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Landscape of Athena

I suppose this game is dead now; pity. I will forever remember all of the great times I had and miss the friends I made! You guys truly had an impact on me and really launched my love and passion for writing. I will always remember fondly the hours I spend on here role-playing and creating characters. If you wish to contact me, I have a Wattpad account under the user: american_cyanide. I will still log on once in awhile in check in, so feel free to shoot me a message! :) Farewell my friends.







Daisy Mae

February 14 2007- June 27 2017

You are missed, my dear friend.

"Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big." ~Erica Jong








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              Introductions have always been a hard topic to write for me, mostly because mere words cannot describe a human being unless you know the correct procedure of using them. Words in general can be both a blessing and a curse, and to describe something as unique as a living person is incredibly difficult due to such intricacy.

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 ~*The Fallen*~

  (A story from The Packs’ United ~*Anime Wolf Rp*~)

Warning: I wrote this way back in Middle School. It should not be used as a example of my current writing abilities.



~Night Skies~


A black crow circled the night sky, his ebony wings brushing against branches. “Slick, how do we know which wolf is The Dark One?” He asked the larger, much shinier crow next to him.


“You will know. We will all know, Flesh.” He replied curtly, his beady eyes spotting the corpse of a bloodied elk far below him.


“Wolves are disgusting beasts, unworthy of being at the top of the food chain.” Flesh spat with the kind of venom in his voice that made one question the bird’s sanity. He dove down to the decaying animal, his beak breaking foul skin as he began feasting.


“You'll change your opinion if we live to meet The Dark One.” Slick told him, ruffling his greasy feathers as he tore into the meat that was crawling with maggots.


“Soon it will be the wolves who will peck helplessly at the straps.” Flesh cawed, lifting his head for a moment to look at his cohort.


“No Flesh...soon there will be no wolves.”


*Chapter One*

~The Nightmare~


Fell’s paws twitched as he slept. He had no warmth of a mother like the others. He whined in his sleep before his head shot up. He shook his whole body, hoping to shake the horrid nightmare away from him.


“Rouge!” Fell whispered to his friend sleeping a few feet from him. “Rouge!” He whispered louder, his eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness.

“Huh? What is it?” She mumbled, blinking the sleep from her eyes.


“I have to tell you something! It’s important!” Fell barked, trying to keep his voice from shaking.


“Can it wait ‘til sunrise? I was having a good dream…”  She said sleepily, her jaws stretching in a yawn.


“What part about important do you not get!?”


“Gheez! Fine, if it’s so important to you I’ll listen.” She snapped, getting up from the cold cave floors.


Rouge shook the drowsiness away and padded up to him. “Just don’t wake up the others. They’ll get angry at us, and Skylar’s already had a bad day yesterday.” She reminded him.


“I don’t know why the other pup’s mothers still sleep beside them! Most of us are almost a year old! We can handle sleeping on our own!” Fell muttered with secreted jealousy.


She rolled her eyes with a huff.


Fell sighed, looking down at the cold cave dirt. “Well, I had this nightmare. I think it might be a prophecy from the spirits. It seemed so real!”


Rouge’s eyes widened and she cocked her head. “You should tell Dagg-oops I mean...sorry.” Rouge stuttered. “You should tell Fang…” She whispered softly.


Fell glared at her. “We don’t speak his name. I don’t need to remind you what Dagger did to me.”


“Anyway, in my nightmare I was running through a dark forest. I didn’t know what I was running from, but my instincts told me get as far away as possible. Crows and other types of scavengers cawed and flew into my face and pecked at my pelt. They said they wanted my meat. Said the scavengers would rule over wolves. When they left a huge shadow in the shape of a wolf showed up. He growled and snarled at me. I thought he looked familiar. Than I realized that the shadow was me!” Fell yipped softly.


Rouge sided closer to him, her tail thumping on the ground. “You aren’t exaggerating, right?” She asked, hoping it was just a story. She realized it would now be too hard to fall back asleep, and pricked her ears to listen.


“The wolf chased me through the forest where I saw huge volcanos with lava blasting out of the tops. He then cornered me on a rocky ledge and pushed me off of it. The last thing I saw was the crows pecking at my dead body. The shadow wolf than said something in a strange language, but for some reason I could understand it. He said that a great secret involving man would be revealed. He than called out to the crows saying “Scavengers ravage the land! The wolf has fallen! Take what’s yours! Rule over man and predator for what was theirs is now yours!” Then I woke up.” Fell finished, realizing he was shaking.

Rouge’s eyes were wider than a full moon.


“You should definitely tell Fang when she wakes up. If what you said is true and it is a prophecy than our whole pack could be in danger!” She yelped loudly.


“SHHH!” He hissed. “I will at sunrise.” Fell added with a nod. ‘Our whole pack, even Chains’s pack could be in danger. This could involve all of wolfkind!’ He thought. ‘Not that I care though. What have the others done to me except hurt me? All I care about is Rouge.’ He added as an afterthought.


Rouge yawned. “Let’s get some sleep. It might help things.” She told him before laying down next to him.


Fell nodded and layed down as well. He rested his head on Rogue's haunches before he dozed off. Almost before he had completely fallen asleep he heard the eerie call of a crow.


*Chapter 2*

~The Confrontation~



Sunrise came too soon for Fell. It felt like he had just fallen asleep when Rouge nudged him awake.


“Come on!” She yipped when she saw him open his eyes. “We have to go see Fang! I’m sure she’s awake now!” She told him, wagging her tail. When she saw he still hadn’t stood up she shoved him on his back and started nipping at his under-belly.


“I’m up! I’m up! Yeesh!” Fell told her, suppressing his laughter. He mock growled at her before leaping to his paws.


“Fang won’t want to be kept waiting!” She growled impatiently. Her face then froze and eyes widened.


“YOU TOLD HER!?” Fell snarled, glaring at her.


“Well, umm, yes…” Rouge whispered, lowering her eyes.


Fell rolled his eyes. “What all did you say?”


“Just that you had a nightmare and it might be important.” She replied, flattening her ears.


Fell sighed. “Can’t you keep a secret?” He asked wryly.


Rouge smiled, knowing all too well about his behaviors.


“Come on, Rouge, let’s get moving…”




A few minutes later the two pups arrived at the Alpha cave.  Fang was there dozing on a rock ledge.


“Ah, I’ve been expecting you two.” Fang told them, her voice dripping with authority.


Her dominance had no effect on the pups and the two struggled to suppress their laughter.


“So, Fell, tell me about this nightmare you’ve had.” Fang added.


He took a deep breath and stepped up to her. Then, he told her his story. She looked surprised at the end, even worried.


