A new Swiss dog has come to Dogzer: the Schwyz Hound!

A new Swiss dog has come to Dogzer: the Schwyz Hound!

Many of you enjoyed the month of Switzerland on Dogzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games, during which the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Lucerne Hound put in an appearance on the site.

In order to pay tribute to this beautiful country once again, a new and typically Swiss breed of dog has come to join us on Dogzer today: the Schwyz Hound.

This hunting doghasan excellent nose and is so discreet that it was able to slip into the Lucky Bag next to the Azawakh and the Groenendael Belgian Shepherd. So, if you have already fallen for this lively and affectionate dog, you should hurry along and open a Lucky Bag to adopt a Schwyz Hound.
Note that the Lucerne Hound took advantage of the situation to jump out of the Lucky Bag and it is now accessible in the Cave of Secrets for just 2 Premz’.

Have fun on Dogzer with all your favorite dogs, from Switzerland or anywhere else. And don’t forget to post a link to the page of your new protégé(s) in the comments so that they can get as many votes as possible! 

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