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   My name is Polly!! My real name is actually something else but i dont really like talking about anything to personal so i y`all can call me Polly. I breed lots of different dogs on this game these are the breeds*

*Australian Shepherds


*American Staffordshire terriers


*German Shepherds








     My Blog......

 December 21st 2016,

Hello peeps!! My name is Polly I love Dogs (Duh) and I love:

-Ice cream


-ice skating



  • And lots of other things but im so interesting it would take forever to write! LOL!!
  • When I grow up I want to be a Baby nurse or a Veterinary Technician. I love Babies, Kids, and Animals.
  • I hope you love my site and will consider me a great Dogzer member!!
  • Stand For Your Beliefs.....
  • Lucy Pilfer.  
  • Hello, Hello! I am a serious lover of hamsters! I own a Roboroviski! She is 2 years old and her name is Muffin! currently she is sick with a Thyroid tumor. Ugg :cry: Her Favorite snack is Sunflower seeds and she loves these special hamster cupcakes I give her! But she just eats the frosting not the cake! LOL!!
  • I would put a picture of her on my page but I cant figure out how to exactly do that! She also loves dried papaya! And fruits and vegetables! So I am very educated when it comes to hamster! There are 5  different breeds of domesticated hamsters.
  • -Roboroviski From Mongolia and China the smallest breed of a dwarf hamster. Also the most isolated.
  • -Syrians from Syria (duh) the most friendly and popular hamster.
  • -Siberians from southwest Siberia.
  • -Djungarians from Russia
  • -Chinese from china ( im not
  • O my gosh what happened to my page!! All my writing is gone!
  • February 13th 2017,
  • Oh dear!! Practically all my page got deleted!!! UGG!! :( Anyway what I posted yesterday was that I have never been specific about my dogs that I have. I just bought a Pembroke welsh corgi
  • So my dogs:
  • -Bella a St Bernard.
  • -Perdy a damaltion.
  • -Roxy an Akita
  • -And the newest addition Buddy a Pembroke welsh corgi!!
  • Their the cutest!!
  • Also if you have read my page before you would have read the news that on Christmas Eve my little Baby Muffin ( My hamster) died. I miss her like nuts! But I know shes having fun in heaven! That brings me to another point in conversation!! I am a Christian you would have known that if you have read my page before all my info got deleted!!!! UGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • Well anyway I opened a kennel and I named it Lizzie McGuires Kennel! Please board your dog there!
  • Look here constantly to see what dogs are available and what litters are upcoming!:::
  • Dogs For sale:
  • Look down At the bottom for dogs for sale!


 I do not accept random friend requests!! I have to know you already in order to accept your friend request!

 February 18th 2017,

Hello!! I have more dogs for sale look ^^^^^^

I finally figured out how to post a picture on my page!!! ......I think. :o

Lets try it again:

 Arent they cuties!!?? They aren't mine though :( I wish!! I found this picture on google images!! YEA!! IT WORKED!!

 Cutie to the MAX!!!

 OM goodness!!! I cant seem to upload pictures from my computer. Oh well.

 This is my Little Muffin. Which if you read up there ^^^ you would know she died on Christmas Eve. I miss her like nuts. But I know shes having fun in heaven.

Heres Muffin again.

  This is the Tv show I like its called Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!

February 19th 2017,

Hello Peeps!! Sadly I sold my baby Little Grizzly :( I didn't think anybody would buy him but they did :( Ugg. I spent a lot of money on him and Griffy and Molly to breed. NOBODYS BUYING THE GRIFFONS! UGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just 5 more days then I`ll have my 50 day certificate and Buy dogs at an Auction!!!! Yea!!! Well I better go!


Vydia. Silvermist. Fawn. Rosetta. Iradessa. and Tinkerbell.


  Winter. Learn more about her at


 I am in love with this movie!!!

and this one!!

April 7th 2017,

Hello! I haven't been on this game in quite awhile! I have been super busy with my new puppy (Buddy) which I actually decided that the name Buddy wasn't going to be good enough for this cutie and his name is now Leo! He`s quite the handful! But I love him to death! He`s a little skittish and isn't quite used to me or my family members yet but he`ll get there. The guinea pig thing didn't happen but I`m as happy as I can be with my 4 little pooches! (and big pooches.) I love the show When Calls The Heart! We are in an epic season right now! I`m not going to spoil it for you but you have to watch it! Every Sunday night at 9:00.  Its about a teacher (Elizabeth Thatcher) In the oldie times!!! I LOVE IT!! Its a great show, and so romantic!

The guy way left under the words Erin Krakow is (the character) Bill Avery He is a forensic investigator! The guy next to him in the red is Constable Jack Thornton. He is a Constable (obviously) and is apart of the RCMP. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police.) Then next to him is Elizabeth Thatcher. She is the School Teacher who comes west to teach in Coal valley. Then next to her is Abigail Stanton. A lady who lives in Coal valley and her husband and son died when the mine they were working in had an explosion. She now owns a café named Abigail`s café.

Heres a few more pictures of the series:

Jack and Elizabeth!



Ok so this is Lee and Rosemary They are also adorable!

This is Elizabeth`s sister Julie (who gets into a lot of trouble)

Ok so Way left is Elizabeth`s sister Julie middle is Elizabeth's sister Viola and way right is Elizabeth.


April 10th 2017,

Hello!! We are focusing on our spring cleaning this week. Ugg! I hate spring cleaning.