“Well, umm…” Even she had trouble trying to find the right words. She then sighed. “Fell, Rouge. You must tell no one of your nightmare and what I’m about to tell you. Understood?” She told the two pups, staring into their eyes in an act of superiority.


They both nodded, Fell gulping.


“Chains and I have both had nightmares similar to yours, Fell. We dismissed it, thought maybe we were just stressed.” She shook her head. “It must be a prophecy. How can three wolves have the same nightmare?” She mused.


Rouge shook her pelt, a whine building up in her throat.


“I will howl for Chains tonight and discuss it with him. Remember: do not speak of this.” Fang told them, growling softly. She then flicked her tail, signaling them to leave.


Fell and Rouge nodded once more and walked off.


“I hope everything will be alright…” Rouge whispered once they were out of Fang’s earshot, licking Fell’s cheek.


“As long as I’m by your side it will be!” Fell growled adamantly.

*Chapter 3*

~Pack of Fools~


Fell and Rouge were walking back to the pups’ cave when they saw a group of other pups surrounding somewolf.


“Look at his nose!” One exclaimed, sneering


“It’s so red!” Another replied, laughing.


The red wolf pup being teased cowered and tried to cover up his tears. A few others stood watching him being teasing, looking away whenever that red wolf pup gave them a pleading look of help.


“Oh, it’s Flare.” Fell muttered, looking over at him. He walked over to the group and straight up to Flare, nudging his nose “Ghee, how do you go to sleep at night? Your nose practically glows!” Fell teased, trying to get the others to laugh.


Flare looked down at the ground, whimpering softly.


Rouge stood off in the distance, whining softly. Like some of the others she was too afraid to stick up for Flare.


“I bet when you grow up, you’ll be a light for all the scared little pups!” Fell taunted, spitting at his face. His random outbursts of morbid, though puppish, humor surprised everyone--even Rouge


Flare sniffled and tried not to burst out crying. “Leave me alone, okay?!” He whispered to Fell and the others.


“Why should we?” Fell asked, sneering.   


“Because his big brother is here!” An adult red wolf snarled as he padded towards them. The adult wolf softly nudged Flare behind him.


“Flame!” Flare yipped with joy.


“You pups are worse than dogs!” Flame snarled, his hackles raised. “You all are just a pack of fools. Now you better leave him alone, understood?” He growled, his eyes demeaning.


All the pups fled except for Fell and Rouge. The others at least had the common sense of respect. Rouge hid behind the tree she was sitting under, but Fell held his ground.


“Leave, now.” Flame growled at Fell


“I see where Flare gets the resemblance. You both are a disgrace to wolves. You should be hanging with the crows scavenging for food.  Wait, hold on. The crows wouldn’t accept you two! You both are redder than fire!” Fell told them, his tail held high.


Flare looked up at Flame, while Rouge poked her head out from behind the tree.


Flame rolled his eyes and his whole pelt lit on fire. The fire and his pelt seemed to co-exist.


“Now do you see why our pelts are red?” Flame growled with impatience. “You see, it a complement to tell us that we’re ‘redder than fire’, because we both control fire.” Flame told him. “Why do you think my name is Flame and my little brother’s is Flare?” He asked.


Fell growled, trying to think of something horrible so that he could offend Flare and Flame beyond words. Not being able to think of anything, he growled again and scratched at the ground.


“Leave. Now.” Flame repeated, his teeth bared.


Fell bared his teeth and with his tail high walked off.  ‘I should’ve come up with something. I hate having to be the one speechless!’ Fell thought angrily. “Come on Rouge, let go.” Fell growled softly.


Rouge nodded and bounded up to him. “Fell, you could’ve been hurt! What would I have done if you died!?” Rouge asked, worried. “Did you see the look on Flame’s face!? He looked ready to kill you!” She exclaimed. “ shouldn’t be making fun of Flare....he has no friends…” She whispered as an afterthought.


Fell rolled his eyes. “Rouge, it is against pack laws to hurt a pup. Even in Chains’s territory if any of the wolves loyal to his pack were to find somewolf from our pack hurting a pup they would’ve taken action.” Fell told her. “As for Flare. I wouldn’t be friends with him even if he saved the world. He’s an outcast, weaker than a newborn pup.” He added.


Rouge shrugged. “We should head back to the camp. There might be fresh food for us there. I don’t want to get the scraps again.” The winged she-pup told him, effectively changing the subject.


Fell nodded. “Yeah, those scraps tasted horrible! They should’ve just given them to the Omega.” Fell replied, his mood lightening a little.


“Race you!” Rouge yipped, taking off running.


“Ha! You’ll never beat me!” Fell called, sprinting as fast as his paws could carry him.  


                                   *Chapter 4*

                                     ~Family Ties~


Fell and Rouge bolted in the center of the camp. “Ha! I win!” Rouge yipped with glee.


“It’s because I let you win!” Fell teased. He wasn’t looking where he was going and bumped right into somewolf.


Before Fell had a chance to snarl the wolf he bumped into the wolf spoke.


“Watch where you’re going, little brother!” The wolf spat, his hackles raised. “Or should I say little runt!” The wolf told him, sneering.


“Back off, Dagger!” Fell snarled. His eyes glowing with hatred.


The huge black wolf towered over Fell. “That’s not a good way to talk to your elders!” Dagger snarled back, baring his teeth.


“You don’t deserve to be older than me, you don’t even deserve to be a dog, let alone a wolf!” Fell shot back, his tail held high.


“Why you little--!” Dagger bellowed, lunging at him.


Fell dodged him, but got a fairly big cut on his back left leg.


“Guys! Stop it! You don’t need to fight!” Rouge yelped in fear.


Dagger turned his head and glared at Rouge. He then chuckled menacingly. “So, Fell. I didn’t know your she-wolf would be her.” Dagger taunted. “Just look at her wings, they're the ugliest things I’ve seen in my life!” Dagger exclaimed, trying to rile him up.


Rouge hung her head and whined softly, and Dagger’s tactic proved effective.


“DON’T SAY THAT ABOUT HER!!” Fell bellowed biting at Dagger. “IT’S NOT TRUE!” He snarled, his hackles raised. “Besides I’ve seen somewolf uglier. He’s standing in front of me!”


Dagger chuckled and sneered. “Fell you were always the weakest one in the family. A curse to our parents. I’m going to finish off the only thing the keeps you going...Rouge.” Dagger then turned into a shadow and slithered on the ground towards her.


Rouge whimpered and shook in fear. She tried taking off in flight but by then she was too late. She let out a whimper as she was pinned down.


Fell bellowed in anger and thundered towards Dagger. He used all the strength he had to wedge himself between Rouge and his older brother. “You will not touch her. I will fight to the death to save her.” Fell growled, though it was really just a bluff.


