The Magic Prison II

Not again. The darkness... The shadows... Why is it familiar? Oh no...

The Magic Prison II

"'This world is like from that of a fairy tale... The streets, their pale yellow coloured stone paths leading people to their headed destination. The trees that are always a pure green that make pure, clean, fresh air. Balloons tied to lamp posts. The bright colours all over the place. The Golden Carousel... just simply amazing. At night a cool light breeze flows around everything and the land becomes lit with a golden light, the lamp posts producing a sweet golden glow. Watch out though... In t-the shadows! There are creatures, monsters, beasts! Wait, we aren't from this world... IT'S A TRICK! A PRISON, DO NOT ENTER! THEY WANT TO KEEP US HERE AND CHANGE US! I- *A sudden scream fills the streets and land... of the Magic prison.*'"


. . .

"Where have I heard this? Why is it familiar?"

. . .

"Dark shadows... This breeze... All too familiar yet at the same time... not. I do not recognize this place. This silence, all too familiar. This darkness, all too familiar. This Golden Carousel... all too familiar. I remember being released and being free. We were saved or we saved ourselves... Where am I? Who... who am I?"



It's happening again... We're being taken back to it... The place of shadows and illusions. It was never suppose to be real, or so we thought before we returned here. Now it's happening all over again. We're being taken out of our timelines and worlds. We're being placed in this prison; this cage. This time it doesn't seem like we have any chance. But of course it never ever seemed like we did. Last time it was just a lucky chance that we escaped. This time we're trapped forever... The whole city looks like it was arranged differently. The Golden Carousel had been to the West but now it's to the North. It's like this whole place was a picture edited to look even more beautiful and flawless. How unsettling... but, what will we do?


"Don't look in the dark. The shadows of us all... Don't look in the dark. The end to us all..."



"'The masters and creators are being more careful. This time for sure we will be able to go on with the plans without any problems. I only hope that the boy will stay out of the way and not cause any trouble.'"





• Have fun!

• Don't kill other characters without the role-player's permission. 

• Dogzer rules apply



News:  Currently looking for new Masters and Creators. Ask to apply to be one! (Updated 12-28-16)




• Visualize the setting!

• The Magic Prison II was created on October 12, 2016.

People are taken out from their timelines and worlds. This means that some people may already have powers that just came naturally from their family and world. This also means that you can re-use your characters from other role-plays. It's almost like pretending they were taken from their original role-play and dumped into this one. x)

• There are rarely any adults taken to The Magic Prison (II). Many of the people who were here found out why that was so but then forgot when they escaped and were sent back to their worlds and timelines. Even if they came back they would not be able to remember the reason why there were rarely any adults.

Collected hints are when you find a hint about something or someone important in this Magic Prison. You can only collect or find hints when roleplaying with the founder or director unless there is an exception. You may post what you believe to be a hint on the wall and if it is confirmed to be a hint it will be posted on the group's page. If the role-player catches the hint, one of their characters of their choices will be granted one memory of their past.

When you were taken from your world and timeline, your mind and appearance might have been altered in some way. That means that it is possible that you may have gained a power or enhanced ability. (e.g. Enhanced hearing, enhanced eyesight, power sensing, power bestowal, animal mimicry, healing factor, Omni-linguism, telepathy, etc...) 

• I don't mind if your characters makes small references about something from the original rp group they were from if they were from one. x)

• You must consult the director or founder if you want to become a Creator or Master.

What is a Creator? A creator is someone who mainly worked (works) on creating the Magic Prison and organizing who will be taken and brought here.

• What is a Master? A master is a rank below Creator. Masters usually collaborate with the Creators about 'problematic' people that live within the Magic Prison. They usually keep an eye on the shadow creatures or give them commands to get rid of people. Some particular Masters like to live within the prison itself just to keep an eye on things without having to rely on the shadow creatures for information.

• Keep in mind that this prison is a dystopia. It's not all that great despite the fact it seems that way. There is indeed a forest, but it's small. There is a mountain here, but it is only one of two in the ENTIRE prison. This prison isn't tight packed and super tiny; it's gigantic.

• Files are basically like any other file in the real world. The files contain information about each 'citizen' of the prison: Where they are from, name, date of birth, age, and power. They list the basics of each citizen like powers, regardless if they were born or given powers before entering. Masters specialize with these files and usually handle the cases given to them by the creators. In other words, files are the forums of our characters. People playings as masters will probably have to frequently look at the characters' forms. Putting in your character's power in 'other' is highly suggested, but is still optional. It is still strongly suggested though.


Color Code:

Where we came from.


Collected Hints




Creators and Masters










The Guide To Not Getting Killed By A Shadow Creature by Subaru and Cole

Okay, so never ever go out for walks alone at night. That is the time when Shadow Creatures are the strongest. They have more space to roam around and they become faster, meaning they will be more likely to drag you into the ground after you suddenly disappear. 


Shadow Creatures

Shadow Creatures are the things in the dark that were created by the Creators and Masters. No one besides them know what Shadow Creatures really are. No one besides the three children who found out before they were taken back... Shadow creatures tend to stay in shaded areas and like to prey upon young children. They will launch themselves at their prey and linger around their prey's shadow. If behind you in your shadow, a shadow creature will most likely not attack you. If a shadow creature is behind you and you see an extra shadow in your own shadow, you most likely will die. That is unless someone with a powerful weapon hits the shadow creature with a combination of magic and energy. Not all people have magic and energy so often if people are knowledgable about these creatures and do not have magic and energy, they will carry around small trinkets or weapons that are charged with this energy.





The creators are the main group of people who took part in making the Magic Prison. Creators are a rank above Masters. They are to listen and take orders from the First Creator, the leader and person who created this entire mess. Creators decide who to bring here to the Magic Prison and who are to be taken away. Among the creators, there are traitors. The First Creator has assigned specific creators (and masters) to sniff out who the traitors are.

Masters are a rank below Creators. They collaborate with Creators about problematic 'citizens' of the prison. They have more freedom of choice as to where they can stay. Some masters live in the prison itself while others live within the secret headquarters. The masters are who control the shadow creatures, except the ones thats sometimes end up being uncontrollable (In rare cases). Masters deal with the files of all the 'citizens' and categorize them by name. Each file reveals where one person came from, their history, and what power they were give if they didn't already have a power.






Nickname: (optional)




Bio: (Optional, best to tell it when roleplaying)



Family: (It is often rare to see siblings or cousins)


Played by:


~Want to be a Creator or Master?~

(Must consult the founder or director if you want a character to be one)






Rank: (Creator or Master)





Played by:


Name: Avice

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Personality: Self-critical, abrasive, tactless, fickle, and lonely

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Shiori Eligius, Elio, Teige, and Kanda.

Other: She has five raven shapeshifting companions. They shift human and always act like her bodyguards. Their names are Eligius, Elio, Teige, Shiori, and Kanda. All her shapeshifting companions except Kanda are boys. Her only power is intangibility.
Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Shiori

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Loyal, protective, calm, reserved, adaptable, and reliable.

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Avice, Eligius, Elio, Teige, and Kanda.

Other: He can shift into a raven and he protects Avice. He can create rings with magical powers. He currently has three in his possession: One ring can teleport the wearer to his house, another can help sense where there are shadow creatures, and the last can help someone fall asleep.

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Kanda

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Personality: Calm, orderly, perceptive, gracious, and forthright

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Avice, Shiori, Elio, Eligius, and Teige.
Other: She is skilled with knives and darts. In her room, she has a dartboard where she constantly practices out of boredom. She is the most talented chef in her household.
Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Elio

Age: 17 

Gender: Male

Personality: Liberal, kind, energetic, helpful, and cooperative

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Avice, Shiori, Kanda, Eligius, and Teige.


Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Eligius

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Stern, complex, steadfast, profound, and patient

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Avice, Shiori, Kanda, Elio, and Teige.

Other: A little obnoxious at times, he can be 

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Teige

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Playful, youthful, enigmatic, and stubborn.

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Avice, Shiori, Kanda, Eligius, and Elio.

Other: none

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Monica

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Difficult, gloomy, hostile, seems impassive, and emotional.

Crush: none...

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: She has an enchanted bubble wand that can change any bubble mixture to her desired appearance. It can create rainbow bubbles, poison bubbles, and many more types of bubbles that can do many other things.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Shalom Mecha

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Shalom had mainly been feeling lonely, depressed. It wasn't that long ago that a man by the name of Thane had returned her memories. She feels better: Relieved, terrified, happy, worried, and heart-broken. 

Crush: "I don't know... Really... I don't know..." 

Bf/Gf: None

Family: ...

Other: (Before) She can't remember her past or life and she can feel that something is not right. It's like an empty hole of darkness: her memories. She doesn't get much sleep any more. Most of the time she sleep she just has nightmares. The way she describes how she feels is broken. Shalom's eyes glow blue and sometimes other colors. She can shift into a dragon and rarely... her monster form. (Now) Shalom's memories returned but she still seems a little distant and depressed. Now she is running for her life while trying to find a way to take down the first Creator as well as her brother Pinak. She is also trying to help restore the memories of everyone. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles




Name: Layton

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Fidgety, helpful, imaginative, meticulous, self-critical, kind, skeptical, strong-willed, and captivating.

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: At times Layton can act like a completely different person. He either is being really nervous and fidgety or very confident and charming. It usually depends on wether or not he senses the shadow creatures. Unlike most people, he is has a stronger sense of when a shadow creature is nearby. But because shadow creatures are everywhere he usually is very awkward, fidgety, and nervous. He has the power/ability to take his mind and body to a small little world that he created. He can only be in it for a certain amount of time though and not always is he able to go there. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Vasilija

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Reserved, thoughtful, lonely, clever, disciplined, alert, and kind.

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: She often sits alone in the library, writing endlessly. Never does she look up when there is company unless she suddenly has a reason to. Unlike how most people have necklaces and bracelets that are precious to them, Vasilija has five blood red marbles that are dear to her. Each marble is semi-transparent and each marble has a different use. What each of them does is unknown by anyone else besides Vasilija. What she uses them for is unknown.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Subaru 

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Mischievous, cunning, smart, playful, abservant, and lonely

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: His eyes are as blue as sapphires, that is how he got his nickname Sapphire. Subaru's personality changes pretty easily depending on who he is with. His best friend is Cole.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Nicholas

Nickname: Cole, Nick, Lonely Loner.

Age: 17

Personality: Lonely, sarcastic, diligent, calm, and reserved.

Crush: ...

Bf/Gf: I can hear her voice... but I can't see her. I can't remember her face.

Family: People use to ask me this, "Are you alone?" This is how I used to reply: "You damn right I am."

Other: He sticks to darker clothing and he does use his magic once in a while. He usually never seems to like anyone. One day he woke up here and realized something horrible had happened. The only problem was that he couldn't remember. He didn't know what had happened.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Scipio

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, laid-back, loyal, reserved, adventurous, curious, witty, and cunning.

Crush: Seriously...?

Bf/Gf: "I don't quite understand why anyone would ask me such a question."

Family: none

Other: Scipio can shift into a cat and wolf. In his cat form his fur is all white while his eyes are green. In his wolf form, his fur is grey and his eyes are green. Scipio has a monster form which he rarely ever shifts into. His eyes glow a dark and bright green.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Quinn

Nickname: none

Age: 16

Gender: male

Personality: scared, mature, wary of everyone.

Bio: .....

Crush: no...

Bf/gf: "dont no one got time for that."

Family: a little sister.

Other: none played by: pomeranian39 


Name: Maya

Nickname: none

Age: 9

Gender: female

Personality: dark, quiet, reserved, is mostly mean to everyone, even her brother sometimes.

Bio: ...

Crush: no....

Bf/gf: HA...

Family: a big brother.

Other: don't get her angry....

Played by: pomeranian39


Name: Primrose

Nickname: Prim

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Kind, considerate, sometimes a bit shy. But she knows how to handle herself.

Bio: .....

Crush: .....

Bf/Gf: "all i remember is a music box...

Family: can't remember

Other: none

Played by: pomeranian39



Name: Mizu

Nickname: (optional)

Age: Over 3,000, but looks 7

Gender: Female

Personality: Playful, insane, rude, bossy, sassy

Crush: Hmph!

Gf: No!

Family: (It is often rare to see siblings or cousins)

Other: Is Gay.

Is usually with Ceru.

Played by: LadyAlaska



Name: Ceru

Nickname: (optional)

Age: About 100, Looks 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, gentle, caring, smart, protective, Usually starts off as cold,

Crush: ....

Bf: None

Other: Is Gay.

Is Mizu's Guard.

Played by: LadyAlaska 


Name: Luca 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet, willing, charismatic, slightly introverted, tolerant, and impulsive.

Crush: I remember his voice... 

Bf/Gf: ...

Family: none

Other: Luca usually never takes his gas mask off for some reason. If someone were to ask why he wears it he wouldn't be able to reply with an answer that made sense. He doesn't have many friends and most of the time has trouble making them. Once he gets to know someone he'll open up a bit, but probably only enough for them to see his face. He is bi.

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Heruyoki

Nickname: Heru

Age: looks around 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Playful, friendly, mischievous, witty, cunning, gets bored easily

Crush: Why do I only remember his voice...?

Bf: ......

Other: He is gay

Played by: LadyAlaska 




Name: Isadora

Nickname: izzie or Dora by . . . she can't remember who.

Age: 18 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet for the most part, tends to be withdrawn, a bit on the timid side but not a pushover.

Bio: Nothing she can remember.

Crush: I can't remember, if one even existed.

Bf/Gf: I can't remember him, but I do remember one thing. Fear.

Family: None

Other: Her powers are fire control and fire manipulation.

Played by: dogbreeder 


Name: Nimue

Nickname: Nim

Age: 14 years

Gender: female

Personality: Feisty, independent, wary of strangers, not really all that gentle or sweet. Rarely shows her 'nice side' to anyone.

Bio: Even if she remembered she wouldn't tell you.

Crush: I don't think so.

Bf/Gf: Nope.

Family: None

Other: She has elemental healing.

Played by: dogbreeder





Name: Lythium Hana Fluoride Angelina Copper II

Nickname: Lythia

Age: 11-12ish

Gender: Female

Personality: Timid, shy, obedient when she finish meets people, Friend, kind, energetic.

Crush: Too timid

Bf/Gf: Too timid

Family: She remembers them screaming "Run! Lythia! Never stop running! Only trust other cats!"

Other: She has no offencive powers. She can't shift out of her cat form until she removes her purple collar. She has pink eyes and wears a tutu-dress

Played by: LadyAlaska 


Name: Dylan

Nickname: None

Age: 18 years

Gender: Male

Personality: Take charger, kind of bossy, tends to be arrogant and hot-headed. Has a temper for sure.

Bio: Nothing worth tellin'.

Crush: Isadora

Bf/Gf: Was Isadora, now if I can just find her . . .

Family: None

Other: None

Played by: dogbreeder


Name: Pinak Mecha

Age: 19

Gender: Male 

Personality: Crazy, strange, crafty, frivolous, insane, abrasive, and monstrous. 

Rank: Master

Crush: She's not here.

Bf/GF: "I had a girlfriend but she's no longer with me."

Family: A majority are dead except for his younger siblings, one which is in the Magic Prison (II).

Other: He can shift into a dragon and his eye color can change. He has a tattoo similar looking to his siblings. After realizing a very important detail about his sister, he has not re-reavled his identity to his sister. Pinak has realized how crucial it is to keep his identity from his little sister. As much as he'd like to see her, he knew it would ruin everything. For now, he must keep the truth hidden all over again, though he probably won't be able to. He can manipulate people's memories and has the ability to transform himself into a flurry of cherry blossoms to just simply catch a ride on the wind or not walk.

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Kaji

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Personality: When he is normal, his personality is kind, caring, playful, outgoing, smart, adventurous, and curious. But when his personality is forced to change, he becomes diligent, monstrous, senseless, and insensate

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Fanily: None that he is aware of.

Other: Kaji has a split personality. It only changes when Pinak forces it to change. He has the ability to summon a bow with arrows and is quite skillful in archery. Wether or not he learned how to target things with an arrow or is just naturally gifted is unknown. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Tristan Abaloné

Age: 14

Gender: Male


Crush: none
Bf/Gf: none

Family: none


Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Cole

Nickname: none

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Usually cruel, mean, and violent, but can be nice at times

Crush: Noo

Gf: Really?

Family: Nope

Other: Can shapeshift into a wolf

Played by: blackmoon25


Name: Daichi

Nickname: none

Age: Unknown but sounds like he's in his late teens or earlier twenties. (18-23)

Gender: Male

Personality: Organized, calm, disciplined, deceptive, callous, and observant.

Rank: Master

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: "I have never considered having one."

Family: No one who is biologically related.

Other: In his world, he was someone who created monsters and beings that would disrupt the peace and tranquility. He had created many creatures, the first ten out of thirty being defective. He made a replica of someone he had in a vision but left her back in his original world where she ended up living a fairly 'normal' life. Right now he knows that one of his master acquaintances has took one of his 'monsters' and made him unable to sense where they are. Because of that, Daichi hasn't been in a good mood for a while. Daichi often uses a mask to hide his face though he actually looks quite handsome. He probably only wears a mask because he enjoys hiding his face but there may be another possible reason.

Played by: strawberrywaffles 


Name: Apolena

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Insincere, insensitive, strong-willed, dramatic, alert, and acts optimistic, caring, and happy-go-lucky to trick other. 

Rank: Creator

Crush: Daichi

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Her twin brother Anton

Other: Apolena has the ability to teleport and create weapons out of certain inorganic compounds. Her ability to create inorganic compound weapons is limited so she must use her ability wisely. If she is unable to use this power, she'll have to wait an entire day till she can resume using the power.

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Anton

Nickname: Wonton (Only used by his sister thought he gets irritated by it.)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, hardworking, anticipative, active, good natured, gracious, masculine, orderly, rational, reserved, and witty

Rank: Creator

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: Anton has the ability to conjure a staff which has a special kind of energy. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Sashi

Nickname: none

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Rank: A master, though only the first Creator knows that.

