

The power to change someones life

You have the power to change someones life simply by the words that you speak. Proverbs says, "death and life are in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV) Thats why Paul urges you and me to be careful. "When you talk, do not say harmful things but say what people need-words that will help others become stronger." (Ephesians 4:29).

Your words are to their soul what a vitamin is to their body. If you had food and saw someone starving, would you not share it? If you had water and saw someone dying of thirst would you not give it? Of course you would! then wont you do the same for their hearts?? Your words are food and water. Do not withhold encouragement form the discouraged. Speak words that make people stronger. Believe in them as God has believed in you!

Max Lucado~


One great song i know is by Tobymac.. Its called "Speak Life" I hope you will listen to it!!! Also check out some other great songs by Tobymac!!!! I really do have to go i am sorry i havent had time to write anything here currently i am very busy with real life stuff!!

Thank you for being patient and continuing to visit my Blog and read about my busy life and soak up some Godly stuff!!! 


July 31st 2017,

Hey sorry I haven't had any time to post stuff!

We're getting 2 new puppies!!!!! And I`m really busy!!

I`ll post more soon.

thanks for being patient.

August 4th 2017,

Hello!!!! Sorry I have been so busy with life and everything.. So as I said up there we are getting 1-2 new puppies, we're not really sure if we're getting 1 or 2 of them at this point. But I`ll keep you posted Currently all my pups are doing pretty good, Bella has been having diarrhea.. not really sure why but we are watching her closely to see if anything changes. Her and Buddy are the best of friends!! Perdy and Roxy are still very close. All of them together are really close but in pairs it would be, Buddy and Bella, Perdy and Roxy. I really want to know if we're getting 1 or 2 puppies so I can tell you so if you`ll just wait I`ll go ask my parents........They said we're probably getting 2 puppies!! I cannot wait!! You guys probably think that its ridiculous to have 6 dogs but our entire family is really into dogs we all LOVE them! So its not crazy to us! We're probably going to be getting our puppies tomorrow, so I`ll keep you posted by I`ll probably be busy for awhile with puppy stuff!! Thanks again for being patient during my busy times and thanks for continuing to come and check here daily to see if ive posted anything new. If you come here often to read up on my blog and if you like my blog give me a thumbs up:) but remember I do not chat and I really appreciate you guys respecting my wishes and leaving me who I am... a hermit.. LOL! :) Thanks guys your amazing for respecting my wishes and giving me my space!!


August 11th 2017,

Hello peeps. I am very excited to say that i have my first puppy order!!! I posted a forum that says i am able to breed purebred puppys for $500. In the following breeds:

-Australian shepherd

-american staffordshire terrier

-cocker spaniel

-minature pinscher


-St. Bernard

Today i got my first order for an Australian shepherd!!! I am so excited!! So i go to my Female Aussie (Zoey) I get her all ready fed and everything then i go to the available dogs for breeding, type in Australian shepherd ( I dont own a male) And guess what? For the first time in FOREVER! There is no Australian shepherds available to breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! So now i have to patiently wait for someone to post an available male to breed with or for me to buy! :( :thumbs_down: :@ Sooooo mad right now. Ugg. If you have a male Aussie that is a purebred and that is available to breed ASAp! Place a private offer to me ASAPO INTEGRITO! I havent gotten my puppies yet but i cannot wait until i do. I will keep you posted. And please i`m serious if you have an available to breed right away purebred male give me a private offer Immediately!



August 12th 2017,


Its a beautiful day here.

I still havent found my male Aussie. Ugg :( But i still have hope i will!!! Dont you just love how laptops keys sound!? Its got such a different clickclick noise then computers do!! I love it!! :) I really wish more people would get some puppy orders placed ugg!!! I love doing it!! Its so much fun!

August 25th 2017,

Hello peeps!! 

