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Hi everyone! Karbear10 here! Thank you for coming to my page. 

My Birthday is on 10/23/** October 23rd but I won't tell the year.

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My Nicknames
Karbear10 (my username)
Karbear (my reallife nickname)
Fresa (only for Mariasona)

By Karbear10 this is a fiction story. The dogs do talk in it.
I did get permission from all other people who appear in here, such as snickerdoodle8 and her dogs.
{If it's in between these symbols, it means it's a flash back.}

One day, Karbear10 was sitting in her room, when all of a sudden, her dogs burst into the room singing, "There's a party in the house tonight!" "Wait! Who told you there was a party in the house tonight?" Asked Karbear10. "Uh, you did." Said Bruce. "When did I say that?" Asked Karbear10. "I heard you. You were singing about a party in the house tonight. I heard you." Said Liam. Karbear10 laughed. "Oh that was a youtube video, not me. See?" She pulled it up again. The she pressed play. 'There's a party in the house, tonighht! Everybody just have a good time!' Karbear10 paused it again. "So there is no party?" Asked Ray. "Nope." Said Karbear10. "Oh. Well that's okay. Its a good thing I hadn't invited Snickerdoodle8's dogs to the party yet." Said Maluchie 350.87. "You were going to?" Asked Karbear10. "Uh, yeah." Said Maluchie 350.87. "Why? Should I not?" "Uh, NO!" Said Karbear10. "Not without asking at least." "Aww." Said Cassie as she walked away with the other dogs.
                 The dogs were all sitting around talking and playing cards. Well, Ray, **Max**, Misa and Luna were playing cards anyway. The rest of them were watching. "**Max**, do you have any threes?" Asked Luna. **Max** handed her 3 threes. Luna put down her match. "Misa, do you have any... twos?" She asked. "Go fish." Luna dragged a card over with her paw. She smiled as she layed down another match. "Luna, I mean it. I could almost swear you cheat. You win every time!" Said Ray. "And do you have any ones?" "Go fish." Said Luna. Ray drew a card. He silently groaned as he pulled out a 5. These were the cards he had: 1 ace, 1 one, 1 four, 1 five, 1 six, and 1 seven. These are Luna's: a match of 2's, 3's kings queens, and jacks, and a single 9. Misa shuffled through her cards. **Max**, do you have any... 6s?" She asked. **Max** nodded as he handed over two 6s. Misa currently had: three 6s and three 9s. "Ray, do you have any 6s?" She questioned. Ray handed over his 6. Smiling, Misa lay down another match. She looked around thoughtfully, then said to Luna, "Do you have any 9s?" Luna smiling, got rid her final card. She was the winner, with Misa in a close second as she lay down her match. "Yay!" Yelled all the watching females (which was, to say, practically all of the spectators). 
            Just then, cloudy cleared her throat. "Everyone, I have an important announcement to make." She said. "What is it?" Asked Naria. "Go on." Liam whispered to her. "Okay." Said cloudy. "Well... as you all know, Karbear10 loves breeding. Well," she smiled, "we're going to have another baby in the house soon." "What!?!" Exclaimed Naria. "I'm having my first baby." cloudy continued. "Its going to be born on Karbear10's 100th presence day. So were going to name it Centennial." "Congratulations, cloudy." Said Luna. "I'm guessing you've been registered in the bark bark kennels for the occassion. All of Karbear10's pregnant dogs are." "Yup." Said cloudy. "Liam was too." "An other baby!" Said Reggie excitedly. Luna smiled down at him. "Yeah, baby. Another baby for you to play with." She said. "Oh, I wish I could breed." Said Naria wistfully. "You will someday." Said Princess Star. "All of us will at one point." "What about me?" Asked Reggie. "I'm th' on'y irish setter puppy." "Karbear10 will get you a nice female to breed with, I'm sure." Said Misa. "When?" Asked Reggie. "When she gets enough premz." Said Jayden. "Do you think I'll be bred soon?" "Well, we'll probably all be bred right around Christmas." Said Pepsi. "All of us that are old enough, anyway. Karbear10 is going to start doing Christmas sales." "I'll be old enough by then. "Said Naria. "Maybe I'll get a breeding partner!" "What if you have twins?" Asked Diamond. "What?" Asked Liam. "What if you have twins?" Diamond asked again. "What would you name the other one?" "I- i- I hadn't thought about that." Said cloudy. "How about you worry about that when the time comes." Said Ray. "Yeah." Said **Max**. "Well, I think I'm going to go take a nap now to keep my strength up." Said cloudy, and she padded off down the hall.
                 Bruce was looking around, looking for Karbear10. Then, he saw the bag of treats. They were lying up there, the counter. He looked around. No one was watching. He walked over to the counter. He jumped up on a chair, then onto the counter. He stuck his nose in the treats and pulled two out. "Brucie! What are you doing?" Bruce turned around. Karbear10 was watching him. "Um, nothing." He said with his mouth full. "You're stealing treats again, aren't you, Brucie?" Bruce looked down. "Sorry." "Come here Bruce." Said Karbear10. "We're going to the park with Coke and Stari Night." "Yay!" Said Bruce, and he leaped off the counter and ran over to Karbear10. They went to get Coke and Stari Night, then they walked to Dogzer Park together.
               "Hey, look!" Said Stari Night. "Its Snickerdoodle8 and she's with Hailey, Jack Frost, and Ores!" "Ooh, yay!" Said Coke. Her and Stari Night were calling them over. "Hey Karbear10." Said Snickerdoodle8. "Hey." Said Snickerdoodle8. Karbear10 took Bruce's ball out of her pocket and threw it. Bruce ran to go get it, then dropped it at Karbear10's feet. They continued doing this for several hours. They all played together. Then it was time to head home.
            The next day, the dogs sat together in the living room. Cloudy said, "We've figured out what to name the puppy if its a twin. Centennial, as you know, and then the second one would be Century." (Credit to poday for the correct spelling of Centennial and the name Century.) "Hey, that's really good." Said Little boy. "Yeah." Said Naria. "It is." "Hey, guys." Said Karbear10, walking into the room. "Treats for eveyone." She handed them each one biscut stick to chew. Except Maluchie. He got a mini sausage. Then Karbear10 gave cloudy an extra. "Hey, no fair." Protested Pigeon. "Why does she get two?" "Because we need to keep her strength up. Otherwise she could get hurt, or even die when she gives birth." Said Karbear10. Then she gave each of the dogs some food. Each of them got a little bit of kibble and a little bit of meat. Then they all got a bowl of water. Cloudy got two. Then each of the dogs got some attention. They all took a nap for an hour, except cloudy took one for 2 hours. Then Karbear10 took them out for training, but all cloudy could do was watch. She sure would be happy when this was over and she could train again. Liam, Ray, and **Max** chased bugs around the garden while they were supposed to be gaurding the house. Eventually Misa and Luna got them back in place. Then Ash Tree and Misa lined up to do a race. Misa won. Then Karbear10 threw the disk for Luna. Cloudy was tempted to run out and grab it. But she didn't want to do anything to hurt her or the unborn pup. Or puppies, she reminded herself. She felt excitement run through her body just thinking about it. Soon, she would be a mom. Would it be hard? She kept asking herself. Its not like she didn't have three other moms to help her, even if one was a boxer. Then, they all went inside to rest.
