The Vallhund has arrived from Sweden: adopt one today!

The Vallhund has arrived from Sweden: adopt one today!

As you surely know, Sweden is currently being celebrated on Dogzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games. Many of you have been using your imaginations to create great scenes with your dogs on Stortoget Square in Stockholm, adding many of the new and typically Swedish items that are available in the shop.

To complete this picture, all that was missing was the arrival of a new breed of dog all the way from Sweden. Well, now there is one – it’s the Swedish Vallhund, also known as the Västgötaspets! Behind this impressive name is a sheepdog that is short in size, but energetic and resilient, making it the perfect companion.

Would you like to adopt a Swedish Vallhund? Head straight for the Cave of Secrets where it is available for 3 Premz'... And it only costs 2 Premz' for members of the Dogzer Club ! So why not take this opportunity to join the Dogzer Club and enjoy the many other advantages that membership offers?

Have fun playing on Dogzer, and make the most of the month of Sweden!

P.S: Once your dogs have settled in with you, remember to share a link to them in the comments to get some votes

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