“Fine. Than dying you shall be.” Dagger told him.


Before Dagger could touch him, Fell somehow managed to unbalance him and shoved him away from himself and Rouge. Fell then stood in front of Rouge with his teeth bared.  


Dagger was stronger and bigger then him, and he had abnormal strength and speed, but Fell was smaller and therefore more agile. He used this to his advantage to bolted to Dagger’s side and bit his flank. He knew he’d have to say in front of Rouge at all times and he backed towards her and waited for Dagger to strike.


Dagger snarled and charged at Fell. Fell was soon pinned to the ground and Dagger started biting him all over. ‘I must suppress the pain, I cannot scream out loud. That shows weakness.’ He thought. With a gasp he turned into a shadow and got out of Dagger’s grip.


A few other wolves had seen and heard the snarls and had gathered around to watch. They all knew better than to interfere, even if Dagger was going against one of the packs' laws.


Dagger tackled Fell and was going for his throat when he saw Fang out of the corner of his eye. He immediately got off of Fell and started licking his wounds even though he didn’t have that many.


“Dagger, Fell, Rouge. What is going on here?” Fang asked her voice rising.


One wolf who was watching started to say something, but with one glare from Fang he stopped.


“Ahh, me and my little brother were just playing around.” Dagger lied, trying to suppress his anger.


“It didn’t look like playing around.” Fang growled. “Come to my cave. All three of you.” She ordered before she walked off.


Rouge shook with fear and Fell tried to not show his anger towards his brother and his fear of what would come next.


                          *Chapter 5*

                              ~Law of the Packs~


“Come on you pathetic mutts!” Dagger growled when he saw Fell and Rouge fall behind.


Fell didn’t answer him and kept going at the same pace.


Soon the three entered Fang’s cave.


“Dagger, you know the packs’ laws. ‘Never attack a pup unless it ensures that another's or your life will be protected. One who attacks a pup whether it is for no reason or provoked must be punished’” Fang recited the law.  “You weren’t saving another's life and you weren’t saving yours.” She took a breath, exasperated.


“I know you weren’t mock fighting with him Dagger. Don't play those games with me.” She added, growing.


Dagger nodded, though inside he was seething. “Yes Alpha.” He said her, showing his stomach in submission with clenched fangs.


“Fell. Now tell me. Did you provoke Dagger into fighting you or did he do it for no reason?” Fang asked. “Tell the truth Fell, your honor and place in this pack depends on it.”


Fell sighed and glared at Dagger. “I may have provoked him, but he was the one who started the fight.”


“Is what Fell says true Rouge?” Fang asked.


Rouge nodded.


“Now Dagger. Tell me all what happened. I wasn’t there for the whole thing and I need to know to to appropriately decide your punishment--if it is true.” Fang told him. “Tell the truth Dagger, your rank and honor depend on it.”


Dagger told her the story and didn’t lie about anything nor did he leave anything out. He knew Fang was serious when she said to tell the truth and she could exile him from her pack if she found out he was lying.


“Fell, Rouge. Is what Dagger tells me true in its entirety?” Fang asked them.


“Yes.” They both said at the same time.


“Okay. Dagger I have decided your punishment. Since you were provoked and didn’t kill or seriously injure them it is not exile or death, but since you started the actual fight it will still be serious.” Fang told him. “It is a full moon tonight. I will announce your punishment to both packs when we meet up at the meeting place.” Fang said, standing tall. “You three are free to leave.” She said to them, nodding towards the mouth of the cave.


“Watch your tail...mutt.” Dagger growled n Fell’s ear after they were out of Fang’s ear-shot.


“That will never happen in a million moons….dog!” Fell shot back, standing tall.


Dagger growled and snapped at him, but knew better than to lay his paws on him once more.


                         *Chapter 6*

                         ~Legends of the Moon~


Fell and Rouge parted ways with Dagger as soon as possible. When they headed back to the main section of camp where the food was they were bombarded by questions from other pups and a few yearlings.


“What did Fang say?” One asked


“Did you guys and Dagger get punished?”  Another asked


“Is Dagger going to be exiled or killed?”


Fell growled and bared his teeth. “It’s none of your business! Now all of you!” He snarled at the crowd.


The other pups ran off, but a few yearlings glared at him before letting him and Rouge have their space.  


“I’m SO hungry!” Rouge told Fell as she dug into a large mouse. She wasn't up to talking about the real issue at paw.


“I didn’t even realize I was hungry until I started eating.” Fell replied, easily going along with it.


“It’s been a long day. Fang will soon howl for all of us to go to the meeting place. It's sunset right now.” Rouge said to Fell.


A few minutes later the two pups heard Fang’s calling howl




Most of the meeting was uneventful. Towards the end Fang got on the tree stump in the middle of the meeting place and began to speak.


“Today one of our Lead Warriors as committed a crime.” Fang announced, pausing. “That crime goes against what the packs’ law state. Today this wolf attacked two pups. He was provoked, but that does not excuse his crime.” Fang told the two packs surrounding her. “Dagger. Come forth.” She called to him.


Dagger walked up and sat beside the tree stump Fang was on.


“Dagger attacked his own brother and Rouge. His punishment shall be spoken here tonight.” She then looked at Dagger. “Dagger. Your punishment is that you shall not be of the warrior rank until the next full moon.” She announced to him and the crowd.


Dagger growled softly. For him his rank was the most important. It would be humiliating to have to go rank-less until the next full moon.  


The other wolves howled his punishment and then the meetings was over. Fang and Chains stood on the two tree stumps next to each other and their packs surrounded them. Than every wolf howled, making both packs seem as one. Fang and Chains left the meeting place and all the wolves started following them home.


On their way back to the pack’s camp Fell and Rouge passed a lake with a waterfall pouring into it. On a rock in the middle of the lake was a whitish-silver she-wolf. Her coat shined almost as bright as the moon. Her wings were dipped in the water, and her head looked up at the moon.


Rouge gasped in awe. “That’s Moonbeam. Legends say her mother is the moon and that Moonbeam was sent down here as punishment because she didn’t want the sun wolf's son to be her mate.” She whispered to Fell. “She always howls the longest, loudest, and prettiest.” Rouge added, greedily staring at Moonbeam's wings from afar.


Moonbeam heard the two pups to turned her head towards them. “Some legends are false, some are true, it’s up to you to decide” She then flew over to them. “The moon and I have special ties. That could mean I’m related to the moon, or just that I’m closest to the moon’s spirit.” She told them, standing tall and proud.


Rouge’s eyes were wide at the sheer beauty and grace of this wolf. Even Fell had to admit that he thought she was something else.