Crush: Pinak

Bf/Gf: Pinak

Family: Dead

Other: In her world she dated Pinak till he suddenly disappeared along with his siblings. This really made her furious since she had been studying Pinak's siblings' DNA and what they were. She wouldn't dare hurt Pinak to figure out what exactly he was but she didn't hide having to experiment on his siblings. Pinak doesn't know she's in the Magic Prison and her file is not accessible to anyone other than the first Creator. She currently is looking for a particular person. She is a Dhampir. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles.




Name: Bailey

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Bold, strong-willed, and Very Hot Headed

Crush: Shalom Mecha

Bf/Gf: None

Family: A sister

Other: None

Played By: BaileyLovesPapillons45


Name: Rokuro
Nickname: Boy, Boyo, Kid, and Kiddo.

Age: Looks to be six or seven years.

Gender: Male

Personality: Cheerful, adventurous, outgoing, curious, cunning, mischievous, and charismatic 

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: none

Other: ... absolutely loves PEZ candy. ... has a huge collection of different flavors of PEZ candy and PEZ candy dispensers. When taunted or intimidated, ... will pull out a candy dispenser and transform it into a weapon. The name Rokuro was presented to him by a young woman named Isadora. Originally he didn't remember his name but he grew anxious due to not remembering. Isadora gave him a list of names and he chose the name Rokuro.

Played by: strawberrywaffles


Name: Mirage

Nickname: Mira (Mee-rah)

Age: 17 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Loner, somewhat anti-social. Can be harsh and critical at times, really supportive and encouraging at other times. She tends to play a part rather than being herself. She rarely seems the same to all the people who have met her. No one really knows why she puts on an act with people, and no one really cares at this point.

Crush: None

Bf/Gf: None

Family: None

Other: Mirage has the ability to shape shift. She also has the ability to control minds and create illusions.

Played by: dogbreeder


Name: Fioralba

Nickname: Fio

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Mysterious, calm, collected, shy, quirky

Bio: Doesn't like to talk about it

Crush: None

Bf/Gf: None

Family: Dead

Other: Is bisexual

Played by: Emily1610


Name: Lynn

Nickname: none

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: calm, quiet, insecure, shy, doesn't really like being with other people. If you get her mad though, she can become a whole different person.

Bio: "there is nothing to say...."

Crush: "I like anyone who likes me.."

Bf/Gf: "who would like me enough to date me?"

Family: "I got none, and I don't care"

Other: none

Played by: pomeranian39 


Name: Joal Kanta

Nickname: none

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Adveturous, capable, clever, considerate, curious, discreet, focused, gracious, hardworking, loyal, and responsible.

Crush: "I can't remember her name... i-it hurts to try and remember but... I can see her face so clearly..."

Bf/Gf: none

Family: Kaji Kanta

Other: Joal is the kind of kid who you can rely on and who you know will be there for you when you're in need of help. He can't help but explore the prison, his curiosity absolutely demands that he do so. The masters are currently using him, though he has no knowledge of them doing that. 

Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Tanika

Nickname: Nika

Age: 18 years

Gender: female

Personality: Clever, competitive, difficult, will do whatever it takes to get what she wants

Rank: Creator

Crush: None


Family: None

Other: Her bio and powers are 'unknown' to pretty much everyone.

Played by: dogbreeder 



Name: June

Nickname: Jo, only close friends and her brother call her that

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very chatty and curious. She always questions everything and has a lot of determination.

Crush: N/A

Bf/Gf: N/A

Family: After wandering around a bit she found her brother

Other: She can shape shift into a white fox.

Played by: Saraphena02


Name: Achillies

Nickname: Everybody calls him Ace

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: He usually keeps to himself since he is easily agitated. He has severe anger issues and will lash out on anyone, even his sister. Crush: N/A

Bf/Gf: N/A

Family: His only family is his sister, June

Other: When he first arrived he would have massive migraines and nosebleeds, he still has them today but they occur less.

Played by: Saraphena02  




 Name: Aelius
Nickname: none
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Focused, mature, patient, resourceful, quiet, and reserved.
Rank: Master
Crush: ...
Bf/Gf: None
Family: His only family is 
Other: Aelius was specially recruited along with his best friends to be a master by the first creator. He didn't really know what to think of it at first but now that he does, he's not going to say a word. Fear is a very strong thing. The first creator found him interesting when it was discovered that Aelius was gay. They didn't say anything about to him and let him continue on as a master. His friends always teases him about loving the color pink but the color that he loves is actually peach. He continues to argue with them, trying to explain it's peak but he's come to the conclusion that they have trouble seeing certain colors.
Played by: strawberrywaffles



Name: Emmerson
Nickname: Em
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Outgoing, energetic, charming, active, admirable, calculating, expedient, and commanding.
Rank: Master
Crush: none
Bf/Gf: none
Family: Aelius and
Played by: strawberrywaffles




Name: Naoko

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Rank: Creator

Crush: none

Bf/Gf: none

Family: N/A

Other: N/A

Played by: strawberrywaffles







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Before I make a character, can some please summarize this...whole thing. Because I'm a bit confused x)

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Okay! :) Well, people from different time periods, dimensions, and worlds lived their lives normally. But people from their homes began to disappear. Where they disappeared to, no one really knew. The people who disappeared found themselves in a strange place, a fantasy-like world. (Imagine it being like the size of Alaska or California) People who woke up here couldn't remember where they came from or their past, they just knew their names and that they lived there. Some discovered that they had powers, though it didn't really come to them as a surprise. Everyone went about living their lives there in the place know to certain people as The Magic Prison. It was created by some bad people who brought the people there for a certain unknown reason. Creatures lurk in the shadows, waiting to capture or 'eat' people. The people who are eaten are never heard from again, yet no one really questions what happened to them. People continue to live their lives 'normally.' (It's a dystopia kind of place. Please tell me if I need to summarize anything else because sometimes I forget. o.o)

5 years, 147 h and 9 min ago

OHHH thats wayy makes more sense. I get it now, thats a really cool idea! I'll make my character right now. :)

5 years, 147 h and 5 min ago

I'm glad it does, and thanks! x)

5 years, 147 h and 4 min ago

Name: June
Nickname: Jo, only close friends and her brother call her that
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: She is very chatty and curious. She always questions everything and has a lot of determination.
Crush: n/a
Bf/Gf: n/a
Family: After wandering around a bit she found her brother
Other: She can shape shift into a white fox.
Played by: Saraphena02

5 years, 146 h and 44 min ago

5 years, 146 h and 44 min ago

Name: Achillies
Nickname: Everybody calls him Ace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: He usually keeps to himself since he is easily agitated. He has severe anger issues and will lash out on anyone, even his sister.
Crush: n/a
Bf/Gf: n/a
Family: His only family is his sister, June
Other: When he first arrived he would have massive migraines and nosebleeds, he still has them today but they occur less.
Played by: Saraphena02

5 years, 146 h and 33 min ago

5 years, 146 h and 33 min ago

The URL for both pictures did not work.

5 years, 138 h and 39 min ago

These should work.
Achilles pic

June's pic

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5 years, 122 h and 1 min ago

Tanika casually strolled down a path just beyond town, whistling as she went.

5 years, 147 h and 18 min ago

A tall woman with black hair tied back into a ponytail was walking through the park. She had a calm look on her face and she was carrying a white plastic bag with something inside it. A boy was skipping after her and he was exclaiming, "You're so slow!"

5 years, 147 h and 1 min ago

"Ah," she said moving toward the pair.

5 years, 145 h and 45 min ago

The woman glanced back at Tanika. "Kanda, Elio is going to be making dinner tonight," said the boy. He had a flip phone in his hand and appeared to be reading a text message. "Quite honestly i'm not that excited about that," Kanda murmured.

5 years, 138 h and 55 min ago

Tanika walked past them, picking a shiny object up off the ground. "Ah, there you are!"

5 years, 122 h and 4 min ago

The boy glanced at Tanika then the shiny object. He seemed to be staring at the shiny object before he snapped out of it and chuckled. "You're blood is just urging you to steal shiny objects from the innocent, isn't it, Teige?" Kanda chuckled. His cheeks felt warmed and he looked away, having a pouty expression.

5 years, 121 h and 57 min ago

"Better not try to steal from me kid, not an easy taks," Tanika said, hrowing the bracelet up in the air and grinning.

5 years, 121 h and 55 min ago

"I don't steal, I scavenge," he muttered. Kanda smiled and looked back at Tanika. "Stealing something is probably the easiest of tasks. Returning something though is usually harder since the victim would be aware of what might possibly happen."

5 years, 121 h and 38 min ago

"You know your stuff it seemw," Tanika said, putting the jewelry in her pocket.

5 years, 121 h and 37 min ago

"It's just common sense that it'd be easier to steal than return. Though the consequences of each action will vary," she replied. Teige sighed and quickly took the plastic bag away from Kanda and sat down on a bench near by. "I'll save you your food," he muttered while pulling out a small bento.

5 years, 121 h and 30 min ago

"Are you two siblings then?" She asked

5 years, 121 h and 29 min ago

"Yes." Kanda glanced over her shoulder back at her little brother. "He's been bothering me all morning to get a bento."

5 years, 121 h and 24 min ago

"Hmm, can't say I am too fond of it myself, but I don't know any good chefs."

5 years, 121 h and 23 min ago

She nodded. "I guess I better get going before my other siblings make a mess of our house. Pleasure meeting you, my name's Kanda." She held her hand out for her to shake.

5 years, 121 h and 15 min ago

Tanika took her hand. "My name is Tanika," she said

5 years, 121 h and 13 min ago

"Bye Tanika." Kanda turned and motioned for her brother to follow. He was just about to open the bento and let out a groan before getting up and taking the food and bag with him.

5 years, 121 h and 7 min ago

"Bye!" She said cheerfully. Then she headed toward town

5 years, 121 h and 5 min ago

"Taniiika! Darling, how are you?" A voice shouted from behind. Standing behind her was Pinak walking with Sashi following behind.

5 years, 121 h and 3 min ago

"Nothing so great now that you are here," she said with a sigh. ( And so it begins . . . )

5 years, 120 h and 59 min ago

(xD) "Owe, is that so?" A grin formed on his face and he half hugged Sashi who had caught up with him. "So who exactly is it that you were trying to have a real discussion with? I keep forgetting where i've seen that person and... she has siblings, right? I think I met one of her other siblings... I don't remember!" "Pinak, stop acting like an idiot," Sashi mumbled.

5 years, 120 h and 55 min ago

"Nothing you need to know,"she said icily. "You are far too nosy for your own good."

5 years, 120 h and 53 min ago

"Tsk, nosy? I prefer the term curious. Anyways there must be some reason why the boss still keeps me around despite the fact that everyone says I have a unique and troublesome personality." His lips curved into an evil smile. "Plus I have some very powerful siblings and powers. In my world, people are terrified of me." "They're still terrified of you here, but not because they think you're scary," Sashi chuckled.

5 years, 120 h and 47 min ago

"More likely afraid you will talk them to death," she said I a dry tone. "At least I can pretend to be sane and make it work."

5 years, 120 h and 45 min ago

"The boss told me to be myself when on the job and out in public. They haven't told me to become an actor, unlike most of the others." He smiled. "And my dear Sashi is an exception for... certain things. I take it you're also checking on all your lower ranked comrades besides being sneaky?"

5 years, 119 h and 6 min ago

"There we go again with the nosy," she said, crossing her arms. "I don't know what she sees in you."

5 years, 119 h and 3 min ago

(I was messing around and I accidentally got blue hair chalk stuff all over my face and bathroom sink as I was cleaning up my bathroom. xD) "I see what everyone else can't see and doesn't realize," Sashi replied. Sashi held Pinak's hand and tugged on it. "Let's go get something to eat." He sighed and nodded. "Bye Tanika!"

5 years, 118 h and 51 min ago

(Oh my gosh! Sounds like something I would do, lol^^) "Bye!" She said with barely any enthusiasm.

5 years, 118 h and 47 min ago

As they left, Eligius passed Tanika. He was riding on a red bike, a young girl riding on it as well. "I'm hungry," the young girl complained. Without looking at her, he said, "Avice, Kanda bought some bentos not that long ago. She got you one as well." "Oh... well then let's hurry."

5 years, 117 h and 56 min ago

Tanika's attention was immediately captivated. "How convenient," she muttered.

5 years, 117 h and 54 min ago

The young girl riding on the back of the bike suddenly looked over her shoulder back at Tanika and said something to Eligius. Her mouth moved just barely, but it was clear she had spoken to him.

5 years, 117 h and 49 min ago

Tanika was quiet, turning her gaze to a clump of trees, but keeping her ears open

5 years, 117 h and 48 min ago

After that, neither Eligius or the girl said anything else. Soon they were no longer in sight.

5 years, 117 h and 44 min ago

Tanika was hungry and decided ton try to find a place to eat. She wandered quietly down the street, ignoring everyone around her

5 years, 117 h and 43 min ago

It wasn't until a few hours later that Eligius appeared again. He was locking his bike and about to enter a book store.

5 years, 111 h and 50 min ago

Tanika was sitting in front of a music store nearby.

5 years, 104 h and 54 min ago

He took no notice of her as he entered. But a young man near his age did. "Excuse me, have you seen a tall man with green eyes who looks like me?" he asked. The young man looked similar to Eligius, though is eyes were blue and he was a little shorter than him.

5 years, 101 h and 24 min ago

" Someone similar did pass by here," she said, standing up.

5 years, 101 h and 22 min ago

"Could you please kindly direct me to where he went?"

5 years, 101 h and 15 min ago

"The book store," she replied. "That is actually my next stop," she added, glancing at the store.

5 years, 101 h and 14 min ago

"Oh! Well then, I guess we could walk together then if that's where you're heading." He glanced at the book store and frowned slightly. It was then that he pulled out a flip phone from his pocket. "Excuse me, I need to go make a quick phone call." He walked a distance away but she would probably be able to hear him.

5 years, 101 h and 1 min ago

Tanika stayed in place, glancing off so she would appear disinterested, but once again her ears were focused on what he was saying

5 years, 100 h and 59 min ago

"Avice, I finally found him, but I think it's best if he a little alone time, afterall-" "He took my book that I was reading!" a voice yelled from the other end of the phone. His eyes widened and he nodded as if the other person were there. "I'll go see what I can do... But it isn't a library, the place that he's at."

5 years, 100 h and 45 min ago

Tanika listened with interest, a slight smile tuning at the corner of her lips

5 years, 100 h and 44 min ago

"Bye." He shut the phone and cocked his head back and let out a sigh. Looking back at Tanika, he asked, "Shall we leave?"

5 years, 100 h and 31 min ago

"Certainly," she said

5 years, 100 h and 30 min ago

Elio walked across the street and opened the door to the books store, letting Tanika walk in first. Eligius wasn't at the entrance of the story so he most likely had gone further back. Elio pulled out his phone again and a soft ring could be heard from somewhere in the store. "Hello?" It was Eligius speaking. Elio listened to his voice and stopped behind a shelf of books on sale. He could see Eligius. "Turn around."

5 years, 100 h and 26 min ago

Tanika pretended to be interested on a book on the sale shelf.

5 years, 100 h and 25 min ago

Eligius blinked a few times when he saw his younger brother. "Elio, why did you follow me? Is Avice looking for her book?" "Um, yeah." "Her book was torn and some of the back pages were missing so i'm buying her a new copy of the book." Elio nodded and shuffled his feet. "Avice is really mad..." A smile appear on his brother. "Don't worry, she'll be extremely happy when she sees the better copy."

5 years, 100 h and 19 min ago

Tanika actually found herself smiling a bit. 'So, they are that sort,' she thought to herself.

5 years, 100 h and 18 min ago

"I can't go back now other wise she'll be furious..." "Ask Shiori or Kanda to take her to the carnival. I heard that the carousel is even more magnificent. Plus the quality of the food is better than last time we went there." Elio sighed and mumbled something under his breath. "If you really must, then fine. Also stop talking like me, it's weird." "Well sorry! You've been giving all of us so many lectures that it's hard not to mimic you! And those lectures are really useless!" Eligius frowned at his brother and dark energy formed around them. Elio's eyes widened. "E-eh... but t-they do give us good information!" A sweet smile took the place of Eligius's frown. "Good."

5 years, 100 h and 10 min ago

Tanika casually slipped cllser, looking over the cover of a book on the shelf as if very interested in it.

5 years, 100 h and 8 min ago

Elio and Eligius's eyes widened as there heads turned in the direction of the entrance. A girl with auburn hair had walked through the door with a furious look. "Eligius! Give me my book back!" she yelled. Eligius immediately appeared by her side. "I'm getting you a better quality copy so when you read your book, it won't break apart." Her eyes widened and her angry look slowly disappeared. She looked down at her feet and nodded. He smiled. "Did Shiori give you one of his rings for you to find me?" "Yes," she mumbled.

5 years, 99 h and 57 min ago

Tanika turned to watch, listening to the names they mentioned

5 years, 99 h and 56 min ago

The girl finally looked up at Eligius, but not until she narrowed her eyes at Tanika. "Avice, are you hungry?" asked Elio. Avice shook her head and sighed. "Let's go to the carnival, it'll be really fun!"

5 years, 99 h and 51 min ago

Tanika wondered if the girl had any sense about her and looked away for a moment.

5 years, 99 h and 48 min ago

Avice nodded again then held Eligius's hand. Eligius couldn't help but laugh for a moment. "Despite the fact that I don't have a kid, you're always making me feel like i'm your dad." "Yeah, and i'm always the one uncle who seems to be the one getting groceries and goods," Elio muttered. "Well, you're all better than that voice," she replied with a smile. Both brothers froze for a moment then snapped out of it and smiled. "Yup! You're right!" Eligius replied with a troubled look. Before leaving he payed for the book.

5 years, 99 h and 20 min ago

"Voice," she murmured softly. "Well, I am off to the fair!" She waited until they had been gone some time before heading to the carnival.

5 years, 99 h and 14 min ago

"Candy apples!" Elio shouted while holding two candy apples up in the air. A group of people were approaching Elio, Eligius, and Avice. Among them were Kanda and the boy named Teige. "Shiori! I got candy apples!" Elio exclaimed while rushing over to a boy the same height as him with blue eyes. "Wow, that's... Delicious!" The boy's eyes widened when Elio shoved the candy apple in his mouth. The young man had three rings on his left hand, each a different color.