Hey guys Easter Sunday is in 6 days and I just want to be that little reminder why we celebrate Easter. Some of you out there may not know the REAL meaning of Easter. Some of you are just thinking Wow I cant wait for Easter to get candy from the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny does come for my family too but we never lose site of what the real meaning of Easter is about. And that is the following:

I believe I have told you that I am a Christian. Well God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. That's why we celebrate Easter. I would get more indepth about the story I`m about to tell you but I think it would be best if you went to church on Easter Sunday and found out for yourself. Because I`m a horrible explainer and If I do it I`ll probably leave something out or something like that. However I will explain a little about it. The world is a cruel and evil place I`m sure you all know that, but that's not what God intended it to be like when he was creating it He knew it would come to that though. And the worse the world gets the closer it will be to when God will come and get us. That doesn't mean we should go out and do wrong it means the exact opposite infact. We need to prepare our lives so that when God does come to get us we`ll be ready. I will talk more later right now I need to go eat dinner.

April 11th 2017,

Hey sorry I couldn't talk anymore yesterday We were really busy with spring cleaning. Easter is when the people crucified Jesus and let him die on the cross. But three days later he rose from the dead. He loves us so much. This brings me to a song I know its,  "Chris Tomlin He loves me."  Also a movie I watched is Mom`s Night Out In there a man named Bones (kind of a creepy name I know but he`s super nice and sweet.) He says In  there "He loves you Charles, no matter where you go or how far you run, Jesus loves you with his arms wide open." Jesus loves you so much, so much that he would be crucified and would be hurt and nailed to a cross. He did it for us because he loves us. Instead of us all dieing on the cross for our sins he took the blame and said it was him, him who had done all these wrong things and he the most caring, loving, kind, and about a zillion other things He died for us on the cross. We`ll talk more later or tomorrow I gotta go. But think about this how can it be that he would take the blame for us? Selfish unkind us?.

April 12th 2017,

Hello! Tomorrow is Thursday and tomorrow we are going to Church for the service of the last supper. This is about how God had the last supper with the Apostles before he was going to be crucified. He knew but nobody else knew. There's more that happens but I want you to buy a Bible and look That's your quest for today BEFORE Easter get that and read it! So giving thanks to the Father He picked up so bread He said "This is the bones from my body let it be broken for many." Then He broke the bread and gave each Apostle a piece, they took the bread and ate it. Then He took the cup gave thanks to the Father and said " This is my blood that shall be shed on many." Then He took a drink and passed the cup to each of the Apostles.

I`m not getting it word for word so you`ll have to read it for yourself. Also there's more to the story. Now to be precise this is how Easter works:

The Thursday before good Friday- The last supper.

Good Friday-When Jesus gets crucified.

Easter Sunday- Three days later when Jesus rises from the grave!Jesus conquered the grave he rose from the dead. (don't take it as a creepy thing take it as a beautiful thing.)

It doesn't make any sense that a person would tell people that it was him, him who did all these wrong things, Wrong things that are too wrong to Minchin because my page is a G rated area. It doesn't make any sense that a perfect, clean, white as snow person would say "All these wrongdoings are me, my fault I did it." Lets say Yesterday Jenny (just a pretend name for instance.) Jenny went out and stole a dog from somebody. Today people came to her house and said you stole this dog you are a criminal and you need to be in jail. Jesus came and said 'I stole the dog, I am the one who is guilty." !!! Instead of Jenny suffering and being crucified Jesus took the blame and He suffered until death. Why? Why? Why? would Jesus do this for us? Us who did wrong things who have done unforgiveable things? Because Jesus loves us and He doesn't want us to suffer. HE LOVES US!!!! If you read up ^^ you would have heard about a song that I said something about (Chris Tomlin he loves me.) Check it out. And I really hope you will go to Church and you will listen and hear, and hear enough to make you want to go to Church every Sunday!! Jesus deserves praise He deserves everything. Literally EVERYTHING! We have because he saved us. More than that He has done EVERYTHING for us so EVERYTHING He gave us we need to give back to Him in Praise!

So your quest for today:

Go and buy a NIV Bible.

Your quest for Easter:

Go to Church.

Your LIFE quest:

Go to Church each Sunday and listen with your hearts wide open to hear Gods word. And then move on to giving your whole life to Jesus Christ. And live for Him forever!

April 14th 2017,

Hello!! Well today is Good Friday. Believe it or not today we are supposed to be happy. I`m sad. Exactly 2000 years ago Jesus Christ  my Savior died on the cross. But in three days he would rise again!! Easter Sunday is truly the most amazing day in our lives! When tolled I bet probably over 90% of people in the world say that Christmas is more important that Easter. It is true that Christmas is a very important day in our lives but its the second most important in my opinion. Jesus was born on Christmas that is why it is CHRISTmas. But he died and rose from the grave to save us on Easter and that's the most important day of our lives!! Its not about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Its all about Jesus Christ, God. If any of you out there are like me you worry a lot but here`s a thing that helps me not to worry so much:

~ If you pray why worry?

                                 If you worry why pray? ~

It certainly is the best cure to pray! Even if the problem is small, like having sore throats or being worried about getting sick or getting a tooth pulled. Or even things that are as small as a speck of dust! God cares about everything that bothers you! EVERYTHING!


You know this has absolutely nothing to do with what we`re talking about but I just have to say it! Somewhere I read this:

~ Nothing is impossible the word itself says I`Mpossible!

                                                          Audrey Hepern.~

I hope that my page will help some of you to come to Christ. I know that I cant help everyone but I hope to help as many as I can to get to Jesus Christ mine and yours always GOD.

Happy Easter and God bless everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank God for all that He has done Today!