“It is a dangerous time for you two to be out alone. Go back to your cave and rest.” She told them. Her voice reeked with a sense of authority.


Fell and Rouge nodded and reluctantly ran off.  



“Ruler.” Came a scratchy voice.


“Yes Flesh. Speak.” Ruler commanded. He sat on a throne made of bones. He was not to be trifled with.


“I’ve found the one. He is a black wolf pup named Fell. He will lead us to victory. I could sense it within my very being.” Flesh told him.


“When the moon hides itself we shall come for this Fell.” Ruler told Flesh, ruffling his feathers.


“Soon it will be time for the downfall of wolves.” Ruler cawed into the night.


                         *Chapter 7*

                               ~Anger Ignites~


A few weeks after the meeting under the full moon it was no moon. Every wolf was usually on their worst behavior during the night of no moon. Fang and Chains were uptight today and ordered that everywolf must stay inside the main camp of the pack they were in once it was sunset. If anywolf didn’t abide by that they risked being exiled. The two Alpha’s also said that all wolves must stay in their caves once the sun was hiding.  


“Wow! I can’t believe how strict Fang is today!” Fell exclaimed to Rouge.


“Well it is the night of no moon and she doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.” Rouge reminded him.


“True, but we could handle it. We are almost yearlings.” Fell replied.


Rouge shrugged. “So? Even adults have to follow the rules, ya know.”


“I just hate being trapped in places I don’t want to be…” Fell muttered under his breath.




Soon it was sunset and all wolves were accounted for. Fell and Rouge were playing outside a cave where all the pups slept when Rouge spotted what looked like an injured bird.


“I’ll get it Fell! It’s time for me to show you my hunting skills for a change!” Rouge yipped playfully.  “Stay here. I’ll bring it back to you!” Rouge told him, licking his nose.  


Fell nodded. “Okay! Just don’t go far. Fang would kill me if she saw you out of pack territory!” Fell told her, licking her nose before she bounded off.


“Get over here little crow!” Rouge whispered impatiently.  She had chased the thing for a long ways and the moon had began to rise.


The crow squawked. “Little!? I’m not little where I come from pup!” He spat, taking flight.


Soon Rouge was cover with pecking crows. Their beaks and claws tore through her pelt and into her flesh. “Get away from me!” Rouge growled, swatting at the black birds with her claws.


One of the more clever crows grabbed a sharp stick and plunged it into her throat.  


“FELL! HELP!” Rouge screamed before she collapsed to the ground.


Fell heard her plea and rushed out of the cave, ignoring all the protests from his pack-mates.


It was too late for Rouge and soon the huge red puddle of blood that surrounded her had stopped growing. She tried called for Fell once more, but made only gurgling noises.


Meanwhile, Dagger was walking around the cave where all the rank-less pack members slept.


“Dagger.” A voice called to him. “Follow me.”


He looked up and saw a small black raven.  “Why should I follow a bird, let alone a scavenger?”


“Please, I need help! I will repay you, I promise.” The raven told him, taking flight and flying deeper into the forest.


Dagger reluctantly complied and followed her.


The raven led him to where Rouge’s dying body lay. Dagger couldn’t recognize the dying pup and only thought that maybe it was some prey that the raven needed the fur off of so that it could eat. ‘Why does it smell familiar?’ Dagger thought as he put his muzzle into the pool of blood to smell it. When he smelled the dying body he jumped. “It’s Rouge!” He exclaimed. “What happened to her!?”


Fell followed Rouge’s familiar scent to where she was. “Rouge.” He whispered in sadness when he saw all the blood that surrounded her. “You’ll-you’ll be okay…”


“Fell…” Rouge whispered weakly, coughing up blood. “Before I die-”


“YOU WILL NOT DIE!” Fell interupted, crying.


“Don’t lie to me Fell, just let me finish.” Rouge told him, shaking. “Before I die I want you to know that I care for you. Y-you accepted me for who I was…” She sputtered before  her body became still.


Fell howled and screamed in agony when he saw that her chest lifted no more. He sobbed and his tears stained his body and Rouge’s. “Why did you have to hunt today!? Why didn’t I go with you!?” He sobbed, resting his head on Rouge’s bloodstained shoulders.  


Then he looked up and noticed  Dagger’s bloodstained muzzle. “YOU!” He bellowed. “YOU KILLED ROUGE! YOU KILLED HER! YOU SAID YOU WOULD AND YOU DID!” Fell raved.


“I didn’t kill her!” Dagger snarled.


“Then why is her blood on your muzzle?” Fell told him coldly, his whole body shaking in anger and sadness.


Dagger growled and bared his teeth. “I didn’t kill her!” He repeated.


Fell wanted to kill his brother with his own paws, but knew he couldn't. Not now, at least. He cast a look so full of hatred and rage that Dagger looked away. Then he howled for Fang and she came running.


                            *Chapter 8*

                               ~Blame and Suffering~

Fang took one look the body of Rouge, and the blood on Dagger’s muzzle and came to the same conclusion Fell had. “Dagger!” She snarled. “How dare you murder an innocent pup, let alone your own brother’s companion!” Fang bellowed her hackles raised and teeth bared.


“I DIDN-” Dagger started to growl, but he was interrupted by her.


“DO. NOT. SPEAK!” Fang bellowed, biting at Dagger’s throat. Her face softened slightly when she looked at the still sobbing Fell.  “I’m so sorry. Dagger will get what he deserves. Everything will be okay.” She whispered to him, nuzzling his flank.  




Fang almost snarled and lunged at him on instinct, but withheld that impulse because of what he was going through.  “Come on. Let’s bring her to the outer edge of the camp so she can be buried. I’ll call the two packs together to tell them of what Dagger has done and what his punishment will be.” She said to him. “Dagger carry Rouge to a suitable place where she can be buried. Fell, tell him where Rouge should be buried.”


“I want to carry Rouge. She was my best friend. Dagger doesn’t deserve to carry her.” Fell told Fang, snarling at Dagger. Fell managed to get Rouge’s lifeless body on his back. He than carried her to a tree with many flowers surrounding it. “Here. This is where I want her to be.” Fell told Fang, gently setting Rouge down


“Very well.” She replied. She than howled to all the wolves, telling them to meet her there.




About an hour later all the wolves from both packs surrounded Fang, Fell, Dagger, and Rouge’s body. Questions and rumors were being spread like wildfire.


“Silence!” Chains ordered the crowd of wolves. “Can you not see that somewolf has died and one wolf is grieving!?” He asked, glaring at those who didn’t stop talking.


The crowd fell silent at Chains’s orders.


“Tonight, somewolf has murdered one of my pack’s pups. This pup had no parents, only a friend. The wolf pup who died tonight is Rouge.” Fang told the crowd, hanging her head.