5 years, 99 h and 5 min ago

Tanika was at a food stand, hungry still. She purchased her food and was about to leave when the man at the stand grabbed her arm. "You better pay for that missie!" "I did!" She exclaimed truthfully. "You little the if! Pay the price, or I'll have you arrested and fined!"

5 years, 98 h and 5 min ago

Elio looked curiously at the man who had exclaimed before running over. "What's wrong?" He blinked when he saw Tanika.

5 years, 98 h and 4 min ago

"This man see s to think I didn't pay for my food," she said shortly. "But I did, now kindly let go of my arm!"

5 years, 97 h and 22 min ago

"Sir, please let go of her arm. What was the price of the food that she 'didn't pay?" he asked while pulling out his wallet.

5 years, 93 h and 35 min ago

"I did pay," she mumbled angrily. "Ten," he growled. "Itbwasn' t even half that," she said, earning another twist to her arm

5 years, 93 h and 29 min ago

"Just let go of her arm, i'll pay the ten. And maybe your just looking for a way to earn extra money, but you shouldn't grab anyone like that and continuously say they owe you money. That will only result in someone hating you, which might just possibly lead to a motive for murder, though that is a very ridiculous motive." Elio held our the ten dollars to the man. "Here sir, I hope it does you well."

5 years, 93 h and 25 min ago

The man tookmit, grumbling and released Tanika whose eyes glowed with an angry look

5 years, 92 h and 42 min ago

"You're the person from the music shop," he said suddenly after paying the man.

5 years, 92 h and 33 min ago

"Yes," she said. "I got hungry so I came down this way to find something to eat."

5 years, 82 h and 48 min ago

"Huh, interesting." Avice narrowed her eyes again at Tanika and hid behind Kanda. Shiori glanced at her, wondering what was wrong.

5 years, 76 h and 11 min ago

Tanika glanced at Avice, more than a little interested in her reaction to her presence. "I guess I will leave you alone now," she said, tearing her gaze away from Avice

5 years, 76 h and 8 min ago

Elio nodded then walked back over to his siblings. "Who is she?" Shiori asked curiously but with a hint of hostility.

5 years, 76 h and 2 min ago

Tanika walked away. "Hmm, the girl may be a problem," she thought to herself.

5 years, 76 h and 1 min ago

"Tanika," Kanda answered. "I met her when I was with Teige earlier. "And I met her before going to the bookshop to get Eligius," Elio added.

5 years, 75 h and 53 min ago

Tanika sat down to eat. She probably, no, definitelt, could have handled that man earlief, but if any of them saw her do anything suspicious . . . It could ruin her whole image as 'just another citizen'. She took a bite of her sandwich, thinking things over

5 years, 75 h and 50 min ago

Avice quietly backed up before running away. This had immediately caught the attention of Shiori but he didn't have a chance to grab her arm before she had taken off. She was going to slam right into a lamppost but she ran straight though it.

5 years, 75 h and 48 min ago

Tanika finished her food and got up, her mind busily working at step one and a half of her plan.

5 years, 75 h and 46 min ago

"Avice! Come back!" They all yelled while taking off after her.

5 years, 75 h and 36 min ago

Tanika began to walk along slowly.

5 years, 75 h and 32 min ago

They all shifted into ravens and took off after her. "Avice!"

5 years, 72 h and 20 min ago

Tanika heard them and turned around. "Dear me, hope that wasn't my fault," she said

5 years, 72 h and 17 min ago

She let out a quick breath as she hid behind an empty stand. "It's too overwhelming..." she whispered. She could here them running past her.

5 years, 71 h and 18 min ago

Tanika closed her eyes, trying to figure out where Avice was. "The stand," she whispered, moving toward it slowly

5 years, 71 h and 14 min ago

Avice closed her eyes and leaned against the wall that the stand was next to.

5 years, 71 h and 11 min ago

"You alright?" Tanika asked from outside the stand

5 years, 71 h and 10 min ago

"If you want to go out on a date one of them or be friends, just say so to them. Stop following us," she hissed. "I don't like being followed."

5 years, 49 h and 18 min ago

"What if I am shy?" She asked softly

5 years, 49 h and 16 min ago

"Then sent them a text message or something," she grumbled. "Or one of them just might hit you without realizing you want to be friends if you're behind them. "I don't think you're that shy."

5 years, 49 h and 10 min ago

"I am complicated," she said truthfully

5 years, 49 h and 1 min ago

"And I am a handful so stop stalking them before I get really upset."

5 years, 48 h and 50 min ago

"Hmm," was her only reply, soft and hard to read.

5 years, 48 h and 43 min ago

Avice shifted uncomfortably before running off again.

5 years, 48 h and 41 min ago

"I will have to think of something to do about that," she thought to herself, leaning up against the stand

5 years, 48 h and 40 min ago

Before Avice could speed up, she felt someone grab her, or rather hug her. Then another person and another. Soon Avice was frozen still and Shiori was yelling, "Don't do that again! You keep running off! S-someone might..." He let out a sigh and Eligius began to speak. "Avice, don't do that again."

5 years, 48 h and 33 min ago

Tanika sat down cross legged on the ground, ignoring the stares she got from some people.

5 years, 48 h and 31 min ago

Avice was taken home and their day at the carnival ended. Avice spent the rest of the day in her room while everyone else relaxed in their raven forms for the rest of the day.

5 years, 48 h and 28 min ago

Tanika went into town, feeling tired, and having come to no solution regarding her current mission. "I probably need a good night's sleep," she said to herself.

5 years, 48 h and 25 min ago

The next morning, everyone except for Eligius and Kanda stayed in the house. They were exhausted from searching for Avice even though it hadn't been that long. Eligius was hanging out at the market place with Kanda, looking to see if there were any new goods.

5 years, 48 h and 12 min ago

"Time to find target," Tanika whispered as she left her house that morning. She closed her eyes and saw them clearly. "To the market then," she said. "Hopefully the girl won,t be hanging around." She arrived at the market, and since she actually had shopping to do, decided to start on that.

5 years, 48 h and 9 min ago

"Eligius, you need to find yourself a sweetheart," Kanda muttered while examining a brightly colored scarf. Eligius was beside her looking at a pare of leather gloves. He scoffed and muttered, "I should say the same to you. You're already twenty four and still stuck with us." "Well, I guess none of us will ever be able to date anyone. We need to protect Avice after all, even if it means sacrificing things like that," she murmured. "Anyways," she put down the scarf, "let's just looked around for stuff here and see if it's worth buying."

5 years, 48 h and 4 min ago

Tanika had stretched her sense to find their voices and was interested by what she heard. "Huh," she said softly. She found a bag she had been needing and purchased it, moving on to look at clothes, aware of the siblings whereabouts the whole time

5 years, 47 h and 57 min ago

The two siblings headed towards a line of stands with many accessories. "I feel a presence that is watching us," Kanda murmured. She lifted up a ring and put it on her ring finger and sighed. "These rings look a little dull compared to the ones Shiori makes... but this was really created by someone who put in a big effort into creating this... In a way, this ring is more beautiful than the ones Shiori has made." Eligius looked at her with narrowed eyes and muttered, "You're being weird. And I feel that presence as well though I can't pinpoint who it belongs to."

5 years, 47 h and 42 min ago

Tanika bought the rest of her things and brought them hoeme, staying there a while. She rid herself as best she could of her magical accessories and 'shut down' most of her abilities. "Time to be a real person, or as real as I can be," she said, heading back to town.

5 years, 47 h and 37 min ago

Kanda sighed and put back the ring. She began to explore the rest of the market with Eligius before heading to a restaurant to eat lunch.

5 years, 47 h and 31 min ago

Tanika was at a small cafe, a place few visited, partially do to the rough man and sly woman who owned it. Tanika liked the food though, and most employees didn't dare bother her.

5 years, 47 h and 24 min ago

Of all the places they could have gone to, Kanda suggested that they go there. "You always want to try new restaurants," Eligius sighed. "Because you never bother to take any of us far from the house, or at least what you consider far," she mumbled.

5 years, 47 h and 22 min ago

Tanika sat at a four seater table near a back window. The cafe was a sweet looking place, despite the bad tempered owners. She ordered her meal and drink then waited for it to come.

5 years, 47 h and 20 min ago

Eligius felt his stomach growl loudly in hunger. His face turned a little red. "Let's go eat now," he muttered while sitting down at a table.

5 years, 47 h and 17 min ago

Tanika was so focused on being 'normal' that it wasn't until the waiter delivered her drink that she noticed their presence. 'What a coincidence' she thought to herself.

5 years, 47 h and 13 min ago

They both ordered their food and drinks. While waiting Eligius began to speak. "I still can't remember the rest, you know? It's hard to remember when only a half of it is in my head. just really wonder who blinded our souls to Avice's..."

5 years, 47 h and 9 min ago

Tanika didn't need magic to hear that. She looked up a bit, going over every scrap of information she had on the siblings.

5 years, 47 h and 6 min ago

"Hm.. oh... I think Avice has a crush on Shiori," Kanda blurted, a surprised look on her face.The same expression formed on Eligius's face. "What? Really?" Kanda nodded. "I can't remember the other half of how I came to this thought... But yeah. Shiori is the most protective of Avice and doesn't at all seem curious about our souls being forced to be with her."

5 years, 46 h and 27 min ago

Tanika almost chuckled at that. How long had it been since she loved anyone? She frowned, best other to think about those times. Her food came and she began to eat, taking her time.

5 years, 46 h and 22 min ago

(These characters originated from Amutiel's group Shifters of Mana so if you ever look there, some of what they say may make sense.) Eligius clasped his hands together and sighed. "Geez..."

5 years, 46 h and 19 min ago

(Okay) A waiter approached their table, a scowl on his face.

5 years, 46 h and 17 min ago

They looked up at him, silent. Eligius had realized he had been too loud and that Tanika was there, though he didn't mention it to Kanda.

5 years, 42 h and 36 min ago

"Would you like to order?" He asked gruffly.

5 years, 34 h and 13 min ago

"Oh, um, yes," Eligius replied. Kanda then remember that Eligius hadn't ordered yet despite that he had been mouthing the words of their meal that they wanted.

5 years, 26 h and 43 min ago

The man stood there waiting, looking bored and irritated.

5 years, 25 h and 26 min ago

Eligius told the man their order then went silent.

5 years, 25 h and 12 min ago

The man headed back to the kitchen. Tanika was finishing her meal and almost ready to leave

5 years, 25 h and 6 min ago

"Oh, hey Tanika," Kanda greeted when she finally noticed her.

5 years, 24 h and 59 min ago

"Oh, good day," Tanika said, genuinely surprised that Kanda had greeted her.

5 years, 24 h and 48 min ago

(? I wasn't sure if you maybe forgot about this one^^)

4 years and 11 months ago

(Oops! I'll reply now!) Kanda tilted her head. "Seems like i've been seeing you a lot. How funny."

4 years and 11 months ago

(It's okay, I was checking our rps so I thought I would ask since it has been a while:) ) "It is," she agreed. "I guess we have probably been around each other a lot though, we just notice it more now that we have been introduced ed.."

4 years and 11 months ago

The group welcomes a new member: saraphena02

5 years, 195 h and 10 min ago
The group welcomes a new member: Rachie66756

5 years, 198 h and 52 min ago

Pinak joyfully whistled a tune as he entered the supermarket. He flipped a quarter into the air it landed right into the slot of the gum ball machine. His eyes watched a cherry red sphere roll and gradually make its way into his hand. He plopped the candy into his mouth continued walking through the market place. "Gum balls make me want to gag, geez. I wonder if I can get Apolena or Daichi to somehow make these things smaller. Talk about a choke hazard," he thought to himself. (Anyone)

5 years, 199 h and 27 min ago

Mirage walked along, scanning the faces of those she passed. She hummed with a detached, bored sort of maner, tapping her fingers against her thigh.

5 years, 150 h and 38 min ago

He walked absentmindedly after putting the gum ball in his mouth. He didn't realize how his tattoo on his left had begun to glow a light blue. It was one of the rare, unusual colors that his tattoo rarely glowed.

5 years, 149 h and 32 min ago

Had it not been for the glow Mirage may have never noticed Pinak, but the glow caught her attention and she found herself staring for a minute.

5 years, 149 h and 29 min ago

After a couple of seconds, Pinak came to the conclusion that he didn't like gum balls so he threw the one in his mouth away in the trash. Sighing, he stared looking around for some other sort of candy that would help him keep his mind calm and distracted. Maybe the gum ball actually was useful, but no matter. Pinak bought a small cherry lollipop. Before he tasted it, he headed towards the CDs that were displayed and began to hum a song.

5 years, 149 h and 23 min ago

Mirage headed in another direction, going through some clothes for sale. She saw an article that appeared robe one of her favorite colors but discovered it was a dressing wrinkled her nose at it. Not very practical.

5 years, 149 h and 20 min ago

A loud crash sounded near the entrance of the store. Pinak turned his head immediately to the source of the noise and stared as the manager yelled at a teenager, no older than thirteen. "You have to pay for the damages!" The manager yelled at the boy while the boy replied and said, "T-there are no damages, they only fell over and-" "Exactly! They fell over, now pay for the ones that fell over!" The boy stared at the man in disbelief. "There are no damages," he repeated.

5 years, 149 h and 15 min ago

Mirage's attention was captured by the commotion, and a young girl near her was watching as well. Half curious, half irritated Mirage made her way over toward the manager and the boy.

5 years, 149 h and 14 min ago

Pinak watched, curious about how the scene would play out. A small smile curved on his lips as he silently watched the play. "You must pay for the damages! Right now!" The man held his hand out towards the boy, but not for him to take hold of so he could stand up. "I have a feeling you aren't even the manager, sir!" A small bead of sweat formed on the man's face. "Ask my employees, they know i'm the manager!" The man exclaimed a little too suddenly. The boy smiled and stood up. "No one really pays attention to the employees here but every person who works at the cash register isn't a real person. In fact, they are actually robots, though that does sound strange. I can't think of a preferable word other than robots to describe them but man! They don't deserve to be used in your scheme! You take advantage of the fact-" The boy was suddenly thrown to the floor and fire appeared on the man's fingertips, the flames beginning to grow. "Everyone give me your money now or this boy will be burnt to a crisp!" he yelled. Pinak smiled turned into a frown. "Ah, what a troublesome man," he murmured, gradually making his way towards the man.

5 years, 149 h and 2 min ago

Suddenly the fire in his hand was doused by a thick spray of water. "I literally have nothing to spare," Mirage muttered.

5 years, 148 h and 59 min ago

The man glared at Mirage and pulled a knife from his pocket. A couple of the customers at the cash registers gasped. "Are you sure you know how to play with that, sir?" The boy asked him while standing up. "Of course, you little shrimp!" he snarled. A flash of light reflected off the knife as he lashed out at him. The man's eyes widened and he let out a cough. The boy had punched him right in the chest, knocking the air out of him. Pinak raised an eyebrow and a wide smile appeared on his face. "I wonder who that boy could be," he wondered to himself. He glance at Mirage and thought, "And her too." He sighed and began to walk towards the man who had fallen over. "I wonder how you got that knife." He spoke while picking it up from the ground where it had fallen.

5 years, 148 h and 54 min ago

"Probably stole it," Mirage muttered before going back to her browsing. The girl who had been watching was creeping away quietly.

5 years, 148 h and 52 min ago

"I guess I have one of the masters to punish," he murmured under his breath with a smile. He picked the man up and poked their neck, the man's body going limp. "I guess I should go take this trouble maker away! Hope you're okay boy! Bye!" Pinak then left the store, the unconscious man making no noise on his shoulder. The boy stared at him as he left, slightly shocked. He didn't know if it was something about Pinak's presence that scared him, but he felt a strange feeling when he spoke to him. He sighed and began to pick up the cans of popcorn that had fallen over. "I've seen him before," the boy murmured.

5 years, 148 h and 47 min ago

The younger girl, average height with pale hair, walked by him silently and out the door. Mirage was talking to herself. "I wonder where that water came from. . . "

5 years, 148 h and 45 min ago

As the boy was stacking the last can of popcorn, his eyes widened and his body was still. His thoughts began to weave together to form a single memory and he let out a sharp breath of air, almost as if it had been knocked out of him. "Pinak," he whispered.

5 years, 148 h and 39 min ago

Mirage glanced at him. "Huh, you okay kid?"

5 years, 148 h and 38 min ago

The boy flinched slightly when she spoke to him and he blinked a few times just before looking at her. "Oh, um, yes! Um, thank you for asking." "That monster... he..." his thoughts trailed off.

5 years, 148 h and 32 min ago

"Well, nothing more to do here," she said, slipping out of the shop. She saw a few people, but it was the girl she hoped to find. " Now where where did she go?"

5 years, 148 h and 30 min ago

(I typed a huge paragraph basically an now it didn't go through. x(() He came to a stop when he saw Pinak in an alley. He was going to confront him and ask the question that was in his head but felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see who it was and flinched when he saw a scary looking person wearing a mask and dark clothing. They stared at him before looking up at Pinak who seemed distracted doing nothing. The man who he had been carrying was no longer with him. "Are you looking for him?" The person asked him; a man asked him. "Y-yes," he replied quietly. "Pinak, this boy wants to speak with you," the man called out. Pinak looked over at them and raised an eyebrow when he saw the boy. He made his way over, and with every step the boy heard, his heart began to pound more rapidly. Pinak came to a stop and looking curiously at the boy with a smile. "What is it, boy?" he asked in a kind voice. The boy could barely speak but managed. "D-do... you have a sister?" he asked loudly. Pinak's smiled disappeared. "Daichi, could you escort this boy to that one restaurant I like so I can have a good meal and chat with him?" The man with the mask, Daichi, nodded. Daichi and the boy suddenly appeared in the front of a restaurant with a big glass window.

5 years, 148 h and 4 min ago

( I hate it when that happens!) Mirage walked outside of town, but the younger girl went toward the busiest spot.

