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Page No-No's: 

1) Role-play? Don't make me a Russia angry at a France.

2) Do not ask me to buy a dog. I don't play and breed anymore very much.

3) Do not post insults. I still have insults on my page from 2013 that caused me to leave Dogzer for six months.

4) Do not invite me to role-play on PURE HUMAN rps. The ones that are 'real-pics' plus 'bf/gf' and have 'popularity ranks' and cars and pets. The ones that are real-life, real people, real time are never my thing.

5) I have slight aggression issues... please, please, please, make us like Switzerland and Canada! Neutral and friendly! I can hold grudges for a long time and it's easy on the internet to ignore people. So be nice to everyone, and follow my strict rules! :P


Color: Gainsboro
Animal: Cats
Series: Warriors
Food:.Any comfort foods with lots of carbs
Game: Pikmin and Harvest Moon
Names: Harveymoon, Ghena, Bartholomew, Sivillian
Dog Breed: Don't like dogs
Number: 5 and 256 and 258 and 147 and... 5

About Me Even More

Hobbies: Drawing, writing reading, stressing
Recent Illnesses: Staph infection (EW!)
Age: 147
Hair Color: Bracken
Eye Color: Multi
Mental State: cyclothymic?
School Subject: Art
Instrument: Piccolo, Open-Hole Flute
Future Career: Architect
Current Profession: Student
Self-Esteem: Poor

My Emotions:

(Emotion #1)                    (Emotion #2)              (Emotion #3)           (Emotion #4)             (Emotion#5)                 (Emotion #6)                  (#7)

(#8)                                    (#9)                         (#10)                                  (#11)                   (#12)                         (#13)                         (#14)


Well, I breed Jack Russells.

Nintendo: Best Jack Russell ever
Role-play: I have many of my own groups
News: I have a magazine group


Psychic Tanjem War Elephants!

And anyone who can summon the courage to post on my page


Name: Meadowbreeze

Age: 49 Moons

Affialiants: WindClan, StarClan

Rank: Queen

Looks: White she-cat with large gray patches and pale green eyes

Mate: Yes

Kits: Yes


Writer's Oath

 We, in honour of ourselves and each other, in all rights and liberal of the Dogzer Writing Headquarters, swear to protect and respect each and every single piece of writing or idea produced within the group and for the group; we shall not leak any original contents from the group for the benefit of non-members without the unanimous agreement amongst the group first.


My Original Stories Based Off My Characters In My Original RP Groups

Across Land and Sea

It wasn't fair. Why did Rudy get to go? Why do I have to stay here? Sea Day only happens once a year. And every year, my older siblings get to go. But I don't!

I tried to shrug it off. My parents, the rulers of our kingdom, usually leave me out of things. I don't get to see coronations, lance shows, or even the huge meadow on the east side of our kingdom. I never thought they would go out of their way to exclude me this much. I mean, Rudy gets EVERYTHING. He gets to do whatever he wants! He has all of the best horses, biggest dogs, and most expensive cloths! I'm not a fan of fashion, but I still don't even have my own guard dog. But my two younger siblings do. It's just not fair.

It's Sea Day today. And almost everyone from Celadon is crossing the Cyan Sea to be festive in the Sapphire Kingdom. I've never even seen the sea much less travel to a new land and kingdom. People say horrible things about Indigo and the Five Kingdoms, but it sounds like a great place. People are free, happy, and they never try to find the worst in people like the people of the Quintero Kingdoms do. I wish I could go. I hear the Ruby Kingdom over there is like Rhodolite: full of flowers!


I stood on the front step of the castle. I gave a weak wave of farewell to my mother, father, and older siblings. My younger brother and sister were staying behind, too, but it's because they're too young to travel. So what's wrong with me?

"Day, we'll beh back in a week's time." My mother, Queen Alsticota, called over her shoulder.

My father, the king, added in his scruffy voice. "You betta behave, Day."

"Okay." I murmured. They didn't hear me though, but they never listen anyway.

I walked back into the castle with my hands at my sides. Everyone calls me Day. I HATE it when they do that! My name is Bree Teutonic Day Alsticota! I want them to say my name: Bree. It's better than "Day." I'm glad they don't call me "Teutonic" instead, though.

I stalked back to my room. As I pulled the curtains from the window to let in light I caught a glimpse of my self in the glass, and a horrid memory flooded me.

"Day, you will never be one of us." He scowled.

"Why? Why Father?" I asked in my child-soft voice.

"Because you are a demon!" My father boomed.

I cringed but didn't cry. I was too shocked! Demon?

He snatched a mirror by the silver handle and shoved it in my face. It's glass was shiny and gave me a perfect reflection of myself.

I gasped. He called me a demon for a good reason: My eyes were bloodred and my hair a silver-white. My skin pale as summer clouds. My brother was standing in the shadows. I heard him snicker. He had red-brown hair, hazel eyes, and olive skin. He had it made. He looked just like a young version of Father. But me? No. I didn't have hazel eyes. I didn't have glossy brown hair. I was me. A young little girl that looked like a... demon.