Quite a few wolves gasped, and the whispering started up again. ‘Who would kill a pup?’ Was the main thought that went through most wolf’s minds.


“BE SILENT!” Chains bellowed with anger.


“Rouge,  was murdered by...Dagger” Fang told the crowd. “The evidence is right on his face. Rouge’s blood his on his muzzle!” She exclaimed. “Dagger, get up here and show the others the blood on your muzzle, pup killer.”


The wolves parted so the Dagger could walk through. Many wolves snarled and bit at him. Those who couldn’t reach Dagger growled and glared at him. Dagger reached where Fang was standing. To most wolf’s surprise, he didn’t hang his head in shame.


“He should be ashamed! He murdered a pup!” One whispered.

“Why isn’t he hanging his head, is he that cruel that he likes to murder pups, or is his pride and ego too big?” Another asked.


“Dagger I thought that demoting you to a rank-less member was enough. I should’ve been harsher on you.” Fang growled. “Since you murdered a pup and attacked two in less than a full moon ago your punishment is exile!” Fang’s voice rang out into the night. “You have until sunrise to get out of my territory and Chains’s. If somewolf finds you still in our territories you will be treated like any other hostile loner.”


Chains nodded in agreement.


Dagger got up and left and at the others bays, ran off into the night. He knew better than to speak out against two angry Alphas'. It was best to go with the flow for the moment if he valued his life.  


“Fell. Since you were Rouge’s best friend you can bury her. She will be beyond that stars and moon with her parents. She will rest in peace.” Fang said to him softly.


‘She may rest in peace, but I never will…’ Fell thought was he started to dig a grave for Rouge. Soon it was done and he gently nudged her body into it.


Fang and Chains called the gathering to an end. Soon it was only them and Fell left.


“Fell. You should get back to your den.” Fang told him.


Fell turned his head and glared at her.


“Let him grieve, Fang.” Chains whispered to her.


Fang nodded and she and Chains walked off.


Once the two Alphas' were gone Fell slowly got up to his feet. He licked the dirt the covered Rouge and ran out into the forest, never to return to his old pack or Chains’s pack again.


                               *Chapter 9*

                                       ~The Runaway~


Fell kept running even though his paws were burning. Branches hit his face and body and thorns lodged themselves in his pelt. He finally collapsed from exhaustion. It was almost sunrise. ‘Fang will know I’m gone by now. She’ll be sending out patrols to look for me…’ He thought, panting.   


The crows and a few other different types of scavengers had followed Fell since he had left Rouge’s grave at what was usually Moonhigh. They circled around Fell and a few perched in nearby branches.


"I'M NOT DEAD YOU USELESS SCRAP PICKERS!!" Fell bellowed at them when he noticed them circling above him. He then froze in fear. Some of the wolves and Fang's and Chains's packs had very good hearing and he didn't want to risk being found.


"Useless...I wouldn't call us useless. Would you Nightwing?" Flesh asked the pretty, small raven.


"Oh no. Especially since we offer what this lost wolf pup what he desires..." Nightwing purred.


"What could you offer me?" Fell spat. Though he didn't want to admit it, he was growing curious at what the birds were mentioning. "And I'm not lost!" He added, baring his teeth.


"We have what you want most now." Nightwing told him, pausing for effect. "A home, power...revenge." She cawed, ruffling her feathers.


"Before I accept....what is your side of the deal?" He asked, the wind ruffling his pelt as he looked up at the birds. Rain started to pour down on him, quickly soaking his body.


"Your side of the deal is to help us with taking down your old packs’.”


"But I’m only a pup!”


"We can teach you many things that your kind can’t" Nightwing told him, a mysterious tone in her voice that told Fell she wasn't telling him everything.


"I accept the deal." Fell told the birds, growling under his breath.


"Good..." Nightwing purred.


"Anyways our territory is a five suns fly from here. There is where you will meet our Ruler and get your power." Brute told him.


"Is a small and weak looking pup up to it?" Flesh spat, getting impatient.


Fell snarled. "I was born ready!" He growled, baring his teeth. Although he looked ready to tackle the distance, inside he was worried that he wouldn't be able to do it and that the birds were tricking him into doing something that he would regret.


"We're off then!" Slick cawed, taking flight.


Nightwing, Flesh, Brute, Slick and all the other scavengers flew off in the direction that the sun was rising with Fell close behind them.


                                    *Chapter 10*

                                     ~Fire and Rain~


That night Fang's and Chains's scouts returned empty pawed. They looked tired and weary as they'd been searching for Fell all sun long.


"Any trace of him?" Fang asked, tired as well. She worried all sun long for Fell.


The scouts shook their heads


"Dagger might've taken him as revenge for what you did to him." Chains told her.


"Yes Chains, I realized." Fang growled impatiently.


'He could've killed him as well...' Chains thought, but he knew better than to speak his troubled mind at a time like this.




Fell panted heavily from the running. He had run at full speed almost the full day and he was about to collapse from exhaustion.  “We need to stop. I can’t go on!” He gasped, breathing heavily. He walked slowly to a small puddle and lapped up the water gratefully.


“Fine…” Flesh groaned. He and the others landed in various trees, some already closing their eyes and resting.


Fell settled down in a pile of leaves. He rested his head on the hard ground and closed his eyes.




"Hey! What's a pup like you doing out here without a mother?" A brown wolf asked, coming towards Fell.


Fell jumped and was up on his paws in seconds. He growled weakly, but was too tired to do anything more.


"Woah! A feisty one!" The brown wolf laughed. His laugh was muffled by the torch he carried by his mouth. The wolf set down a medium sized torch with a blue flame emitting from it. "Sorry, sometimes when this thing is in my mouth I mumble a lot." He apologized, chuckling.


Fell growled again. "What do you want?" He asked, staring at the blue fire.


"Noth'n." The wolf replied. "Well, just one thing actually. What's your name?" He asked. Giving Fell a friendly tail wag and smile.


"Why should I tell you!?" Fell growled. He than sighed. " name is Fell. F-e-l-l, Fell." Fell told him, eyeing him suspiciously.


"My name's Kolyei." He replied. "Why are you out here all alone? Surely you belong to a pack."


"I used too...but I ran away" Fell replied. "I don't recognize your scent or your name. What pack do you belong to?" Fell asked.


"I don't belong to a pack, I'm a Loner." He said, holding his head high.


Fell growled. He was taught that loners’ were almost always evil and detestable creatures who wanted nothing but females and bloodshed. "Why do you hold your head like that, loner."


Kolyei seemed unfazed by Fell's rude demeanor, after he was a pup. "I hold my head high because I'm proud to be a loner. I'm proud to not belong to anywolf, and besides, pack's are too much stress." Kolyei told Fell, wagging his tail.


