Wild Diamonds *Wolf/Dog/Cat/Horse RP*

~We're all diamonds in the rough, we're wild~



Melee paced. A pack of wolves was watching her. "Alpha, we're going to battle without you if you don't hurry up!" snapped a young warrior. "Yeah! You're so slow! Hurry up!" Hello snapped. "Really, Melee! We're going to get killed!" Goodbye snarled. "Fine! See how you like your pathetic lives without me, idiots!" Melee finally snapped back. "I'll kill you all on my own, if I have to! So don't make me!" Melee snapped again. "Try it, see what happens, Melee!" the young male warrior snapped again. "Get out then, Shard!" Melee replied. "Fine, Melee. You win, I'll stay and wait." Shard growled slightly. Melee howled her attack. "Charge!" Melee barked. She sprinted out towards Heart's territory, where the battle was held. They reached it and Heart's warriors were waiting. Melee's warriors charged at Heart's entire pack, while Melee courageously fought Heart alone. As soon as she got within leaping range of Heart, Heart leaped onto Melee and everything in Melee's eyes turned white. She couldn't see, Heart's furious jaws snapped her head, seven fangs stabbing her in the eyes. She screamed in pain and Shard leaped in between the females and snarled. "Go away, Heart! Now!" Shard snapped. Heart didn't reply and instead walked away and howled a retreat. "We'll be back someday, Melee!" Heart barked to them before retreating. Melee's eyes were closed. Shard stood towering above her where she lay. "No, Melee. You can't die, we just won the battle. Melee, I love you, you can't die now!" Shard mourned. Melee said her final words. "I love you too, now go, lead the pack to safety, Heart will find you. I'll always be with you, Shard, always." Shard nodded, tears dropping from his face and onto Melee. All the wolves gathered around Melee and howled. One at a time they mourned. "You were a great alpha and friend." Shard began. Next was Hello, who sang Hello by Adele. "Hello, it's me," Hello began. Next was Goodbye, who said "Goodbye, Melee. Remember my name, Hello's name and song, and Shard, and all the others, because we will bring you great joy." After all the other wolves, Phoenix, Melee's sister, sang Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. "I let it fall, my heart," she began. To this day, she is still with Melee's Pack, and even visits Heart and Heart's Pack.












Nickname: (Optional)



Species: (Wolf, dog, cat, or horse)

Appearance: (Ex: A black male wolf with blue eyes, often has a sad expression on his face)

Pack/Clan/Herd: (Melee's Pack, Heart's Pack, Sun Clan, Ice Clan, Valley Herd, or River Herd, won't show on character)

Rank: (Alpha/leader, beta/deputy, messenger, warrior, hunter, tracker, scout, guard, apprentice, omega, queen, pup/kit/foal, healer, or elder)

History: (Optional)


Skills: (Ex: Climbing, swimming, etc.)





Theme Song: (Cannot be another character's theme song)

Goal: (Ex: Swim in Valley Lake)

Parents: (Can be dead or missing)

Siblings: (Optional)

Necklace: (Optional)

Powers: (Optional)

Spirit Guard:

Breed: (Optional for wolf)

Mentor/Apprentice: (For apprentices/adults only)

Played by:






Only founder and manager can have shape shifting and invincibility powers

Must ask for lead ranks (lead warrior, lead hunter, lead healer, alpha/leader, etc.)

Don't ask to be manager (I will choose whoever I think fits the spot best)

Alphas and betas don't have to be mates

If there is one alpha/leader or beta/deputy, they choose who has the other rank  like them (Ex: Shard will choose alpha female)

No inappropriate scenes on the wall (Mating scenes/birthing scenes)

Fights must be as realistic as possible

Two players must agree before becoming mates

You can be your own crush

You cannot be your own mate

Birthing scenes are allowed on the wall if they're not too visual (She had __ pups/kits/foals is allowed)

After you join you will have 15 days to make a character

RP at least once a week

Have fun!





                                       Melee's Pack



Name: Shard

Nickname: Shar or Hard (by close friends only)

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Appearance: A white male wolf with greyish eyes and usually has a depressed expression on his face

Rank: Alpha male

History: **The story**

Personality: Strong, impatient, depressed, closed-off, loyal, fast, agile, clever, intelligent, handsome, witty, aggressive, tough, mysterious

Skills: Fighting, swimming

Other: Misses Melee

Crush: None since Melee

Mate: Wanted Melee

Pups: Never

Theme Song: Renegades (X Ambassadors)

Goal: Bring Melee back to life

Parents: Dead

Siblings: Dead

Necklace: A blue necklace with feathers on the end

Powers: Disappearing, turning into smoke, creating shards of glass, creating daggers, making others fall in love (for 3 weeks), and breathing underwater

Spirit Guard: Melee's Spirit

Breed: Unknown mix of wolf breeds

Apprentice: Not yet

Played by: Wild_Wolf_At_Heart





                                           Valley Herd


Name: Galaxy

Nickname: None

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Appearance: A pure black horse, wavy mane that touches her hooves. Feathered hooves, a drafted horse. Long tail that drags behind her





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