5 years, 147 h and 58 min ago

"What's your name, kid?" Daichi asked the shaken boy. "It's Joal..." he replied while entering the restaurant. It was incredibly fancy and Joal felt his stomach grumble when he saw the food. "T-this is where that guy... Pinak wants to eat and talk with me?" Daichi smirked and nodded his head.

5 years, 147 h and 52 min ago

Nimue wandered around aimlessly, keeping an eye out for anything interesting.

5 years, 147 h and 49 min ago

Joal didn't understand how he had managed to get himself into such a fancy restaurant, but he understood that the food was absolutely delicious. He was eating the food on his plate quickly, waiting for Pinak. Daichi had said he'd go and told him to wait for Pinak.

5 years, 147 h and 44 min ago

Looking for a 'friend' Nimue wandered into the restraint.

5 years, 147 h and 36 min ago

Joal ate till he was half full. He decided it would be best to have a little more room to eat for when Pinak would arrive. No sooner than when Daichi left, Pinak arrived, speaking to one of the employees before entering. He sat down at the table Joal was at and began to eat his food that had immediately arrived. "Yes, I have a sister," he replied to the question Joal has asked earlier.

5 years, 147 h and 30 min ago

Nimue settled into a corner, going unnoticed as usual.

5 years, 147 h and 28 min ago

"Do you know her?" Joel shook his head. "I think i've seen her somewhere and I was just wondering because you both have similar tattoos..." Pinak let out a loud sigh that got a lot of attention from the other people eating. "Kid, if you ever see my sister..." He narrowed his eyes at Joal. "Don't you ever talk to her." What he said surprised Joal. The food on his spoon fell back onto Joal's plate. "If you see her, never speak to her," Pinak repeated. "If she tries confronting you, get away."

5 years, 147 h and 22 min ago

Nimue overheard some of what Pinak said and tried to look casual as she strained to hear more

5 years, 147 h and 21 min ago

"Why-" Joal was cut off when Pinak snapped and said, "Because if you do I will make sure you never have a chance to see her or anyone else again." Joal shut his mouth and sat in silence, shocked by the threat. Pinak let out a sigh and slumped in his chair. "Great, I completely snapped. I guess that means I need to eat real food."

5 years, 147 h and 16 min ago

Nimue felt something, maybe a memory surface then disappear as he spoke. She sighed in frustration.

5 years, 147 h and 11 min ago

"Nice talking to you! I'll be back later to eat, bye!" Pinak disappeared from where he had been sitting in a massive flurry of cherry blossom petals. Joal was still sitting in shock till he slammed his fist against the table. "You had stabbed her," he muttered frustratedly.

5 years, 147 h and 4 min ago

Nimue decided her own 'host' wasn't coming and got up to leave.

5 years, 147 h and 1 min ago

Joal walked out in silence. "I'll figure everything out," he murmured after he exited. Luckily, Pinak had already payed for his meal.

5 years, 138 h and 24 min ago

Nimue went outside, standing for a minute beneath the shade of a tree. Mirage was across the street, sitting on a stump.

5 years, 130 h and 22 min ago

Lynn had been aimlessly walking for the past hour, she was thinking, then not thinking. If you asked her what she was thinking about, she probably couldn't answer you. She decided to stop in a park, it was a nice little park. It was cheerful, she could see some kids in the distance playing, not a care in the world. She envied them as she watched them play. She eventually looked away, and just sat under a tree. It was probably the biggest one in that park, it towered over lynn, and it shed a lot of shade onto her, so you could barely see her. She brought his legs up to herself, and hugged herself. While doing so she dug her nails into her bare arms. (Anyone)

5 years, 700 h and 19 min ago

Two teenage boys were running after a girl with red-brown hair. One was yelling something at her while the other was smiling and seemed to be enjoying himself. "AVICE!" The taller boy yelled. The girl glared over her shoulder at them then looked forward and realized she was about to crash into something that was in the shade of a huge tree. She suddenly walked through Lynn and the tree, appearing on the other side.

5 years, 697 h and 8 min ago

Lynn looked up from the ground, when she saw the girl running towards her. She looked surprised, and shut her eyes tightly bracing herself for the impact, but it never happened. She opened her eyes, and stood up quickly. "What the-" she said out loud, as she watched the girl running away.

5 years, 696 h and 18 min ago

"Avice, i'm kinda getting tired of running!" The shorter teenage boy shouted after stoping to take a break. "It's not really fun anymore!" "Teige, she's been running from us this whole time because she doesn't want to be around us!" The taller boy shouted. "Well, I know that but it's getting kinda annoying and we have to eat lunch soon..." "I don't want to eat that food! It tastes disgusting, Teige!" The girl on the other side of the tree yelled. "I don't want it!" "But- You've never tried it before and it's super good!" He replied, looking surprised.

5 years, 695 h and 5 min ago

Lynn put her hands in her pockets, she was staring at the girl for much longer then she had intended. "Freaks everywhere.." she said, turning around, she had a disgusted look on her face. She watched the two boys for a bit, then begain walking past them so she could be alone again. "Freaks.."

5 years, 694 h and 4 min ago

The youngest of the two teens suddenly turned around in her direction. "Hey! We aren't freaks! How rude of you to say that!" The girl on the opposite side of the tree crossed her arms and grumbled something as she turned her attention to Lynn.

5 years, 693 h and 56 min ago

Lynn stopped, and turned to face the boy. "Yes, you are. You think just because you have abnormal powers that you can do anything you want!" Memories came flooding back to her, and she looked like she was on the verge of tears. "And most of you do..."

5 years, 693 h and 37 min ago

"You're making an assumption before you even get to know me! You don't even know who I am or what I think or if I even have a power!" exclaimed Teige. Suddenly the other teen put his hand on Teige's shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Teige didn't speak after whatever he had said but nodded and turned away. The older boy looked up at Lynn. His hand was in the pocket of his coat and he suddenly held out a black cloth. "I doubt you want to be seen crying around anymore freaks so here," he said quietly while turning away. The girl had been watching the whole time and suddenly ran back to the older boy and held his hand. "Come on, let's go," she mumbled quietly. He nodded and the younger teen followed.

5 years, 693 h and 26 min ago

Lynn took the cloth then stared at the teen, she knew she shouldn't have said what she said. She wipped away a tear with the hand not holding the cloth. "I-im sorry.. i had no right to say those things to you... i have no filter.." she started shuddering so she turned away. "Im sorry."

5 years, 693 h and 11 min ago

The older boy looked back then smiled slightly. "No filter?" he asked suddenly. The girl with him frowned and moved so that she was by Teige.

5 years, 692 h and 25 min ago

She glared back at him, crossing her arms. "You know, i just say whatever comes to my mind, without thinking first." She said. "Duh.." she muttered under her breath.

5 years, 692 h and 20 min ago

"You sound like this kid!" he laughed while poking the girl's head. "Nu-uh!" the girl mumbled.

5 years, 691 h and 4 min ago

She glared at him some more. "I do not." She said while rolling her eyes at him. "Why are you still talking to me? Aren't you angry or something?"

5 years and 691 h ago

He shrugged. "Well, i'm used to hearing similar things like that, though I will admit that it irritated me. ...So why am I talking to you? Hm... I don't know why."

5 years, 690 h and 41 min ago

Lynn didn't take her eyes off him, like she didn't trust him or something. "What's your name?" She asked suddenly.

5 years and 685 h ago

"Shiori." He yawned then checked the watch on his wrist. "And your name?"

5 years, 681 h and 20 min ago

"Shiori?" She said with a small grin. "Heh, nice name. Annd you dont need to know my name."

5 years, 676 h and 55 min ago

"What? That's not fair!" he exclaimed, blinking suddenly. "Well... I want to. Not because I need to but I want to know!" Teige squinted at his brother, "Life isn't fair, brother dear."

5 years, 672 h and 21 min ago

"Alright, fine!" She said putting her hands up and looking amused. "It's lynn." She said quietly.

5 years, 670 h and 41 min ago

"Lynn?" he repeated. "Oh, okay..." Shiori nodded then glanced at the girl beside him. "Well, we have to go eat lunch now..." he said. "Hey! Why not come with us?" Teige asked.

5 years, 648 h and 37 min ago

She turned her gaze to teige, she looked hesitant. "Why would you ask a perfect stranger to eat lunch with you?" She asked suddenly.

5 years, 647 h and 22 min ago

He blinked then scratched the back of his head and laughed awkwardly. "I kinda... uh, forgot that you are a stranger."

5 years, 645 h and 34 min ago

"For all you know, i could be plotting to kill you." She said with a small grin. "Though, im sure if i were going to kill you, I'd have already done it." She put her hands back into her pockets, and looked at shiori. "But, if you still want me to come, i will."

5 years, 643 h and 53 min ago

He shrugged. "Come if you want to. We did after all invite you." "Geez, you have no clue how to have an actual conversation with anyone, Shiori," Teige grumbled. Avice frowned and back up slowly. "I wish he'd..." she thought to herself. Suddenly a raven flew over head and landed next to her before shifting into a man. "You called?" he asked her suddenly. Teige looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened. "EH?! Eligius! You actually decided to come eat lunch with us this time?!" He began to scan their surroundings for something or someone. "Is Kanda coming?"

5 years, 595 h and 19 min ago

Lynn glared at the man that had just shifted from a raven. She felt an erge to hurt him, really hurt him, but she knew he had done nothing wrong. So she buried her feelings deep inside. "Who's he?" She demanded, sounding a little more mean then ahe intended.

5 years, 582 h and 32 min ago

"Our older brother," Shiori and Teige replied in sync. Avice suddenly held the man's hand, squeezing it slightly. He glanced down at her then pat her head. "Eligius, are you going to join us for lunch this time?" she asked quietly. He chuckled then said, "Well, sure I guess. I was going to go buy groceries but I guess that can wait till later." "How about you call Elio and tell him to buy the groceries?" He grinned. "Great Idea." Eligius pulled out a flip phone from his pocket and quickly dialed a number. Suddenly another raven appeared in the sky and landed in front of them all, quickly shifting human. He was about the same height as Shiori, a little taller. "What do you guys want?" he asked grumpily. His siblings' expressions changed and their eyes widened. Avice's eyes widened too. "Are... you grumpy Elio? You're never grumpy..."

5 years, 581 h and 50 min ago

"How many of you are there?" Lynn asked, crossing her arms as she watched them.

5 years, 581 h and 5 min ago

Avice looked away from Lynn, still looking upset. "Well, if you include myself then add my other siblings, then you have five people in total," Shiori replied. Elio rolled his eyes and and crossed his arms. Avice walked over to his side and whispered something in his ear after standing on her tip toes. Elio's expression changed a little and he glanced back at Lynn then back at Avice.

5 years, 577 h and 34 min ago

Lynn nodded, her eyes then fell on avice she watched her for a bit. She couldn't really tell if she was still mad at her. "You know, i am sorry for what i said." She murmured quietly. "Things have been hard, i was in a bad mood." She glanced at shiori then back on the ground.

5 years, 576 h and 18 min ago

"Don't worry too much if Avice seems upset... She's usually always upset," Shiori replied. Avice crossed her arms and and Elio suddenly lifted Avice up into the air. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud shout of surprise. Elio grinned. "I know you were thinking i'm weak, Avice! This proves you wrong though!" Avice stuttered then scrunched up her nose and shouted, "I was not thinking you were weak!" He laughed then placed her back down on the ground. "But at least I got to show off," he chuckled while glancing at Lynn. Avice rolled her eyes. "Just go get the groceries then join us for lunch." Elio grinned then shouted out 'okay' in Japanese before running off to the super market near by. "Hai!" Eligius rolled his eyes and mumbled, "He's so ridiculous."

5 years, 576 h and 11 min ago

Lynn watched Ello run off, then turned away. "Well... he seems like an... character." She muttered, while putting her hands in her pockets once again restlessly.

5 years, 575 h and 57 min ago

"He probably thinks you're cute and that's why he was showing off," Avice said bluntly. "Though his usual personality is similar-ish to how he was behaving," Teige added. Both Shiori and Eligius began to laugh. "He's probably the strangest out of all of us," said Shiori. "I think my older sister would say i'm second place for being strange... or first. Elio is not really strange... just unusual compared to how most people are. He's nice." "Yeah, unlike someone," Shiori whispered under his breath. "I heard that," Avice muttered.

5 years, 575 h and 50 min ago

Lynn smiled as she listened to them. "You sound like a nice family. You remind me of me with my brother... he was always goofing off, and im sure most people thought he was weird." She chuckled at some memories. "Yep. That old lug..." her smile started to fade a bit. "But he's happier now, or so i like to tell myself.."

5 years, 575 h and 45 min ago

Avice stared at Lynn before she shouted "Let's go eat!" and began to run off. "H-hey, wait!" The brothers shouted before running after Avice.

5 years, 575 h and 41 min ago

Lynn smile returned, and she followed after them, walking slowly.

5 years, 575 h and 38 min ago

Avice quickly opened up the doors to an Italian restaurant and walked inside before sitting at a large table. A white cat with green eyes was resting behind a large plant near the entrance. It sleepily looked at them all before closing its eyes and flicking its tail. "I feel out of place. All of you have black hair where as my hair is a reddish brown." Avice spoke to the older boys. "Yeah... but at least you and I both have green eyes!" Teige exclaimed cheerfully. "You don't have to be so loud, Teige," Eligius mumbled. His eyes were a dark brown. "He's just naturally loud," Shiori smirked, glancing at the glass of water that had just been placed beside him by the waiter. He glanced at his reflection for a moment to look at his own blue eyes.

5 years, 575 h and 31 min ago

Lynn sat down, she felt kind of out of place. She took her hoodie that was tied around her waist, and put it on, then slouched back and stuffed her hands in the hoodie pocket. It looked like she was going through a ritual that she did everytime she sat down.

5 years, 575 h and 26 min ago

After a couple of minutes of looking over the menu, they all ordered their food. The waiter nodded and hurried off to the kitchen. Elio walked into the restaurant not long afterwards. "I got all the groceries and dropped them off back at the house!" He let out a big sigh and sat down in a chair across from Lynn. Teige looked at his brother then said, "We ordered your usual." Elio nodded and closed his eyes. "I can smell the food all the way from here..."

5 years, 575 h and 19 min ago

Lynn nodded as ello sat down. "Hello" she said quietly, not taking her eyes off the table. She was staring at the table, and playing around with a knife.

5 years, 571 h and 25 min ago

He opened an eye and stared at the knife. "Playing with a knife, aye? ...Do you like knives?" Elio rubbed his eyes then sat up straight. "My older sister is good with throwing real darts and knives... I don't think you have met her though."

5 years, 571 h and 20 min ago

Lynn looked up at ello. "No, i dont think I've ever met her, though I'm good with a knife as well. I sort of taught myself." She said setting the knife back down on the table.

5 years, 571 h and 17 min ago

"I'm better with hand to hand combat. Not so much with weapons," he replied. "ELIO!" a voice suddenly shouted from his pocket. His eye's widened and he quickly pulled out a phone from his pocket and held it to his ear. "Y-yes, who is it?" "I don't know, maybe your SISTER, who you just CALLED!" the voice replied. Eligius clasped his hands together and smiled. "Seems like Kanda isn't in a good mood."

5 years, 571 h and 12 min ago

Lynn smiled as she leaned back. She watched as more people walked into the restaurant. Her hand skimmed over the knife when she saw a man walk in. He had short black hair, and was only a little taller then she was. Lynn stared in disbelief, then clutched the knife tighter.

5 years, 570 h and 57 min ago

"You shouldn't be holding that knife," Shiori and Elio suddenly said in sync. They glanced at each other, a confused look on both of their faces. A tall woman with long black hair held back in a hair band suddenly took the knife out of Lynn's hand. "You shouldn't grip a knife like that. That's how killers usually grip their knives." She glanced at the boys then Avice then finally at Lynn again.

5 years, 570 h and 47 min ago

"Give it back." Lynn said just as calmly as before. "Give it back now." Her eyes didn't move from the man that had just walked in.

5 years, 570 h and 31 min ago

The woman stared at her for a few seconds before handing the knife to Eligius and walking towards the man who had walked in. "Excuse me, but have I seen you somewhere before?" she asked.

5 years, 570 h and 26 min ago

The man's back had been facing them the whole time, and when he turned around it revealed that his right eye was missing, and he had a scratch that went all the way down the right side of his face. He examined the woman for a few seconds before replying. "No, i don't think we've met. If we have and i just don't remember, then i apologize." He said. Lynn jerked around to face eligius. "Give it to me!" She stood up apruptly "give me the knife!"

5 years, 570 h and 18 min ago

"You're just going to gather the attention of that man so be quiet and sit!" he snapped while passing the knife underneath the table to on of his siblings. Kanda nodded then glanced at the cat. "Well then... I apologize for interrupting you."

5 years, 570 h and 13 min ago

When Eligius said that, she turned to look at the man, he had nodded at kanda, then walked off to sit at a table. He was staring right at lynn. She sat down just as Eligius had said. She looked down at the table looking very scared.

5 years, 570 h and 7 min ago

Avice tapped Shiori's shoulder and whispered something to him. "My first job is to protect you but... okay then," he replied quietly. All the siblings were looking at Avice. Elio suddenly switched seats with Eligius so that he was next to Lynn. "Hey, check out this cool app the I got!" he exclaimed with a smile while holding his phone close to her sight. Secretly, he took a picture of the man a few times before switching to notes. He began to type and wrote, 'Who is that man and is there a good reason why we should quickly get out of here before things get messy?'

5 years, 570 h and 1 min ago

Lynn read what he wrote, she looked up at elio for a few seconds. "I'm sorry i got you mixed into this." She muttered. She quickly grabbed one of the other knifes on the table, and suddenly stood up, and started walking quickly over to the man.

