Free dog game: Dog walk

You walk your master on a leash in this free dog game!

Your dog wants to go for a walk but unfortunately his/her master doesn't seem to be in a good mood so will only go for a walk with its dog if it can take their guitar!

Here you are, in the skin of the dog pulling its master, comfortably sitting in its wheelchair!
And this isn't all, the dog owner wants some ice-cream. You have to pull your master to the ice-cream the closest to you to pass the level

Use the right and left arrows on your keyboard in order to steer your dog in his/her walk, up arrow to make your dog jump and down arrow to scare the other animals.

Grab all the bones scattered along your walk and pass to the next level by getting the ice-cream desired by your master.
Participate in this free dog game and share your results on the forum dedicated to this game of the animal being the master!

The Dog walk dog game has already been played 9,782 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
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  OleBetsy - 2 months ago:
  Cute and I liked the music too!   
 Taylor1284 - 1 year ago:
  This game is fun, but.... Has anyone tried the quiz yet??   
 Warriors77 - 1 year ago:
  great game I like the advice   
 linkthefox23 - 1 year ago:
 jakobjason123 - 1 year ago:
  hey fun game   
 Code_man - 2 years ago:
  Needs to be more levels before you download it!   
 puppylover1244 - 2 years ago:
  It was funny when I left the old man dangling from a cliff but when it comes to playing a banjo and making your puppy lead the wheel chair like seriously! poor dog   
 hotgurl72 - 2 years ago:
  It's so much fun!   
 Dalliedog123 - 2 years ago:
  Is it good or bad   
 PiepieXD - 2 years ago:
  OK..what with the old man playin the banjo? and why is the dog his SLAVE carring him around like that? XDD   
 Dog_lover45 - 2 years ago:
 sopjhia - 2 years ago:
 Tynarona - 2 years ago:
  the dog is cuteish but the old man is just stupid.
the man looks W-E-I-R-D   
 Tynarona - 2 years ago:
  like it but i cant figure out how 2 beat lvl.6   
 dalmationgirl2002 - 2 years ago:
  awesome game   
 hiblob123 - 2 years ago:
 gumballie - 2 years ago:
  this game sucks   
 maymaymo - 3 years ago:
  stupid gdf (get dogs free)   
 tpony - 3 years ago:
  I did this game on another site and its fun. but a thing pops up and it says get dogs free! and I click the x and it goes away with the game. I CAN"T PLAY IT! YOU GET DOGZ FREE SIGNS! STOP COMIN UP!   
 rosiebethlou - 3 years ago:
  I cant play it   
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