Get your dogs into the Holiday spirit with some exclusive coats!

Get your dogs into the Holiday spirit with some exclusive coats!

Last year, we offered all the dogs from breeds that appeared over the course of the year the opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas with some special Holiday season coats.

So many players loved this new feature that we have decided to do it again this year, and to go one step further!

So, starting today, with the fantastic coat bonus, you can offer your bangkaews, swedish vallhunds, pointers and tibetan Spaniels a magnificent Christmas coat that will make them even more exceptional.

And as if that wasn’t enough, your irish Wolfhounds, icelandic Sheepdogs, lucerne Hounds, schwyz Hounds, bernese Hounds, huntaways, border collies, samoyeds, clumber Spaniels, dracula Sheepdogs, bloodhounds, groenendael Belgian Shepherds, irish Terriers, azawakhs, havanese, belgian Tervurens, mongolian Bankhars, boerboels and cambodian Razorback Dogs can also take advantage of a magnificent Christmas coat.

That should make a lot of people happy, but be warned: these coats are only available until December 25th, so don’t delay

It goes without saying that any dog you give a coat to can continue to wear it even after Christmas is over.

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