Certificates are essential for practicing the different professions on Dogzer and progressing in the game. Certain sections or features are only available to those who are certified.

At the beginning of the game, you don't have any certificates. Over time and as you acquire presence days, you can pass the 10 certificates that Dogzer has:
· Professional breeder
· Dog-handler
· Dog instructor
· Dog trainer
· Groomer
· Behaviorist
· Vet
· Cobbler
· Dog judge
· President of a breed club

Every certificate includes a series of questions that will put your knowledge of dogs and the related professions to the test.

Certificates & Jobs forum
To pass a certificate, you must have answer all questions correctly.
However, if you give the wrong answer to one or more questions, you can try again to get your certificate 1 day(s) later.
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