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XP points: 3314


New Zealand
Overall Ranking: 23th
Reputation points: 633
Certificates: 10/10
Cobbler in the House of Hobbits, NZ club
Founder of the House of Hobbits, NZ kennel club

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I am one of the Moderators on Dogzer. Please let me know via PM if you need any assistance or have any questions. 
I am happy to help with anything I can, and will get back to you as soon as possible!


About me
Wai hallo thar o.o I'm Bridget, and more commonly known as Sneasel. And before you ask, yes, I have Sneasel ninja powers and will use my fury swipe if deemed necessary .__. I'm from Middle Earth, aka New Zealand, and if you don't know where that is you should look it up o.o! I am a bit of a pet site fiend, but I spend most of my time on Dogzer. I do spend a lot of time online so feel free to hit me up to chat. I drink a lot of V energy drink, and am obsessed with M&Ms. I also have a list of actors I am going to marry but they don't know it yet and that's a story for another day. Oh and I love, love LOVE Pokemon. Torchic fan fo' lyf, yo! If you ever need any help or need a question answered, just drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Meh game:
My main game is on, where I've been playing for 500+ days, and moderating since 20/06/12. Dreamzer asked me to assist the lovely Irishnut in moderating here in addition to moderating on, so have been doing that since 9/11/12! Gamewise here, I am only focused on Dalmatians. I still use .net as my main game with all my breeds, including Dalmatians there too, but only interested in the one breed here. HEE! I'm Dalmatian obsessed - on the game and real life ^^ And I have to say, there are some super awesome peeps on this site too, and I think you're great. You gais know who you are :D 
Personal achievements:
22/11/12: My first dog, Illyria hit 100%HS
  • 23/11/12: My first progress star with Tarun
  • 25/11/12: Got into the top 100 players with ranking 95th ^^
  • 03/12/12: Got into the top 50 players with ranking 46th ^^
  • 05/12/12: Got my 10th progress star #_#
  • 18/12/12: Hit my goal of 100,000 overall ranking points with 101,222
  • 01/01/13: Hit 360 Capacity Dalmatians with triplets Tinsley, Onike, Kasarna
  • 04/01/13: Got into the top 20 with rank #19 AND hit 25 progress stars *_*
  • 30/01/16: First prestige medal in the game for Dalmatians at 367.94 cap with Blake
21/03/16: Reached 300,000 overall ranking points with 301,473
31/05/16: Reached 60 progress stars ^_^
12/07/16: Reached 100 dogs owned
31/07/16: Reached 500,000 overall ranking
05/12/16: Hit 380 Capacity with Dals
Current goals:
  • Reach 750,000 points in overall rankings
  • Own 250 dogs
  • Get Dalmatians to 390 cap.
  • Get Dalmatians to their 2nd prestige medal
  • Get 75 progress stars
Thanks to Cougarcat, Sigirocks, Rasclie, Summer, Rangerdanger, wolfstorm and SBA for my blingies :) Thank you to MissMichele for my Pikachu ^^


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Dalmatian Adult - coat 35
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  Sneasel - 12 hours ago
Your dog Julius 380.64 just won a progress star!   Comment
  Sneasel - 12 hours ago:
Congrats to souleater1212, and AndreaC2 for their stars ^^  Comment
 AndreaC2 - 11 hours ago:
Congrats to Julius ^-^  Comment
  Sneasel - 21 hours ago
10:00 AM: Ada 379.52 whelped a litter of 2 puppies.   Comment
  Sneasel - 21 hours ago:
Dals at 380 ^_^  Comment
  Sneasel - 1 month ago
----------   Comment
  Sneasel - 1 month ago
France clocks changed. New game day: 12pm. Stars cut off: 10:15pm. Rank update 11pm. Mail out 11:50pm   Comment
  Sneasel - 2 months ago
----------   Comment
  Sneasel - 2 months ago
 Sneasel celebrates 1400 presence days: congratulations!   Comment