Free dog game: Quiz

Do you want to discover with which dog you correspond the best ? All you need is a little quizz on dogs to know which dog race is going to do the best in your care.

This free virtual game asks you to answer a certain number of questions which will work out which dog race you should adopt.
These questions will mostly be about the life of the dog so you will have to say what kind of dog kennel, dog game, dog food, dog carrier you would use.

Once you have been advised on your future dog, a text describing this breed will show you how compatible you really are !

The Quiz dog game has already been played 7,813 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
Your score or opinion about this game?

 4922161 - 7 months ago:
  I got a dalmatian   
 Varghul - 7 months ago:
  I got basset hound   
 LidyGH - 1 year ago:
  I got basset hound.   
 msrr04 - 1 year ago:
  i got dalmation   
 Puppyluver2467 - 1 year ago:
  I'm a labrador kind of person!   
 poodlebark - 1 year ago:
  I got chihuahua.   
 Moonbeam17 - 1 year ago:
  I got lab. Whatever I pick that I love I get lab, witch was my first dog!   
 cupiecake05 - 1 year ago:
  I'm a sassy chiwawa lol "The rich beat of the dog world" LOL   
  mistymia - 1 year ago:
  why do i always get Lab or Dalmation   
 huskylover902 - 1 year ago:
  Good game, but screen to small.   
 miamisty - 2 years ago:
  screen to small but nice   
 dogzerfan122 - 2 years ago:
  The game screen was a little too small for me. I do have a problem with that.   
 Roxymurray - 2 years ago:
  I got a bulldog   
 lablover88 - 2 years ago:
  I got dalmatian for the whole thing i even picked different answers!!!!!!!!!!! But i still like it.   
 cutie478 - 2 years ago:
  i really love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
 lilo12_05 - 2 years ago:
  Dalmatian and basset hound.   
 mintheart - 2 years ago:
  I am......... Nothing.... It won't play for me.......   
 Jewel434 - 2 years ago:
  I am a Bold Bulldog,   
 Jewel434 - 2 years ago:
  I am a Sassy Chihuahua... Weird   
 dogbreeder - 2 years ago:
  I got Labrador 1st!   
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