The Icelandic Shepherd can have 4 new appearances!

The Icelandic Shepherd can have 4 new appearances!

Hello everyone,

Did you like the Icelandic Shepherd that appeared as part of the month of Iceland, and that is hidding in the Lucky Bag
You’re right to like it, and here’s some news that will you make you even happier.

With the cooperation of Dark-River,our titular designer recognized as such by the community, we are pleased to offer you 4 new coats for your Icelandic Shepherds: Fawn, Chocolate, Grey and Sand

Come and admire these new coats, rate them, and treat your dogs to them.

And if you don’t have an Icelandic Shepherd Dog yet, this might just be the opportunity to take the plunge. 

Have fun playing with all your Icelandic Shepherd Dogs and all the dogs you love!

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