Adopt a dog like no other: the Peruvian Hairless Dog!

Adopt a dog like no other: the Peruvian Hairless Dog!

Chile is currently in the spotlight on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. It’s the perfect opportunity for a new exclusive breed to make its first appearance on the game: the Peruvian Hairless Dog. You’re probably wondering why it’s a Peruvian dog when Chile is country of honor, right?

In fact, as there is no canine breed that comes from Chile, we decided to go looking for your new game companion in a neighboring country. And as good news never travels alone, we can tell you that the Peruvian Hairless Dog is available for just 2 Premz'... This is a truly exceptional price for an exclusive breed that was already around at the time of the Incas.

So hurry along to the Cave of Secrets and treat yourself to the Peruvian Hairless Dog. You will can then put it against one of the magnificent new backgrounds: the Atacama desert or the Valley of the Moon. There is no doubt that your little Peruvian Hairless Dog will be delighted with its trip to Chile!

Have fun playing with your new friends, and don’t forget to share links to them in the comments, so that they will have some visitors... or even get a few votes!

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