Free dog game: Dog memory

This virtual dog game offers you a sort of hide-and-seek.

In fact, you are presented with 16 different cards.
Firstly, they will all be visible so that you can remember the different poses by the dog.

Then the cards will be turned over and you will have to find the pairs corresponding to the same pose done by the dog ( this could be a sulky dog, a sleeping dog, a happy dog...).

Even if you make a mistake, make sure you remember the different poses done by the dog behind each card in this game. This will help you to find all the pairs in one go !

It's a game of memory ! Find all the pairs corresponding to the poses done by the dog as quick as possible !

The Dog memory dog game has already been played 3,297 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
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  - 25 days ago:
  Doesn't show up for me   
  - 3 months ago:
  I love it   
  - 12 months ago:
  this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
  - 1 year ago:
  It's fine gets kind of boring......   
  - 2 years ago:
  This game sucks   
  - 2 years ago:
  - 2 years ago:
  - 2 years ago:
  luv it   
  - 2 years ago:
  lollydolly665: I suggest a read of the forum rules. Excessive smilies are strictly not permitted   
  - 2 years ago:
  amazing game   
  - 3 years ago:
  Awesome Game!!!!!!!!!!   
  - 3 years ago:
  i love this game! its so much fun!   
  - 3 years ago:
  - 3 years ago:
  Love this game   
  - 3 years ago:
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