Free dog game: Bone game

Quickly find all the bones owned by Boulye, the famous English Bulldog from Dogzer - a huge bone collector!

Count the number of bones in the picture as quickly as possible and enter the number you think in the box, then submit your choice.
If this is right, you will win one of the prizes put in play according to how much time you took. The winnings go up to several dozen Dogz' for each game which is the fastest and you can also win hourglasses!

The Bone game dog game has already been played 11,302 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
Quick: How many items are there?
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 Husky922 - 13 hours ago:
 wolfbattler - 1 day ago:
 23tipatt - 1 day ago:
  i love this game   
 angeldinosaur - 4 days ago:
 Dancergeek101 - 4 days ago:
 Dancergeek101 - 4 days ago:
 Dancergeek101 - 4 days ago:
 Puppylover13B. - 4 days ago:
 EmilyCat14 - 5 days ago:
 berglunda1 - 5 days ago:
 Cycoon - 10 days ago:
  it fun but it sure messes up your eyes   
 beatuy35 - 11 days ago:
 GingerGold - 15 days ago:
  This game rocks!   
 Platypus2 - 2 months ago:
  Fun, and a way to earn dogz'.   
 Sabrina_huskys - 2 months ago:
  This was fun

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!   
 Zoyab - 2 months ago:
  i am a newbie but greatish game   
 flylippizanfly - 2 months ago:
  I keep getting 29 bones.   
  OleBetsy - 3 months ago:
 huskylover902 - 3 months ago:
  Great game! Dogzer should have more games to make money (like sonicolors1 said).   
 FearInsideOut - 6 months ago:
  Good Game.   
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