I am still looking for a male Australian shepherd. I`m sorry i havent had anytime to write lately i have been really busy! In fact i`m still really busy so i`m not gonna be able to write very much.. Sorry. I really like the movie Boss Baby!! For some reason i cant upload pictures right now ugg!

August 29th 2017,

Well people i am very happy to say that i got my new puppy!!! We decided that for now we should only get 1 more. Her name is Nala she is a bernese mountain dog and shes the cutest!!!! Tooo cute. For the past 3 days she has been sleeping under my dads chair. Because its a new house and new people. So she hasnt warmed up to us YET but it`ll happen It just takes time. Anyway i have been wanting to write this for a while and i keep on forgetting. Its about pets. Once you get me started i wont be able to stop.

There are so many animals at pet stores that really truly need homes. And there are alot of people in the world who could get an animal but decide there not gonna get one. Why?

Is it because you have allergies? Cause thats totally understandable.

ahh.. no.. i dont have allergies

oh well is it cause you cant afford it?

no... i can afford it... 

Oh do you not like animals?

no i like animals... i just dont want the responsibility.

thats ridiculous! if you dont have allergies! if you can afford it! And if you like animals why wouldnt you adopt one? Listen people. there are so many animals out there in pet stores that are being put down because they`ve been there to long and the pet people have to make room for younger and cuter animals. fish have it worst of all. Have you ever been to Walmart`s fish section? The tanks these poor fish are in are completely disgusting, they barely have any room. You always see crud floating around in the tanks. There are dead fish laying on the floor. and i cant practically gaurantee they havent been fed in days. Then they have some other fish in those little containers with the blue water. Do you know each different breed of fish has to be in a certain temperature of water? Do you think the fish in the little containers are getting the temp they need? Do you really think that they`ve had enough to eat? Do you really think they have enough space to swim around in those things? Places like petco and petsmart pride themselves on keeping there cages and tanks pristine and clean. But Walmart doesnt. I`m not saying you should only adopt fish from walmart. Each animal whether it be fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, gerbils, birds, etc. They need a home people Fish is only my example of how these guys live. Shout out to parents. 

Parents listen:

-I know you think your kids maybe arent responsible enough for having a pet.. Well maybe they arent but help them until they can do it by themselves.

-I`m gonna ask you a question.. do you have the money for it? do you have allergies towards pets? Do you like animals? If you have the money no allergies and you like pets why?... Why is it a no that kids often here from their parents? Please people.. Animals are getting put down day after day after day. You notice how petsmart has a number of all the lives they have saved in the past year? Do they also have a number of all the lives that were put down that year?? or the number of animals died that year because of other causes? Petsmart has a 14 day money back gaurantee people. If you dont like the pet sell it on craigslist to a friend or take it back to the petstore. If you take it back though they`ll probably put it down. 

I hope this encourages at least 1 person to adopt a pet. There living lives people who deserve happiness and a good home just as much as we do. Thankyou for at least reading. 


Ps. Also people i love Walmart, Petco, and Petsmart. If it sounded like i am bashing them i completely dont mean to do that. I  LOVE PET STORES!! And so i did not mean to bash them. 

August 30th 2017,

All people on dogzer pray for Houston. Hurricane Harvey has already taken 15 lives and continues to beat down hard. Its truly heartbreaking. There are also tons of dogs that are dying. I dont think all the dogs got out fast enough. I`m practically crying right now. Its too sad. Also other animals are dying like horses and armadillos and lots of others. I know this might sound awful but i think i feel worse about the dogs suffering then i do the people. Dont get me wrong, people know what to do, they know they have to get to a higher ground... dogs.. gosh.. dogs panic.. they freak out.. they sometimes die of stress. It would be easier if they would die faster  but drowning is awful, they suffer along time before they die. My gosh i`m so sad.

We're With You Houston. We're praying for you.

Dogs also were left in crates. the crates filled up with water and they all drowned. My heart is broken for you Houston. 

Update from the Houston dogs instagram:

All dogs and cats from the Houston animal shelter were saved!!!! 