Fell nodded, reluctantly accepting his opinion even though he didn't agree with it. Trusthfully, he wanted the company. "Why is the fire not out yet...and why is it blue?" He asked.


Kolyei cocked his head and gave Fell a confused look. "Huh?....OH! My torch's fire!" He exclaimed. "Well, it's a special fire. It never goes out unless...." He trailed off.


"Unless?" Fell asked.


"I guess I can tell you this since you are a pup. After all, what can you do to hurt me, no offense!" Kolyie chuckled. He then began to look serious. "You have to swear on the moon that you won't tell anywolf what I'm about to tell you, nowolf must know this!"


"I swear." Fell told him.


"My fire cannot go out unless I die. It's blue because it holds my spirit. Once somewolf takes it from me or it breaks the flame goes out and I drop dead." Kolyie told him, stepping in front of the torch protectively.


Fell's eyes widened. "Wow..." He trailed off.  


"Yeah, it's is pretty cool..." Kolyie trailed off, he then looked behind him. "Anyways! I must be off! Good luck out there, Fell. May the moon and sun guide you to wherever you’re going."


Fell sighed. He had liked Kolyie's company and wished somewolf was here to comfort him. He lied down once more and drifted off into oblivion.




"Fell." A deep gravelly voice called to him. "Fell." It repeated.


"What?" Fell asked, trying to see in the darkness.


"Follow me." The voice told him.


Fell's vision cleared and he saw a black wolf. The wolf looked like a shadow and he had blood-red eyes. It was the same wolf from his other nightmare.


Fellwhimpered, but followed the wolf.


The wolf led him out of the forest and into a clearing. Volcanoes exploded and Fell saw men rushing around with their magical sticks. The huge black wolf laughed evilly. "Don’t you like this? This choas! Ah, watch the wolves fall, my Fell!”




Fell yelped and woke up panting. 'It was just another nightmare, it isn't real.' He thought trying to calm himself down, but another thought tugged at his mind. One darker and more morbid than he wanted to think about.


'What if it is real? What if I really become this 'shadow wolf'?' At least I'd be powerful. At least I'd be able to wipe out all those who hurt me...' He thought. His mind was reeling. He wanted to be good, but on the other paw he wanted to kill those who caused him pain. Fell knew he had to choose, he couldn't be on the fence any longer. He then had an image of Rouge's blood on Dagger's muzzle. Then her limp body and the pool of blood that surrounded her.


‘Go through with it! You are stronger than them, better than them! You want revenge, don’t you? You. Are. Doing. This. For Rouge!’ Fell managed to convince himself of the scavengers’ cause.

                                          *Chapter 11*

                                    ~Caverns of Darkness~


"Glad to see you're awake Fell." Flesh said after he saw Fell's eyes wide open.


Fell growled in irritation.


"Okay, let's get going everyone." Flesh told his companions, copying Fell's tone.


He cawed and took flight, leaving Fell to run after him.


Fell ran after him and was soon tired. He hadn't had anything to eat and hardly any water. All the bones in his body were screaming for him to stop. 'I cannot stop running, they can't think I'm weak.'




Slick noticed the pup's slowing pace after a while. "Flesh! We've been flying since when the sun showed itself. We should slow down and at least let the pup catch something! We can't have it dying or running away!" Slick told him, looking up at the sun that was high in the sky.


Flesh groaned, but nodded. "Fine..." He sighed.


"Why are you stopping!?" Fell snapped, panting and trying to catch his breath.


"Because of you, mutt!" Flesh snapped back, snapping his beak in a threatening way.  


Fell nodded, and tried to think of something to say back, but couldn't. "Whatever..." He panted. "How long are we stopping?" He asked, secretly hoping it was for a while.


"Just until you're well rested and catch yourself some prey." Flesh replied, rolling his eyes.


Fell looked disappointed, but was happy for the break. He smelt the air to see if he could smell prey and water. He caught the scent of a rabbit and walked in that direction.


Slick motioned a few of the other scavengers to follow him.


Fell didn't notice the scavengers flying silently behind him. He concentrated on the smell of the rabbit and soon saw it in the distance. Fell crept up to the rabbit until he was a few tail lengths away from it. He pounced and caught the rabbit beneath his paws. He snapped the rabbit's neck with his jaws and blood splattered across his pelt.


"The pup's good for one so young..." Nightwing mumbled to herself as it unfolded before her.


Fell ripped apart the rabbit's flesh and ate eagerly. Soon he was done and left the bones on the ground. Afterwards, he walked off in search of water.


The scavengers cawed, screeched and flew down to peck at the scraps. Some fighting happened but nothing brutal.


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Nightwing screamed, looking down from the air in dismay.  "You shouldn't be going down this low! You all are a disgrace to our kind!" She told them.


A few of the birds looked up.


"We need to eat. Flesh doesn't want to take any more breaks then he has too." One told her.


Nightwing glared at the bird, but said nothing more. "We should get going..." She muttered after a while.


Meanwhile, Fell had found the scent of water. He soon spotted a large lake and drank gratefully.  As he was lapping up the water he noticed a strange shadow in the distance. He payed no mind to it as he was immensely enjoying the water. Once he was done drinking however he saw the shadow move towards him and realized it was not a shadow, but a wolf! Fell sniffed the air and recognized the scent. 'It's Gem!' He thought, gasping. He hid himself among the reeds and dashed away.


"It's Fell!" Gem exclaimed when she noticed him, her soft voice barely a whisper. She cocked her head and wanted to call out to him, but knew better. 'Something seems different about him....but I don't know what...' She mused, sighing. She turned around and looked in Fell's direction before running of to tell Chains what she saw.


Fell ran about wildly. 'I can't be caught, I CAN'T! Not after I've gotten this far!' He thought, sprinting as fast as his paws could carry him. He slowed down after a little while and sat down to catch his breath.


‘What was she doing out here anyway…?”




Gem sprinted into the camp at sunset.


"Gem! What happened?" Chains asked, a worried look on his face.


"I...saw...Fell..." She panted, shaking from exhaustion. She sat down and breathed heavily,


"Where!? Where did you see him!?" Chains asked excitedly. "Did you talk to him!?" He asked.


"It is a two suns walk from here, maybe three." Gem told him. "I saw him by a lake when I was traveling on my Healer's Journey. And no, I didn't speak to him..." She trailed off.


"I was really close to the Healing Caves too...but no matter." She mumbled.


"Run and get Fang. She must know about this!" He ordered her.


"Yes, Alpha." Gem replied, knowing better than to complain about running again. "To be honest I thought he was dead by now..."