                 Olympic was walking around. She wasn't doing much, just walking. She saw her mom and dad. Sitting with Ray, Luna, cloudy, and Liam. "Mommy, what are you doing?" She asked. Misa and **Max** looked at her. "Were just talking baby." "About what?" "Mostly about cloudys new baby." Said **Max**. "Can I talk with you?" Asked Olympic. "Baby, you need to take a nap." Said Luna. "Mommy, put me to bed." Olympic said to Misa. "Here, I'll put you to sleep. Give your mommy a break." Said Luna. Luna and Olympic walked to the Olympics room. "Good-night, Olympic." Said Luna. "Good night." Said Olympic, and she soon fell fast asleep.
                       Jayden was trying to go to sleep. But, of course, Oreo woke her up. "Jayden?" She said. "Yes?" Asked Jayden. "What do you want?" "Can I have some water?" Asked Oreo. "Go ask Karbear10." Said Jayden. "Okay, bye." Said Oreo. She padded out he room. Jayden smiled. Maybe now she could fall - "Hi, Jayden." - asleep. So much for that. She rolled over. "What do you want, Winder?" She asked. "I just wanted to talk." Said Winder. "Bout what?" Asked Jayden. "I dunno." Said Winder. "Just anything. I'm bored." "Try going back to sleep. Its the middle of the night!" Said Jayden. "Fine." Pouted Winder. He walked out the room. Maybe now she could get some sleep. "Hi, baby. How are you?" Karbear10 walked into the room and began petting her. Jayden sighed. It looked like she would never be able to sleep in peace. Why did she even bother?
        Misa ran up to Luna. "Did you hear?" She asked out of breath? "What?" Asked Luna. "cloudy." Said Misa. "The pup has been born." Luna and Misa ran back to the birth room, to see everyone crowding around cloudy and Liam. Luna managed to push her way to the front. The pup was curled up around cloudy. It was a beautiful black and tan. Cloudy looked up with tears of Joy in her eyes. "Centennial." She said. "Her name is Centennial." "She's beautiful." Said Naria. "It makes me want to be a mother." "Naria, everything makes you want to be a mother." @Dove joked. Karbear10 looked up. "Naria, you're almost old enough, aren't you?" She asked. "I am old enough." Said Naria. "Well, then its settled." Said Karbear10, smiling. "Lets go find you a one time breeding partner."
         Naria and Karbear10 were walking into the entrance of the breeding yard. "So, what breed you want to breed with?" Asked Karbear10. "Cocker Spaniel, definately." Said Naria. "I want my pups to be as close to LOD as possible." "Okay." Said Karbear10. They walked over to the Cocker Spaniel area of the breeding yard. "Want Ray, **Max**, Liam, who do you want?" Asked Karbear10. Naria skimmed the place, then said, "That one." She pointed her nose at a black one. Karbear10 read his imformation place. His name was Droid. "Okay." Declared Karbear10. "Droid it is."
        When they got back, Naria was nearly jumping with excitement. "Guess what?" She said. "What?" Asked Princess Star. "Well... I'm having a baby!" Said Naria. "You picked a dog to breed with?" Asked cloudy. "Yes!" Exclaimed Naria. Her and cloudy were jumping up and down for joy. "What will it be named?" Asked Cheako. "I don't know yet." Said Naria. "I'm still deciding." "Name it fizzle!" Shouted Reggie. "Why?" Asked cloudy. "Yeah, why name my baby Fizzle?" Naria questioned. "Cause fizzle fizzly!" Cried Reggie. Luna rolled her eyes. "Oh, Reggie. You are so goofy." She sighed lovingly. Randy and Pepsi were playing in the back corner of the room with Olympic, Coke, Bruce, Stari Night, roxy, @Dove, and Pigeon. They were talking about how there were so many dogs having puppies this time of year. "Wait until Christmas." Roxy announced to the small group. "Pups will be being born left and right for the Christmas sale." "Hey, at least we might make some money selling them." Said @Dove. "Maybe even more than we lose breeding." "Well, hopefully we'll have more money and breeding a lot won't affect us too much." Said Stari Night. "Do you know what?" Asked Randy. "What?" They all asked. "Karbear10 is talking about getting a female Irish setter for Reggie. There's no garrentee, but she'll try getting a female." "Then we could get Irish Setters for only 200 dogz each time whenever we wanted!" Cried Coke. Then Karbear10 walked into the room. "Okay, guys." She said. "Time for your daily training." 
         Naria lay on the ground taking a nap to get her strength up. She was thinking what to name her baby. Maybe she would name it Naria jr. Or Droid jr. Would she really name it Fizzle as Reggie had suggested? She really had considered it. Suddenly, she felt a jolt. It was happening.
             Luna ran to the room as soon as she got the news. Naria was lying on the ground. Luna looked closer and saw a black and tan female puppy snuggled up close next to her. Naria was positively glowing. "I've decided to name her... Fizzle. Just as Reggie suggested." She said smiling at the baby. Karbear10 announced that she was going to look at the abandoned dogs. Awhile later, she came back with a back female Newfoundland. "Hi." She said. "My name is Angel." They all introduced themselves. But Angel had no time to adjust before she fell on the ground, panting. It wasn't long before she gave birth to twins, a brown and a black Newfoundland, both females. Angel decided to name the brown one Chocolate and the black one Coaliy. Karbear10 was so happy. "I bought one dog for 100 dogz. Then I welped and got two more for another 200. Who would have thought?" She asked. Then, it was finally time for some quiet.
           Jayden and all the other adults were sitting around. "Guys, I need to tell you somehing. Karbear10 bred me with Winder, and I'm having a baby!" She said. "Really?" Asked Princess Star. "Yup." Said Jayden. Then they all left to go do their own stuff. Jayden went to go take a nap. First she went to get a drink of water though. Then,nshe fell asleep.
            A few days later, Jayden had her puppy. It was a male. He was blue, so Jayden and Winder decided on naming him Rocky. Karbear10 was also bidding on Aoi, so soon she would be here to see her new brother.
           Aoi was looking around. She had never seen these dogs. But that one did look familiar...realization lit up Aoi's face. "Mommy!" She cried. Then she realized that that was a cocker spaniel she had seen once... "Daddy." She said. "Here's your step dad." Said Jayden, motioning towards Winder. 