April 17th 2017,Hello!! I hope everybody had a great Easter!! For me and my family it was a little stressful. But under the stress was loads of fun!! I got a new hamster and Buddy does not like him one bit!! The other dogs seem pretty much fine with him. At first Perdy was a little Ehhh?! about it but now shes fine. I`ll post some pictures of him soon! He`s a Syrian!! I just got my little Zoey (aussie) a fantastic coat! And now I barely have any money to use on her food and etc. I have 11 dogs for sale at the Auction please go and bid for them!! The dogs available are below this in the for sale thingy! :thumbs_up:  I really am not having good luck with selling dogs!! Also I just want to say that me investing all my money and premz into buying 2 wired haired griffons and breeding them has not worked one bit! So I am trying to sell Molly and Griffy but if no one bids on them I will be keeping them until I find out if this new work will work! So I would like to announce!

I will be breeding and selling American Staffordshire terriers!!! I have 2 of the best American Staffordshire terriers and they are simply the cutest things!!

So the Mother will be:

Maddie Purebred HS Over 50% I`m not sure exactly will get back to you on that later


Jaggar Purebred HS over 50% again I`m not sure exactly wil get back to you on that later!

So I will get them to breed as soon as I have enough money. Someone bid on Jack so that should get me back on my feet. Not through the woods but back on my feet. So Jacks time left is 22 hours so the 19th of April I should be getting them bred and hopefully she will have her baby(s) Sometime on that day. Check here constantly for upcoming litters and I will post an add in the fourms!!

look below to find upcoming litters and available pups!


  April 26th 2017,

Hello there!! Nothing much has happened. I love the movie Sing!!! Its awesome!!

Johnny played by Taron Eagerton! BEATIFUL AMAZING AWESOME voice! I cannot believe he does not actually sing in real life!

Buster Moon played by Matthew McConahey (however you spell that:) The great MM!

Rosita played by Reese Witherspoon.!!

Mike played by Seth Macfarlin (again however you spell that:) AMAZING voice!! There's no other word for it!

Meena played by Tori Kelly. Amazing voice also but I don't know her outside of this movie.


Ash Played by Scarlett Johansson Great voice also!


Fun thing I learned, all of the actors and actresses in this movie sung for themselves they didn't have any extra people to sing for them!! ^^^ All amazing voices!! And to think only Mike and Tori are singers! Johnny is totally amazing and I have no idea why he has not pursued a singing career. But I guess that's just not what he wants. Talk to ya lata!    

April 29th 2017,

Here is my goal for the future (on Dogzer.)  I am starting to breed purebred American Staffordshire terriers, dingo's, Maybe Rottweiler's. And I am trying to find out what the most popular breed of dog is that I can breed and sell.  I am going to make a new dogs for sale and upcoming litters thing down here instead of using the one ^ up there.

The list is not here anymore if you wish to see the dogs available look above ^


May 1st 2017,


Hello peeps!! I just wanted to say lets remember Zoey today, my Dingo. She died last week


 Zoey was about 4 years old when she died. I had her since she was 4 months old. She was abandoned and I loved her to death! She had 1 baby which I sold for financial reasons. His name was Dopple.

So life is so far so good. I hope you will buy the dogs I have for sale because I desperately need the money!!! Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooo

I cant stand that red color ugg its making my eyes go crazy!

This movie is great! It has some scary parts in it though... Like I`m talking really scary. :o I was sad because Pua the pig wasn't really in there that much. I cant decide if I want to call my corgi Leo or Buddy.......I think I`ll go with I`ll just call him Buddy. That's a good name anyway.

May 9th 2017,

Hello! So our thing for today is this:

~Acting more like God~

So its like this. We need to act more like God because its the right thing to do and it pleases God and its what God tells us to do. We are never going to be perfect cause only God is perfect, but that doesn't mean we cant try to be perfect. We need to think before we act before you say to your brother. "Daniel! What the heck! I hate you!" Think about it.... If I was in heaven would I say Heck? Would I say Hate? The answer will be, No Because Heaven is Gods and God says to act likewise. I`m pretty sure I`ve said this before but I am horrible at explaining things so if this does not sound right or if I am going in circles I apologize ahead of time and get a Bible and read stuff for yourself!! (you should do that anyway but..)

May 16th 2017,

Hello!!! Not alots going on. I`m trying to upload some pictures of my new hamster but its taking awhile for them to get approved by the moderators. I really do enjoy this game. Its a nice game to play without people bothering you constantly!!! (I don't mean to say that people in my real life bother me like crazy just the opposite I love the people in my real life but sometimes on games the people keep bugging you to socialize and I am so glad that people on dogzer don't do that:) its nice and peaceful on this game and I can just relax and pretend that my dogs are real and I`m taking care of them by myself!! :) I think when I posted this earlier on in the year it got deleted so here are some inspirational quotes and Bible verses:

I can do ALL things through CHRIST who gives me strength I don't have to be strong enough

Philippians 4:13~

~ Watch your thoughts

   they become words

                watch your words

                  they become actions

                            watch your actions

                                   they become habits


December 4th 2017,

Oh my gosh!! It happened again!! All half of my breeders page is deleted!!! UGGG!!!!!!! :( I`m sooooo mad!!!!! But anyway I will continue my blog and hope that y`all out there are still reading my page!!

So we got a Christmas tree yesterday and decorated it! And its nothing artificial!! Its a real honest a goodness tree!!! Fake trees are ridiculous.. well unless you live in a apartment and cannot get a real tree then I say go for the fake ones!! a fake tree is better then no tree at all!! Guys I wanna give you a heads up to my (new) annual holiday adoption event!! Check my forum on it In the events forum!! And there in that forum you`ll see the available dogs and ways to adopt or foster them!!

I love Christmas!! I love summer too but Christmas is my favorite time of year!! I have 8 bull terriers now and I love them!! But I don't think I`m gonna be able to keep them:( Also I have a borzoi now!! He`s super cute and his name is Ike. I bought him and Leia the advent calendar bonus and i LOVE it!!

December 5th 2017,



December 7th 2017,

Don't you guys think theres a lot more to life then playing a game?