"Yes, me too." He told her. "Now, GO! If I know Fell, he's running as far as he can from the lake. We can't lose his scent!"


Gem nodded and resumed running.


About a half hour later Gem rushed into Fang's pack's main camp. "Fang! Fang!!" Gem called.


"Yes Gem?" Fang asked.


"I found Fell!!" Gem exclaimed, panting.


"Really!? Is he alive? Is he well? Where is he?" Fang asked, firing off questions.


"He's alive, but I don't have him with me." Gem replied, disappointed. "I saw him from across a lake, but I didn't want to call to him because I didn't want to scare him and make him run away."


Fang sighed. "Well, at least he's alive..." She trailed off. "What lake is it? How far is it from here?".


"It's about a two or three suns walk from here. It was in the direction of the Healing Caves." Gem replied.


She nodded. "I'll send some warriors out to look for him." Fang said. "Thank you Gem. You don't know how much this means to me..."


Gem blushed and smiled. "Your welcome. I'm happy to help." She replied. She then turned around and walked off in the direction of her pack.


"Oh, and Gem! Go get Rambo for me! I'll need him to help track down Fell!" Fang called after her.


Gem nodded and picked up her pace. It was right after moon show when Gem tiredly walked around to find Rambo.


"Rambo..." She called when she saw him. She yawned and sat down.


"Yeah?" Rambo answered, walking over. "Hey. Weren't you supposed to be going to the Healing Caves?"


"I was, but something more important came up..." She trailed off, yawning again.


"Oh. It's about Fell isn't it?" He asked.


"Yup..." She replied. "Wait! How do you know?"


"News spreads around fast. I bet Fang's pack knows it by now too."


Gem nodded. "Well, Fang wants you and somewolf to find him."


"Okay, I'll go to her. Thanks for telling me." Rambo told her, running off towards Fang's pack's direction.


Gem nodded. She walked over to the healer's den and flopped down on her pile of leaves and moss. "Finally! Some sleep!" She whispered before she dozed off.


Meanwhile, Fell was running. He had gone to the scavengers after he saw Gem and they'd moved out immediately.


"Fell! You're such a...such a...PUP!" Flesh screech angrily for the millionth time. "How do you get seen like that!? You should be on guard all the time!" He ranted as he flew.


"I'm sorry okay!" Fell yelled, getting tired of hearing Flesh scream at him.


All of a sudden Fell stopped. Up ahead he saw huge black caverns. 'These don't look like the Healing Caves...Gem said that they were white...' He wondered. "What caverns are these?" He asked Flesh, who was settled on a branch.


"These are the Caverns of Darkness. Once past these we'll be in us 'scavengers' territory. It's been a long time since a wolf came past the caverns and into our territory...alive" Flesh told him, sneering.


Lighting flashed and thunder roared and it started pouring.

Fell growled and tried to shake the rain off his pelt, but to no avail.


"We'll sleep here tonight." Slick told everyone.


Fell nodded and settled outside the cave. The sound of thunder made Fell move in deeper. He shook his body dry and laid down. In a few moments he was fast asleep.




"Thank you for coming Rambo." Fang told him when he arrived.


It was now moon high and Rambo and Bear were about to leave.


"You know the plan right?" Fang asked.


"Yup." They replied at the same time.


"Good. I don't want anywolf to be hurt...." She trailed off.


"We'll only hurt a wolf if it tries to hurt us or Fell." Bear reassured her.


Rambo nodded and sped off into the forest, Bear right on his paws.

                                        *Chapter 12*

                                   ~Into the flames~


Fell yawned as he woke up. The sun streamed into the cave and warmed him up. 'I wonder if there's any food in here...' He thought. He sniffed the air, but couldn't smell any animals. Fell wandered around the entrance cavern for a few minutes until he heard Flesh cawing at him to come back.


"Hurry up!" Flesh snapped. "If you get lost then you're trapped here forever..."


Fell rolled his eyes. "Can we just go?"


Slick nodded and flew off and Fell quickly followed him.


Meanwhile, Bear had got a faint whiff of Fell's scent by the lake. He and Rambo had ran, without stopping, all night and were now dead tired. "Rambo. I got his scent. Let's doze for awhile..." Bear trailed off, stretching his great jaws in a yawn.


"Hold on. I smell something else." Rambo replied, trotting off.


A few minutes later Rambo howled for Bear.


"What?" Bear asked when he ran up to Rambo. He noticed the rotting rabbit on the dirt and nodded. "You think he killed it?"


Rambo nodded. "It's a few suns old. Who knows where he could be now."


Bear groaned. "Well, we have Fell's scent anyways. We should get some sleep..."


Rambo nodded. He lay down next to the dead rabbit and closed his eyes.


Bear flopped to the ground and was sound asleep in seconds.




Fell was still sprinting after Slick. He wasn't as tired as he was before and felt like he could run forever. Fell ran into a cavern and Slick stopped. He saw the millions of pictures of wolves and they seemed to come alive. His eyes widened as he saw the pictures leep of the walls to tell the story of how wolves came to be and their destiny.


He saw the wolves running from humans and chasing after unknown animals. Then the wolves howling to the moon and playful pups romping around. Then a disturbing picture came to him. The pictures faded into the cave's walls once more and Fell almost yelped with shock. He had to replay the image over and over in his mind just to make sure it really happened. That last picture was of a pitch black wolf with blood red eyes standing on the mountain ledge looking down at a huge pile of bloody, dead wolves.  


Slick couldn't see the images Fell has seeing and was wondering what was happening to him. "Fell? Fell?!" Slick said his name, waving one of his wings in front of his face.


"Huh? What?" Fell asked, shaking his head.


"What happened? You blanked out for a minute." Slick told him.


"Oh yeah...wait!" Fell exclaimed. "You didn't see them? You didn't see the images?" Fell asked.


"No." Slick replied, looking curious. "Must be a wolf thing..." Slick was about to ask what Fell saw, but was interrupted by the impatient screech of Flesh. "We must be going now."


Fell nodded and ran after him. He looked behind him and looked at the wolf images once more before running faster.

                                            *Chapter 13*

                                      ~The Scavengers' Lair~


Fell and the scavengers made it out of the Caverns of Darkness in record time. Nowolf or bird knew it, but the caverns seemed to give energy to Fell. It did the opposite to the birds though, it seeped up their energy and the weaker of the birds often had to rest. A few of them were left behind to rot, or find their own way out. Now they were in the Scavengers' territory and were at the foot of their lair.


It was a huge cave with a large tree connected to it. The tree cut at the white, fluffy clouds with its many leaves and branches.


Fell stood in awe at the massive tree and the huge entrance to the cave. He saw millions of birds flying about and wondered how they could all live together.


