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Overall Ranking: 6th
Reputation points: 1,606
Certificates: 10/10
Dog instructor in the Running Dogs club
Founder of the Running Dogs kennel club
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Here on, I train and breed purebred Tollers, German Shepherds, and many more breeds, but those two are my main ones. I might do breeding partners, so if you think, you can be active, and wish to be partners for a certain breed, feel free to pm me, or post on my wall. I may say no, if its a breed, I'm breeding alone, or who are my progress star breeds. I do purchase premz, a lot, to be honest, but, not if the game is loaded with bugs, then, I'll hold off, on purchasing premz, unless, the game is play able. I do play on, I breed and train purebred German Shepherds, I do train and breed other breeds, such as Wolves, Schwyz Hound's, Saint Bernard's, Tollers, etc, I'm hoping to obtain all breeds over there in the future. I am on both sites throughout the day and night. So feel like chatting, post on my wall, or send me a pm.


About me:

Hello there, my name is, but you can call me Vitani. I'm a 23 year old, blond haired, freckled face, hazel eyed female, born October 3rd 1996. I live somewhere in Tennessee, with my pain in the butt husband, and our beloved dog Tank. He's a 1 year old, pit and lab mix. We also have rats! I love all animals, but mainly wolves, dogs and rodents. Those are my favorite. I've had many animals, but, down to 1 dog, and a couple rats. I love doing other things besides playing Dogzer. I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family. I do have favorite colors, they happen to be, red, purple and black. This is mainly all about me, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I don't bite.



I do have some ground rules, please no asking me to give you premz or dogz, unless we are breeding partners. Please no asking for breeding offers from my high capacity dogs. I will kindly breed you a dog, with a lower capacity, if the breed is sell able. If you vote for me, and my dogs, I'll vote for you and your dogs. I do accept all friend request, so do send them. This is mainly everything, if I think of anything else, I'll be back to update this.

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Toller ##STADE## - coat 41
American Pit Bull Terrier ##STADE## - coat 16
Toller ##STADE## - coat 41
German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 30
Schwyz Hound ##STADE## - coat 473
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