             Luna had bred with Sloan again. She gave birth to a female Irish Setter, whom she named Felikah. All the other dogs came to see. "Another Irish Setter puppy!" Reggie squealed in delight. "Your sister and breeding partner." Luna smiled at him.
 Princess Star then walked into the room and announced that she had been bred with a boxer named Pancake. She said she had bred with him once before Ringo. She was for some reason having a shorter gestation than normal and told them all she would be welping in two months rather than the normal three.
            Princess Star lay on the floor with her two twins. A fawn male named Pongo and a brindld female named Beaver. All the dogs were crowded around. "My brother and sister?" Asked Cheako. "Half brother and sister." Corrected Princess Star. "Well, maybe we'll be done with breeding for a while." Said **Max**. And they all nodded in agreement.
              Karbear10 was sitting in her room. She browsed through her mail. Nothing new there. Nothing interesting to read right now. A couple things, but nothing worth looking at right then. She then sat back deciding which dogs she should breed next. Maybe she should take a break on breeding for a while. She was browsing around, looking at dogs up for breeding. Nothing right now... ah, well. She thought. Then she looked at the clock and saw it was time to feed her dogs.
            Misa came home from show registrations to a huge cheer. Out of the five shows she had registered, she got two firsts, two seconds, and then the fifth hadn't gone on yet. Misa loved being shown, and she felt her daughter Olympic would as well. Olympic dearly loved training. Misa felt that that came from her parents being show dogs. Misa was Karbear10's main female show dog, and **Max** was the main male show dog. If they lived to 10 years, it would be time to retire, though Misa loved her job. Misa wondered what Randy would choose. Would he be a show dog like her, or a breed dog like his father Ray? He would probably choose to breed with Pepsi. Maybe she would breed with **Max** again and get another show dog. Just not right now...
           Luna was wanting to breed again. She wanted more dogs to add to the A Drop of Pop***Soda Dogs affix. She wanted to breed again. Karbear10 walked in the room. "When will you breed me again?" Luna asked. "As soon as you're ready." Was the reply. "So in one month?" Luna asked. Karbear10's eyes got wide. "Only a MONTH?!?" She cried. "I better save up some money." Then she left as Ray entered. They just sat there for a while. Then they heard Karbear10 call. It was time to train.
           A few days later, Luna got her wish. Karbear10 bred her with Ray. There was not as much exitement because she bred all the time. "What should we name the pup?" Luna asked Ray. They were sitting in Rays room together. "Are we keeping or selling?" Ray asked. "Id like to keep this one." Luna admitted. "Well, then, it has to be a good one. It has to be a soda dog." Declared Ray. Luna laughed. "I just wish we could get our Dr. Pepper." She said. "We will, someday. I really think we will." Said Ray. "So, anyways, Dr. Pepper if its a boy, and how about Sierra Myst if its a girl?" Said Luna. "Or Root Beer and Sprite." Said Ray. "No. Were using Dr. Pepper if its a boy." Said Luna.
"Fine. But after that its Root Beer and Sprite." Said Ray. Luna laughed again. "Good bye, Ray. I'm going to get some water." She said. As she walked down the hall, Luna looked around. Hanging on the walls were ribbons and medals they had won during shows. There were the cabinets containing the files with all the dogs and their information in them. And the files containing records about the breedings Karbear10 had. And the Affixs. And the The 'Bark Bark' Kennels club. Stuff like who was employed, how many dogs were in it. How big of a kibble discount it offered. Finally, Luna got to her bowl. She drank and drank until her bowl was empty. She was still thirsty. She looked around to make sure no one was watching, then quickly drank a bit of Rays. Luna was sure he wouldn't mind. She went back to the room. Ray was waiting there for her. He was jumping happily. "What?" Luna asked. "I don't know! I'm just really happy!" Ray yelled joyfully. Luna lovingly rolled her eyes, then went to her own room to rest.
                  Lunas baby was born. They named her Cola. She was about to join the A Drop of Pop***Soda Dogs affix. "She's beautiful." Ray said. "Luna smiled. "Aren't all of our children?" She asked. "Of course." Ray smiled. "**Max**, what are you doing?" Asked Misa. **Max** turned around. "Um nothing." "You're doing something you shouldn't, I know it." Said Misa. "Um, uh... BRUCE! GRAB THE TREATS AND RUN!" **Max** yelled. Bruce ran out from behind him carrying the bag of treats. He began running, only to be stopped by his father. "Bruce." Ray said. "Put. The treats. DOWN." He said. "Darn." Bruce said. He put the treats back where they came from. "**Max**." Luna scolded. "What are you trying to do? Turn my son into the Myschief Maker of the house?" "Sorry." **Max** said.
             Misa had bred with **Max** and they had a male who was then named Ka'ohu. Then Kelsy bred with some boxer named JJ (Star Dog Daycare) or something like that. Her gestation would be two months.
      Her pup was born. His name was Barker. Then Joy bred and had a pup named Scooby Dooby Doo. Then Jayden bred. Her pup would be born soon. She had a black male named Stripe. Karbear10 was trying to sell him. 
      He wouldn't sell, so Karbear10 decided to keep him. Then she bred cloudy and Liam , and Luna and Ray. Their pups would be born in precisely two months. Then Karbear10 went out. The dogs decided to party. Ray got the balloons and **Max** crancked up the music. "So, cloudy, how are you feeling?" Asked Luna. "I'm feeling okay. I'm just not used to this. You?" cloudy answered. Luna laughed. "You get used to it after the fifthor sixth time. I'm feeling good, thank you." The, about an hour later, Karbear10 walked into the room. She had a slightly familiar looking dog. Then recognition lit up Luna's face. "Sweetiey!"
             The dogs all had a happy reunion. Then Karbear10 went and bred Liam with Sweetiey. The pup would be born in two months. "Wouldn't it be something if all the pups were born on the same day?" Asked Sweetiey. "That would be amazing." Luna agreed smiling. Her first grandchild would be born soon. "They'd be best friends." Said cloudy. Pepsi said, "What are you going to name your babies?" "We don't know yet." Said Ray and Liam in unison. 
                The pups were all born within twenty four hours. Luna's pup at night, and the other two the next morning. Luna named hers Sierra Mist, cloudy named hers Carmel Noise, then, last but not least, Sweetiey's was named Dr. Pepper.  "They're beautiful!" Pepsi cried. "Yup." Said the three mohers in unison. Then it was time for bed.
