The Apocalypse (RP)


The Apocalypse


Welcome to The Apocalypse RP!

I am hoping that we are all mature, so I am not going to make a set of rules unless I need to.

I am looking for a director who knows how to do pictures.






Crush or Bf/GF:





Name: Was Anna Glen now Brain Dozer

Age: 25 years

Crush: Too busy eating brains to have love

Siblings: None

Personality: Blank, brain-hungry, merciless

Other: Was the first to be effected by the bug

Played by: Horselover108 




 Adriana Lima

Name: Anjalene Aryah Haining (Anj, Anjie, Anja, or Lena)

Age:  17

Crush or BF/GF: None

Siblings: Tomas Emmanual Haining (Twin)

Personality: Outgoing, Kind, Can be Bossy

Looks: Long, dark brown, almost black hair and bright blue eyes, short

Played By: bubblegum345




Name: Tomas Emmanual Haining (Massy only by Anjalene)

Age: 17

Crush or BF/GF: None

Siblings: Anjalene Aryah Haining (Twin)

Personality: Bad Boy, Sweet at heart

Looks: Short black hair, dull blue eyes, short

Played By: bubblehum345

Name: Katherine Julia Becket (Kate, Kat, Kay, Becky, Juls, Julia, Beckster)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Pretty, Funny, Rude (most of the time), Sassy, Really cute, Loves Shopping & Every Thing Girly & Pink, Snobby, Shopaholic, Loves Mirrors 
Crush: No One 
Bf: None
Bio: Her mom left when she was 8

Played By: buggie5181 


Name: Veera Alice London (Val, Veer, London, Alice)
Age: 18
Gender: Female 
Bio: Mom died when she was 13, Dad Turned, She had to shoot him
Personality: Nice, Sweet, Is a Russian genius, Is a GREAT actress, Is AWESOME at Physics
Crush: No One
BF: No One
Other: Loves animals, Loves science
Played By: buggie5181

Name: Katrina Beverly Smith (Kat, Bev, Katia)
Age: 17
Crush: None
Siblings: None
Looks: Pretty with long, brown hair and bright blue eyes
Personality: Kind, ruthless to zombies, independent
Other: Is great at Archery and has lost her family to zombies, so hates them
Played by: Horselover108 Survivor


Name: Jacoby

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Personality: Could get agressive but on the other hand he is compassionate

Other: Singer in a band

Played by: PapaRoach


The group welcomes a new member: Chase66

8 years and 1 month ago

8 years and 5 months ago

Wanna RP?

8 years and 5 months ago

sure! Just the one below ;)

8 years and 5 months ago


8 years and 5 months ago

8 years and 5 months ago

"Lets go" Kat said before killing a few zombies

8 years and 5 months ago

"Ok, follow me," said Katrina, sneaking through the park gate, heading for a block of flats.

8 years and 5 months ago

They followed killing more zombies on the way

8 years and 5 months ago

"Whoa!" said Katrina, gazing at the zombies headed for her. She held down the trigger on her gun, killing them all.

8 years and 5 months ago

"Nice." Veera said

8 years and 5 months ago

9 years and 3 months ago

They were all shooting when a zombie came up behind them and tried to get Katherine but did not bite her yet

9 years and 3 months ago

Anjalene saw the Zombie and tuned and shot it.

9 years and 3 months ago

Katherine smiled. Veera put her gun away and pulled two swords out and walked up to the zombies and started slashing the zombies

9 years and 3 months ago

9 years and 3 months ago

Percy Jackson Rp

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