5 years, 567 h and 43 min ago

Before his older siblings could even react, Elio appeared beside Lynn and grabbed the knife from her hand. "Hey, stop it," he said in a low voice. It didn't sound friendly at all. "If you even try to stab or kill that man, you're just going to make everything in your life worse. One: No one will probably want to be your friend. Two: You'll be wanted for murder. Three: You will feel even worse than you probably already do. Because of the consequences that might happen, i'm telling you to either get out and leave or sit back down and have lunch with us. If you sit with us, hang out with us, we'll protect you. We'll make sure whoever that guy is doesn't hurt you. I don't want to hear any sob story any other reason why you should just leave. Go sit down and eat until your satisfied." Elio backed away, making the knife look like it had just disappeared in thin air. He looked at Lynn then directly at the man. The manager of the restaurant suddenly came out and walked up to the man. "Excuse me, but my restaurant is going to be closing soon. I apologize for the inconvenience..." A few other customers groaned and began to leave while all the siblings and Avice stayed in place. The white cat watched from door that led into the kitchen, its eyes locked onto the man.

5 years, 559 h and 37 min ago

Lynn just stared at him for a few moments, gathering all her thoughts. "y-you're right... I couldn't even have killed him if I tried.. " she watched as the man assured the manager that there was no inconvenience. And he stood back up, and walked towards the door. He walked right past lynn, bumping into Lynn. She winced, "sorry miss." The man said though he had a grin on his face. He then continued to the exit. Lynn watched him leave, then looked back at elio "I can't involve you with him."

5 years, 557 h and 12 min ago

Once the man was gone, Elio rolled his eyes and poked Lynn's head. "Think. You already got us involved in this earlier. If you had snuck the knife and made some excuse to go to the restroom or somewhere else outside of this place, you could have called that man or something. Then you could have attacked him, though the chance of you being successful would likely be ten percent..." Elio sighed and rubbed his head. "You should thank the manager for noticing the commotion going on. He managed to get that man out of here and the other customers so then you'd have a bit of peace and quiet." Elio turned away and headed back to the table. "Geez... Hey, you're eating the food already?!" he exclaimed. HIs siblings and Avice looked up at him without a guilty look and nodded. "We knew you could handle everything and even if things were going to get bad, I could have simply interfered," Kanda replied.

5 years, 556 h and 52 min ago

Lynn walked back, and sat back down on her chair. She was thinking a million miles a minute, she wasn't hungry so she just sat there.

5 years, 556 h and 39 min ago

Elio began to eat finished his food before Teige who seemed quite upset about his brother finishing before him. Kanda looked away, thinking, "At least take the time to enjoy the food." "Lynn, if you don't eat you're going to start getting sick. But... if you're not hungry..." Elio trailed off.

5 years, 556 h and 34 min ago

She grinned while pushing her plate over to him."if you want it, you can have it. I'm not hungry." She muttered.

5 years, 556 h and 26 min ago

His eyes widened in surprise and he held his hands out in protest. "N-no! I-i meant why did you order something if you weren't hungry..." He lightly bit the inside of his lip and looked at the food. "You should eat it though..."

5 years, 556 h and 15 min ago

"So you don't want it?" She looked down at the food to hide her smile. "Well, I can ask for them to put it in a take out box, and i'll bring it home for later." She said.

5 years, 556 h and 10 min ago

He looked away and said, "Nope, I don't want it." Avice laughed quietly and muttered, "You can tell by the look on his face that he really does want it."

5 years, 555 h and 3 min ago

"Alright then." She said grinning. She pulled the plate back to her, she ate a bit of the food, but only about a quarter of it. "You know, happy moments don't come around that often, I got to take them as they come."

5 years, 554 h and 52 min ago

"Happy moments..." Kanda murmured. "Those are the moments you should really treasure. Even the bad ones... they make you treasure happy moments even more."

5 years, 554 h and 41 min ago

Lynn smiled. "Couldn't have said it better myself." She muttered. "And no one really knows how much longer you have..."

5 years, 552 h and 43 min ago

"I'm twenty four, I have a while until I have to hit the bucket," she mumbled.

5 years, 550 h and 57 min ago

"You never know." She muttered under her breath. "Did i think my brother was going to die so soon?" She sounded very on edge.

5 years, 538 h and 43 min ago

"Let's not talk about death," she sighed. "So... who is that man?" Teige asked.

5 years, 537 h and 51 min ago

Lynn looked up at teige for a moment. "He killed my brother." She said simply.

5 years, 536 h and 19 min ago

"Don't let that man turn you into a murdered as well other wise you'll be no better than him," Elio replied. "You can first find out a way to punish him without sending him to his death... like taking him to prison." (But they all are technically in a prison... ;-;)

5 years, 528 h and 36 min ago

"I dont care, i want him to suffer." She was clenching her fists, and she had a look of pure hatred on her face. "I want him to die! My brother didn't deserve to die..."

5 years, 528 h and 20 min ago

"I know a way for him to suffer... but it won't make him die and it won't be torture. We could have him taken to prison but he'd have to work hard at making all of those projects and stuff. Physical work. But they'll never see the light of day again. Never."

5 years, 528 h and 16 min ago

"And how would he get to prison? No one knows what he did, besides me. And trust me, he wouldn't leave any evidence behind." She pulled her chair out from the table and stood up. "Sorry, but this is something that can only be solved by bloodshed..." she muttered. "I think i should leave now..."

5 years, 528 h and 4 min ago

Elio clenched his hands and muttered, "I seriously just might slap you for hearing something so horrible and stupid. Lynn... killing him isn't going to make anything better. What you want to do is to get rid of him... That's exactly what you need to do, but by doing that, you can't kill him." "Besides," said Kanda, " based on how I examined him, i've come to to the conclusion that he could kill you easily. Just like squashing a bug. You should at least come up with a strategy that does not involve death but does involve his punishment. We can still check for evidence to prove he is guilty..."

5 years, 527 h and 53 min ago

"Look, you guys have been really nice... but i don't see why you care so much." She looked down at the floor, "I've know you for like an hour... why should you care if i want to throw my life away? It wasn't going to amount to anything anyway." She looked up at elio. "You should slap me." She put her hood up over her head, and walked off.

5 years, 527 h and 42 min ago

All of them, even Avice, stood up. "Take her home," Avice said suddenly. Elio as well as Shiori blinked and looked back at Avice. Shiori gave her an 'are you sure look?' before Avice nodded. All five siblings suddenly shifted into ravens and flew after Lynn. Quickly, they wrapped their talons on her arms and Shiori slipped a silver ring with a blue stone onto her finger. They suddenly were inside a large living room. Avice ran up to to the tan couch and jumped onto it before sitting down. The siblings shifted back into their human forms. "Geez," Elio and Shiori muttered before sitting on the couch.

5 years, 527 h and 28 min ago

Lynn looked around at everyone, she had a blank expression on her face. "What the heck did you do?" She said "why the heck did you bring me here?" She knew that they had used some kind of powers, which she hated. "You gonna keep me here, to make sure i dont hurt that... that monster?" She said with a scowl.

5 years, 527 h and 3 min ago

"I don't know." Shiori replied while taking the ring off her finger. "It depends on what Avice says. But I personally agree that you shouldn't hurt that man, no matter how much you hate him."

5 years, 526 h and 29 min ago

"You can't keep me here. And im not going to listen to an 11 year old kid." She said turning around to find the door.

5 years, 525 h and 18 min ago

"Well we're not going to let you murder some man and throw your life away," Elio replied stubbornly. "I am not letting anyone get murdered, no matter who they are. That man will be punished but not by you taking him to his grave. I am not going to stand by here when you just might become a murderer."

5 years, 525 h and 6 min ago

Lynn sighed, "why do you care?" She muttered "i know he would probably kill me in a heartbeat before i could ever do anything... but i don't care.."

5 years, 516 h and 17 min ago

"That's exactly what just makes us care more!" he exclaimed. "The fact that you don't care yet you don't understand how horrible it would be to go through the process of getting killed! He'd probably strangle you! He wouldn't kill you in a heartbeat! He'd make sure you suffer before dying!"

5 years, 513 h and 58 min ago

""Then he will! I don't care! But i have to try, i cant let him go free without any punishment!" She yelled.

5 years, 506 h and 54 min ago

"He will be punished but death for a man like him is no punishment!" He yelled back. "Yes it's good to try but trying isn't enough if you think that you can punish him. Make a perfect fool proof plan! One that will be a real punishment with no torture but still a punishment for him!"

5 years, 504 h and 22 min ago

"If he doesn't get hurt, then its not punishment!" Her voice started getting hoarse, and She sighed trying to calm down. She stood there for a few moments. "Fine... i won't hurt him."

5 years, 503 h and 29 min ago

"Prove to me that you won't hurt him," he replied while crossing his arms and not removing his gaze from her own.

5 years, 503 h and 19 min ago

"And how do you expect me to do that? You want me to stay the night?!" She said sarcastically while crossing her own arms.

5 years, 501 h and 39 min ago

"Pfft, that would be preferable to make sure that you don't do anything and kill him..." Elio grumbled. "You could help us in the next two days by cleaning our house. Of course we'll help and pay you but then you'd have to spend your time, working hard, and proving you won't lash out or anything," Shiori said suddenly.

5 years, 501 h and 37 min ago

Lynn scoffed, "fine. But im only doing it for the money." She muttered.

5 years, 500 h and 31 min ago

They nodded and Kanda suddenly came from upstairs. "I just got your room prepared. It's the guest room and it actually is quite clean so that you won't sneeze or anything if you have allergies..." she murmured. "If that one doesn't suit you then there's another one that is right here down the hallway."

5 years, 499 h and 55 min ago

"The one you prepared will be fine, thanks." She said watching kanda. "Soo.. how long do i have to stay before you believe me...?" She asked looking over at elio.

5 years, 499 h and 51 min ago

He quickly looked away from Lynn and looked over at his older sister. Kanda stared at him for a moment before looking back at Lynn. "How about... four days to maybe about a week?" "That sounds good!" Avice exclaimed while opening the fridge and pulling out a milkshake.

5 years, 499 h and 35 min ago

Lynn muttered something inaudible then nodded to kanda. "If im going to stay here, i need to get some things from my place." She crossed her arms, "is it ok if i go to get them?"

5 years, 491 h and 49 min ago

"Sure-" Elio said while Eligius cut him off and said, "Kanda can go with you incase that man tries to kill you."

5 years, 481 h and 9 min ago

"I don't need a body guard." She said glaring at Eligius, "i think i can manage walking over to my place."

5 years, 480 h and 14 min ago

A small smirk appeared on his face. "Okay then." He closed his eyes and crossed his arms. "Well, i'll be in my room if anyone needs me." Eligius headed to his room and the sound of a door closing could be heard down the hallway.

5 years, 479 h and 57 min ago

"Geez..." lynn muttered, "well, I'll be back.." she said as she opened the front door, and slamed it behind her.

5 years, 479 h and 18 min ago

Avice looked at Shiori and Elio and immediately, Shiori said, "Not it!" Elio let out a groan. "I don't want to though, Avice!" Avice narrowed her eyes and looked over at Shiori. Shiori sighed and looked away before walking out the back door.

5 years, 477 h and 11 min ago

Lynn walked down the sidewalk, she looked around to try and figure out where she was, Once she did she started walking at a faster pace. She eventually made her way to a street, it was very dark because most of the street lamps were out, and the sun was blocked by the towering buildings. Lynn stopped in front of one of the buildings and walked in. She ran up four flights of stairs, and then walked down a long hallway. She stopped in front of a room marked '312' then opened the door and walked in.

5 years, 476 h and 56 min ago

Shiori hopped on the roof of a tall building in his raven form. In his mind he thought, "Ten minutes at the most, then she'll come out and we can hurry back to the house before dark..."

5 years, 476 h and 28 min ago

Whwn she got inside, she looked around and flipped on the light, and then grabbed a backpack and began to put some things in it. Once the backpack was full, she headed for the door, but stopped halfway there. She then grabbed a red baseball cap that was sitting on a table and put it on. Then she turned the light off and left. She walked down the stairs then out of the building. Instead of heading back, she kept walking down the street.

5 years, 476 h and 15 min ago

"Oi... what are you doing?" he thought to himself. Shiori discreetly followed from a distance and took to the sky. "She better not be..."

5 years, 476 h and 2 min ago

Lynn kept walking, she looked around at her surroundings, and turned a corner. She stopped there, and looked around some more, then leaned up against the side of the building, Apparently waiting.

5 years, 469 h and 17 min ago

Shiori sighed before swooping down onto the ground and landing silently next to her. He shifted human and crossed his arms. "Geez..." he sighed as he leaned against the side of the building.

5 years, 465 h and 49 min ago

"Oh, hello there. I was wondering when you'd swoop down from that building." She turned to look at him. "Also i wanted to ask... why were you following me?! You seriously thought I'd go and look for him?!"

5 years, 460 h and 12 min ago

"I think you should already know the answer to that," he replied. He let out a sigh again and yawned. "Anyways... What'cha waitin' for?"

5 years, 456 h and 56 min ago

Lynn sighed and looked over at him. "I wasn't necessary waiting for anyone... i stopped to think..." she paused for a moment, "and also to make you think i was waiting for someone, because i knew you were following me.." she added in a mutter.

5 years, 444 h and 23 min ago

He grinned. "Enhanced sixth sense, huh? Man, I don't think my younger brother even has one of those." Shiori chuckled and rubbed his eyes. "Well, if you want to get back to the house quickly, just put this on one of your fingers and you'll be teleported there." He tossed her the same ring from earlier.

5 years, 432 h and 37 min ago

"I think im gonna walk." She said tossing the ring back, and walking past him. She put her hoodie up over her cap, and but her hands in her pockets as she walked down the dimly lit street. "See ya there!" She called out to him.

5 years, 432 h and 24 min ago

"What was the whole point earlier of you saying you were going to get your things and come back to the house? If you are indeed coming back to the house AFTER getting your stuff, then shouldn't there technically be no reason for you to say, 'See ya there!'? I'm heading there anyways and there's no point in walking alone down a dimly lit street when someone or something could come out and try to eat or kill you." Shiori frowned then walked after her.

5 years, 432 h and 16 min ago

"Geez, alright, fine..." she kept walking with a scowl on her face. "Ya know, i don't need your protection." She muttered. "I've been fine all the time before i met you."

5 years, 432 h and 11 min ago

He shrugged. "Well, I was merely suppose to watch over you in my raven form but then you looked suspicious. Anyways, now i'm only walking there with you because i'm heading there anyways and it would kinda feel rude to just leave you behind."

5 years, 431 h and 58 min ago

"I'd have no trouble leaving you behind." She said while grinning as she passed her apartment.

5 years, 430 h and 54 min ago

"Oh really?" he smirked. "How mean! You'd leave me behind to get eaten and killed by those scary creatures lurking who knows where?! Man..."

5 years, 430 h and 49 min ago

"Yeah, sure, but then I'd come back for you five minutes later due to guilt." She chuckled.

5 years, 430 h and 23 min ago

"Yeah, but five minutes too late." Shiori rolled his shoulders and cocked his head up and looked at the sky. "Sooner or later..." he thought in his mind. "It might come."

5 years, 427 h and 31 min ago

"You don't really think that there are some things out here, that would eat you, right?"

5 years, 411 h and 48 min ago

He chuckled, "I know there are because i've seen them before." He glanced at her. "But of course, you probably don't know what they look like."

5 years, 411 h and 7 min ago

"No, i can't say that i do." She said "and who knows if what you saw was really in fact, a monster waiting to devour you." She said glancing back at him.

5 years, 409 h and 58 min ago

His eyes looked a little glassy. "I saw it eat a child," he replied.

5 years, 402 h and 56 min ago

Lynn had an expression that was half disgusted and half scared. "Well... i don't know then.." she muttered, looking back ahead of her.

5 years, 402 h and 42 min ago

"Not any details though but... I'm sure it ate them... It appeared from he ground and grabbed their ankle and then the kid disappeared before I could do anything..."

5 years, 402 h and 26 min ago

"Sounds bad..." she muttered, with a blank expression. "Guess i should be scared of the dark then."

5 years, 400 h and 10 min ago

He shrugged. "If you're not scared of the dark, use that to your advantage."

5 years, 388 h and 34 min ago

"Whatever." She said making it clear she didn't want to talk anymore. She walked the rest of the day clutching her backpack straps, in silence.

5 years, 387 h and 47 min ago

When they got to the house, Shiori knocked and Teige opened the door before running back to the couch to go play on his video game console. "Avice is busy drawing, Kanda and Eligius are out talking with people they know, and Elio is doing whatever he does." Teige spoke in an almost monotone voice as his eyes were locked onto the screen and his fingers were dancing on the buttons.

5 years, 383 h and 4 min ago

Lynn just walked in without speaking a word, she took her backpack off because it was getting heavy. She then threw it down on the floor, and threw herself into a chair, she kept a hand on her backpack's straps.

5 years, 382 h and 33 min ago

Elio suddenly came out of the kitchen, holding a plate of food in his hands that smelled very good. Shiori looked over at the food in Elio's hands from the seat near his desk. "Smells good," he said.

5 years, 382 h and 31 min ago

"Where's my room?" Lynn said standing up and grabbing her backpack, she looked impatient.

5 years, 382 h and 25 min ago

"The last room in the hall upstairs or the middle room in the hall which is there," he said as he pointed to the hallway.

5 years, 382 h and 24 min ago

She looked down the hall that he was pointing at, then she turned her head to look at the staircase. She then walked off to the stairs. "Thanks" she muttered.

5 years, 382 h and 13 min ago

He nodded then got up and ran into the kitchen to go eat whatever his brother had made. Nearly three hours later, a loud crash noise came from downstairs.

5 years, 382 h and 9 min ago

Lynn was laying in the bed in her room, writing something in a notebook, when she heard the loud sound. She jumped up from the bed, she saw her backpack laying there on the floor, she picked it up and took something out from it. Then she ran down to the stairs to see what the noise was.

5 years, 382 h and 4 min ago

Teige was hiding behind the couch while his two older brothers were wrestling. A dark shadow shrouded Elio and Shiori was trying with all of his strength to pin Elio to the ground. "I suggest you get off me," Elio said while struggling to get Shiori off of him. "Or i'll be the last thing you see." "ELIGIUS!" Shiori shouted while suddenly punching Elio. There was a pained look in Shiori's eyes. It was clear that he didn't want to hurt his brother. "Teige! Find Eligius and tell him that something snuck in and his controlling Elio! Hurry!" he yelled. Teige shifted into a raven and escaped the house through an open window and flew to go and find his brother.