              Ray and Luna bred again. They had a golden female whom they named Sprite. "Finally, I've had a pup with you that actually looks like me, even if it is still a girl." Ray said happily. "Yup." Luna smiled, looking at Sprite. "Karbear10 will have to put her in the A Drop of Pop***Soda Dogs affix soon. Sierra Mist burst into the room with Dr. Pepper and Carmel Nose. "I want to see my sister!" Demanded Sierra Mist. Luna smiled. "Come here." She said. The three gathered around to look at Sprite. "What's her name?" Asked Carmel Nose. "We are proud to present... Sprite." Ray smiled. Dr. Pepper groaned. "Another female in the A Drop of Pop***Soda Dogs affix? Give birth to some males, would ya?" "Believe me, we've been trying." Ray said. Luna laughed. "You can say that again, Ray." She said. "You can say that again."
              Sweetiey walked around the house. It had been such a long time since she had walked these halls with her mother.  She remembered it like it was only yesterday.
{Sweetiey walked down the halls with her mother Luna, her father Ray, and Karbear10. "Where are we going mommy?" Sweetiey asked. "You'll see." Luna said in a sad, small voice. They walked a little further, until they got there. The auction place. "Mommy, Daddy, why am I here again?" Sweetiey cried. "I'm sorry, Sweetiey." Ray said. Luna got in front of Sweetiey. "Sweetiey, last time we brought you here, it was for the sake of money. We had hopes that no one would buy you. But someone placed a bid. We knew you were gone then. But, they couldn't quite afford you. So, we reserved you for them. We know this time, there's no way out. So, this is good-bye." Luna said. "Good-bye, Mommy." Sweetiey said. "Good-bye, Sweetiey." Luna said. "Good-bye, Daddy." Sweetiey said. "Good-bye, Sweetiey." Ray said. "Bye, Karbear10." Sweetiey said. "Bye Sweetiey." Karbear10 waved. As Sweetiey got taken, she heard Luna cry to Ray "This is the second in a row we've lost." Sweetiey spent two years with her new owner, staying loyal to the end, enjoying herself, but still missing her old family. Then, her owner reserved her for someone else, and she returned to the place she once did, and now once again, called home.} Everytime Sweetiey opened her eyes, she half expected to be back at her old home. But she was here, and she was happy. There was no where else she would rather be.
                   The dogs were all training together. Misa and Ash Tree were racing. She was getting really good. Ash Tree was leading, but then at the last second, Misa took a mighty leap and pulled ahead. They both went across the finish line and took a moment to rest. "Nice job, Ash Tree. I'm sure you'll be amazing when you're able to show." Misa said. "Thanks." Ash Tree smiled. The two looked over at Olympic and Ka'ohu, who were training seperately, because they would be shown in everything. They looked over at the trufflers, and the disk dogs, and the agility, and obedience.
"Everyone is doing a fantastic job today." Said Misa. "Yeah." Said Ash Tree as they lined back up to race once more.
               Minney was walking around. She was going to be fostered by Karbear10 for 15 days, and if Karbear10 did a good job taking care of her, she would adopt Minney as well. Minney didn't really know anyone here. She was the only  Alaskan Malamute here, just like Ollie was the only Scottish Terrier. This place had so many Cocker Spaniels she had lost count. A couple of them came running over to Minney. There was three of them. A black, A gold, and A Black and Tan. "Hi!" The gold one laughed. "Hi." Minney said uncertainly. She had only been here a couple hours and hadn't talked to any other dogs yet. "I'm roxy." The gold dog giggled some more. "I'm Pigeon*." The black one said. "And I'm @Dove." Said the Black and Tan dog. "I'm Minney." Minney said. "Come on, play tag with us!" Roxy said with glee. "Okay!" Said Minney. The four dogs ran outside and began running and leaping and laughing and chasing. "Wow, Minney, you're fast!" Yelled @Dove as Minney caught her. "Thanks." Minney said. And the four resumed there game of tag.
                    After the game the four collapsed on the ground laughing. "Come on, we'll show you around a little." @Dove said. They walked into the house. They went to the room where all the dogs talked. "This is the meeting room. All the dogs come here to talk." They walked around a bit more. "Here's my room, and over there is @Doves, and across the hall is roxys." Pigeon* said. Then Karbear10 called and it was time to train.
                   Things were always changing for Karbear10. She was always getting new dogs, and making new friends. She decided to check the files. She went to them. She checked the dogs, and realized she still needed to make one for Austun, a new pup of cloudy and Liam. She spent a while making Austun's file, and updating the others. Then she updated the file for the The 'Bark Bark' Kennels kennel club. Then she checked the clock. She sighed. "Dogs," she called, "its time to train."
                    Ray was sitting in his room after the celebration party the dogs had all thrown because Karbear10 had succesfully fostered and adopted Minney. More dogs just kept coming and coming. He remember when he was the only dog. {Ray opened his eyes one day to see a lady sitting next to him stroking his fur. "Hello, Ray." She said. "I'm Karbear10." The two always played together. Then one day, Karbear10 came back upset about something. "What's wrong." Ray asked, running over. "Well," said Karbear10, "I was bidding for this dog. Her name was Misa. I was confident I could win her. I had a bid of 601 up. Then someone placed a bid. I looked to see it, and it was 1602." "Why didn't you bid that?" Ray asked. "I didn't dare bid that high, in fear of losing everything." Karbear10 said. "And from that moment, I knew I had lost." About a week later, Karbear10 left for about an hour. When she came back, she had a female pied cocker spaniel. "This is Luna." She said. "She's two months old." The three played a lot. Then one day they got back from swimming, and Karbear10 suddenly looked at the clock. "Oh, NO! I am SO late! I have to go NOW!" She left and came back around fifteen minutes later. She had a female gold cocker spaniel pup. "This dog is two months old. Her name is currently Misti, but we'll soon change that." She looked to Ray. "Do you remember me telling you about a dog I wanted but couldn't get around two weeks ago. Ray searched his memory. Which one was she talking about? Then he remembered one particular night when Karbear10 came back quite upset. He nodded. "Well," Karbear10 said, "this is Misa." So her name was officially changed back to Misa.} Ray smiled. Those were the good old days. After that, more dogs just kept coming and coming, especially after Karbear10 discovered flat price, but THAT was a story for another day.
The End The Sequel

