Quarantine: Dogzer is doubling your premz'!

As a way to bring you some good news during this highly stressful period, we have decided to double the number of premz' you get each time you purchase premz' on Dogzer.

For instance, if you purchase 50 premz', 50 additional premz' will be offered to you, do you end up receiving 100 premz'!

This offer is only valid until April 20th, but there is no limit to the number of free premz' you can receive that way: feel free to benefit from it several times.

We hope this decision will bring smiles on your faces. Keep going, everyone!

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 Abandoned - 1 year and 8 months ago:
  I can tell you that it is necessary, and although we do not like it, it is the only thing that will minimize the impact on the population.
After almost two months of isolation, I can tell you it is hard, but it is the only thing we have left as a race, the only way to protect ourselves is to hide.   
Quarantine: Dogzer is doubling your premz'!
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