I`ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it just seems like y`all are on here an awful lot. And that's great for kids and teenagers and stuff but when you grow up you grow out of those things cause you realize that life has so many other things to do... so many more important things then playing a game. And don't get me wrong I really like playing this game but that's exactly what it is... a game. Eventually guys I`m gonna grow out of this game,  and that's good. I`m gonna do more with my life, I`m gonna do great things that don't come with looking at a screen. Technology is just something you look at. I want something that's real. Something where you actually speak to people not type in words on a keyboard and wait for a response. Conversation with your best friends in real life sitting right across the table from them talking. Or going sledding or painting nails together. Going outside at night and playing night games in the summer with your best friend that you love with all of your heart and cant bear to loose. Going to Church with your family early In the morning. Watching Star wars with your family late at night and eating sugar snacks by the fire. Going to chop down a Christmas tree with your closes family or friends. That's real. Not looking at a  screen playing a game. Getting a real puppy.. playing with that dog.. everyday  when you wake up you run downstairs to see your new puppy.

I get that not all people can have that stuff but theres other things you can have much more then a game.

And again I`m not bashing dogzer. I love this game and all the fun I`ve had in the past 2 years but my life with my family and friends is so much more important to me then all the games in the world. And I`ve been thinking about how much time I spend on here to how much more I could be spending with my family or studying for my next test or playing piano or something. And I realize that I shouldn't be on here this much. So I`m selling the majority of all my dogs. In my holiday adoption event forum you`ll see that all my dogs are super cheap from now until the 16th. And I will negotiate so post a comment on the forums to let me know your offer and we`ll figure something out. :)

December 8th 2017,

Keep Christ in CHRISTmas!!

There was a toll that was taken a couple years back and the question was this:

Is Christmas more about Jesus Christ or Santa Clause?

And the majority of people voted Santa Clause.

Its truly sad peeps:( But Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior. I love Christmas!!

My little guy Leo is truly adorable and just turned 1 year old the 2nd of December. Lets see if I can post a picture:


They`re really small and blurry for some reason.

But He`s a cutie!! Or a QT!!
I really wanna get rid of some of my dogs on here guys so if you want any of them let me know and we'll see if I can work it out to sell it to you.

But please refrain from sending me pm+`s post it on my forum please.

December 11th 2017,

Have I told you guys that I`m turning into a Star Wars freak!! lol:)

I love it!! I have seen the following:

-Star Wars a new hope

-Star Wars the empire strikes back

-Star wars return of the jedi.

I`ll finish this later

December 12th 2017,

-Star wars the phantom menace

-star wars attack of the clones

and this weekend I`m gonna watch:

-Star wars revenge of the sith (its gonna be so sad)

-Star wars the force awakens

I`m not gonna watch rogue it sounds creepy and I kinda like sleeping at night!
Its just to terribly sad that Anakin still is gonna turn to the dark side and turn into Darth Vader.

He`s got such a great personality in the first 2 movies.

I love the part in the beginning where him and obi-wan are driving and obi-wan says slow down Anakin and Anakin says Sorry Master but he`s laughing!!

 I love this part where obi-wan see`s padme and Anakin coming into the place and he says " so you did get my message" and Anakin says " We came to rescue you" and Obi-wan says ^








December 18th 2017,

I am so tired of this game opening up into new tabs and totally erasing what your doing! I just wrote a whole days worth of blog here and it completly got rid of it! 

I did it people i watched all star wars accept for Rogue 1!!!

And may i just say that on how cute Han Solo is and how cute Princess Leia is they would not have such an ugly kid as Kylo Ren!!! AND HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THEY HAD THE CREEPIEST DARK SIDER IN THE DARK SIDE!!!!?? HE IS THE CREEPIEST AND MOST HORRIBLE THING IVE SEEN SO FAR HES EVEN WORSE THAN DARTH VADER!!!!

That part in revenge of the sith oh my gosh.

I was crying before but i started balling at this part it was truly killing me.





December 23rd 2017,

I`m not gonna be on here for a few days so let me just say now..

Merry Christmas!!!

Keep Christ in CHRISTmas!!

Have a wonderfully, amazingly, beautifully, awesomely, Merry Christmas!!! :)

December 29th 2017,

So all people who do not want to hear Star Wars 8 the last Jedi spoilers do not look at this posting!!!!!!


So i went to see The Last Jedi.

It was pretty good.. i like the old ones a heck of alot better. I totally thought Kylo Ren was gonna turn back to the light side and i still think theres good in him. Now that guy is REALLY ugly but i love his personality and his Character traits in the movie.

Well gotta go talk later!

January 2nd 2018,

Hello!!! and Happy New Year!!! I cannot believe I haven't talked to you guys in a year!!!! LOL! I hope this year brings fresh beginnings and warm welcomes to everyone!!!!!

~Life is short... embrace every moment you have....... there is no time for tears, no time for stubbornness.... no time for saying "I`ll wait til she says sorry first." no time for regrets... No time for anything selfish no time to wait another day until you say.. I`m sorry, I love you.. don't leave.. or hit the road Jack! ~

Message said by Lucy Pilfer.

