Professional breeder

The professional breeder is able to create his/her own breeding. Within the club he/she takes care of all the registered dogs.

How many Professional breeders are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Keeping a ratio of one professional breeder for every 20 dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking.

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Information about the professional breeder profession.

Professional Breeder: manager of a dog breeding kennel

Professionl breeders are able to start up their own breeding kennels. The professional breeder is a breeder who has the knowledge and skills needed to manage well a breeding program. The professional breeder title comes after following professional training in dog breeding. Professional breeders invest time in breeding dogs. Their role is to look after the dogs as well as the pupppies and to then give these puppies a program of socialization. Along with this knowledge, professional breeders have to satisfy even the smallest needs of future owners. On one hand, the breeder selects the puppy for the future owner. On the other hand, if this is necessary, he/she has to be able to steer the potential client towards other breeds which meet their needs better.

Tuned into their dogs, professional breeders know in detail all the genetic, behavioral, choice and feeding of each dog breed. Within a kennel club, the professional breeder passes his/her time and days looking after all the dogs registered there. Even though he/she is capable of producing countless litters a year, the dogs are always kept in the best conditions. The professional breeder ensures the hygiene of the surroundings, the cleanliness and the vet treatment. The kennels are cleaned every day. The dogs are walked and turned loose in a park with games or shelter in case of bad weather. The professional breeder trains them for dog shows. To keep them in good health, he/she takes them to the vet.

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