To see updates look at the houston dog instagram;


^ that link is the Houston Harvey dogs instagram^ 

Please people even if your not a believer in God you can pray for these poor people and animals.

September 12th 2017,

I forgot to post something about 9/11 remembrance day sorry :(

My younger friend just got a hamster today and let me just say people I love my friend but she does not know how to take care of a hamster! She has a Syrian and does not know a thing about it! Sorry I`ll have to pick up this convo later

September 18th 2017,

Hello.. Sorry i completely forgot to finish my sentence ^ there about my friend who got the hamster.

So she got a Syrian and got it the tiniest cage. They actually just bought an aquarium. yesterday they lost the hamster, that night her mom went downstairs and tapped on the ducts and she heard yipping. They cut the ducts open and there he was! He fell in the vent all the way upstairs down to the basement vent. He has scrapes and cuts all over his body. Poor little guy. My Aunt has cancer for the 3rd time. She had 2 different types of cancer before and this one isnt related to the other 2. I really dont know what to say about it, its too sad.

September 19th 2017,

Hello peeps!!

So i want to remind you that i am selling the following breeds for $500 Just go to my forum and order your puppy!!


-Cocker Spaniel

-Alaskan Malamute

-St bernard

-American staffordshire terrier

-Australian shepherd

-minature pinscher


So like i was saying yesterday my Aunt has cancer... again.. Sad situation obviously.. Shout out to all you people who have dealed with cancer or the people who have loved ones that dealed with cancer.. I know how discouraging it feels but as long as you have God. I promise you it will get better. Weather you live or you die. Life with God is everlasting.. You NEVER die! If you die you have a ticket into Heaven! You`ll live forever! Without God things will be harder and life will end when you die. 

Cancer is a very, very, very sad thing. I forgot what kind of cancer my Aunt has. But all are discouraging. All i remember is that she is a stage 3 in it. She started Chemo ( I forget how to spell it.) Yesterday And its a very long painful process. 
Please pray for her. That she finds strength through this and that God keeps her alive. We need her and cannot imagine our lives without her. Thank you.


Hello!!! Ooh isnt this writing cool? Well Nala`s doing good! Shes super sweet and she has her puppy personality!! Which can be great but shes tearing apart all of my stuff! 

October 6th 2017,

Well this is a very busy week!!!

But before I start talking about all that stuff let me say this:

Pray for Vegas....

Truly sad what happened there. My sister actually was one of the first people to tell me about it. Her friends friend was there and her boyfriend jumped on top of her and saved her life. very sadly he died in the process. Its a truly sad thing. Why would someone do something like that? How could someone do something like that? And why the heck would someone do something like that just to kill themselves at the end? It makes no sense to me what so ever. There are some truly messed up disturbed people in the world. Same goes for all the kids who are bullying in school! Truly disturbed, messed up, wrong kids. Why would you do anything to make someone else unhappy? The real question I need to ask you is..

IS THIS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED?? IF NOT THEN CUT IT OUT! What makes you think that your so special that these other people don't deserve the same consideration you do? Huh? use your brain for 2 seconds and if you cant figure it out in your brain...... oh boy... you got some serious issues! Hey Guys I am seriously in NEED OF AN AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD MALE!!!!! I WILL PAY UP TO $900!! BUT HE HAS TO BE BREEDABLE RIGHT AWAY!!!! AND PUREBRED!!!

OMGosh isn't this little guy adorable!!!

October 8th 2017,I am in love with I Love Lucy!!! I have watched that show since I was a little girl. And anyone who doesn't love that show is crazy!!!! Why is this writing spaced so far apart?!!! Gees it looks weird. :)

Why is this thing doing this!!! Its driving me nuts. I gotta go sadly. I am running out of time but reminders peeps I really need a male Aussie!!! And also I am looking for for female crossbreds like 50% Collie and 50% Pekingese something with half an exclusive breed. If you could just set me up for a private offer I will answer by accepting or declining. Thankyou so much!! 

