The dog-handler is in charge of the club, the clinic and the grooming salon's safety. He/she doesn't hesitate to give a little help to the other employees of the club !

How many Dog-handlers are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Keeping a ratio of one dog-handler for every 20 dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking.

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  • Anyone need a dog handler?

    Author: MissAgilityLabrador

    This is my 3rd presence day and after 2 tries I passed the test! As I mentioned I an fairly new to Dogzer but after only 3 days all job offers were - well, gone! I badly need a because I spent lots of money buying items and I do not want to them... Read more

  • Need Dog handler Job ASAP

    Author: trinityjordan7

    Hello! My name is Jordan and I have been looking for a dog handler job and I can't seem to find one. I am a extremely hard worker and even better I love dogs! I recently joined Dogzer so I am new but i'm getting the hang of things. Please if you are... Read more

  • Dog Handler Job Offer

    Author: sophiethemoji

    I want to be a dog handler because I can npt buy another dog and I am losing money quickly. My dog has low health and is fighting with other dogs. Soooo, are there any offers? Read more

  • Need a job as a dog handler

    Author: Crystalbabe2

    Hey I'm new to this game and I own a sweet Dalmatian named sweetie!!! I'm looking for a job in my profession so I can take care of sweetie the best I can but I need money to do that!!! I take very good care of sweetie and I can ensure you that ill... Read more

  • Dog Handler For Hire!

    Author: Itz_Cammi_Yolo

    Hi There! My name is Camren (Cammi) and I'm looking for a client . I am a beginner/beginning dog handler and trainer. I'm better working at a kennel club with other people but if you want me as just a train for your dog, that's fine. I'm also... Read more

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Information about the dog-handler profession.

Dog-handler: specialist in canine careers

A dog-handler – also called a dog lover – is someone who has various careers concerning multiple dog skills. The dog-handler works in security firms, the army, the police, but also in kennel clubs. In fact, the dog-handler has the assignment to ensure the security of the club, specialized clinic and grooming salon.

The work of a dog-handler consists of training and educating dogs to transform into useful companions. The trained dogs will be given the task of guiding blind people or protecting handicapped people. What’s more, the dogs trained by a dog-handler work as back-up in security firms. Other than the breeding and education, the dog-handler is in charge of the dogs’ training. From a young age, the dog-handler makes the dog work: he/she trains it in obedience, attacking basics, carrying objects, finding someone after getting their scent…tracking is part of a more intensive training. The dog-handler also trains the animal in signs to stop in case of obstacles. This is how certain dogs become very useful in airports, detecting narcotics. The dog-handler also makes sure that the animal gets all the treatment necessary for its well-being. He/she sees that the dog is well-fed and has a healthy lifestyle.

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