5 years, 381 h and 56 min ago

Lynn got to the bottom of the stairs, and just stared for a long moment, trying to figure out what was going on. "What the heck is going on?!" She yelled as she watched the two brothers fighting, she clutched something in her hand.

5 years, 381 h and 50 min ago

A flash of fear appeared in Shiori's eyes as Elio's attention turned to Lynn. Elio stared at Lynn for a moment before he suddenly began to shake and he went limp. A dark shadow escaped out the window and Elio began to rub his jaw and cheek. "That thing was targeting me again huh...?" he mumbled. Shiori let out a loud sigh of relief and got a small cold compress and gave it to his brother. Elio sat up and pressed the compress against his cheek. "One of those monsters I was talking about," Shiori muttered to Lynn.

5 years, 381 h and 39 min ago

She looked kind of relieved when she saw that elio was ok again, and she put whatever it was that was in her hand into her pocket. "Oh..." she muttered. She wrapped her hands around her arms as she watched elio. "You ok?" She asked.

5 years, 375 h and 3 min ago

He shrugged. "My eyes aren't red and I don't seem to be possessed or anything so I'd say i'm good," he replied. He stood up and slowly made his way to the couch before sitting down and leaning his head back. "Not good," he mumbled while suddenly getting up and running down the hall into the bathroom. The bathroom door slammed and you could hear Elio gagging.

5 years, 356 h and 54 min ago

"Has this happened before?" She asked realizing that no one seemed at all surprised at that happening.

5 years, 355 h and 40 min ago

"Yeah," Shiori replied quickly while rushing to help comfort his brother's discomfort. A couple of minutes later, Elio walked out of the bathroom and laid down on the couch, looking dead tired.

5 years, 355 h and 31 min ago

"I really think im just intruding onto your lives." Lynn said once elio came back. "Your all nice people and all, but i think it's best if i leave." She turned and headed back up the stairs to get her things.

5 years, 355 h and 19 min ago

Elio made a flicking motion with his pointer finger and thumb and a black feather appeared in front of Lynn reforming into the shape of a mini raven figure. "You're not intruding. If anything, you're keeping us busy enough to help and keep our minds away from those monsters. You don't have to leave," it spoke in Elio's voice. The front doors suddenly opened and Eligius, Kanda, and Teige came rushing into the house.

5 years, 355 h and 6 min ago

Lynn turned around to face elio, she opened her mouth to protest when the front doors opened, the sound startled her, and she jumped back while her eyes darted towards the door. She sighed whwn she saw it was just eligius, kanda, and teige. "Well, im just going to go to sleep now.." she muttered while walking back up the stairs, she rubbed her face with her palms as she walked.

5 years and 355 h ago

The three siblings rushing into the house barely heard or noticed Lynn, they just rushed to Elio. Elio let out a sigh and closed his eyes as his other siblings began to search the house in case the monster had somehow snuck back in. Shiori watched but then headed to his room which was the last in the hallway downstairs.

5 years, 354 h and 47 min ago

Lynn put everything she had brought back in her backpack, and then put the backpack over her shoulders. She then opened the window, and crawled out, jumping down onto the ground right after.

5 years, 347 h and 46 min ago

A black shadow moved underneath her window. A dark hand with claws reached out towards her backpack. Eligius, who was inside the house, closed his eyes before walking outside and throwing a small bottle no bigger than his thumb at the ground beneath her widow. A loud scream came from the shadow creature. (How can she jump that far when she's on the second floor? o.o)

5 years, 343 h and 12 min ago

(Hmm, good question.... theres a tree right by it, so she jumps to the lower part of the roof, then walks over to the tree then climbs down that? Also im confused by what you wrote o-o)

5 years, 340 h and 42 min ago

(Let's just say she climbed down the tree that was near her window but there was a shadow creature hiding under it. Eligius sensed the shadow creature so he came out and threw a potion at it so it disappeared.)

5 years, 340 h and 27 min ago

(Ok, that sounds good.) Lynn began climbing down the tree that was outside her window, she didn't look down till she heard the noise of a shadow creature. She muttered some curse words as she stared down at it. She was too scared to move as she hung onto one of the branches of the tree.

5 years, 339 h and 22 min ago

Another appeared and Eligius pulled out a glass heart shaped bottle. It was filled with a red liquid and quickly he threw it at the other shadow creature. Immediately it fled and all was silent. Eligius sighed and looked up at the tree at Lynn. "Those are what are out to eat and kidnap you."

5 years, 339 h and 20 min ago

She scowled down at him, as she climbed the rest of the way down the tree. "Yeah, well, they never gave me trouble before. And i don't care." She crossed her arms, "i could have taken that thing on..."

5 years, 339 h and 14 min ago

"Idiot. You don't have the correct weapon to fight that kind of creature. You don't even know what you need to fight or kill it with. You're lucky it hadn't already appeared in your own shadow." Eligius stared at her for a moment before walking back inside.

5 years, 335 h and 37 min ago

Lynn stood there watching him, then quickly walked after him. "Then teach me. Teach me how to finght them." She said catching up to him.

5 years, 332 h and 24 min ago

He chuckled and glanced at her for a moment. "I'm going to buy you a toy gun. Before you start anything, practice on handling the gun correctly till you're sure to shoot your target at a likely hood of at least eighty percent. You do that and i'll teach you."

5 years, 331 h and 17 min ago

She looked very satisfied. "Good!" She said turning around and walking in the opposite direction of the house. "Im going to buy the toy gun, and then start practicing! See ya!"

5 years, 322 h and 6 min ago

He frowned and watched her leave. "You're a defiant kid, aren't you?" he muttered to himself while walking back inside. "Shiori, go make sure she doesn't actually get a real weapon from some person who might trick her!" He shouted while walking into the kitchen.

5 years, 306 h and 37 min ago

Lynn walked quickly down the sidewalk, she knew a place where she could get the gun so she headed straight to that place.

5 years, 294 h and 5 min ago

Shiori sighed and put on his coat before heading outside. Just before leaving Elio ran up to him, saying, "Please let me come with you. I can't be kept up in there." Shiori blinked and muttered, "You know you're older than me by a year, right? Why are you asking me such a question? But anyways, sure."

5 years, 294 h and 2 min ago

She walked for a while, then came up to a little strip of small warn down buildings, she walked up to the last building, it was a flat but long structure. "Here's the place.." she muttered to herself as she opened the door and walked in. The inside looked completely different from the outside of the building. It had dark wood furniture and bookcases filled with hundreds of old books. All of the old beated floor was covered in beautiful rugs. She looked around for a bit, there were lots of music boxes each was made with a different type of wood. She stared at those for awhile before she went to go find the thing she came here for.

5 years, 293 h and 25 min ago

"We should just go buy some mac'n cheese," Elio grumbled. "I'm sure Lynn can handle herself. Anyways Eligius is going to teach her how to protect herself. She'll have the best mentor." Shiori kicked Elio lightly in the leg and he let out a loud shout of pain. "What was that for?"

5 years, 293 h and 20 min ago

Lynn made her way to the back of the building, there, there was a large shelf, on it was all kinds of weapons and guns. She looked through them, eyeing some of the beautiful knifes that were there. But she eventually found a pistol that shot out little pellets. She picked it up and headed over to the cashier to buy it.

5 years, 293 h and 2 min ago

"I hate living here," Shiori mumbled. "Would you rather be back, running from that monster? Avice would be suffering," Elio replied in a low voice.

5 years, 292 h and 57 min ago

Lynn brought the gun up to the desk the cashier was sitting at, and set it down on the desk. "Hello, id like to buy this." She said in a mutter. "Hey lynn, long time no see." The man at the desk said in a cheerful voice. Lynn just nodded, and threw the money she needed to buy the gun onto the counter. "That should be enough, right?" She said.

5 years, 292 h and 50 min ago

"He's in the custody of those people so it should be safe there..." "It's never save anywhere, Shiori," Elio murmured.

5 years, 292 h and 48 min ago

The man nodded in reply and took the money she put on the counter. He watched lynn carefully the whole time. Lynn had an annoyed expression on her face, she looked away from him, and was staring at a shelf, she walked over and picked up a box of pellets for the gun. "Here, add this." She said tossing the man the box. He cought it and put it in a bag with the gun. "Thats 4 more dollars." He says he opened his mouth like he wanted to say more, but the closed it again. "Fine..." she grabbed four one dollar bills fom her back pocket and handed it to him. The man then handed her the bag with the gun and box of pellets. "You know... i am sorry about your brother." He says as lynn grabs the bag.

5 years, 290 h and 48 min ago

"Man, I don't feel safe knowing that she has a weapon," Elio mumbled while pushing the shop door open.

5 years, 290 h and 45 min ago

Just then, lynn grabbed the man by the front of his shirt, "you're not sorry!" She spat pushing him back. "You're not sorry!!" She said breaking into sobs.

5 years, 288 h and 38 min ago

Elio's eyes widened and he quickly tried to pull her away from the man. "Lynn!"

5 years, 287 h and 10 min ago

The man just sighed, he backed up a bit looking very sad. Lynn turned when she heard elio. "What are you doing here?÷" she demanded.

5 years, 284 h and 40 min ago

He blinked then shouted, "I don't know! I'm just hungry!" His face was red and he looked puzzled.

5 years, 284 h and 20 min ago

She turned back to the man, "im never going to forgive you." She said to the man, and with that she grabbed her bag and shoved past shiori and elio. The man turned away from lynn like it was too painful to keep,looking at her.

5 years, 283 h and 56 min ago

Elio stared at the man for a moment before running after Lynn. Shiori jumped back, slightly startled by how upset she looked. "Lynn, my brother is going to teach you tomorrow, okay?" said Elio.

5 years, 283 h and 54 min ago

"Yeah, ok.." she murmured wiping her eyes on her sleeve. She then stopped walking and turned around to face them. "Why did you follow me?"

5 years, 283 h and 48 min ago

"Eh?" Elio looked back behind himself but Shiori was already in his raven form above. Elio looked back at Lynn and said, "Well, there are those creatures outside, ya know?"

5 years, 283 h and 38 min ago

"So, you think i can't handle myself? That i need you to follow me everywhere i go?" She spat, she sounded like she was just about ready to explode. "How about you go into the bathroom with me? Or how bout you watch me as i sleep?" She scoffed and started walking again, this time faster.

5 years, 283 h and 34 min ago

"That's being creepy and a stalker, what you just said," he replied while looking up at the sky and putting his hands in his pockets. He sighed and shrugged. "You're a really strange girl. ...Kanda's making dinner so it's guaranteed to be delicious by the way..." Elio turned away and began walking home.

5 years, 283 h and 28 min ago

She sighed "Im sorry..." she said barely loud enough for him to hear. "Im sorry, ok? I was just in a bad mood... but i would appreciate if you wanted to come with to "protect" me, to just say so."

5 years, 283 h and 25 min ago

He raised and eyebrow and rested his hands on his head as he turned around. He stayed in place before walking beside her, completely silent.

5 years, 283 h and 20 min ago

Lynn got back to the house soon after. She went straight up to her room as soon as she entered the house, then sat down on her bed and began to think.

5 years, 283 h and 3 min ago

Elio and Shiori had crashed out on the couch and were fast asleep. Teige's eyes were narrowed as he stared at his older brothers. "I was suppose to be the one hanging here..." he grumbled while closing his 3DS. "Come help set up the table while they're asleep," Eligius called out from the kitchen.

5 years and 283 h ago

Lynn leaned against the wall staring at the gun she was holding. She decided to go downstairs once she had nothing else to think about.

5 years, 280 h and 17 min ago

Teige was busy setting the table while Eligius and Kanda were making the food. Shiori had completely moved in his sleep so much that he had fallen off the couch. When Lynn came downstairs, Teige quietly said, "Try not scare Elio when he wakes up, okay? He has a weird reaction to anyone trying to scare him while he's asleep and he might slap you. Shiori on the other hand will say nothing..." He then hurried back to setting the table.

5 years, 280 h and 12 min ago

She smirked, as she walked into the kitchen. "Do you have any whipped cream?" She asked with an evil grin.

5 years, 279 h and 49 min ago

Teige smiled then looked back at her and grinned. He rushed into the kitchen and snatched the whip cream from the fridge before Eligius or Kanda could see him. He ran back to Lynn, holding it out to her.

5 years, 269 h and 8 min ago

She grabbed the can of whipped cream while smiling, then walked over to where shiori was sleeping. She shake the can, then put some whipped cream all over his hand. "Now... all we got to do is tickle his face some how.." she said quietly so she wouldn't wake them up.

5 years, 267 h and 36 min ago

Elio's arm suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of the can of whip cream. He looked like he was still asleep. "Oh gosh, he's having one of those weird reactions!" Teige whispered while freaking out. He backed away as fast he could when Elio suddenly sprayed the whip cream all over Lynn's face. He slowly opened his eyes and muttered, "This was the real consequence when the prince tried to wake sleeping beauty up. The prince got covered in feathers from sleeping beauty's pillow. The truth was that she didn't want to be woken up because she was tired of everything." He yawned then snatched to can of whip cream away from her and sprayed more whip cream in Shiori hand. "Anyways... you forgot to add more hip cream..." he mumbled.

5 years, 267 h and 23 min ago

Lynn laughed even though her face was covered in whipped cream. "Ok, sleeping beauty." She said with a grin. She tried wiping off the whipped cream with her hands, and then eating it, but she still left some on her face.

5 years, 267 h and 17 min ago

(Hah, I accidentally put hip cream instead of whip cream. x)) He smirked then poked Shiori's face. Immediately, his hand went onto his own face and the cream splattered. "Hah! That's a really good look for you Shiori!" he laughed.

5 years, 267 h and 2 min ago

(Lol i know xD) lynn chuckled as she watched him cover his own face with wipped cream. "Now we match!" She said with a grin.

5 years, 262 h and 51 min ago

"You two are like twins!" Elio laughed while Shiori sleepily and grumpily glared at him. "I'm going to go wash up and help with dinner..." he grumbled. Shiori sat up and headed to the bathroom to wash up. Elio sighed then laughed.

5 years, 262 h and 45 min ago

Lynn just kept wiping the whipped cream off her face with her hand, then licking it off, but she eventually went to go get a wet towel to wipe it off.

5 years, 262 h and 32 min ago

The food was still being made and Elio was waiting for dinner to be ready. To pass the time, he decided to color a complicated coloring book.

5 years, 259 h and 41 min ago

Lynn finished washing her face, then walked past elio, she pushed his shoulder so he'd mess up on his coloring. "You didn't have to use like half the can of whipped cream on me.." she said sitting down on a nearby chair.

5 years, 258 h and 39 min ago

A devastated look formed on his face but it quickly disappeared as he turned his head to look at her. "And you didn't have to push my shoulder to mess up my coloring," he replied.

5 years, 258 h and 20 min ago

"Well, we're even now, then." She said looking satisfied, as she then took a notebook out of her back pocket and began writing in it.

5 years, 243 h and 52 min ago

He smirked and looked back at his coloring book before glancing at her notebook. "Journal or diary?" he asked.

5 years, 241 h and 24 min ago

She looked up from her notebook, "im writing a letter to someone. If i had a diary or journal, i wouldn't write in it in front of you." She muttered as she looked back down at her notebook and began to write some more. "I over reacted at the shop today, so im apologizing. Im not going to talk to him again though, so im writing a letter."

5 years, 239 h and 43 min ago

"Hm, if you hadn't said who it was for I would have said, 'It's a looove letter, isn't it?'" Elio smirked then went back to coloring. "That's good that you're apologizing."

5 years, 234 h and 42 min ago

"Yeah, whatever. I'm only doing it because we have a history.." she muttered, then looked up at elio. "I wouldn't ever write a love letter either... even if I did have someone to write it to."

5 years, 229 h and 29 min ago

"Love letters are kind of cool," he laughed. "I have two, but the only problem is-" He grinned the put down his coloring book and jumped off the couch. He ran to his room in the hallway then came back with two envelopes. Elio jumped on the couch and faced Lynn as he opened them up. "The only problem is I was too scared to see who wrote to me!" He looked like a child opening a box filled with presents. He opened one of the envelopes and took out the paper. He began to read it out loud but then stopped midway and squinted his eyes. "This... This is from a little kid!" he exclaimed.

5 years, 226 h and 9 min ago

Lynn looked up when she heard him. "A... little kid is.. writing love letters to you..?" She asked raising an eyebrow at him. Couriosity all over her face. She got up and ran over to the couch and sat down by him.

5 years, 221 h and 4 min ago

"O-or at least I think it is..." he trailed off while staring at the handwriting. "They misspelled practically every single word and... it's not in the correct letter format..." He glanced at the other letter and began to open it. He pulled the paper out and began to read it. "This is..." He suddenly ripped it in half and stood up. "TEIGE!" he suddenly yelled.

5 years, 220 h and 10 min ago

Lynn stood up when he did. "What is it?" She asked.

5 years, 219 h and 16 min ago

"One was real but it was from some little girl and the other was a fake from my brother!" he yelled. Teige quickly ran down the hallway and locked himself in his room after he heard Elio's yell.

5 years, 218 h and 42 min ago

Lynn was smirking, but she looked away to hide it. "Oh, why would he sent you a love letter?" She asked "just a joke?"

5 years, 217 h and 34 min ago

"And a mean one too," he grumbled while piecing the two pieces of paper together. It read, 'Oh Elio! You're sooo cuute! Will you be my valentine? Sincerely your secret admirer. To... You you baka!! HAHA!'

5 years, 217 h and 31 min ago

Lynn started laughing as she walked back over to the chair she was sitting in before. She grabbed her notebook again, and started to finish her letter.

5 years, 217 h and 28 min ago

"This is pure evil!" Elio grumbled while crumpling up the split paper. "Dinner is ready." Kanda called from the dining room.

5 years, 217 h and 24 min ago

Lynn ripped the piece of paper from her notebook, and folded it up and put it in her pocket. She then got up from the chair and walked into the dining room.