October 19th 2017,

I love the fall!! Its one of my favorite seasons!!!! I am very happy to say that I found and adopted an Aussie!!!

October 24th 2017,

Well fall is here!!! I absolutely love this time of year!! When The leaves are turning colors and its getting colder!! The day it starts snowing i`m gonna take my beautiful St. Bernard Bella outside. Bella is my favorite dog out of all 6 that i have. ( but dont tell them that:) She loves the snow!!! And i  LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!  gotta go sorry! Sadly My dearest dog Zoey ( in the game) has died. I`m selling a couple of my dogs for 1 premz $500 each so that i can buy that feather thing. so that i can revive her. If in 5 days i cannot get premz i `m going to have to let her go. Please help me by getting me premz some way. Thank you.

October 26th 2017,

My passion is:

Ice Skating, Swimming, God, Little Kids, Animals, Piano, Family.

Those are the things i love the most in the whole world. I would not be able to live without any of those. It would be impossible. especially God, Family, Little Kids, and animals. What are you passionate about? In job form whats your passion? Whatever it may be:

Police officer, Firefighter, dog groomer, petstore worker, buisness man, library assistant, babysitter, pastor, anything. Pursue it. Alot of people are giving up on their dreams... their passions cause they dont think its possible or cause they dont think they`ll be any good at it. or people in their life are telling them. You dont have what it takes or you`ll never be good enough. and many other things. One of my most favorite things to say is, "You only live once" Do It!!


October 31st 2017,

Well today is a busy day. I wanna talk about this totally stupid thing declared a holiday. Why would you want to celebrate something that scares the life out of you? Halloween is so ridiculous in my eyes. You have the option to believe whatever you want but who wants to be scared of of their mind? Its Satan`s day!! Which means you are giving Satan glory and making him happy. Do you really want to do that? It doesnt matter if your not doing the super creepy stuff even if your just carving a pumpkin its still you celebrating Halloween and giving Satan glory.

Yes you guessed it me and my family do not celebrate Halloween.:)

November 7th 2017,

Sorry I haven't had time to write in awhile its a very busy time of year for me and my family. Ok so I I`m just watching the superman movies for the first time ever and I just finished the 2nd one yesterday and I am in love with it!!! Christopher Reeve is a really good actor and I love him!! I think he might be my favorite actor of all time!!! I found some pictures and you know me I had to get them and put some on here!!!

He is soo awesome!! And obviously all my pictures except of Muffin and Leo I found on Google Images!!! This ones called "from Clark Kent to Superman!!!"



November 11th 2017,

Well yesterday I watched the 3rd superman and that was a let down. I don't really like Lana. Shes kinda annoying. Also its annoying because he`s basically choosing Lana over Lois. But whatever... hopefully the 4th one will be better!! The 3rd one wasn't terrible but it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. The starting was hilarious how everything was falling apart!! LOL :) And the part where he starts dancing at the high school reunion I was laughing my head off it was hilarious. Well It snowed yesterday Bella and I played outside for the most of the day! Gosh I love that dog. She`s too sweet!!! So are all my other pooches but Bella was our first and... Don't tell the dogs this but... Cutest!!  We are getting rid of Nala. My sister wants to adopt her. Nala isn't really fitting in with us anyway but I am going to miss her!

November 15th 2017,

Well I`m trying to figure out the fastest way to get premz to buy hourglasses to train and age my dog to be an 80% HS. A mouthful right? I never done it before but i am told i have to have 33 show wins (how do i train the dog enough for it to get 33 show wins) and a 144 level. ( level of what?) And i dont have any hourglasses so i`m literally doing this day by day. Ugg :( This is gonna take me forever at this rate! 

November 16th 2017,

Just a fresh reminder i do not accept friend requests and really prefer to be by myself on the game without socializing or talking to anybody. I am a hermit crab :) I like it that way. thankyou for understanding.













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