Loyal Rescue
*Adopting any dog in need*
This rescue center, like many others, will take in any dog no matter the health, breed, and age. We are constantly getting new dogs in, so come down often and have a look!
Many of our rescued dogs have stayed here for a long time! Having so many poor dogs we have volunteers to help us find them a home and they will foster one of the dogs(or possibly more if they can handle it). 
The Rules
You will be tested on these before you buy any dog. I suggest you read them thoroughly before even looking at the dogs for sale page. 

No 1: Dogs are the same price, no matter what.
No 2: The maximum amount of dogs you can buy at once is 3, unless of course that they're meant to go together.
No 3: The dogzer rules apply here, too(no spamming, bullying, etc)

Want to be the Director?
We will be switching directors every month! So sign up if you would like to be it!
Monthly Contest
Starting this month were going to have monthly contests! As long as your in the group you can participate. Just Let Loyalbuddy know your going to be in the contest.
This months theme- Profile Pic for the Group! 
Send your master piece to Loyalbuddy through PM.
The winner will get a pm of choices.
if you have problems taking care of your dogs 
were here to help. read below!!
1-4 Days:
500  dogz
5-10 Days:
800 dogz
11-20 Days;
1000 dogz
Dogs for adoption
Finally, the moment you've been waiting for. See which dogs are currently available for adoption! Instead of looking at the breed, why don't you adopt a dog with a long time stay record? They all deserve the best of homes! Click on the dog to go to their paage!
Name- Ice
Breed- Poodle
Age- 1 year and a half.
Cap- 350.14
Brave Heart By Dogbreeder
Ghosty By ZPuppyLover
Bailey By dogseller

Dalmatian Puppy - coat 35
Connie By Prettylexie13

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