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 For this month, to get role playing up and running again for this group i've decided to do a contest. Depending on how much you role play you get points. The person with the most points win. Everybody that gets at least 5 points gets a spikey ball. Up to 10 prizes for the grabbing. Ends on June 15th and results will go out the next day at the lastest. Prizes will be handed out throughout that week.
The prizes-

1st place- a high cap puppy but excluding Dalmatians and Cocker Spaniels of your choice from one of my females at 100 dogz(the lowest price) + a breed kit of your choice+ their dog becomes the alpha(if they wish)+ a luxury pack+ a frisbee for competitions+ able to be manager if they wish 

2nd place- a random high cap female puppy at 100 dogz+ frisbee for competitions+ luxury pack

3rd place- a random high cap male puppy at 100 dogz + a luxury pack

4th place- a random breed kit

5th place- a frisbee and canicross for competitions

6th place- luxury pack+ soccer ball

7th place- breed medal + coat

8th place- a soccer ball+ a leash+ collar

9th place- a tennis ball + 2 dry meat

10th place- 5 dry meat

to get points-

people that you have asked and have joined- 10 points for each person that has joined and was asked by you to join. They must tell me when the join the group.

telling other people to join the group(max. 10 people)- up to 20 points( 1 point for each person you ask. please tell me who you asked to recieve points)

making a character- 5 points(only once) if you already have a character you get the points

mating the characters (max. 3)- 2 points for every time you mate

playing your role (rank in the pack) (once per day)- 1 point for each day

having a crush on other player's animal- 3 points

role playing daily(at least 3 times at day to get the points and max. 5)- up to 5 points(1 for each comment)

adding a picture- 5 points (5 points per dog)

Points of People:

Role Play-

If you'd like to join my RP please post your character on the froup wall or send it to me by PM.


1.only can have up to 4 characters including puppies(excluding me and the manager)

*2 no cussing or saying inappropriate things

*3 being disrespectful to other users

4. Please do not make them do things that only humans can do like smile or stand on two legs

*these rules must be followed after two warnings the player breaking these rules will be kicked out to insure that all members get a fun filled time in my group

Please tell me if you want to change something or add something including pictures.

If you don't like a picture i put up please PM me with the picture you want.

Roles in the Pack:

*Alpha Female and Male: Leaders of the Pack

Beta Female and Male: Second in Command

Delta Female and Male: Second in Command in Training

Hunters: Hunt for food for the pack

Scouts: Guard the Borders

Omega: Bottom of the Pack, usually don't contribute too much

Shaman: Medicine and Individuals to go with Wisdom

* will be determined later

~Request: Max. 2 (1 male and 1 female) per pack

Background Story:

In the days only remembered through legend, the alphas of a single pack clashed. The female was a wolf of a striking black coat and dashing red eyes and the male of a beautiful pure white coat with dazzling blue eyes had an argument over the leadership of the pack. This great war divide the pack between the two, from that day forward the forest was spilt between the two packs, The Light and The Dark. The tension continues between the two pack as each grows by the day.









Role in the Pack:


Light Pack:


Breed: Wolf 

Gender: Male 

Age: 3 years 

Appearance: White Wolf with Green Eyes

Personality: Wise but Quick to Argue, Adventurous, Takes a Little to Warm Up, and Full of Energy

Role in the Pack: Scout   

Dark Pack:


Breed: Wolf

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Appearance: Black Coat with Blazing Red Eyes

Personality: Stubborn, Determined, Always Ready to Fight, Cunning, and Icy

Role in Pack: Beta Female

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