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The dog judge is essential in order to organize dog shows in your club, he/she gives the grades !

How many Dog judges are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
To organize dog shows, you need at least one dog judge. Then, depending on the shows type that you organize, you may need other employees.

Keeping a ratio of one dog judge for every dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking.

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Information about the dog judge profession.

Dog Judge: the canine judge

A single dog judge is essential to organizing a show. In fact, the dog judge is a a vital actor in the organization of dog shows in a club, since it's him/her that gives the grades. The role and the assignment of a dog judge is to judge the beauty as well as the quality of a dog according to its breed. They select who is to be the champion of the dog show and to do this, they have to have a professional eye.

To have this title, a dog judge has to fill certain conditions. Firstly, the dog judge has to be a professional breeder of the selected breed. Secondly, the dog judge has to have this professional experience for at least two years. Thirdly, the dog judge has have completed a two year course with a dog trainer.

The dog judge can give five types of qualifications or grades during a show in a club:
- The "excellence" grade is given to a dog who fully complies with the ideal standard of the breed. The dog has to be in perfect condition. At first appearance, the dog must have a shiny look and a high quality, which would work in its favor despite several imperfections.
- The "very good" grade is given to the dog of a high quality as well, being well-proportioned and of a good lineage.
- the "good" grade is given to dog showing the main characteristice of the breed with a few visible faults.
- the "adequate" grade is given to the dog who doesn't necessarily show a high quality.
- the "disqualified" grade is given directly to any dog not respecting the standards of the breed.

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