Free dog game: Flying dog

Do you dream of going to the moon ?
It's possible today with this free virtual game !

Be a virtual, astronaut dog and collect the necessary elements for your rocket to take off !
You have to go to 14 planets and complete 14 missions in this free game before landing at your final destination !

In order to steer your virtual dog, you will use the right and left arrows on your keyboard and the up arrow to switch on your virtual dog's engine. You will also have to destroy the multicolored balloons trying to hurt your dog by using the space bar.
During your different missions, you will have to collect the body of the rocket, the head of the rocket, 2 jet engines, a dog bone and a virtual carton of milk to help your dog !

To your rockets, destination moon !

The Flying dog dog game has already been played 3,348 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
Your score or opinion about this game?

  - 6 months ago:
  lol love it   
  - 8 months ago:
  love this game   
  - 2 years ago:
  its ok..... NOT   
  - 2 years ago:
  ugh I don't like the game I can't even get to level 2 btw beach balls will harm you?? really???????   
  - 2 years ago:
  Everytime I pass level 1 and mess up on level 2 I have to restart back at level 1! :P   
  - 3 years ago:
  how do u play   
  - 3 years ago:
  I only got to level 2   
  - 3 years ago:
  this game is fine   
  - 3 years ago:
  - 3 years ago:
  i hate this game!!!!!!!!!! i so bad at it.   
  - 3 years ago:
  so fun   
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