Free dog game: Bone game

Quickly find all the bones owned by Boulye, the famous English Bulldog from Dogzer - a huge bone collector!

Count the number of bones in the picture as quickly as possible and enter the number you think in the box, then submit your choice.
If this is right, you will win one of the prizes put in play according to how much time you took. The winnings go up to several dozen Dogz' for each game which is the fastest and you can also win hourglasses!

The Bone game dog game has already been played 14,336 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
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  - 12 days ago:
  It not very fun. Its hard to count and the most you ever get is 10. You also only get to play twice! DO NOT PLAY   
  - 2 months ago:
  An easy way to win some money 2X every day! What's not to like?   
  - 6 months ago:
  - 6 months ago:
  FridayThe13 please refrain from spamming the forums repeatedly posting in a row. I have merged your posts into one. I suggest a SERIOUS read of the site/forum rules before you post again.   
  - 6 months ago:

It's a fun game easy way to get dogz.

  - 6 months ago:
  Bouye is the dog ON this game, it should be Balto, he was the most famus dog in the world!!! He saved a whole town!! ( he saved all of nome) he is also the awesomest breed in the world wich is a husky. huskies are way better in my opinion.   
  - 6 months ago:
  English bulldog named Bouye?? whos that? Balto the husky would be cool, too.   
  - 6 months ago:
  I enjoyed this game. It'd be cool if there were other dog characters around Dogzer like Boulye the English Bulldog.

I really enjoyed played the game! I got about 20 dogz on my first try and that was about 12.5 seconds! It'd be cool if there were other dog characters on Dogzer like Boulye.   
  - 6 months ago:
  Very fun! Can get confusing sometimes, though.   
  - 6 months ago:
  yeah i can count....this is not always so easy   
  - 7 months ago:
  It was cool and fun but the timer started too fast   
  - 7 months ago:
  i hate this   
  - 7 months ago:
  There is a link in my signature   
  - 7 months ago:
  sorry,were can i read the rules?   
  - 7 months ago:
  @wearedoglovers101: Please refrain from spamming the forums with emoticons. I won't ask you again. Read the rules.   
  - 7 months ago:
  I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
  - 7 months ago:
  Omg did I loose or Win   
  - 7 months ago:
  @htfdogo: Please refrain from repeatedly posting in a row. This is just spam. I have merged your posts.   
  - 7 months ago:
  cool! but my time suck...

my time sucks.............. but coo game!   
  - 8 months ago:
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