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ChanelSea - Dogzer dog breeder

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Overall Ranking: 142th
Reputation points: 137
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Groomer. Unemployed
Founder of the Top Quality-Low Prices kennel club
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Thanks soo much to milky789 for this adorable pic.

PitaPata - (EwxM)
About Me                                                                                                              Rules
My name is ChanelSea and                                                                                     1. Winks are allowed but only send them once per day
I am a member to dogzer,                                                                                           2. Don't ask for personal info
 I log on when I can. I am between                                                                           3. Feel free to chat to me on my wall, my dogs wall
age 12-18. I am a moderator on                                                                                  
oceanzer, tropicstory, singzer
birdrama, farmzer and
lionzer so any Q's about them let
 me know!

Friend Requests                                                 Buy/Sell

Not accepting random ones                                                                                    Feel free to ask to buy my dogs and say your price. I will buy 
anymore only friends I talk to                                                                                  your dogs if either it is a dog I breed(see breeding) or your are a close friend or if you are low 
are on my list. I won't have a                                                                                   on dogz. Rules: I only buy dogs if they are either under two months or if they are at breeding
friend list on my page incase I                                                                                stage, unless they have a good cap.Or just give me a link and I will say my price for the dog.  offend anyone. We have to have                                                                           Toffee and Flake will NEVER be for sale. Flake is a rare breed(currently not sold) and 
spoken before and chat                                                                                          Toffee was my first dog on dogzer.
regularly.                                                                                                                     I will NOT pay more than 1000 for a husky(no bonus). I bought most of my 357+ caps for 800.

Advertising                                                      Competitions

I advertise on my page for free.                                                                            I occasionally do competitions to win dogs and accesories. Look here to see them
It can be a banner or a small 
piece of information.

 Groups                                               Other Dreamer Games

I RP occasionally but only human ones.                                ,,,(moderator),
The only group I RP with animals is when                                        lionzer .com(moderator),,,,,
my group, Blue Paws Theme Group, are                                  ,,,
having an RP week. 
Join my group by clicking the name. We 
have non-stop comps, RP's and Joke 
Want to own another group?
Do you want to be in control of a group but need a group to do so?
I am now going to start 'renting' out groups.
Basically I will make you manager of a group and you get to choose and control exactly what goes over it.
I will do nothing to it at all.
I am doing this for free as currently I'm not using any of my groups, so let me know if interested :)
The group will only be removed outwith your control if it becomes something inappropriate/doesn't follow dogzer rules or if you haven't been active using it/you yourself have been active for more than 6 months without prior notice(it will only be removed though if someone else is asking if there is a free group)

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A group for all
Chanel's Group
Spirit Wolves & Gem DogsSpirit Wolves & Gem Dogs
dog is bf4everdog is bf4ever
Pretty Little Liars RPPretty Little Liars RP
Ideas Are Welcome!
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 ChanelSea - 5 months ago
ChanelSea takes in Boxer, who was abandoned.   Comment
 Stranger - 5 months ago
Hey Chanel , You have one of my GSD'S that was from my old account and he was a gift from a friend. Would you mind selling him back to me?   Comment
 ChanelSea - 52 years and 9 months ago:
If you ever come back just send a message (am more active on .net if I haven't been on here for a while)  Comment
  ToyWolf - 5 months ago
 ToyWolf votes for ChanelSea.   Comment
 ChanelSea - 6 months ago
ChanelSea takes in Jay, who was abandoned.   Comment
 Stranger - 6 months ago
Stranger votes for ChanelSea.   Comment
 ChanelSea - 5 years and 7 months ago
As of now I'm back(I know I've not been on much the past year), however over christmas and new year I may not long on much as I'll be busy but will try to, so if I amn't on in a while I'll be back   Comment
 ChanelSea - 52 years and 6 months ago:
Semi-back again now (more active on .net than here)  Comment
 ChanelSea - 5 years and 9 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 400 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 ChanelSea - 7 years and 4 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 300 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 KidKrazy97641 - 45 years and 11 months ago:
Congratz!!  Comment
 ChanelSea - 45 years and 11 months ago:
Thanks :)  Comment