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Welcome to The Paws Animal Shelter group page. We are the owners, Dogseller and Dutch02. We welcome EVERYONE! Please follow our group, and the Saveandloveanimals.

if you invite someone to our group, and they join, we will send you some items! just comment who you invited and you will get a prize : )
Do you have a dog you want to donate? If it was abandoned or you just cant take care of anymore? Well, unlike some groups
Just contact us before going on to send the dog. We will take your dogs for 500 each. all dogs should be sold at 500 at our group. We will take your dogs no matter what happens, if you send to us.
If your looking for any breed, we can reserve any breed for you at a certain age you want!
Forum for dog not up on this page:
Any other info
none at the moment :(
we also do training! tell us a dog you want us to train, and we will train it.
Dogs in training:
None : (
As well as dogs being adopted, you can foster as well. You don't just keep a dog forever, you will play and have fun with a dog that someone else will buy and take care of one day. If you really like the dog when youre fostering in 6 days after you get him/ her you can keep him!
Fostering rules:
Dont breed the foster dog!
dont sell the foster dog!
dont let the foster dog pass away!
always feed and take care of them!
 Mostly have fun!
We are going to have staff members working for us. Do you want to be a staff member?
just tell us what you want to be and we will put your name on our list



We really need donated items to all these dogs, so if you could donate, it will be a big help!
Donated items:
None : (
All dogs below, are 500 no matter what. If you buy a dog, you foster it for 2 days, and if you like him/her you can keep them. If you dont like them, you can sell back for 500.
All dogs you sell to us must be for 500 dogz if you aren't a member. If you are a member, for 300-400. 
Finally, the time has come to pick a dog you really want. Make sure to choose wisely and check the dogs page out before buying it. If you want to look at the dogs page, just press the picture.
Green means RESERVED
blue means being fostered!
Dogs you can adopt:
Siberian Husky Adult - coat 51
Siberian Husky:
1 year and 4 months
Height: 24''
weight: 57 lbs
Coat: Black
Hs: 17%
Strength: 100%
capacity: 350
level: 5.37
11 months:
height: 19
weight: 39 pounds
coat: black
Health: 78%
strength: 100%
Capacity: 349.76
level: none
6 months:
height: 11"
weight: 33 pounds
coat: white
HS: 6%
Health: 56%
strength: 100%
level: None
Cocker Spaniel:
8 months:
height: 11":
weight: 18 pounds:
Coat: Gold:
HS: 8% :
Health: 39%
capacity: 349.08
2 months:
height: 12"
weight: 27 pounds:
coat: Black and tan:
HS: 3%:
health: 84%:
capacity: 350.46
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Puppy - coat 52
1 year and 2 months:
height: 30"
weight: 77 pounds:
coat: grey
HS: 15%
Health: 29%
strength: 100%
capacity: 349.44
Rottweiler Puppy - coat 30
7 months:
weight: 65 pounds
Height: 19"
coat: black and tan:
HS: 8%
Health: 49%
strength: 100%
capacity: 349.86
Coco pop:
Golden retriever:
1 year and 2 months:
weight: 62 lbs
height: 24"
HS: 14%
strength: 63%
capacity: 350.25
Our Adopted Dogs:
Our first adopted dog Holly. Adopted by Bishop2013. Holly's New name: Sophie
Jack Russell Puppy - coat 60
Sam adopted by lostdreams. Sam has a friendly and nice owner!
 Tyler was bought by Dutch02. He's in a great home now. His new name: Drake
Zalia was dropped of here by MissKiss13 due to money issues and lovingly adopted by Rachie66756. Zalia loves her owner already=)
Coco was adopted by Dutch02 as well. Dutch02 is a very satisfied costumer : ) 
Rascal was adopted by Cher4471. Rascal has a great home!
Lovely rose was adopted by Emnem12 : ) She is in a great home with a great owner.
 4pitbulls has adopted romeo. romeo is with such a great owner : )
Rosey has a great new owner : ChrisGlam
                                                                                                                                            Clumber Spaniel Puppy - coat 7
Blue loves his new owner ChrisGlam!
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy - coat 30
hakera was happily adopted by ChrisGlam : )
Basset Hound Adult - coat 59
Amutiel adopted Jack : ) he loves his new home
Balto loves his new owner, TYXW
Benji was gladly adopted by snapesgirl
Thank you those who have helped out in the past, and make sure we still have other people helping out as well.
That way helping dogs get a second chance is much eaiser. You can make it happen=)Have a nice day!

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