Karbear10 was walking around the house. There wasn't much to do. She decided to go look for Luna and Ray. She found them in Ray's room. "What are you doing?" She asked. "We're talking about that compotition you registered Misa and **Max** for." Luna said. "We know we were upset it wasn't us at first, but you did what you thought best. Besides, they're younger. It will be easier to train their HS up." "Besides, they're more competitive than us." Ray said. "They'll try harder than we would to raise the capacity and win." "I'm glad you agree." Karbear10 smiled. Then she left to leave Ray and Luna to talk more. "Do you remember when we had our first pup?" Luna asked Ray. "Yeah. Weren't we around three years?" Ray asked. "Yup." Luna smiled, remembering. "And we had our little Pepsi." Ray grinned. "Then we had the triplets." Luna said. "And we were so happy." And the two dogs continued talking about all of their pups.


      These were made for me by my AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL friend Mariasona, or as I call her, Lemony. The two of us have become great friends in a very short amount of time, and the fact that she would take time out of her life to make this for me makes me very happy! Mariasona is one of the kindest people I know, and is the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. The first gift anyone ever made for me was made by her. Sure I had gotten a couple on that people sent out to all their friends, but that one was made specially for ME! It means so much to me! Thank you Lemony!

   This was made for me by my GREAT, AWESOME friend and RPing buddy, Puppylover1244. We grew close in a short period of time. It means so much to me that she would make this for me. This is only the second gift anyone has ever made for me. I really appreciate it. Puppylover1244 is a very kind person, and I am lucky to have met her. Thank you Puppylover1244!