"Come on. We must go see Ruler." Flesh gasped out, voice hoarse.


Slick nodded and ushered Fell into the cave. "Follow me."


Fell padded after him and was soon surrounded by utter darkness. It was not as dark as the caverns, but he could barely see the cave walls beside him. The catacombs were stifling.


Slick seemed to sense Fell's concern. "Ruler likes darkness. You mustn't ask him why though."


"Is that his name? Is Ruler really his name!?" Fell asked, utterly shocked and slightly amused despite the situation.  


"SHHHH!" Slick whispered. He then sighed. "Yes, that's what he goes by, nobird knows his real name."


Fell rolled his eyes and was about to make a smart-aleck comment to Slick when he entered a huge space. It wasn't a dark as the narrow hallways he was in before and he could make out huge hulking mass of a bird standing on the throne of bones before him.


"So, your the wolf who is supposed to give us victory? I thought he would be bigger!" Ruler rasped out.


Fell growled defiantly.


"Do not test me pup. I can do more than you think..." Ruler trailed off, his beady, yellow eyes glowing. "Come." He commanded Fell.


Fell obeyed and walked up to him with an untrusting glare.


Ruler ignored the glare and rolled his eyes. "You look weak--malnourished. My servants will get you food and water." He told Fell. Ruler turned his gaze towards Flesh and Slick. "Congratulations Flesh. Since you have brought the wolf mostly unharmed I will promote you."


Flesh cawed with glee and bowed down to Ruler.


Slick glared at Flesh and waited for Ruler to praise him.  


"Slick, you will be this pup's personal caretaker." Ruler told him.


Slick tried hard not to show his disappointment and anger. "Yes....master...." He hissed, bowing.


"Go fetch Fell some water and meat, and do it quickly." Ruler commanded.


Slick nodded and flew out of the room.



Meanwhile, Rambo and Bear had gone to the Caverns of Darkness.


"Where did he go?" Bear asked in frustration. "He could be long gone by now. His scent has gone cold..." He grumbled, looking up from where he was smelling the ground.


"It's obvious where he went. He went into those caverns." Rambo told him. "They’re the Caverns of Darkness. Beyond them is the Scavenger's territory. It's been a long time a wolf has gone in there and come back."


Bear shook his head. "I'm not going in there. Fell is most likely dead anyways..."


"I don't want to go in there either, but it's our duty." Rambo told him, stepping into the cave.


"But he's most likely dead anyways!" Bear exclaimed. "And beside, I want to go back to my pack and live a prosperous life. I don't want to be stuck in a dark cave feeding off bugs the rest of my days." He argued.


Rambo shrugged. "You're right. Though I hate to do it, we'll just tell our Alphas’ that we found Fell's body in a crevasse and that we couldn't get him out." He explained. "Fell is dead to us now..."


"Okay...." Bear replied, though he was unsure. Lying to your Alphas was a serious crime, punishable by death.


Guilt tugged at the two wolves minds as they ran back home. The truth would not be an option for them now.

                                *Chapter 14*

                               ~Wishes and Lies~


    As Fell was being settled in the Scavenger's territory, Dagger was just beginning to get used to being a Loner. He was used to not relying on others, but though he wouldn't admit it, he was wanting some company.


'Fang will get what's coming for her....' He thought, growling slightly as he walked. Dagger noticed a limping deer ahead and brought it down. He ate quickly, not wanting to be challenged by any other Loners or other animals. He picked the deer's meat off and left nothing behind.


He settled in a small cave a few miles from the packs' territories and sat down. Planning the downfall of his own brother and pack seemed to be what occupied his mind the most, so he planned.


He just started to close his eyes to doze when there was a rustle of leaves and sounds of a pair of running wolves. They ran right outside his cave. The wolves didn't notice him, but they didn't seem to be running from anything. Dagger stepped out of his cave and sniffed at the paw prints the pair had left.


'Bear....and Rambo? What are they doing out here?' He thought. He pondered this as he padded back into the damp cave to rest. Not being able to think of anything logical, he decided they were only scouting for prey.


Afterwards, Dagger paced for awhile. He was bored out of his mind! As the sun rose, light streamed into the foul smelling den. The black pelted wolf laid down and dozed off, letting the sun warm him.



Bear and Rambo were huffing by the time they got back to Fang. The sun was setting.


She gave them a few moments to recover their breath before speaking. “Did you find anything?”


Bear shook his head. “He is dead, Fang. We found his remains in a steep canyon. We couldn't get his body out.” The lie to his Alpha pained him, and he looked down.


“Bear is right. Fell is dead.” Rambo added, placing a well needed whimper.


Fang whined sadly. “I will call the others and tell them the news. It is tragic, for sure.” She took a sad sigh. “You two have done well. Go get something from the prey pile and rest. You deserve it.”


Rambo shook his head, rejecting the offer. “That is very kind of you, but I want to get back home. The others need to know what happened.”


She nodded. “Go head. You have brought much honor upon us.”


Rambo gave a long blink to Bear before turning and trotting back to his own pack.

                                  *Chapter 15*

                               ~A New Perspective~


Fell was lead to a small, hollowed out section of the cave. It wasn't covered in moss bedding like his pack’s dens, but it would have to do.


Slick waddled in with a hunk of meat hanging in his jaws. “Here you go, pup.” He spat bitterly.


Fell took the hunk in his jaws and gulped it down.


“If you need anything, just howl.”


“Don't worry, I will.” He mocked, a sneer plastered across his face.


Slick clucked his beak and stalked out.


Fell smelt the air for the scent of water. Once he found it, he trotted out of a cave and into the daylight. He had to squint his eyes before he adjusted to it. ‘I wonder how Ruler stays in the dark for so long. It must hurt his eyes, if he leaves.’ He pondered as he lapped up the sweet water.


“Fell! Where were you?” Slick demanded.


Fell huffed. “Getting a drink. Is that a problem?”


“It’s not a problem, just the fact that Ruler needed to see you. You know, nothing big.” He replied wryly.


“Well, do you know where he is?”


“Of course I do! Follow me, pup.” He clucked.


Fell followed him warily, his paws sinking in the cool dirt. The bird led him into the Ruler’s cavern, and after eyeing him one more time, left him.


The pup looked over his shoulder to Slick. “Where are you going?” He asked, an ear pricked.


The raven didn't respond as he flew away. Fell was felt facing the mountainous bird, and he couldn't help lowering his tail slightly.


“Why do you think I brought you here?” The large bird asked, staring the wolf down.


Fell growled adamantly. “You didn't bring me here! I came on my own!”

Ruler gave a raspy laugh. “You are bold, but oh so stupid. I planned the circumstances of bringing you here, Fell. I had my subjects find you.”






























































































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