You can first send your sponsor link to your friends via the page devoted to sponsoring. Any person that registers using this link will automatically be registered as your mentee.

The page dedicated to sponsoring shows you all your mentees, and also gives you the option to send more invitations.

You can also use the many banners that we've made available, which include your sponsor link. Put them on your blog or email, and in your email or forum signature. With these banners, you can easily acquire more mentees.

Finally, on certain pages of Dogzer (dog, breeding and animal pages, etc.) there is a small box where you can easily invite your friends and acquantiances on Dogzer, via an email that automatically includes your sponsor link.
You can also:
- invite people by simply providing their email;
- invite your friends on Facebook;
- if you're on other Dreamzer Games, invite your friends or mentees there who are not yet registered on Dogzer;

For example, when you send an invitation from a dog's page, the email will propose that the recipient meet this dog in particular. When you send an invitation from a group page, the email will suggest that the recipient join this group. When you send an invitation from an animal page, the email will propose that the recipient vote for this animal, and so on.

If they don't respond to your invitation after several days, don't hesitate to send another one!
In addition to meeting up with your friends on Dogzer, sponsoring gets you other benefits in the game:
- every mentee that you recruit will earn you 60 dogz' (once their e-mail address is confirmed);
- the first time that your mentee buys some premz' or subscribes to the Dogzer Club, you will receive 1 premz';
- thereafter, you will also receive 1 premz' for every 10 purchases they make.

There is no limit to how many people you can sponsor, nor to the amount of dogz' and premz' you can win. Take advantage!
The more loyal your mentees are to Dogzer, the more dogz' and premz' they bring you: be sure to welcome them as warmly as possible as they take their first steps in the game!

Why not offer your help or give them some advice, add them as friends or send them private offers...
We offer you a large choice of banners that you can put on your blogs, websites, email signatures, forum signatures, etc.
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