The Peculiars { Human RP }

Supernatural children...they are real
Before the great slump in the united kingdom during the 1930's, there stood an orphanage, but not just any orphanage. this is an orphanage for children with odd abilities called "peculiars". children here are invisible, can float, can control the environment, or even shapeshift into animals. any non-mortal abilities you can think of, these children can do.
So where is it now? this orphanage has been abandoned after the headmistress and her children vanished during the great slump, the building is left to rot. however, there is this "loop" you can find and you can travel back to the period before it was abandoned, but you have to be a peculiar to enter this loop, meaning if you have peculiar blood you can travel through this loop and go back to the 1930's.
Despite these children being happy, they do not live in peace, we have enemies that are out for blood. they are called the "shadow people" and no one can see them, they are silent but deadly. that's where our leader, peter, comes in. peter has this ability passed down by his great grandfather where he can see these shadow people, along with that he can speak to dead people, since shadow people and spirits are almost the exact same thing
What are shadow people? they hunt for peculiars, but they can harm mortals to bring sorrow to the peculiar. shadow people are basically shadows that can easily be blended in with yours. along with that they can possess a human body to trick the peculiar. the way to tell the difference between a mortal and a mortal possessed by a shadow person is the eyes. shadow people have pale, lifeless white eyes that give you the uneasy stare. they could be anyone, you just have to be cautious.
Want to help us? can you defeat the shadow people to protect your life and the others that care?
- All Dreamzer rules apply
- Unlimited characters as long as you can maintain them all. Characters not being played will be deleted
- Two images per character
- No graphic, gory, or sexual scenes
- Keep violence and death to a minimum
- Don't be the best
- One ability per person, can have an extra one that goes along with the first one
- LGBT+ characters are accepted
- Don't kill another person's character without their permission
- You don't control the shadow people or the headmistress, the founder and director will do so
- Fill out the entire forum. If you have nothing for other just put N/A
- Have fun!
Relationship Status:
Theme Song:
Ability: Seeing the shadow people/dead people
Name: Peter Atlas D'Lor
Nickname: Just call me Peter
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 17 years
Appearance: Very dark, wavy hair and hazel eyes. i'm quite fair with a couple of freckles. my height is about 5'8 and i'm pretty petite. i wear a beanie and flannel, shirts most of the time, sometimes a jean jacket. my clothes do not match
Personality: i'm quite shy most of the time, i only trust a few people. i'm protective over my friends and family. i care about the children in the orphanage and puts their life before his. i can be mischievous at times. i'm very sarcastic. i have a bit of anxiety, hence why i prefer to be a lone wolf
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None at the moment
Family: Not here
History: I was the only child of my family. throughout my life i thought i was a mortal, up until my grandfather told me what i was. i left new york and came here right after he passed. i was bullied in new york for being a lone wolf, but it's a lot different over here. in this orphanage everyone is my friend. i still keep in contact with my mom and dad, they don't mind that i'm living here
Other: N/A
Theme Song: R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
Player: Emily1610
Ability: Having psychic abilities
Name: Fioralba Leonora Monroe
Nickname: Fio
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 16 years
Appearance: Very fair skin with platinum hair and grey eyes. I'm 5'3 and thin.
Personality: I am fierce. I know how to fight and how to finish it. It's hard to gain my trust, but that doesn't mean I can't befriend you.
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None
Family: None here
History: I am Yugoslavian. How I came here is unknown, I'm probably not even a human being ;). I was one of the first Peculiars, therefore protecting the other children from harm. I've fought and slain a bunch of shadow people throughout my lifetime
Other: I have a black cat as my companion
Theme Song: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
Player: Emily1610
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