Night Divides The Day { Dog RP }





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- Alpha (x2, Must be mates. Ask for this rank): They lead the Pack,The rule is law and must be obeyed. This rank can be challenged but isn't usually because it makes huge changes in the pack,They must be respected by the fellow pack.

- Beta (x2, Must be mates): Second in command,Will be Alphas eventually. This rank cannot be challenged without Alpha's permission. They play the role of Alpha if they are sick or unable to do Their duty.

- Lead Guard (x1): Commands the guards whether to attack or not. Makes peace with the wandering dog and if the refuses to leave, that's when they attack

- Guards: They guard the pack in case a wandering dog strolls on by. Barely attacks unless the Lead Guard tells them to

- Lead Medics (x2): They help sick or/and injured dogs. Gathers medicine and herbs to heal dogs

- Medics (Unlimited): Heals injured or sick dogs using herbs and plants

- Lead Hunter (x1): Lead the hunts. Searches for the food

- Hunters (Unlimited): They hunt for the pack

- Lead Warrior (x1): They lead the battles and creates strategies defeat the opposing pack

- Warrior (Unlimited): Fight and protect the pack from danger

- Omega (Unlimited): They're either the highest or the lowest. They serve no purpose unless if they need to fill in a place

- Pups (Unlimited): Raised by nurses until they are 6 months old

- Nurses (Unlimited): Care for newborn pups until they are 6 months old

- Elders (Unlimited): Old retired dogs that are no longer able to serve in the pack. Highly respected by the pack for their service

- Apprentices (Unlimited): Training for a rank they are 6 months-1 years old. They are assigned with a hunter, warrior, or medic until they are a year old to serve that rank

- Loners (Unlimited): They're independent with no pack. They have access to anything and everything. They will often form sub-packs with other loners



This pack is quiet by day, but alive by night. They live in an alleyway that no one visits. They sleep in an underground subway close by that is no longer run by humans. They feast on rubbish and rats. They often stare at the lights that lights up their alleyway and stargaze


Rank: Beta Male

Name: Sputnik

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years

Breed: Gerberian Shepsky 

Personality: Sputnik is very wise and intelligent. We will do what he can to protect his pack

Mate: None

Crush: None

Pups: None

Bio: He was born a stray struggling to survive on his own. He eventually joined this pack after fighting to be in it

Other: N/A

Theme Song: Destroya - My Chemical Romance

Player: tragician



This pack has all access to the entire city at night, basically they rule the night when the humans are asleep. They live in a rundown hotel that was a historical landmark. They feast on rubbish and rodents, and occasionally ducks. They often roam the riverwalk near their shelter


Rank: Lead Guard

Name: Gatsby

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Breed: Border Collie mix

Personality: Gatsby is very loyal towards his pack. He will do anything to protect it. He dislikes humans since of their selfish act they did to him

Mate: None

Crush: None

Pups: None

History: Was raised by wealthy humans and was in dog shows and won most of them for his unique looks. The man in the household divorced his wife leaving Gatsby with the wife. She found another man, but the guy didn't like dogs. So the wife chose him over the dog and dumped Gatsby on the streets

Other: "Old sport" is his favourite saying

Theme Song: Starboy - The Weeknd

Player: tragician

Pack & Rank: Lead Warrior of Lights Will Guide You Home Name: Blaze Nickname: Fire Gender: Female Age: 3 years Breed: Mutt Personality: Strong, fiercely loyal, clever, gentle, fast, smart, fierce, vicious in battle Mate: None Crush: Sputnik Pups: Natalia (adopted) Bio: She used to have a pack of her own that lived in a forest, but humans burnt down the forest and all her packmates were killed. She was the sole survivor. Later on, she found a young pup alone on the streets and took her in Other: She would die for the things she loves Theme Song: This Is What You Came For (Calvin Harris and Rihanna) Player: Blazestar-FireClan

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