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Puppypaws63 - Dogzer dog breeder

XP points: 3715


Overall Ranking: 43th
Reputation points: 374
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Groomer. Unemployed
Founder of the Labradors and More kennel club
Dogz': Array
Landscape of Athena



12/21/20 - I know that saying this place is dead could be seen as a bit of an understatement, yeah. But if anyone still here reads this, just, thank you. So much. I consider being at this place to be one of the peaks of my childhood and this was mostly because of all the amazing people here. All the people that I never said a word to. All the people that helped me with things. All the people that complimented the things I created. All the people I roleplayed with. All the people I was friends with, that put up with my childish crap all the time. Thank you, you made this place something to love to me and so many others. It's not an exaggeration to say that the people here played a massive part in who I am now, and I believe that applies to plenty of other people as well. Thank you, to everyone. Yeah, I'm sad it's pretty much over, but I'm so glad it happened. Man, this is cheesy, but well, yeah.



 Additionally, if you ever want to chat, I'm semi-active on Discord: Xenoen #1983





From LidyGH, thankies! ^.^
















I'm too lazy to write this lol










                                          PitaPata - (BjBH)








                                            PitaPata - (U8Sw)









tldr; edgy teenage gamer girl



Alright, here's bio rewrite number 59. I'm Puppypaws63, usually nicknamed Paws. I'm female and a teenager. I'm a gamer and artist who can't socialize to save my life. I really like games like Hollow Knight, BotW, Undertale, Celeste, etc.. I wrote cringy Warriors fanfictions when I was younger and I'm currently trying and miserably failing to write and develop a webcomic/graphic novel., so I spend quite a bit of time writing short stories. I really like the Red Queen series, certain manga, and the MCU. I enjoy shows such as Yuri on Ice, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Stranger Things. Don't really have much else to say.





By the way, I took this personality test out of boredom, and I can say with 100% certainty that this is all true (except for the "highly intelligent and level-headed" part)


 You are a Ninetales!






Image result for chikorita gifsImage result for chikorita gifsImage result for chikorita gifs













Real Name: no

Age: 16

Birthday: December 10th

School Grade: 10th

Boring Fact: I snap with my ring finger and my thumb.

Boring Fact 2: I never learned how to hold a pencil properly. The position that I hold it in is strange enough that it's difficult to describe.






  1. 1. Don't harass me or my friends.


2. Don't spam my wall. This also preferably includes my group walls and my dog-page walls.


3. No random friend requests. Unless I'm desperate for online socialization, I won't accept it. And if I'm desperate, you probably don't want me to accept it anyway.


4. Don't steal the art that I post on my page if it was done by me. If it's some random image I got off the internet, I don't care what you do with it.


5. No, I won't buy anything with ridiculously unfair prices.


6. I don't tolerate bigoted comments. Please keep them to yourself.





My Dogzer Game


Okay. So, here's a disclaimer, I don't really breed dogs much anymore. I only focus on raising the capacity of one breed now, which isn't sellable. However, I've been on here for a few years now, and I consider myself to be pretty experienced regarding Dogzer. If you have any questions, ask, I won't bite, but I'll list a few questions I can think off the top of my head and the answers to them if you really think I'll chew on your tongue.


Q: Will you breed a [dog breed] puppy for me?

A: Sure.


Q: Will you breed a [dog breed that isn't sellable] puppy for me, in case it ever becomes sellable?

A: No.


Q: Can you buy my dog?

A: Depends.


Q: What's the best way to get to 80% HS fast / level up fast?

A: Look at my guide near the bottom of my page, or I can personally guide you if you want me to.


Q: Can you train my dog?

A: Yes. I'll charge more or less depending on how much you want me to train them, though.


Q: Why aren't you accepting my friend request?

A: I don't know you enough, sorry.


Q: Can you sell me [dog on favorite dogs list]?

A: Go jump off a fridge.


Q: Please enter a dog in [competition description]!

A: Okay. I'm probably not busy if I'm online, so more than likely I'll be able to help you.  


Q: How do you get progress stars?

A: Patience, and knowing the right training techniques. Bonuses like the Spring Water and the Water of the Magic Waterfall are recommended for faster training, but are completely optional.


Q: Can we be breeding partners?

A: I'm a solitary breeder, and I only raise certain breeds - typically unsellable ones. So, chances are, I'll probably say no. Sorry.


Q: Can I have a breeding?

A: Yeah, but only to dogs with 50% HS or more. I probably won't give you a breeding to a dog that I'm raising / have raised for my personal career.





(AKA Dogs that will never be for sale)

(Side note: You can click on a dog's name to visit their page.)