"But..." I looked down at my feet ashamed. "But why?"

"Do not question me!" He yelled and cut my cheek with the end of the mirror.

A stream of red that matched my eyes trickled down my face. I heard Rudy back away then run.

At the time, my face was chubby in a childish healthy way. Then my father had scarred it. I looked away from the window. My face, still pale as snow, was still scarred.

I crawled into my den. It's really just a fort of pillows. I guess when your family believes you're demonic, you have to keep boredom away by playing by yourself. And read books. I like books, but there's not many in Celadon. People think brawns over brain is best. Crawling through the blanket door, I wish I was in the Crystal Kingdom. There's a huge library there filled with thousands of books.

I pretended that I had paws. Black and furry. I pretended I had a long snout with a shiny black nose and tickling whiskers on the end and that I had soft, fuzzy pointed ears. I always had fun pretending to scuffle around in my den like a fox. Then I wished I was at Indigo. That land was said to be rich with foxes, not littered with huge bears and wolves.

I settled down in my sheet-piled nest in the plush darkness of my burrow.

Sleep settled on my eyes. And soon, there was darkness.

I love to dream. But I don't love to sleep. It's dreams that keep me going. If I could live in a lucid dream, I would.

I woke. Obviously, I'm not awake. This isn't anywhere I've seen before. I heard these sobs. It almost made me want to cry, too. I crept around the corner of this mysterious castle. I walked up a stone tower following the echoes of cries.

At the top, just outside a wooden door, I could see out the windows. Meadows and a huge expansion of flowers lay right outside the castle walls.

I realized that I was dreaming about the Ruby Kingdom, far-off in the flat world.

I poked my head through the open window to catch a breeze. For some reason, this dream didn't feel right.

I   shrugged off the feeling of this weird dream. If I was in the Ruby Kingdom, I'd never want to wake up. With a nervous gulp, I pushed open the wooden door, but my hands went through.

So I just walked through the door. Okay then. This room I entered... The light that filtered through the room was distorted and bent in odd angles. The air was really thick, too. This was what a dream is supposed to feel like.

Then there was this child in the middle of the room. They were crying tears of nothing as they gazed at themself into a mirror. I realized that this was me. White hair that shined like snow, bloodred eyes that held sorrow and grief, skin the color of dove feathers.

I walked closer through the liquid-like air. A purple aura was hanging around me. Not me, the other me. I stepped really close to myself and the air felt normal. Then I realized that the child wasn't me. I got really scared. It was a he.

I felt the dream slipping away, but I realized this wasn't my dream, it was his. Was there really another me out there, even if they are a boy?

"Boy, this is a dream." I said shakily.

"Eh?" He turned to face me. His face was like mine, except he didn't have a scar on his cheek.

I felt myself slip away from the dream. He tried to grab my hand and say something.

I opened my eyes and I only saw pillows.

For some reason, I can induce sleep easily. I don't know if that's a good thing. So I forced myself back into sleep. Ouch.

Once again, I was in the tower and the wooden door was in front of me. The window was dark with night and only starlight let me see my nose in front of my face.

I ventured into the boy's room once more. He was fiddling with feathers in his hand. Tears still streaked his face.

"Allo." I said, but my voice sounded slightly distorted.

"Hello." He said in an odd accent. "Am I... dreaming?"

"Yuss, boy." I told him, feeling eerily lucid.

"I feel lucid." He said to himself.

"Me, too."

He stood up and it felt really real.

"Where are weh?" I asked him.

"The Ruby Kingdom... duh." He said. "If this is a dream, then I must have met you somewhere before."

"No." I told him, and I felt myself slipping away. "We have neva met and we might neva meet."

He walked over to me felt y feathery hair in his hands. "You're an Angel aren't you?"

I looked him in the eye. I was barely than he was. Besides my scar, I'm sure we looked identical. Well, my long hair, too.

"Yes, that's what you are." He beamed. "My name is Gale."

"I am Bree." I told him. "And I'm not an Angel..." The memory of my father calling me a demon made my vision fuzzy. But I tried hard to stay in the dream.

"Let's stay asleep." Gale nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me down the tower.

The castle was perfectly clean as if this became a perfect dream. There was no one here. And at passing a giant hoard of potatoes, he was really livin' his dream.

"I'm actually from the Rhodolite Kingdom." I informed him as we ran down a slippery hallway.

He stopped abruptly nd turned around. His red eyes were like ice. Ice!

"But... I thought you were from Ruby..." He almsot whimpered.

"No." I shook my head.

"The Five Kingdoms?" He asked walking slowly towards me.

I felt scared. "No."

"Citrice? Blu? Jade? Copper?"


