Each breed has a dedicated page on which you can find all sorts of information, in particular:
- a short presentation text to find out more about this breed;
- this breed's characteristics on Dogzer;
- the standard capacity that dogs of this breed have;
- coats available for this breed;
- the best breeders of this breed;
- the best breedings for this breed;
- statistics about dogs of this breed;
- some dogs of this breed: the best dogs in terms of capacity, level, those that have received a progress star, those that are for sale...

A breed's page also contains different community elements, in particular:
- players who like this breed;
- groups that are talking about this breed;
- photos;
- discussions about this breed on the forums.
The comparison between the capacity of the best dogs of a certain breed and the breed's standard capacity allows you to measure its progress: the wider the gap, the more advanced this breed is in the game.

Some very wide progress gaps can exist between breeds, especially depending on the number of breeders who have dogs and breedings of this breed.
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American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier ##STADE## - coat 17
Characteristics of this breed:
This dog is a type of Bull terrier. It has to be declared because it could be aggressive or dangerous if it's not well trained. It's a very powerful, loyal and frank dog. It is very intelligent. You need to socialize it early and train it well.

Characteristics in Dogzer:
A very agile and fast dog. They need a lot of time and attention on your part.


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American Staffordshire Terrier ##STADE## - coat 1340000525

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American Staffordshire Terrier ##STADE## - coat 1340000482

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American Staffordshire Terrier ##STADE## - coat 1340000443

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American Staff: a potentially dangerous dog breed

The American Staffordshire Terrier is generally known as the American Staff. It''s a dog breed originally from the United Kingdom. It was recognized by the Kennel Club in 1936. You shouldn''t confuse the American Staffordshire Terrier with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This dog breed is one of the potentially dangerous dog breeds. To be allowed to own this breed, you have to declare yourself to the government and have insurance.

The American Staff is a cross-breed between a French Bulldog and a Bull Terrier. It was created in the 19th century in the United States after the banning of fighting dogs. Even though it''s dangerous, the American Staff also shows character traits which make it ideal as a companion in every respect. It''s a dog which adapts well to everyday life - loyal and devoted to its master. A courageous and self-confident dog, it can compete in contests and even become well-known in certain disciplines.

However, it''s still a potentially dangerous dog. It could attack strangers, adults or children, at any moment. Injuries caused by American Staffs are often fatal.

American Staffs are medium sized dogs - 17 to 18 inches high. They weigh between 22 and 110 pounds with a muscular and very athletic build. They set themselves apart with their glossy coat, strong jaw, scissor teeth and defined muscles. The American Staff is gifted with a lot of strength despite its relatively modest size.
Un Amstaff fauve pan blanc en position statique sur fond blanc
American Staffordshire Terrier picture
Un American Staffordshire Terrier qui saute pour attraper un anneau
American Staffordshire Terrier qui s'entraîne
Deux American Staffordshire Terrier courent dans l'eau
Un American Staffordshire Terrier qui court avec une peluche