January 3rd 2018,

Hamsters need a lot of attention.. at least those that are the most social, loyal, and loving. I normally play with Leo 1 time every night. But some nights I cant. Then when I go to bed he hears me and jumps on top of his sleeping house and trys to climb the glass to get out of his cage. ( he has an aquarium) So I go over there and I talk to him for awhile but for a while after I get in bed he is still trying to get out of his cage to play with me. I feel bad then cause I didn't have time to play with him. And then I think about this, the poor little dude has no friends.. accept me, he has nothing to do accept run in a wheel and hide in a little hut. He depends on me. Everynight when I take him out of his house to play in his ball or climb on me or run up the stairs is exciting to him cause his life is so dull. Can you imagine every single day of your life only eating and running in a wheel? Ide go out of my mind! When I first got Leo in April I had to tame him to not be scared of me and other people, so I played with him little by little every single night for a month and a half. So when I went on a short vacation for 3 days you can imagine how stressed he got. The poor little fella was so used to me coming and playing with him everyday that when I left he waited and waited for me and I didn't come :( When I got back from my vacation 3 days later I went straight upstairs and opened his cage. He was really scared and acted kinda weird for the next few days but then he was back to himself again! He depends on me. :) And I love him to death!!!! My point in telling y`all this is:

~ Make sure you play with your hamster everynight!!

And make sure not to let anybody weather pet or person down!! They depend on you:)~

January 4th 2018,

~ Being brave isnt being able to watch scary or bad movies and dealing with it well..

              Its saying to your friends.. "No i cant do this." 

                                         Thats what being brave is..~

                                                                                                                                                                                      Said by Lucy Pilfer

January 6th 2018,

Dont let your fears hold you back..

Right now i am watching Superman 2 while writing this and this movie is creepier then i remember :( 

January 9th 2018,

Good grief I just realized that up above I wrote down January 6th 2017 Oh boy!!! I keep forgetting its 2018!! yikes. So I`m gonna be offline for a few days next week cause I`m going on vacation!! Wahoo!!! :) And I`m very excited to say that for Christmas I got a polaroid so on this vacation I can use it!! Well technically the name of the camera is a Fujifilm instax mini 8 camera. And its super cool!! The films really expensive though and there not a whole lot of it so I have to use it with caution and patience!! When I`m planning on going on a trip the last 3 weeks before we leave I`m in quarantine. No contact with anyone for those 3 weeks so I wont get sick and have to miss out on all the fun! Its a very serious precaution :) Of course we go places but as limited as possible!!! I cannot wait!!

Ok so my Dad really likes the part in Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan comes off the ship and starts chewing Anakin out. So the other day we watched just like the ending 30 minutes and good grief that movies just so sad. And so real to life. I mean its like Satin (The dark side) and God (the Jedi`s) trying both to pull the person in their directions. The name itself of "The Dark Side" Explains what it is. But forgetting the real to life stuff that movie is still really sad I mean he`s so in love with Padme that he trys to save her but in the process gets taken by the dark side and then threatens to destroy everything that he vowed to fight against ( said by Obi-Wan) He trys  to kill his (surrogate) brother that he has loved and been loved by for 12 years. :(

You were my brother Anankin I loved you. I cry so hard everytime I hear that part. The life Anakin could of had being loved by everybody around him being happy saving lives doing good things. He completely destroyed because he let his feelings get in the way of his actions.


January 13th 2017,

You cant listen to this song and not be happy!!!!

" Try everything"


January 20th 2018,

Today is Bella`s birthday she is 7 years old!!!

I am currently in the mood for show! And i totally recommend y`all watch it!!! Just a tip do not drink or eat while watching this show and make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you watch this!! Each episode is 25 minutes its on  and you can rent them from the library.

January 25th 2018,

They wont let me post the name of the show I am currently really into. For some reason they wont let me. And its totally a family friendly show. :( Hmmm

Well I have some inspirational quotes to share:

~ Trusting God is exactly like me with my Dad when he drives.

         My Dads a good driver and I trust him, Sometimes my faith in him is shaken cause we almost get into an accident or sometimes we do, but I keep trusting in him and go through the hard times with him and we always get to our destination safe.~

I am a big fan of Bindi Irwin. And this is totally on my bucket list!! I want to play with the Wolves. Their so beautiful :)

All the animals their are so beautiful and I want to play with all of them!!



January 27th 2018,

 I love this show!!! A little advice if you ever watch it don't eat or drink while watching and make sure you go to the bathroom before you watch it!!!! Its hilarious!! For some reason there not letting me post the name of this show so If you wanna know what it is go to Google images, upload this picture, and click search it`ll bring up the name of the show. I LOVE IT!!!  :)


January 31st 2018,

Well nothings really new. 

Good grief.. i cant think of anything to talk about.

:( Well sorry nothing here to talk about :)

February 3rd 2018,

Hello I wanted to share some inspirational quotes and etc.

~ I don't cross my fingers I fold my hands..

                        and bow my head..

                                      and close my eyes.~

February 5th 2018,

I want to note that awhile ago in my blog ^ I posted that my Aunt has cancer for the 3rd time 3 different cancers not related to each other. Well earlier this week we heard that she kicked cancers butt again!! Her cancer is gone and she is in remission!! My Aunt is more like a Grandma to me she is the kind of person you wanna take home!! I am so happy that she kicked cancers butt again!! we all were not ready for her to die yet and I am so happy to hopefully have many more years with her!!

Thank you God for giving us our Aunt!!

February 6th 2018,

Hello!!! Hey guys so I really wanna save up premz to buy a lot of exclusive breed dogs and I need your help!!!!

Please Adopt some of my dogs for premz please!!! I really super duper need premz for fun stuff!!! pm+ me for more details!!!

All dogs are for sale!!!

February 7th 2018,

Hi!!! for some reason it says im a member of the dogzer club?! 

I am not a member for the dogzer club i have never signed up for that so i`m a little confused!!!! However i wrote a report a bug forum and i am still waiting a response from Dreamzer. Anyway I am planning on taking full advantage on this until i have to give it all back!! lol! Maybe its like a free gift or something for being a great game player!! lol :)

So this is my wish list for Dogzer being a member and also not being a member:

-To buy a Azawakh (i think thats how you spell it?) and train it to be 80% all by myself :)

-To breed Azawakh`s for myself and get all kinds of cool color coats!!