The Story of my Cocker Spaniels
Ray was my first dog on this game. I had meant to get a female, but now I'm glad I didn't. If I had, most of my other dogs wouldn't be the same either.  Luna (Lovegood) was my second. If I remember correctly, she was my 4th try. I had been desperately wanting a second dog, so Ray wouldn't be alone (I hadn't known about flat price then, or I would have gone there). Then I saw Luna (Lovegood), and I knew, I wanted that dog. So, I used a plan I had devised for my previous try to make sure I got her.  Misa's story is a bit different. Remember the dog I had been going for before I got Luna? That dog was Misa. I had been going to use The Plan, but I got on and just when I was about to use The Plan, I saw someone had bid 1,602 or something like that. I didnt dare bid that high, in fear of losing everything. But still, I was so upset. I was beginning to think I would never get a second dog. Then, about a week after I got Luna, I saw two cocker spaniels at auction. A male named Flyer, and a female named Misti. I was bidding for misti. Then one day I was on her page. I was going to make another bid for her, I think. Or perhaps I was just paying her a visit. I don't quite remember which. But I saw something on her page: Your dogs name is now misti. There were a couple reasons I thought what I did, but I can only remember two: the name hadn't always been misti, and I loved her just as much. And it made sense too. The coat was the same, the age was perfect. Only one month older than she had been last time I saw her. Then I went to her pedigree, and it was confirmed: misti was the same dog as Misa! It was not definate I would get her. I had something come up so that I couldn't do The Plan. I just had to rely on luck. When I got the chance, I checked right away. I got her. It stayed like that for awhile...  until I discovered flat price. I went to cocker spaniels, and I saw a beautiful gold male named **Max**. I knew right away I wanted him. But I needed to save up some money first. Then, the day I was going to get him, a strange thing happened: but, for you to understand, I need to tell you this: I hadn't searched under cocker spaniel that day- I had looked for him out of all the dogs at flat price. I found him, between a poodle and a husky, I believe. Then I left the room to do something, and when i came back, he was gone! Just the poodle and the husky. Then I went out to do something with my family, and when I came back I searched cocker spaniels to see if there was any others I might want, and I saw him. The wierd thing was, he still had the same owner. I no longer find that strange, because then, I didn't understand the concept of TIME LIMITS at flat price. Then came Ash Tree. She was at auction. I used The Plan to get her, and she still lives happily with me. Then came Naria and cloudy. The reason I tell the stories of them together is because their stories are one. I saw Naria at flat price, and I wanted her. Then, on Christmas Eve when I was going to get her, I saw cloudy. Her message was very sad. The part that really caught my attention was this: "No one should be alone on Christmas." That made me so sad, because I thought that was true. So I spent a while thinking about which one to get. I looked at their health, and Naria's was lower: she needed me more. So I bought her. Then I noticed I still had quite a bit of money left. I quickly figured it up. If I bought cloudy, I would still be able to take care of my dogs. So I spent a few more minutes deciding if I should, and I eventually decided to. Now they are still with me, healthy and happy. Then came @Dove. A friend of mine saw my page, and that I only had cocker spaniels, and they offered me @Dove. I accepted.  Then a while later, I finally bred my dogs- something I had been trying to do for nearly 4 (real) months, and something I had been looking forward to since I got Luna (Lovegood). I bred Ray and Luna together, and they had beautiful black and tan baby girl, Pepsi. Now, the color kind of caught me off gaurd, because I had only prepared names for gold and pied, the color of her parents. But it didn't take me long to come up with the perfect name: Pepsi. Then, a week later, I bred Luna and Ray again. I had given Luna the Ring of Isis bonus, and she gave birth to a healthy litter of triplets. I named them Coke, Bruce, and Stari Night. Then, about two days later, (what, I was in the mood for breeding. You got a problem with that?) I bred Misa and Ray. Misa's main purpose  had been to breed, but she was a better show dog, so I gave that position to Luna. Anyway, Misa gave birth to a beautiful gold male, who I named Randy. A while later, I bred Misa to **Max**. The pup was born on the start of the 2014 winter olympics, so I named her Olympic. Then I adopted a dog named Lillian. Only it turns out, Lillian was a BOY! So I changed his name to Liam.