(Oh by the way, these dog descriptions are old and I'm too lazy to change them, so prepare to cringe a little if you read them.)





Snowball Will absolutely NEVER be for sale. She is my first dog ever, and I would never trade her for anything. Plus, I couldn't take her away from her "boyfriend", Rex.





!Emma- Snowball's best daughter that I have, I spoiled her with plenty of bonuses. She will never, ever be for sale. One of the reasons I gave her that coat is to make up for a dog with the same coat that I sold for 20k, that I now regret selling and can never get back.





 !Rex- My second dog, and the first dog I got from the Sanctuary. Not ever for sale.






Jasmine- My third dog, and Snowball's first pup. Never for sale.






Talia- One of Snowball's first pups, in her first (or second, my memory sucks) set of twins. I sold her, then eventually got her back. After what happened, I know that I'm not selling her.






Duke- I rescued this poor guy from the Sanctuary when he barely had any health left. He came with two bonuses, which was kind of surprising. He's staying with me from now on. 




 Kolio- AKA, my "Miracle Dog". I trained him to 50 HS then sold him, as part of my former husky training program. Then, about one day after I sold him, the owner I sold him to abandoned I think four dogs, and, by a really funny coincidence, I went to the Sanctuary, and I found out that one of the dogs that the owner abandoned was Kolio. I took him in again, then trained him to 80% HS. He will never ever be for sale again. 





(redid this on 1/13/2019)



Fingers, Eyes Open: Puppypaws63

Fingers, Eyes Closed: Puppypaws5t

Chin, Eyes Open: pojullhlazsxstyr

Elbow, Eyes Open: popohjul;plhy;paawzs63w

Elbow, Eyes Closed: lolologkicddbtghyuy











Sorry if you are not on this list, I added players I most frequently talk to 







 - AKA, the bestest friend EVAH! She's my BFF, and we've known each other ever since a few days after I got my account. She's fun to talk to when I'm bored, and she's awesome. I wouldn't trade her friendship for anything :heart:




 - Yeesh, words cannot describe how awesome she is! Lidy is such an amazing person to talk to, and she's my RP buddy! ^.^ (Meep!)








~My Really Old Art~

 (I've improved since I made these)


These were all made with a computer mouse and Windows Paint. Now I use a graphics tablet and Krita, a free art program. I would show my more recent stuff, but, uh, I'm too lazy to put it up. Just as I'm too lazy to take these down.



steal them all you want lol



For my WolfPlay account, Luvinae.



















How to Get a Dog to 80% HS in 4-5 years (No bonuses/Instinct Only)

(mostly personal notes)


1-2 months - Do all the actions with your dog to get their mood up. Put them to bed in a basket or doghouse if possible.


3 months- Start training in highest capacity skill for at least 9 hours each day. Feed dog either kibble or meat, as meat might be cheaper than kibble depending on the dog. Take a nap for at least an hour and a half to restore energy, and that combined with food should be enough to train for another hour at the least without letting energy drop below 40%.


4 months - Deworm. Continue training.


10 months - Enter a kennel club with a dog instructor. Train in highest capacity skill with the dog instructor for at least 9 hours a day, and use the method shown for 3 months to get more training time in. The dog's HS should be one percent above its age by this point. (Note: If you're in a club with a good kibble discount, it'd probably be best to switch to only kibble since it will always be cheaper than meat due to the discount.)


1 year - Vaccinate. Continue training.


1 year, 3 months - Don't enter shows yet. Keep training.


1 year, 6 months - Don't breed yet. Start entering shows if you'd like, but keep training.


1 year, 9 months - You should probably be entering shows that fit the best with the dog's highest capacity skill by this point. Save some time and energy for training, though.


2 years - Vaccinate. Keep training and entering shows. The dog should probably be getting better at them.


2-3 years - At some point here, only train for a small amount of time and primarily enter shows.


3-4-5 years - The dog should have gained at least 120 levels at this point and should be at 80% HS.




Symbols next to dog names:


!Name - Never for sale.

**Name - 80% HS, ready to be bred.

*Name - Currently in training. (80%HS>current HS)




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i'm not active on here at all, and haven't really been since the website changed. But every so often I like checking back in. It's crazy I used to be so active back in 2014. and I saw you used to post on my wall, so when I clicked on your page and saw you were occasionally still active i figured i'd say hi lol. sorry its on your wall, your pm was full :)   Comment
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Hey!! Yeah, I don't really know either, I just mainly remember it starting to go downhill quickly after the layout change. Yeah, I miss 'em all too.  Comment
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