-To buy a bunch of cool exclusive breeds 

-To get my barbet breeding up and running and to have alot of orders!!

-^ same thing with Australian shepherds

-to have enough premz to the point where i can buy anything i want with them and feel comfortable with the amount i still have left.

-get rid of all my dogs that i dont want

-Try to convince dreamzer that they should make it where people who have bonus breeds can sell their bonus breeds to other breeders who have bonus breeds.

-have alot of readers on my page. to the point where its like people constantly look on my blog to see if anything new is posted.

-Have fun!

-Get the thing where It goes around your breeders page like a picture or whatever.






February 9th 2018,

Y`all should check out my February Event posted in the events forums!!!

I am in desperate need of premz so if anyone wants some of my dogs or something Ide be glad to sell them to you for premz. look in the February event thread I posted for the available dogs and such. If you see a dog that's not posted in the forum that you want feel free to pm+ me asking if I would be able to sell it to you and make your offer!!!

I opened up my very first Group called:


Star Wars Rebels


If any of you want to join please send in a request however I might reject a good amount of them cause I only accept requests from people that I know or friends.

Don't take it to offense. I`m a hermit and I really don't talk to people much so inviting you into my group without actually knowing you (on the game) is like putting a cookie jar in front of a little kid then saying they cant eat it but they have to sit down and stare at it.

All my puppies are doing great!!
I wanna direct you guys to this song. its a classic called:
~I will Survive~ by Gloria Gaynor.

Its the most upbeat fun song!! I love old music like that. I like a lot of ABBA songs too. But I also like Christian and some other ones too. I definitely wouldn't say that I have a specific style or genre of music I like, for me its all over the place I like a little bit of everything :)

The Winter Olympics have begun!!! I`m so excited!!! My favorites are below:
-Single Women Figure Skating

-Couples Figure skating

-Bobsled ( i love Cool Runnings so i love bobsled)

-Alpine skiing 

-Snowboarding all kinds!!

-And a bunch more!



February 13th 2018,

May I officially say

Happy Valentines day!!!

Yes I know its not valentines day until tomorrow but I am gonna be to busy to write!! And an official Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Tomorrow (oh yes the big V-day) is my birthday!! V-days my b-day!! And I also wanna say that one of my most favorite shows of all time!!! When calls the heart is starting season 5 this Sunday!!! 8-9 central. I love this show ^ you can probably tell and I have great news!! I read what this episode is gonna be about and Lee is acting sheriff while Abigail and Bill go testify for Gowen and Julie comes back!!! To be trained for being a teacher!!!!!! I LOVE JULIE!!!! Om goodness im soooooooooooo excited!!

February 15th 2018,

Pray For Florida 

there was a shooting at a school in Florida on February 14th valentines day. 17 dead 12 injured so far. So terribly sad. Please pray for these families and students for the trauma they`re dealing with. That trauma is haunting them and it will continue to haunt them for days, weeks, and probably months. Sadly anyway this is a game and its not meant to be sad so please just pray for them and lets get on with the rest of my blog :)

So for a short time only all rare dogs are for sale for $400 and 1 premz a couple are for sale for $100 and 2 premz. PLEASE BUY!! i really need premz!!

February 17th 2018,

Tomorrow When calls the heart starts!!!

Hey guys so im trying to change my avatar to see if I like something different and  Im trying out some cute hamsters to see if I like that.... hmm its cute but does it compare as well as my last avatar?  I am very  happy to say I have 3 new friends:



I do not accept random friend requests I like to get to know you better first to make sure I like you and that we are compatible as friends otherwise later on down the road ill have to block you and that`ll be kinda awkward :( I just noticed that I haven't really been posting a lot of inspirational quotes or bible verses lately and im truly sorry. Truth is I have been really busy :(

~ I will stand my ground 

                                 and not give in to satan.

                                         I will be his forever. and he will love me forever~   

~ Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.~ Ephesians 4:29

~ In your anger do not sin. do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.~ Ephesians 4:26

February 21st 2018,

I heard this at Church last Sunday:

~ If you confess with your mouth, " Jesus is Lord," And believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved...

                                                                           Romans 10:9 ~

Isnt  that great news? I used to think that Giving your heart to God and believing and all that stuff meant something like so complicated and something like special that I didn't want to do like reading the Bible would (its really hard to explain) but reading the Bible would be like a magical thing that I had to do. When I heard this verse it says it itself, If you believe it in your heart YOU WILL BE SAVED

February 24th 2018,

I wanna say to all my friends. That im afraid im not gonna be a very chatty or outgoing friend cause im a hermit in this game :)

But I made a present for and I cant figure out how to send it to her so here it is:
 ITs super blurry :(


February 26th 2018,


I want to say to everybody that im gonna be cutting my time on this game from not a lot to none. I had a lot of fun playing this game and I probably still will for a while. I want to spend more time with my family and more time on real life stuff. Im not trying to bash anybody who plays this game but it is a kid game and im getting older and starting to realize that I need to be spending time doing stuff that really matters stuff like Reading the Bible more or spending time with my family, dogs, hamster, outside, and etc. I hope y`all will understand its nothing on  you im just getting older and realizing it more that ive been glued to this computer way too much its not healthy and its totally not worth it.

Thank you all for understanding this :) I will be writing a pm+ to all my friends explaining this also.

Thank you all for being very pleasant on this game I really did enjoy it!!

Ill probably still be coming on here to blog every now and then but this could possibly be my last quote for awhile :)

Bye guys..

Hold on a second... it just occurred to me that I made it sound up there ^ like im never coming back on here again. FALSE!!! I just wanna limit my time on here cause its too much!!!! I also wanna note that I am not on the computers on Sundays cause its non-tech day!!!

March 3th 2018,

Well LidyGH I have a present for you. I cant upload it from my computer so I have to upload it to google images and take the tiny size it comes out as so super sorry its so tiny and blurry.

I hope you like it anyway :)

March 4th 2018,


Hello guys. so i think everybody knows that i have had this problem with this game where i cant upload pictures from my computer. the only pictures i can upload is from google images. So it got fixed!! And i am so happy that im gonna post some more pictures below!!

This is Leo my little dude!!

I think this might be my favorite picture of him!! Well i had a different favorite but it some how got lost or deleted:(

March 8th 2018,

Have ya`ll heard about the totally stupid, immature thing that is the new "Thing"

On youtube? The Tide pods thing? THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS AND ANYBODY WHO DOES THAT IS SIMPLY LOOKING FOR ATTENTION!!!! Its so stupid its almost comical. Why in the world would you purposely make yourself sick? Why!!!

Ok so i have been trying to get premz and Amutiel was kind enough to buy one of my dogs for a premz. So i took that and i bought a lucky bag and i did not get the new dog. So when my 30 days passed i finally traded in some money for 1 premz and again i bought a lucky bag and i didnt get the new dog breed!!! Ugg!!! 

I REALLY WANT ONE!!! i would like a female so she can breed :)

March 15th 2018,

So peeps I made Banana bread today. I had to use 4 bananas so I doubled the recipe. Or so I thought. I doubled the doubled recipe!! We now have 4 loaves of banana bread!!!

I watched the Oscars and I have to confess I have never seen the shape of water and I think it looks really weird so I`ll probably never see it!!

I wish The last Jedi would have gotten more.

  Isnt that cool!!! I can custom make you an avatar or page thing for only:

2 premz!!

March 16th 2018,

Happy St. Patricks day everyone!! I know its a day early to be saying that but nevertheless I am going to probably be really busy tomorrow so I might not have the chance to right it down. Happy St. Patties day!!!  :)

=) Goodbye:)

So I wanna talk about hate.

Hate is a very strong and wrong thing. It says in the Bible that we should love everybody no matter who they are or what they do. That doesn't mean you should go hang out with total freaks. It just means that you should love them like your brother or sister. It says in the Bible that the only one you should hate is Satan. Im sorry you guys I gotta go. Ive been so busy lately with family stuff and life. Just remember. ~You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength you don't have to be strong enough.~


March 17th 2018,

Happy St. Patricks day!! Today is busy, busy, busy.



March 19th 2018,

So that Solo movie is gonna be coming out soon!! Im excited it looks really good!! 

I am proud to announce that i just opened my 2nd group called "Journey Treasure Jones" And its obviously about Journey to the center of the earth movies, National treasure movies, and Indiana Jones movies. 3 of the most greatest movies ever!! Next to Star Wars that is. I have been doing alot of contests lately and i want to continue doing them. they`re fun. 
I gotta think of what to do next!! March Madness is here. And im not to thrilled. I mean its fun to fill out a bracket and see if your team wins but im just not that big of a fan of basketball. TTFN TaTa for now.

March 27th 2018,

Well y`all its the week of Easter!! And for this week i wanna read alot in the Bible. But i do warn you almost my entire family accept for me and my Dad have influenza (A.K.A the flu) And today i am coughing :( So im a little scared im gonna get sick but i hope not.. anyway i told you guys that cause i wanna make sure you know so if i dont post stuff on here its probably cause i got sick :( Which i Pray i dont cause it sounds awful. I feel so bad for my family. So hold on a second while i get my Bible and we can read the week of Easter. Also i wanted to say that my Dogzer club membership is expiring tomorrow and i could really use 2-5 premz to renew it!! So if y`all see any of my dogs that you want please feel free to pm me and i`ll send you a private offer!! Anyway so here we go..

~The Triumphal Entry:
The next day the great crowd that had came for the feast heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting. "Hosanna!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" 

"blessed is the King of Israel!" Jesus found a young donkey and sat upon it, as it is written. "Do not be afraid, O Daughter of Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey`s colt." At first his disciples did not understand all this. Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize that these things had been written about him and that they had done these things to him. Now the crowd that was with him when he called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the dead continued to spread the word. Many people, because they had heard that he had givent his miraculous sign, went out to meet him. So the Pharisees said to one another,  

Ill finish later.

April 3rd 2018,

Well guys i got the flu (influenza) And its horrible!!!

I wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy! 

Whoever has the flu Stay strong  and you`ll be alright!

I wanna write this note to my best friend ( on the game)

~Vitani Im so happy for you. That youve decided to give up your time on technology to Spend it on the things that truly matter. Im so happy for you about your wedding and baby and the life ahead of you. You will be missed though dear friend. Youve helped me when i needed advice about the game, premz, money, or just someone to talk to. My greatest advice to you is to:

Live life to its fullest avoiding all wrong paths and Satans traps. Be Adventerous, be kind, love with your whole heart and follow God most of all. I dont know when youll see this and when you`ll read it next but when you do remember youll always have a friend on here.  

 Ill miss you vit.

              Safe journeys,


April 12th 2018,

Well guys I went to go see "I can only Imagine" And it was good!! It was super sad though and Dennis Quad was killing me!! ( however you spell his last name.) I salted my popcorn too much and my mouth was on FIRE!! Leo is doing good. I am very happy to say that I have opened my very own hamster group called " Hamster Advice 102" And its super cool (in my opinion.) It tells you how to tame your hamsters and all about illnesses and hamster history and etc. If you have any questions please pm me!! Its been kinda dull on here :( No bodys on anymore :cry:. Im BORED!!  I absolutely hate being bored!!! Im gonna go tweak my hamster advice page I think. Have I ever mentioned what I like doing:

-I like putting on makeup for fun even though I don't where makeup.