The Story of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
The first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I ever got was Little Boy. I remember wanting a second breed. I had been trying to decide. But then, one day, one of my friends offered me a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Little Boy. I, happy that the decision had been made for me, happily accepted the offer. Then, one day I was looking at flat price and I saw a beautiful tri-colored. His name was Maluchie 350.87. I really liked him, and that coat is gorgeous when they grow up, I knew that, so I waited as long as I dared, then bought him. Though he was expensive, (1,000) I knew in my heart that I wanted that dog. So I got him. Then, Cassie. One of my friends asked me if I was looking for any breeds on my wall. I asked if they had any Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Then another friend joined our conversation. I was torn between a male for 550 or a female for 600. I chose the female, because I already had two males. Then I had my three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Then afterwards, I saw a black and tan. She was so adorable. Her name was Diamond. She wasn't expensive, and I had been doing good saving money, so I bought her. I now have every coat color.

The Story of my Boxers
My first ever boxer was Princess Star. The reason I got started on boxers was because one of my friends had a boxer up for breeding. He had been up nearly a week before I decided to get one to breed with him. The first time I went to flat price, there had only been one female: a fawn named Layla. Then, next time I got on, Layla was still there, but there was another: a brindle named Princess Star. I decided I would still get Layla, even though I liked Princess Star's coat better. I got off, and when I got on again, Layla was gone. I decided I would settle for Princess Star. Not wanting to make the same mistake I had made with Layla, I quickly figured it up to see how much I would have after I bought her. This is what I had: enough. I quickly bought her, and here she is. After I bought her, I did what I had got her to do: I bred with my friends boxer. This is where Cheako comes in. As soon as they bred together, I had the pup. I normally don't rush it like that, but I was going to talk to my friend, and I thought they had the right to know what it looked like as soon as possible, and I was talking to them in about an hour. The pup she had was Cheako. Then, a long while later, I was just looking at flat price. I hadn't been planning on getting anyone, but then I saw a dog. A boxer, to be exact. Her name was Angie. It said to also look at her son, Luke. I had been to Luke's page, but I had decided against getting him. But then reality struck that this was my last chance to get him. I thought about it for a while, then figured up my money. I would still have enough to whelp the next day and still be above one thousand if I got him. So I thought some more, and then bought Luke.

The Story of my American Staffordshire Terrier
My **Max** was up at breeding for the very first time. I wasn't expecting him to get chosen. But he did... by an American Staffirdshire Terrier. They had a beautiful black baby. She was named Oreo. Then, she got put up at flat price. I felt that I had just as much right to own her as her mother's owner, because I owned the other parent. I didn't want to miss her, so I didn't waste a moment: I got her. Then, a while later, I saw a dog at my kennel club. He was a fawn male Staffie named Winder. Then one day, I noticed he had an auction symbol: he was for sale, so I bid for him, and I got lucky, and he now belongs to me. Even before I got Winder, I had been looking for adoption, from a group called the golden kennels adoption foster and training. If you are ever looking for adoption and there are no dogs at the sanctuary, I recommend going to golden kennels or one of the other adoption groups. I was on one of my friends page, and I saw that they had a staffie that they were fostering. This was probably right after I got Oreo, and I felt she needed someone of the same breed to be her second mother. I waited for sevral months, then, one day, I checked my mail, and there it was: the sale offer. The one I had been waiting for. So I did the expected thing: I accepted.

If Justin Bieber were to jump off a sky scraper, 99% of the people below him would scream and sob, while the other 1% would grab shades, popcorn, and a chair and yell "Do a back flip!" If you are that 1%, copy this and put it on your page.

If 1D was coming to your hometown, 70% would buy tickets, 20% would cry and wish they could be there, 9% would watch it on tv as soon as they could, and 1% would say "Whatever, I've got better things to do." Post this on your page if you are that 1%.

When Jesus was hanging on the cross He was thinking about you. Whether you believe or not, God is always with you. Did you know that 98% of teenagers will not stand up for God,  and 93% of the people that read this won't put it on their page. If you are part of the 7% that will stand up for him  please put this on your page. God loves you so much! He will never leave you or forsake you.

Please register your dogs in my kennel club, The 'Bark Bark' Kennels.

Bonus's I Have given my dogs/want to give my dogs
= Already has
Luna- landscape of venus
Stari Night- landscape of venus
Stari Night- fantastic coat bonus
Ray- eternity ruby
Luna- eternity ruby
Misa- eternity ruby
**Max**- eternity ruby
Ray- landscape of venus

So, that makes in total, to get all those eternity rubies for my two dogs, and a landscape of venus, I need:

However, I don't need to buy a landscape of venus, as I have one in stock.

