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The dog educator ensures the smooth running of the club and the dogs' sociability.

How many Dog instructors are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Keeping a ratio of one dog instructor for every 20 dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking!

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Information about the dog instructor profession.

Dog educator, for a puppy's good education

A dog educator has the assignment of understanding dog behavior. The dog educator fully masters canine psychology. He/she has all the necessary skills and is also the only one who is able to analyze the possible problems between dog and master. A dog educator works on the masters and their dogs to adapt the behavior of the master with that of their dogs. This is the primary function of a dog educator.

The work of a dog educator depends on the needs of the master and the possible problems he/she will encounter with his/her dog. To carry out the work, a dog educator never uses violence, but on the contrary looks for games to help the dog avoid developping these problems. The work is made up of making sure the dog behaves as well as it does in public as it does with its master. The advantages of using a dog educator are real. In helping the masgter understand his/her dog, the educator creates a bond between the two. What's more, an educated dog will be a good companion wherever you are thanks to its good behavior.

The dog educator comes in:
- when its time to educate a little puppy. In fact, puppies must be educated very young, that means from their first year (or a little bit later): so that their ability to assimilate orders is quicker. On the other hand, the education of dogs is never too late. In fact, dog education could be offered to an adult dog. However, in this case the work will take longer and be more complicated given that an old dog has got certain habits over the years.
- when a master wants to change the behavior of his/her dog.

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