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Question 1

To train a dog well, one must:

Sollicit his attention for a long time
Favor short teaching periods
Question 2

Which one of these senses is most efficient in dogs?

The sense of smell
The sense of sight
Question 3

Is playing essential for the well-being of your dog?

Yes it is essential for his training
No he can live without it
Question 4

Sounds and visual signs must be used to train a dog:

At the same time
Not necessarily at the same time
Question 5

To perform training exercices:

I have no obligation
I must make sure the dog has already been well trained
Question 6
It is important to start a lesson in a friendly and trustful mood

Question 7

The dog trainer's task mostly consists in:

To improve the training of the dog's acquired bases
To take care of the dog's health
To take care of the dog's beauty
Question 8

To train a dog well:

One must be firm and know how to reward a good deed
Always reward the dog
Question 9

During the training, does the trainer have to be the only person to take care of his/her dog?

Yes No
A smile can hide many tears, A good heart often hides the most pain. Never judge someone from what you have seen of them, Most of the time you don't know their whole story.

Please vote for

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Thanks Hal - sticking
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