- 1

I need 6 premz for those bonus's.
I have 5 premz.
Misa and **Max** will be getting their eternity rubies once I get
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 Animagus101 - 5 days and 16 hours ago
Animagus101 votes for Karbear10.   Comment
 Karbear10 - 1 year and 11 months ago
Karbear10 celebrates 800 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 1 year and 11 months ago
Oh cool, you're still alive. xD   Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
Lol yup I’m still alive :) I’ve just been so busy since I started high school  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
How's that going, other than being busy with it?  Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
It’s actually going pretty well. I’ve made a lot of new friends, so that’s fun. Sadly most of them are seniors and will be graduating after this year.  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
That sucks. I hope you can get some extra friends next year.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
Yeah. I’ve been becoming better friends with some of this years freshmen, so at least I’ll still have them :)  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
That's good.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
Yeah, it is  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 49 years and 10 months ago:
I'm starting my freshman year soon, and I'm pretty sure jumping into a frozen lake is more appealing to me than that.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 11 months ago:
Lol honestly high school isn’t as bad as you’d think it is. The homework is less than ideal, and the upperclassmen can be intimidating at first, but really they’re mostly pretty nice. It’s honestly not much worse than middle school.  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 49 years and 11 months ago:
Yeah, I've been hearing things like that from other people too. I know I'm worrying a bit more than I should be. Oh by the way, me and my mom almost died in a car crash yesterday morning. That was fun.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 50 years, 12 h and 38 min ago:
Oh no is everyone okay?  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 50 years, 13 h and 57 min ago:
Yeah, everybody involved was fine. But the person who rear-ended us hit us so hard that our trunk was crushed into the back seats. Also, we crashed into the guy in front of us due to the force of the impact. She was going 20mph over the speed limit, and when she hit us she didn't even try to brake at all, instead using our car as her brake. If she'd been going too much faster or if we had a car that wasn't so externally defended, we undoubtedly would've died or been hospitalized. Me and my mom got some minor injuries - though my mom's state was much worse than mine.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 50 years, 205 h and 8 min ago:
Wow that’s awful. I have a friend who was in a car crash a few months ago. It was really icy and he had just pulled out into an intersection, and there was a car coming that braked, but still ended up sliding into him. It completely destroyed the hood of the car, but luckily other than hurting his knee and being scared, he was fine. If he had left even like half a second earlier, it would’ve killed him. It was pretty scary.  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 50 years and 1 month ago:
Oh geez. Yeah, that's terrifying.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 50 years and 2 months ago:
Yeah, it really was  Comment
 Puppypaws63 - 50 years and 3 months ago:
Welp, my summer's been pretty anticlimactic for the most part so I don't really know what else to talk about tbh  Comment
 Karbear10 - 50 years and 6 months ago:
Same honestly. My junior year has been going well though.  Comment
 Karbear10 - 1 year and 11 months ago
Karbear10 leaves Ash Tree in the Inu Aloha club   Comment
 Karbear10 - 1 year and 11 months ago
Karbear10 leaves Ash Tree in the Inu Aloha club   Comment
 Karbear10 - 2 years, 263 hours and 4 minutes ago
Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Liam.   Comment
 Karbear10 - 2 years, 263 hours and 35 minutes ago
Karbear10 leaves Luna in the Inu Aloha club   Comment
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Karbear10 leaves Sereina in the Inu Aloha club   Comment
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Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Ray.   Comment
 I_Love_Pitbulls5541 - 2 years and 7 months ago
The 9-1-1 [Human RP] group welcomes a new member: Karbear10   Comment
 puppylover1244 - 2 years and 8 months ago
((You've got too many messages in your inbox, so I couldn't reply to the PM but here it is) :) No worries amigo! It took me forever to get around to sending it to be quite honest :) My life has been pretty much the same, I can relate. It's awesome you've gotten some time to come back on here though! :D Has anything interesting happened ever since the last time I spoke to you?   Comment
 Karbear10 - 49 years and 1 month ago:
Honestly, nothing has really happened in my life. I know, I’m so boring :P lol but really since I moved 2 years ago nothing interesting has happened. I did survive my Freshman year of High School though, so yay!!  Comment
 ghosty45 - 3 years and 6 months ago
The Maison De Anges group welcomes a new member: Karbear10   Comment
 Karbear10 - 3 years and 7 months ago
Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Dice.   Comment
 Karbear10 - 3 years and 7 months ago
Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Liam.   Comment
 Karbear10 - 3 years and 7 months ago
Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Bento +.   Comment
 Karbear10 - 3 years and 9 months ago
Karbear10 leaves Ash Tree in the Dogwarts club   Comment
 Karbear10 - 3 years and 10 months ago
Karbear10 takes in Chopper, who was abandoned.   Comment
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Karbear10 leaves Felikah in the Dogwarts club   Comment
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Karbear10 leaves Sereina in the Dogwarts club   Comment
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Karbear10 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Reggie.   Comment
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 strawberrywaffles - 4 years and 3 months ago
Happy Birthday!!   Comment
 Karbear10 - 47 years and 6 months ago:
Thank you! Sorry I haven't been able to get on lately.  Comment
 strawberrywaffles - 47 years and 6 months ago:
It's okay. :)  Comment