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They are usually pretty and portable, with soft fur and sharp teeth. They can be very smart! The one thing they are not is pure-bred dogs!



Welcome to the Pompek page!!! The image above is of my two pompeks Lucky (mainly brown) & Sparkle (mainly white) your welcome to ask to use it. So the group is about the pompek breed which you might not know much about them or ever known about them & discussing the breed with others. Maybe someday Dreamzer might put this unofficial breed on the Dogzer, who else wants that to happen someday???








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Pompeks are very popular dogs in Trinidad & Tobago. They come in all colors, shapes & variety of sizes from "almost as big as a Cocker Spaniel" to "little bigger than a decent size cat". They are usually pretty & portable, with soft fur & sharp teeth. They can be very smart! The one thing they are not is pure-bred dogs. 


The original pompeks were a straight cross between Pekingese & Pomeranian parents. This cross produced a dog that has folded ears & Chrysantheum tail of a Pekingese, combined with longer legs & pointed nose of a Pomeranian.


In succeeding generations, other small dogs have joined the mix, so that now the term is often used here (Trinidad & Tobago) to cover almost any small furry dog.


In general, they are excellent watchdogs with ear-ringing barks. Both of the original breeds are known for bravery-and their descendants will gladly challenge any larger dog, with expectation of winning the ensuing argument.


They do require regular brushing & professional grooming from time to time. Please don't allow your dog to become matted, as this is uncomfortable for the dog & makes it difficult to see & control flees, ticks & skin conditions.


Whether your little dog is a true Pekingese/Pomeranian cross, or only a wave at those ancestors from a great distance, appreciate it for what it is.





I tried to make it like the one for Dogs 101, tell me if anything needs to be added.



A pompek can be fine in an apartment but will be better of with a house & a yard considering they bark a lot & need daily excerice &  lots of distractions to keep them out of trouble. They need accesses to both inside & outside in my opion since they don't like the sun but love exploring.


Pompeks prefer a family with older children, they do not like being pulled or tugged & will prefer nice massages, pats/rubs & maybe a tug a war game. Pompeks should be introduced to young children especailly babies at a young age. Pompeks are quite noisy & somewhat active so they are not so suitable for the elderly either.


Pompeks are little hunting dogs & often start learning to hunt from puppy-hood, as early as after learning to walk sometimes. They don't do well with other dogs or small pets unless trained. This mongrel is easier to be kept around other dogs that where introduced to the family before them, you can introduce other dogs & animals afterwards but this is a stubborn pooch & it takes time & patients.


Pompeks are very clever, agile & athletic dogs. They are excellent escape artist & great jumpers. So a strong & high fenced in yard pr high wall will be great for one. 




Pompeks are usually healthy on a scale of 1-10, I would say a 5. Cancer, cataracts & respiratory issues is quite common in them but they live a very long life span probably crossing the 15 years. It is important to always give them their shots on time. 


This hairy mutt sheds a lot so a daily brushing to every other day is the best option. If you don't brush your dog prepare for matted fur. These dogs often find themselves in trouble so they get dirty a lot, so a proper bath is needed quite often.



The pompek usually loves a good walk so teaching them to walk at an early age is good but according to my knowledge a juvenile to adult pompek is a lot easier to train for walks. But a long walk can do your dog good.


On a scale of 1-10 a pompek should be rated 6 in energy. Decides walks this dog needs its mind active & its body since they tend to be on the heavy side & get very lazy & trouble some. This dog love hunting so hunting sports are great, but they prefer staying out of the sun. If a pompek doesn't get excerice they will cause mischief like crazy.





Have any excited information about a pompeke? Probably a heroic act, a funny video, one for adoption, abuse of one, pompeke sites, you got one? Anything about a pompeke could be considered & added, mainly nice things though, but bad things might be presented.




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The list of members who have confirmed they have ownership of a Pompek;



-REALDOGLOVER; current number two (2), ever owned two (2).



If you own a pompek or have owned a pompek send me the current number you have & how much you ever owned.








Posted by REALDOGLOVER under the names: Lucky, Sparkle, Lucky & Sparkle, Lucky & Prince & Foxy. 



If you uploaded an image of a pompok on Dogzer state the name its under & I'll put it up.






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After reading all about the pompek, viewing em, probably talked to owners of the breed or owned one yourself, do you think the Pompek should become a registered dog breed? Do you think someone or some people should work on registering this dog? What do you think? Check out the poll & see how people are answering the question. To vote, look for my almost always at the top of the group wall post 'Should we register the Pompek' comment & you simply type yes or no in a reply. This does not determine anything on the pompek regisiteration matter, its just for fun. You can vote again within a month only if you change your mind. You can change you vote before I add it to the offical count but once I add your vote it will be there forever & ever, but again you can revote in a month.   





Yes: 2 votes



No: o votes


Should the pompek be a registered dog breed; yes or no?

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