5 years, 213 h and 42 min ago

Eligius and Kanda had the food ready on the table. Teige had come back running from his room. He sat down in one seat as they all began to take their seats. "Thank goodness," Shiori mumbled when he sat down.

5 years, 209 h and 26 min ago

Lynn sat down in one of the chairs, and began to eat. "After this, im going to leave to deliver a letter. Don't follow me." She said almost like a warning.

5 years, 207 h and 18 min ago

"Do it tomorrow morning. Not now, not at night time," Eligius replied in a low voice. "It's night time and the shop is probably closed anyways. ...And the creatures are wandering the streets right now."

5 years, 199 h and 56 min ago

"Thats kind of the point.. the shop is closed." She said glaring at Eligius. "I said that so you wouldn't follow me, i wasn't asking you if i was allowed to go or not."

5 years, 196 h and 26 min ago

He looked away from her, silent. "Go then," he replied. "We won't follow."

5 years, 195 h and 58 min ago

"Good." She said finishing the last that was on her plate. She then got up, and walked quickly out of the house before anyone could say anything.

5 years, 195 h and 48 min ago

They all finished their dinner within the next hour before cleaning up and heading to bed. Elio, Teige, and Shiori had gotten dressed for bed but were watching tv on the couch. They had a big bucket of popcorn and a blanket draped over their shoulders.

5 years, 195 h and 36 min ago

Lynn walked all the way back to the shop. She was just about to cross the street, but she stopped when she saw the shop in the distance. The man she was talking to from before was just locking the doors, getting ready to go home. He turned around to start for home, but paused when he saw lynn across the street. "Hey! Lynn" he called out, crossing the road to her.

5 years, 195 h and 4 min ago

"This movie is so..." Teige trailed off. "Incredibly boring?" Shiori asked. Elio and Teige nodded in sync. "I can't believe Eligius thinks this is an action movie," Elio muttered. "How about we head out and go rent a different movie?" Teige suggested. His two brothers nodded and quickly changed before running outside of the house, leaving a note behind.

5 years, 193 h and 21 min ago

Lynn tensed up when she heard the man speak, but she didnt move or say anything. The man stopped a few feet away from lynn, and he looked confused. "What are you doing here?" He asked her after a few moments. Lynn pulled out her letter she had written fdom her pocket and held it up for him to see. "I was going to apologize." She muttered. The man grinned. "You know, you're no different from when we dated. You were going to apologize to me with a letter? Hah.." lynn just glared at him. "You're lucky i came to apologize at all, after what you did!"

5 years, 193 h and 4 min ago

(o.o She dated that dude? o.o) Elio, Teige, and Shiori barely noticed them as they ran past. Teige was exclaiming, "Hurry before they close and we can't rent any other movie!!"

5 years, 193 h and 1 min ago

(Yep, i didnt make it sound like that guy was like really older then her, did i? o.o) "you know i never meant for him to get hurt. I needed the money, and...." he trailed off and looked away from her. "MONEY?! You did it for money?!?"

5 years, 192 h and 49 min ago

(You did! xD I thought he was like in his twenties.) Elio blinked as they ran and he slowed down before coming to a stop and looking over his shoulder. He felt a little surprised when he saw Lynn and he glanced back at his brothers before running over to her and the man. "Hey... we're about to go rent some action movies, Lynn." He glanced at the man then said, "When you're done talking with him would you like to come? We have popcorn and everything needed for a movie night."

5 years, 192 h and 45 min ago

(Lol, sorry! xD) lynn glanced over at elio, "you better not have followed me." She said through gritted teeth, she then looked back at the man, he was looking at elio, and was keeping his eyes off of lynn. "You stupid jerk!" She said as she balled up her fist and swung it at the man. He fell onto his knees, he put his hand over his nose and he was groaning.

5 years, 192 h and 30 min ago

(XD) "'Course not," he replied. His eyes widened when he saw how she had punched the man. "E-eh..." Elio began to guide Lynn in the direction of supermarket. "You should go help chose one of the movies, we're going to rent three." Elio glanced at the man as he directed Lynn by keeping his hands on her shoulders. "Go that way..." he trailed off before going to help the man. "Hey..." he pulled a cloth out of his pocket. "Nose bleeding?"

5 years, 192 h and 26 min ago

Lynn walked away herself after elio pulled her away. She had nothing else to say to him. The man stared up at elio, before quickly standing back up. "It's fine... i guess she's just never going to forgive me.." he muttered while watching lynn walking away as if in a trance.

5 years, 192 h and 19 min ago

He watched the man before looking back at Lynn. "It's best if you leave her be. If she ever does want to talk to you, she'll do it herself. From what I slightly saw and heard... I think you shouldn't approach her if you see her." Elio then caught up with Lynn, silent and staring at the ground.

5 years, 192 h and 16 min ago

The man ran back up to lynn and elio. Lynn stopped when she saw him, the blood trailing down his nose. "Im going to take that guys advice." He said gesturing to elio. "Im going to leave you alone. But i just wanted to say... I've never stopped... eh..liking you.." he wiped his nose on his shirt sleeve then walked away back across the street.

5 years, 184 h and 1 min ago

Elio blinked and glanced at Lynn before clasping his hands together and resting them on his head as he walked. "Teige and Shiori are bound to keep the store open for just a little longer. That gives us more time to go check out all the action movies," he sighed. Teige and Shiori came running towards them with a full plastic bag. "We got the best ones there, Elio!" Teige grinned and rummaged through the bag before pulling one of the movies out. "See! And it's going to last for a long time!" Elio stared at the movie and yawned. "It better be very good, because i'm starting to fall asleep."

5 years, 174 h and 8 min ago

Lynn nodded at them, she didn't say anything, but just continued walking.

5 years, 172 h and 6 min ago

(The woman who played as Princess Leia is died.) They headed home to watch the movies. When they got there Elio completely passed out before the movie even started.

5 years, 171 h and 45 min ago

(;^; you mean in like the original star wars movies?) Lynn stared at the tv screen, though she wasn't watching the movie. She sat there for some time before she fell asleep as well.

5 years, 171 h and 31 min ago

(Yes, she died today.) "We should have bought more whip cream," Teige muttered to Shiori as he glanced at Lynn and Elio. "There's always markers," Shiori suggested with a smile. "I want to draw on their faces," Avice muttered, suddenly appearing from behind the couch. They all smirked then began to draw on their faces. Hours later, the sun shined though the windows; it was morning. Elio muttered something under his breath as he sat up. He squinted as the sunlight shone on his face.

5 years and 171 h ago

(Aw, that's sad) lynn woke up not long after, she sat up and stretched, she started stamping her foot because it had fallen asleep, she then looked around. She saw elio and grinned. "Hey elio, you got a little something on your face." She said standing up.

5 years, 170 h and 24 min ago

(Yeah.) "Huh?" He turned and squinted at her before his eyes widened and he burst out in laughter. "I doubt whatever it is is as bad as what's on your face!" he exclaimed. He cried happily from laughter and grinned. "It looks like a toddler threw up on your face!"

5 years, 159 h and 36 min ago

"What? Whatever's on my face can't be as bad as what's on yours." She said as she went to go find a mirror.

5 years, 155 h and 7 min ago

Still grinning, he followed after her to go get a mirror. Instead of looking for a small one he headed to the bathroom to see his own face. He froze as soon as he saw it.

5 years, 151 h and 14 min ago

Lynn followed him knto the bathroom, and looked at the mirror from behind elio. "What the heck..." she muttered as she stared ar her reflection.

5 years, 146 h and 38 min ago

He smiled then slowly turned so that he looked back into the hallway. "I know the culprits," he said. "And i'm going to get revenge..."

5 years, 138 h and 53 min ago

Lynn got an evil grin on her face when he said that. "What are you gonna do?" She asked eagerly.

5 years, 124 h and 43 min ago

He continued to smile and replied. "Take away Teige's gaming console and hide it. Then i'm going to go hide Shiori's books that he is currently reading. They'll start to freak out. But then Eligius and Kanda might give me a pretty bad punishment..."

5 years, 122 h and 14 min ago

Lynn shrugged. "Just blame it on me then." She said as she grabbed a towel and got it wet, then started scrubbing at the marker on her face. "They can't punish me."

5 years, 121 h and 37 min ago

"I don't want you to be my scapegoat." He rolled his eyes and pulled out a towel holding it beneath the running water from the sink. "That'd be stupid," he said as he cleaned his face.

5 years, 120 h and 45 min ago

"No it wouldn't. I want to get back at them as much as you do." She said while scrubbing with the towel even harder since the marker wasnt coming off.

5 years, 120 h and 24 min ago

Elio sighed then walked out of the bathroom. "I'm going to go make breakfast since it seems they haven't woken up yet," he muttered.

5 years, 117 h and 51 min ago

When she got as much of the marker off as she could, she walked out of the bathroom and went up to hers. She picked up the gun and pellets from her bed, and then walked back downstairs. "I'm going to go practice with this gun." She said heading towards the front door. "So don't make any breakfast for me."

5 years, 117 h and 47 min ago

"You don't need the pellets, what my brother meant was to practice holding it and pretend you're shooting. There once was a man who constantly did this with a toy model handgun and when he entered an academy, he hit his target perfectly after all of his practice with the plastic model. Oh! And i'm still going to make you breakfast so hurry back other wise it's going to be cold." Elio put on an apron and opened the fridge, taking out a couple of eggs.

5 years, 117 h and 41 min ago

She groaned as she stopped in front of the door. "Well, i bought these pellets, and I'm going to use them." She said glaring at him. "Besides i want to... and as for the breakfast, if your going to make it, i might as well help you.." she muttered throwing the gun and pellets down on a neaeby chair, and walked back into the kitchen.

5 years, 117 h and 36 min ago

"Remember to never throw your gun down, it might accidentally fire, even with the safety on," he advised while handing her an apron. He walked to the opposite side of the kitchen to grab some tomatoes and grabbed a cutting board from one of the drawers.

5 years, 116 h and 48 min ago

She nodded, then put the apron on. "What are we making?"

5 years, 116 h and 31 min ago

"Eggs. Well, i'm just adding stuff to my own so it's a little fancy." He stretched his arms out to reach the spices in the cupboards. He turned the knob on the stove and pulled out two pans from a drawer.

5 years, 116 h and 25 min ago

"Ok, I'll get the eggs.." she walked over the fridge, and pulled out a carton of eggs then set it down on the counter. "Scrambled or fried?"

5 years, 106 h and 3 min ago

The carton only had a quarter of the eggs missing because Elio had already taken them. "Two friend, two scrambled, four sunny side up-" Elio let out a soft laugh. "For the amount of eggs we all might want to eat, I think i'm going to have to go buy more eggs from the store."

5 years, 101 h and 31 min ago

"Everyone can just make do, right? I mean 12 eggs should be enough for... six people..? I don't remember how many siblings you have.."

5 years, 101 h and 10 min ago

"But using only one egg usually results in a small serving, and we're all practically adult size people. Heck, Kanda already is an adult!" He chuckled slight and untied his apron. "And I have four siblings, but we can't forget Avice. So that makes five other people. Overall though, there are seven people who will be eating breakfast."

5 years, 101 h and 3 min ago

"Avice isn't your sister?" She asked sounding confused by all he just said.

5 years and 101 h ago

When she asked that, he sounded a little confused as well. "Um, nope. She's not my sister." He smiled just a tad. "Her hair is auburn. Everyone else's hair is basically black."

5 years, 100 h and 47 min ago

"Doesn't mean she couldn't be your sister.." she muttered. "Well, anyway... are you going to be getting more eggs?"

5 years, 100 h and 39 min ago

"But for genetics, that's like a big leap. I don't know how to explain it... Where our type of colored hair originated is completely different from where hers originated. Anyways, yeah, i'm going to go buy some more eggs. If start getting hungry, just eat." Elio grabbed his wallet from his room then hurried out the door. "He's my guardian," Avice muttered from behind Lynn. Her eyelid were barely open and bits of her hair were stuck to her face. "Kanda, Eligius, Shiori, Elio, and Teige: They're mine."

5 years, 100 h and 33 min ago

Lynn jumped when she heard avice, and turned adound to face her. "O-Ohh ok, well i didnt know that..." he took her apron off, and sat down at a chair.

5 years, 96 h and 38 min ago

Avice had a blanket wrapped around herself and she sat down on the couch before closing her eyes. "You better not take any of them away from me," she muttered while staring at the blank tv.

5 years, 93 h and 44 min ago

"w-what? What is that supposed to mean?" She said sitting up straighter.

5 years, 93 h and 8 min ago

Avice did not answer, she merely curled up more in her blanket. "Especially Shiori..." she whispered under her breath. An odd energy surrounded her so that when you walked close to her, it would make you feel uneasy.

5 years, 92 h and 57 min ago

"Alright then..." she muttered walking a little closer, "are you still mad from when i called you a freak..?" She asked hesitantly.

5 years, 76 h and 49 min ago

"No." Avice covered her face with her blanket.

5 years, 76 h and 16 min ago

"Well, alright then.." she said, "im going outside to practice." She said grabbing the gun and pellets, louding some into the gun.

5 years, 76 h and 10 min ago

"Stop making them worry and stop mistreating the gun," Avice grumbled. "It's useless to go 'practice' when Elio's going to be coming back soon. You'll have to clean up the gunpowder on you. By then everyone will already be awake making cereal or something. Start slicing those tomatoes."

5 years, 76 h and 6 min ago

"Well i see a point to it, and i don't want to eat anything, so if you'll let me, I'll be going. And stop bossing me around, kid." She said opening the door and slamming it shut behind herself.

5 years, 71 h and 10 min ago

"He's going out of his way to make a breakfast for everyone... he's probably getting extra because you're here... He's using his own money for crying out loud... Tsk..." Avice stood up and walked to her room. "Common sense, you could have said you don't care before offering to help make breakfast..." She slammed her face into her pillow when she got to her room and let out a sigh. A knock came from her door. "Avice." It was Shiori. "What?" she grumbled. "Is Elio making breakfast? Also how did he react to the marker on his face?" "Yes, and normal."

5 years, 71 h and 5 min ago

Lynn walked outside, "geez, she's annoying... I'll help him as soon as he get back.." the truth was, was that she just used practice as an excuse to get out of the house. She threw the gun down on the ground, and she sat down underneath a tree so she could see when elio came back.

5 years, 63 h and 34 min ago

It took about fifteen minutes for Elio to come back. When he came into view, he was speed walking. "Sorry that I took so long! There was a long line and one of the customers was causing a bunch of trouble so it took longer to buy the eggs!" He ran up to her and let out a sigh. "Did any of them wake up yet?"

5 years, 63 h and 27 min ago

She looked up at him and shrugged. "I dunno, I went out here pretty much as soon as you left." She said while picking the gun up and putting it 8n her pocket then standing up.

5 years, 63 h and 24 min ago

"Well then, let's hurry before they start waking up!" He hurried back inside the house. Avice was still in her room and Shiori had gone back to his own room.

5 years, 63 h and 21 min ago

"Fine.." she followed him back into the kitchen, and put the apron back on.

5 years, 63 h and 12 min ago

Elio put down the carton of eggs on the kitchen counter. Done tying his apron on, he set the stove on again and got the pans ready. "Time to make breakfast!" he exclaimed cheerfully, though not too loud. He went back to cutting the tomatoes and left them on a plate before cracking two eggs in the pan. "The other pan is yours so if you want, you can make your own first unless you want to try a special breakfast made by none other than your ordinary hungry person: Me!"

5 years, 63 h and 7 min ago

Lynn grinned, "I don't know if I can trust you not to overcook the eggs" she said cracking some eggs into her pan.

5 years, 63 h and 1 min ago

"I don't overcook eggs, geez," he muttered. "Anyways is that a yes or a no?"

5 years, 62 h and 58 min ago

"It's a yes, Duh." She said staring down at the eggs she was cooking.

5 years, 62 h and 55 min ago

"Oh, well then... I guess I better get to making them." Elio went quiet for the rest of the time he made her breakfast. He served them on a plate after adding diced tomatoes on the side. After that he went back to making the others' breakfasts.

5 years, 62 h and 50 min ago

Lynn finished her eggs, and put them on a plate. "Here's two fried eggs for anyone who want them." She said.

5 years, 62 h and 44 min ago

"Teige will probably eat those," Elio replied. His stomach growled loudly and he awkwardly looked away. "OOoo! You guys made breakfast!" Teige exclaimed while running out of his room.

5 years, 62 h and 42 min ago

"Here, eat these eggs, and tell me if they are any good." She said pushing the plate of eggs towards teige.

5 years, 62 h and 37 min ago

Teige grabbed a fork and stared at the eggs with an intense look in his eyes before taking a bite. His eyes widened after he swallowed. Teige looked at Lynn. "What did you do to these eggs?! They're super good!"

5 years, 62 h and 33 min ago

Lynn smiled, "good, i'm glad you like them." She sat down and started eating her eggs elio made.

5 years, 62 h and 28 min ago

(I thought you wrote 'elmo' instead of 'elio.') Teige began to eat hungrily just as Elio sat down and began to eat. Kanda and Eligius soon appeared and headed towards the plate of eggs on the counter before proceeding to eat at the table with everyone else. Avice and Shiori hadn't arrived yet, but when Shiori did arrive, he looked completely tired. There was a small piece of popcorn stuck in his hair and he didn't realize it until Kanda removed it.

5 years, 62 h and 17 min ago

(Haha xD) lynn finished her eggs quickly, then got up, "well, I'm off, see ya."she said just as quickly.

5 years, 62 h and 8 min ago

"Bye," Elio replied after swallowing some of his food. Shiori did the same. It wasn't until after she left that Avice finally came to eat.

5 years, 61 h and 52 min ago

Lynn was happy to just be alone now, she walked down the sidewalk, hoping to find someplace to practice her shooting. She walked for a little ways more before she found a place that was mostly covered in trees and shrubbery. The beautiful white birch trees were perfect for carving targets on, which she quickly did with her pocket knife.

5 years, 50 h and 36 min ago

A boy a few years younger than her stopped walking when he noticed her carving targets into the tree. He didn't know why a memory suddenly came back to him. "You shouldn't shoot the trees... That's actually not a good target."