-I like playing the piano

-looking at hamsters/guinea pigs/ rabbits for sale on Craigslist and stuff.

-Listening to Cimorelli, Brooklyn and Bailey, Olivia jade makeup videos.

-Playing with Leo


-reading books

-and a lot of other stuff. gotta go!!

April 27th 2018,

Hey guys check out my May the 4th be with you contest in the events forums!!! It starts now and ends may 4th so hurry up and enter! I really wanna make this a BIG  contest with a lot of people so please pass on the word that you can win 2,000 and 1 4 bonus dog!!!  Thanks guys I know you wont let me down!!

April 28th 2018,

Hello guys. Sorry I haven't had any time to write on here and this might get cut off due to im expected somewhere and when my ride comes I gotta go. I wanna say that last Sunday was the Season finale of When Calls The Heart

And it was a killer! I cannot believe they killed Jack. It was so terrible. But im excited that Elizabeth is pregnant! I watched this AMAZING movie!! called "The greatest Showman." And I absolutely love it!! I love Hugh Jackman and This was my first movie with Zac Efron in it and I definatly think it wont be my last!! And Zendaya my first time seeing her as well and she was amazing!! Ill post pictures later my ride is here goodbye.

May 1st 2018,

Well guys today was a very busy day, and it was a very sad day too. Today a couple things went wrong. My sisters friend died today it was a tragic situation but i will not go into it. And My Aunts cancer came back again, this time more serious then the last. We dont know if shes gonna make it through this time. Please pray for my Aunt. We love her and we're not ready for her to die yet. This is a very busy week for me. VERY, VERY Busy. Please pray for my sister, my sisters, friends, family, and my Aunt. Thank you guys :)

May 2nd 2018,

Well guys today we're going to see my Aunt in the hospital. Besides judging the May the Fourth be with you contest. I might not be on here for a few days cause im gonna be super busy so im gonna post this now. (thats my official excuse for saying that i really just wanted to post this pictures!!)

May 15th 2018,

Hello everybody!! I don't know if ive said this or not but my Aunts cancer came back again and this time its category 4 cancer. We thought it was gone she even rang the bell in January. this is her 4th time having cancer and we don't think shes gonna be able to hold on much longer, your body can only take so much. Everybody I wanna encourage you do adopt

May 16th 2018,

I wanted to say I wanna encourage everybody to adopt and foster animals

May 21st 2018,

Hey guys so i wanna introduce you to these amazing guys which are my biggest crushes..

This is Cameron Mathison or is commonly more known as Detective Mike in my Murder She baked show. I have also seen him in alot of other movies as well but thats my favorite.

The most amazing person is above ^ His name is Robert Fuller or A.K.A Dr. Kelly Brackett in my FAVORITE SHOW  Emergency!

Charleton Heston is the next best thing. I have seen him in a few movies. He was a Christian he and his wife both battled cancer and survived he was a republican and the list goes on.

John Wayne AMAZING!!

Matt Damon! I like this guy! lol

I love ALOT of other actors as well but these are definatly my top ^ 







MY friends.....

Am is really good at making Tech designs. shes Super nice, fun, and a great friend!!
Lidy is Bright, Sweet, colorful, fun, and good to talk to!! Shes super amazing!

Fun! Amazing, Loves to chat with me. She loves guinea pigs just like me. Shes always there to talk to me and i could talk with her for hours!

Vit was my 1st friend ever on this game and is one of my besties!! Shes amazing and shes always there to help me with the game or to just chat. And shes expecting her 1st baby so everybody go and congradulate her!

Ally is a Christian just like me! She has a great love for the Lord and is a great person to talk to!

Elle loves Anne of Green Gables. Shes super outgoing, adventurous, bold,and just downright fun!


Thats all my friends guys go and like them!





 Thank You Lidy i love it!!


Oh my goodness thank you Vitani is beautiful!!


To LidyGH


to Amutiel

To Wolflover292


To Awesomell

To Stocken

to Dogbreeder.


























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 pollyjolly25th - 49 years and 1 month ago:
Nah nothing really new. Just noticed that you and I are like the only ones on lately ^-^  Comment
  Amutiel - 49 years and 1 month ago:
Ah, i see. ^^  Comment
  Amutiel - 49 years and 1 month ago:
I seen your report in the bug forum. A temporary workaround, if you're on computer is to hold down ctrl and press s (the key command for save), it should work if you're on windows.  Comment
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Thanks I tried it and it saved it to my computer but not to my page. Good idea though thanks for the help!! :)  Comment
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  Amutiel - 49 years and 1 month ago:
Ah, i see what the difference was between me saving and you saving. You have to make sure the last place you clicked is within the editing page make sure the "|" symbol for typing is still showing in the edit page. That way it registers to the edit page to save itself, and not prompt your computer itself to save the web page. Does that make sense?  Comment
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Kinda lol ill try it once.  Comment
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Mike drop!! boom. lol It worked :)  Comment
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Nice! Glad you were able to get it to work. ^^  Comment
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Thanks to you!!  Comment
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^^ No problem.  Comment
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Aww, thanks for adding me to your friends list. :)   Comment
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What?! Of course your oneof my besties!  Comment
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  Amutiel - 28 days and 14 hours ago
Gah! Sorry, i accidentally deleted our posts trying to delete the automated posts on my wall using my tablet. X Anyway, no problem. Perhaps if i have time and i can figure something out without requiring my laptop or drawing tablet, i'll post something in your forum. Although i can't promise anything.   Comment
 pollyjolly25th - 49 years, 262 h and 2 min ago:
Ok thanks  Comment
 pollyjolly25th - 1 month ago
Practically all dogs are for sale!   Comment
 pollyjolly25th - 1 month ago
If anyone could possibly spare some premz please let me know.   Comment