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XP points: 4090

Overall Ranking: 6th
Reputation points: 1,715
Certificates: 10/10
Dog instructor in the Running Dogs club
Founder of the Running Dogs kennel club
Dogz': Array

About me:

Hello, I see you've stumbled onto my breeders page, well, since your here, I may as well introduce myself. I'm known as, but everyone calls me Vitani. I'm 24 years young, born October 3rd, 1996. I have long blond hair, hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles. I'm married to my best friend, he actually plays, he's We have a baby girl, her name is Baylee, she was born August 23rd, 2020, she's got blond hair, and blue eyes. We live somewhere in Tennessee. We also have a Pitbull, her name is Athena. She's a senior. We've have many animals in the past.  I love music, but I actually prefer country music. Now, my favorite colors are, red, purple and black. Now, I enjoy doing other things besides playing Dogzer, which I also play on as well, but I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the mall, playing video games with my husband, going for walks, stuff like that. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask, I don't bite.

About My Game Play:

Now, since you've made it this far, I'll let you know what I do on I breed progress star Toller's, progress star German Shepherd's, and a couple more progress star breeds, but them two are my main breeds. Now, I do train to 80% HS, or higher, depending on if they have a waterfall bonus attached. Im not interested in looking for breeding partners, as I breed solo, because I put a lot of time, and money to where I'm at now. And I don't feel like losing my spot in the game, all because "my" breeding partner has not made any effort in training their dog to breed with mine. So, sorry for the ones who actually put effort in training your dogs, and wanted to be breeding partners with me. Maybe one day, I'll team up and have breeding partners, but right now, no. I do purchase premz, but not a whole lot, like I use to, maybe one day I'll be extremely active. But my main game is, that's where I now spend my money on. But, like I said, one day I'll be extremely active over here, and I'll start buying tons of premz again. This is all about my game play, any questions, feel free to ask.


My rules are quite simple to follow. Please no asking for breeding's from my high capacity Toller's, or German Shepherd's, or any high capacity breed I have, unless it's around 350 capacity, then I don't mind. No asking for premz or dogz, begging will get you no where, I used real money to get my dogz, and premz. If you vote for me, I'll return the favor and vote for you. Same goes for voting for my dogs. I accept all random friend request. 


*Don't steal this photo, this photo is of my dog Athena, this goes for as well, she's mine boy*

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