5 years, 49 h and 37 min ago

She looked over at the boy, "well, i could alway use you as a target." She said while turning back and finishing carving the tree.

5 years, 49 h and 28 min ago

"That wouldn't work well for you," he muttered. "Anyways it's dangerous to shoot at a tree and very reckless... You could hang a target, but it would need to be right in front of you and not too high, otherwise that'd also be dangerous to shoot at." He let out a breath as he adjusted his backpack. "To prevent any accidents I could go buy a target for you if you want. It'd be way better than shooting at a tree. Plus that tree is probably the home of many bugs and animals. It wouldn't be good to destroy their home."

5 years, 49 h and 21 min ago

"Im not concerned, thanks though." She said dryly. "So just, beat it."

5 years and 49 h ago

The boy stood still in silence before pulling a dart out of his back pack. He threw it at the target and hit it right in the center. He smiled a little and began to walk off.

5 years, 48 h and 52 min ago

Lynn scoffed as she turned around, "show off.." she muttered. All of the sudden someone grabbed her from behind, putting one hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream, the person then put a cloth with something on it over her mouth, and she quickly fell limp right into the person's arms.

5 years, 48 h and 46 min ago

(I'm so upset because I forgot to eat a baguette that my mom bought me two days ago. >:( Now it's too hard to eat. Also that something on the cloth is called chloroform.) A boy younger than the previous had been playing near by and had witnessed what had happened. His eyes were wide and he watched closely, bow and arrows appeared in his hands.

5 years, 48 h and 38 min ago

(Ohh right, thanks. And thats too bad :() the man kept a hard grip on lynn, he had long narrow fingers with sharp claws at the end of each, almost unhuman. his gaze moved to the boy who had the bow and arrows in his hands. He had bright glowing eyes, with slits for pupils, that just stared at him for a few moments. He then dropped lynn and started walking very quickly towards the boy.

5 years, 48 h and 25 min ago

The boy let out a sigh of relief when he saw that he had released Lynn but grew more cautious as the man came closer. "If you think I won't shoot you, you're wrong," he said in a loud voice. The boy was wearing a belt and on it was a small dagger. He didn't seem to be bothered by the man's appearance but rather the fact he was coming towards him. "He looks almost like that choco-maniac," he thought to himself.

5 years, 48 h and 15 min ago

"I really don't care if you shoot me or not... but, if you choose to, then i will kill you." He paused just a few feet from the boy, as he stood there his appearance slowly changed back to that of a normal man, though he was missing one of his eyes and had a long scar running down that side of his face. "Well, to be honest, you've seen too much, so I'm going to kill you anyway."

5 years, 48 h and 9 min ago

The boy chuckled slightly, though still scared. "I've seen things worst than your ugly face, sir." The boy pulled out his dagger as his other weapon disappeared from his grasp. The boy was going to try and back away to have a better time to examine the man's power. Before he could, a tall man in an orange tank top appeared from a tree branch, hanging upside down. "Hello honest man who is going to die!" The man smiled and glanced at the boy, a scary look in his eyes.

5 years, 47 h and 57 min ago

The man looked back at the person in the tree, and rolled his eyes. "I don't have time for you clowns.." he muttered turning back to face the boy, which he quickly grabbed by the neck and began to sqeeze tightly.

5 years, 47 h and 53 min ago

"I hate monsters like you because we're so similar," the man said while quickly jumping out of the tree and grabbed the strange man's neck. The man's eyes began to glow a gold color as well as the tattoo on his arm. A bunch of glowing dragons appeared and came locked their jaws onto the other man's arms and pinned him to the ground, the color of blood replacing the dragon's white color. The young looking man with glowing eyes grinned. Before shoving the man aside and staring at the boy, he took the man's hand off the boy's neck. "Heheh... you owe me Kaji..."

5 years, 47 h and 48 min ago

The man struggled for a bit, but he couldn't get up. "Let me go! What im doing is of no concern of yours!"

5 years, 47 h and 39 min ago

He let out a loud laugh that lasted for a while. "You are soo amusing! Oh man! How weak!" He grinned then turned to the boy again and said, "You should head somewhere else before I control you." The boy bit his lip before running off. The man smiled and looked over at the man who the dragons had pinned to the ground. "My name is Pinak," he replied while walking over to Lynn and picking her up. "Man, this girl is troublesome along with all the other kids," he sighed. He began to walk away towards the sidewalk. "I wonder how long it will take for than illusion to wear off," Pinak chuckled quietly to himself.

5 years, 47 h and 33 min ago

"Im gonna kill him..." the man muttered, though he had a wide smile on his face, and he wasn't struggling, but just laying there on the ground.

5 years, 38 h and 30 min ago

Pinak closed his eyes and ignored the stares of the people around him. "Hm... This way," he mumbled. He came to the house of Avice and dropped Lynn off carefully before ringing the door bell and walking off.

5 years, 26 h and 39 min ago

Lynn had started waking up, her eyes were barely open, but she saw pinak. "Hey, wait!" She said trying to stand back up.

5 years, 25 h and 27 min ago

Pinak glanced back at her before disappearing in a flurry of cherry blossoms. "Hey, why are you laying down there?" Teige asked as he opened the door.

5 years, 25 h and 13 min ago

"What?" She snapped as she looked back at teige. She looked annoyed and confused at the same time, as she srood up, she stumbled at first feeling a little dizzy. Then she remembered, she remembered the man, and how he grabbed her, but that was it. It was a complete blank after that. "It was him! He found me, and he won't stop till he gets me!" She said sounding hysterical.

5 years, 17 h and 49 min ago

Teige blinked before carefully taking her hand and guiding her back into the living room. "Sit down, i'll go get you some water then you can tell us what happened."

5 years, 16 h and 50 min ago

"No, i can't stay here, he won't stop..." she muttered, "he won't stop till he's dead..."

5 years, 16 h and 29 min ago

Teige sighed before heading to the kitchen and coming back with a glass of water. By the time he came back from the kitchen. Elio had seen Lynn's distress look and sat down in a chair to listen. "We'll plan a way to get rid of him..."

5 years, 15 h and 21 min ago

"What will you be able to do? He wants me, and he won't stop till he has me..." she looked up at elio "don't get yourselves involved, my brother died because of that."

5 years, 15 h and 12 min ago

Elio sighed and closed his eyes before resting his cheek on his hand. "Then i'll give him what he wants most; i'll give him you." A small mischievous smile appeared on Elio's face when Teige exclaimed in surprise. "Well, not really," he chuckled.

5 years, 15 h and 9 min ago

"What do you mean? Im not just going to surrender to him!" Lynn said, standing up.

5 years, 15 h and 3 min ago

"I don't know, I was just thinking of what would happen if we tricked him with an illusion or doppelgänger." Elio shrugged and yawned. "I suppose we could try knocking him out. That'd be fun. We've been stuck doing nothing but babysitting." "Nothing really wrong with that, though it is a bit boring..." Shiori mumbled while walking into the living room with his older siblings.

5 years and 15 h ago

"Look, i don't need your guy's help! I'll kill him myself, or die trying... most likely the latter..." she walked out of the room, then out of the house slamming the door behind her.

5 years, 14 h and 54 min ago

"Behavior like that is what's going to get you killed before you even pull out a weapon to use," Elio exclaimed while running after her. His siblings trailed from behind, except for Eligius who took to the sky in his raven form.

5 years, 14 h and 39 min ago

"Then I'll die! Maybe that's what i want!" She snapped, "and stop following me!"

5 years, 4 h and 6 min ago

"We're not going to stop following you till we can make sure you're safe!"

5 years, 3 h and 8 min ago

"Why should you care?" She said, she still kept walking quickly, and she didn't stop or slow down.

5 years, 3 h and 2 min ago

"We don't want to see another person we know die, that's why!" he exclaimed. "We don't want any more deaths," Eligius added.

5 years, 2 h and 1 min ago

After that lynn said nothing, but she kept walking till she came to the same shop she bought the gun at. She walked in, and looked around for the man when she saw him, she ran towards him, and slammed him against the wall. The man was cought by surprise and just stared at lynn with wide eyes. "Where is he?!" She spat.

5 years, 1 h and 36 min ago

Elio narrowed his eyes before yanking her away from the man. "I'm coming very close to slapping you! Stop it! You may not give a damn wether or not you'll die but we sure do quit it! What good will killing him do? Sure he'll leave you alone but if we locked him up he'd still leave you alone! I can bet a million dollars that'd you'd probably turn the gun on yourself afterwards!"

5 years, 1 h and 25 min ago

"I don't care..." she muttered softly, stepping back a few steps. She was on the verge of tears, but she was looking down at the floor to hide it for a few moments. "I-i'm sorry.." she then looked up at elio, tears rolling down her face, she let her head fall onto his shoulder. "Help me... please help.. I'm going to die.."

4 years and 11 months ago

His eyes widened in surprise and his mouth had opened to say something but he couldn't speak. His shoulders relaxed and he hugged her and pat her back to comfort her. "We're going to help you okay? We won't let you die. We're going to protect you." For a moment, his siblings looked away, suddenly being reminded of something none of them, even Elio, would be able to have.

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn soon pulled back after a few moments, staring at the floor, "sorry..." she said wiping her eyes on her sleeve. She looked over at the man, who had moved behind his desk. "Im sorry james.."

4 years and 11 months ago

Elio backed away then moved over to his siblings. "Now i'm starting to have that depressed feeling that you two have had for a while," he murmured to his Eligius and Kanda. "It is indeed horrible." Kanda murmured.

4 years and 11 months ago

"James, i know you didn't mean to lead my brother to his death.. I'm sorry i kept blaming you... i think I'll just stay away from this place.." she said, looking like she had just given up on everything. She turned and pushed her way through everyone, and walked out of the building.

4 years and 11 months ago

Elio watched her leave before he looked at the guy named James. "Now is one of those times it would be good to be with her."

4 years and 11 months ago

James looked up from the floor, "she still hates me, she doesn't want me close to her.. or talking with her for that matter." He said calmly looking away. "Besides.. she feels comfort with you... you should go after her before something bad happens."

4 years and 11 months ago

(I totally predicted you were going to type that. I am a wizard.) Elio was going to try and explain the reason why it would be bad if he went after her until he was reminded by James that it was true; something bad could happen. He turned and ran out of the shop. "Lynn, wait!" he yelled. His siblings stayed inside the shop, feeling a bad feeling in the pit of their stomaches. "We need to get back to Avice," Shiori murmured, avoiding James's gaze. Eligius, Kanda, and Teige nodded. "It'll be bad if anything happens," they muttered.

4 years and 11 months ago

(Lol xD) james watched elio as he ran out lf the shop, a look of resentment in his eyes. Then he turned to Eligius, shiori, kanda, and teige. "If you're not going to buy anything, why are you here?" He said in a irritable tone. While lynn had just sat down in a small allyway, it was dark so it was perfect. She brought her legs up close to herself, she hugged them for awhile, enoying the calmness of the dark.

4 years and 11 months ago

"Why do you look so irritated? He did say that you should go after her," Kanda murmured. She held her hand in fist and bit her lip. "H-hey, you're lip is-" Eligius's eyes widened and he froze. He grabbed Shiori and Teige's hands before darting out of the shop, yelling for Kanda to follow. By the time Elio reached Lynn, he was clutching his chest in pain. "Damn it... It hurts," he whispered under his breath. "Lynn... let's go back..." He fell onto his knees beside her and acted as if he were fine. He hadn't intentionally meant to fall onto his knees. He shut his eyes and lightly bit the inside of his lip. "Let's go back." He held her hand and squeezed it slightly.

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn sat up, and looked up at elio, she stared for a few moments, something didn't seem right. "Are you okay?" She asked glancing down at her hand. "You don't look so good.."

4 years and 11 months ago

He smiled and shook his head, looking away. He stood up, a little slow as he got up. "The truth isn't very nice, anyways let's go... please," he replied.

4 years and 11 months ago

She nodded, then stood up, though watching elio like he was about ready to explode. "Are we going back to the shop, or back to your house?" She asked.

4 years and 11 months ago

"My house," he muttered. He closed his eyes and he began to fall towards the ground. But then he shifted into a raven and landed carefully. "Come on..." He flew upwards and hovered just beside her.

4 years and 11 months ago

She watched him carefully as she followed him back home.

4 years and 11 months ago

When they arrived at the house, Kanda and Eligius were passed out. Kanda was on the couch while Eligius was on the carpet. "H-hey!" Elio exclaimed when he saw them. Shiori and Teige were leaning against the couch while Avice was sitting in a chair at the dinner table. "W-what ha-" Elio was cut off when Avice murmured, "One of you did something so they passed out... They were in pain... all of you were, weren't you?" Elio shifted human and stood beside his brothers and sister. None of them answered. "You were," Avice muttered before scoffing and standing up out of her seat. She let out a loud curse as she lashed out at her chair. It fell to the floor with a loud thud.

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn looked just as confused as she ever was when she heard avice. "Elio couldn't have done anything, he just got here!" She said, trying to make sense of things.

4 years and 11 months ago

"I'm not saying he did anything, I am saying one of them did something so now all of them are in a pain." Avice walked off into her room and shut the door. "I'm in pain too you know!" she exclaimed before everything was silent. Shiori stared at the ground before looking at Elio. "You have a crush on her, don't you?" he grumbled, glancing at Lynn. "N-no! If I even had a crush on anyone, that would make all of us in pain. One of you probably has a crush so that's why!" Elio exclaimed. Shiori sighed and sat on the carpet before falling over on his back. "One of us has to erase whatever feelings we have if that's the case and it isn't something else," Shiori murmured.

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn stood there, listening to everyone talking. She didn't really know what was going on for sure, but she got the gist of it. "Im causing this, that's what you're all saying.." she muttered. She completely ignored the fact that for her to be causing it, that someone would have to have a crush on her.

4 years and 11 months ago

Elio held his head and sighed. "Fine, it was me... I have a slight crush on Lynn. But of course because i'm terrified of what might happen if I continue to have a crush on her... i'll have to get rid of any sort of feeling. For all we know, Avice might die or one of us could get so sick we could have a near death experience... Dang it! I need to get out of here and find a way to get us home! I need to talk to whoever that one guy's name was whose the leader and ask him to help us. For all we know, one of his people might actually be doing the same thing to the other shifter clans!" "We're exiles though..." Shiori groaned. "We're trapped in that other world." "We found a way last time so we'll find a way again and find the person who ruined any of our chances at living normally!" Elio yelled, seeming very agitated.

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn stared at elio as soon as he had said he had a crush on her, she listened to the whole conversation only half getting it. She didn't know what to feel right now, but mostly it was guilt. While everyone was talking, she just snuck her way upstairs to her room.

4 years and 11 months ago

"Well, I too have a crush on someone but having a crush on them didn't cause any of us to be in pain because..." Shiori trailed off while looking away. Elio stared at his brother before his eyes widened and he asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Shiori would have spit out water if he had had some. "N-no! It's Avice! I-" Shiori sighed and hid his face in his hands. "I like Avice..." "Oh..." Elio trailed off. He crossed his arms then closed his eyes when he realized Lynn had gone upstairs. "And Teige fell asleep..." he murmured. Shiori nodded. "What are we to do? Those masters and creators or whatever they are know something is up with us... Apparently we're not suppose to remember but for some odd reason, all of us siblings know and are aware of what's happening..." "Maybe whoever made our souls bound to Avice's added some sort of spell that would allow us not to forget things..." Elio replied. "And if that's the case, then whoever cast that spell on all of us has more powerful magic than those creators and masters."

4 years and 11 months ago

Once lynn got to her room, she shut the door behind her, and grabbed her empty backpack, and threw it down on the bed. She was tired, and scared, and just wanted to lie down and not wake up for a long time. She started putting all her things into the backpack, hastily, like she was talking all her anger out on it. But then she stopped, and just threw herself down onto the bed. realizing that what she was doing was stupid. "He can't like me, and i can't like him. I'm of no use to any of them, and a crazy murderer is after me. Why am i still staying here? It's perfectly obviously i could never have hurt that guy to start with.." She spoke softly to herself as if someone else was listening to her.

4 years and 11 months ago

After some minutes Elio walked upstairs to apologize to Lynn. He loitered around in the hall for a minute before walking to her door. He knocked the door. "Hey Lynn, I'm sorry for my behavior earlier. I didn't mean to act so rude as if you weren't even there in the room. ...I like you. But because of a situation my siblings and I are in i'll have to pretend that I don't like you. Even if I can't like you... I hope we can still be friends because losing a friend is something I don't think i'll be able to handle well." Elio paused then chuckled. "I don't even know if you like me too, but that's okay. We can just be friends."

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn sat up on the bed, she smiled to herself as he was talking. She then got up, and walked over and opened the door. "You really don't have to apologize.. and i get it. I was just thinking to myself why i am even here still.. i think it's just best if i leave." She walked back into the room and started putting all her stuff into her backpack. "I did like you though... but we can be friends." She added.

4 years and 11 months ago

He smiled back then shook his head. "I think it's best if you stay until we know that man is far far away and is never going to try to hurt you again." Elio yawned then checked his watch. "And it's already afternoon. Why don't we all go eat lunch together? It'll be good. We can go out to that one restaurant from last time or Kanda and I can make a delicious lunch."

4 years and 11 months ago

Lynn stopped, then looked up at elio. "He's always going to be after me... though he likes to play with me... he'll stay away for a while, then he'll just show up." She said, her voice started trembling a little, but she tried to hide it. "And besides, i dont feel like eating.."

4 years and 11 months ago

"If you don't eat, then you won't have energy to run away if he doesn't shop up," he frowned.

4 years and 11 months ago

"Maybe if he shows up again, i won't want to run.." she said standing up straighter. "What kind of living is this anyway? I'm scared even going outside, and i can never fall asleep, because im so worried!" She started walking closer to him. "You don't know the things he's done!"

4 years and 11 months ago

Elio closed his mouth and crossed his arms. "I'm more worried about the things he might do. Anyways I never said you had to stay cooped up here. But when you leave you should probably have one of us with you or one of Shiori's rings."

4 years and 11 months ago