Dog trainer

The dog trainer can open and manage a kennel club. He/she coordinates the various club activities and improves the puppies' training

How many Dog trainers are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
The trainer can open a kennel club.

Keeping a ratio of one dog trainer for every 20 dogs, helps your kennel club climb the ranking.
Dog trainer

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Information about the dog trainer profession.

Dog Trainer: an unparalleled perfectionist

A dog trainer is different from a dog educator. The dog trainer is the one who perfects the dogs education. In fact, unlike the dog educator who educated the owner, the dog trainer strives to train the actual dogs. In the real sense of the word, the dog trainer's mission is to train dogs, whether its a guide dog, cattle dog, a circus dog, a mountain rescue dog or a racing dog. They do not help with dog socialization, which is the professional breeder's role, nor the cleaning and upkeep, the groomer's job, nor the treatment, which is for the vets. Indeed, the dog trainer does not have to worry about the dog's behavior if this is not precisely part of the assignment. The field of activity is limited to take in dogs after a prior period of education.

The dog trainer is a person who loves dogs and who is capable demonstrating patience with them. If a dog educator normally spends a few days with one dog, the dog trainer will spend months and months with one dog. Patience is actually one of the major qualities needed. The dog trainer trains dogs every day so that they can insert themselves perfectly in the exercices and get good results the day of the show. As the person who perfects the dog education, the dog trainer is capable of organizing and managing the kennel club's activities.

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Haven for dogs and puppies 10/21/2014 40  7 days
WriteMePup Kennels 10/20/2014 50  7 days
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New York Kennels 10/13/2014 40  10 days
puppyland of love 10/13/2014 40  3 days

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  In need of a groomer will give high pay   
  Er, you're only at one presence day, you need more to become a groomer at any club.   
  Locking. Unfortunately you don't have the presence days required (25) to unlock this job. The first job you can get is a dog handler at 2 presence days   
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  needs groomer for my kennel spa time plz post a new thread if u want the job=):gasp::gasp: