An affix allows you to give several of your dogs a sort of "family name" that they will retain for their entire existence, even if they change owners and/or name.

This allows dogs that have appeared on Dogzer through you to be identified and easily found.

A word of caution: unlike the breeding it belongs to, it is impossible to change a dog's affix.
Registering an affix allows you to:
- add an additional name to your dogs to distinguish them and brand them forever;
- follow them throughout their existence, no matter who owns them;
- create a lineage;
- group dogs together in a practical way.

a dog can only belong to a single affix, and can't change affix during the course of its existence.

an affix can bring together an infinite number of dogs from all breeds.

Once the affix has been registered, go to the page of each of the dogs of your choosing to add them to this affix using the dedicated button.
From your registration on Dogzer, you can register 1 affix.

Later, you can register a new affix every 10 days present, with a limit of 5 affixes.
For the members of the Dogzer Club, this number is increased to 50.
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