"Really? Rhodolite? The Quintero Kingdoms? Celadon?" He started breathing really fast.

I flinched as his eyes became moist. "Yes."

The walls of the hallway turned dark purple and black shadows crept up from the floor. Bright lavender orbs swirled around us.

"I..." Gale's face was shadowed. "I can't love someone from Celadon. I can't love someone in my dreams..."

"We'll meet in real life!" I shouted over the sickening sounds the shadows were making. "I promise!"

"How?" He yelled.

Something came into my lucid mind. Perfect. "Next year I will come to Sea Day in Sapphire."

"Promise?" I was surprised that I was promising a boy in my dream to come to Sapphire.

"I swear on my blood." I told him.

He looked taken back. "I swear on my blood."

I ran down the tower as fast as I could. I ran down the clean hallways past the kitchen.

"Gale!" I screamed. My mother, who was reading a letter as she walked through the halls, looked up at me with an odd expression. Ha ha, I guess I am awake.


Across Land and Sea Part 2

I never dreamt of Gale again. Not since the scary dream I had with him. And not since I promised him. That dream was was a year ago. I thought about him everyday since. I made sure to do my chores, to read extra books, and spend more time with my mother, the Queen of Rhodolite. Sea Day is in two weeks. My hard work will finally pay off. Tomorrow everyone will prepare for the voyage to Indigo. I know that they will take me this time. I know it.

"Day!" My father's voice boomed for me to come speak with him.

I leaned my dusty broom on the wall. Bleh. Cleaning is not my thing. My brothers and parents treat me more like a servant than a blood princess of the kingdom, so I was bound to do chores anyway.

I rushed over and kept my eyes staring in front of me at his ronud stomach. I never dare look into his eyes with my own bloodred ones.

"We are going to Sea Day. We have decided that you have the choice to accompany us." He said reluctantly. My mother must have made him ask.

"Yes, I would like that." I said plainly to hide my anxiety and excitement.

"Get your stuff packed." He sighed.

I bowed and speed walked to my room in the tower.

Hastily, I threw random things in my rucksack. I threw in a slew of clothes, a few knick-knacks, and then an envelope. I had folded in letters and pictures in the envelope to give to Gale when we met. One of my drawings was of us in front of a castle in a field of flowers. Everyday, I would add. Maybe I would put in a blue flower in the corner, or a sparrow in the clouds, or maybe a new strand of hair on my head. Each day, the next picture would become better. It would soon become real. We would live in a kingdom together. Not Ruby or Rhodolite, but our own.

I took a quick peek at one of the letters. I smiled at my writing.

"Spring, Year 8.1398,

Dear Gale,

I was looking at a potato today. It was a rare sight. Rhodolite gets their potatoes from Chrysoprase because these people are too picky. They won't eat any food that grew in the ground! We could have a lot more food to go around if we just grew some tubers. Is it like that in Ruby?


I grabbed an inked quil and added "Love," by "-Bree". Put the envolope back in the sack and slung it over my shoulder. I climbed into the huge coach outside of the courtyard.

I looked at my family as we bounced down the round. My oldest brother, Marshall, seemed blank as if he wanted to go to Sea Day, but dreaded it. Rudy seemed absolutely bloodthirsty. I looked away from him quickly. Apple, Rudy's twin, was coughing into a cloth. He was so sickly.

Looking at my siblings, minus two younger siblings, I realized that I hardly knew these people. They don't even look like me. Marshall has his brown-red, Rudy and Apple has light auburn hair. They don't even look at me.

I sighed and looked out the coach's window. I could almost hear Gale's voice in the wind, and see his face in the clouds. I'm coming Gale. Just liked I promised.


I barely survived the voyage across the Cyan Sea. Okay, that's an exaggeration. I was just really sea-sick. The two week journey went by really fast because I felt like a blank drone.

The sea was really stormy the first week. The second week was bright sunny sailing. When we reached the Sapphire ports, I was ecstatic.

It was so much different from the Zircon ports. It was lively, cheery, and the stench of gunpowder was not present. The people were walking with heads held high instead of slumped shoulders. Tents were being set up and small boats were being built. We arrived early for Sea Day.

"That's Trapper and Desteria." Rudy murmured, looking at two siblings.

"Sapphire Prince and Princess." Apple wheezzed.

I stood on my tip-toes. The two royals had blue eyes respectively. The brother had white hair and the sister had black. They were slim and sleek bodied, an Indigo stereotype. I looked at my family. Besides Apple and I, the Celadonians were stocky and thick.

We made our way to a courtyard with waterworks sprouting out from concrete. It wasn't the royal family's, but it looked like a place for public ceremonies. A round man in a blue uniform adressed us curtly.

"King Albatros, Queen Albatros, Rhodolite royalty." He bowed.

I smirked. But Apple pinched my arm.

"King Sileni," My mother curtsied.

This man was a king? He looked more like a favored butler.

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