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All Doggies Kennel

Creation: 10/27/2018
Owner: KidKrazy97641
Overall Ranking: 6th
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Rottweiler ##STADE## - coat 30
Alaskan Malamute ##STADE## - coat 52
Rottweiler ##STADE## - coat 30
Shetland Sheepdog ##STADE## - coat 17
Spanish Water Dog ##STADE## - coat 65



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  • Not Receiving Gifts

    Author:  AlaskanKoda

    So I logged on today and got this message "We would like to thank you for your loyalty to Dogzer and help you celebrate your 100 presence days by giving you a surprise present. Consult your PM to learn more!" but then there wasn't anything in my PM.... Read more

  • Excited to be back!

    Author: destinyized

    Hi everyone! My old account is Mylife22, I could not for the life of me remember my password. I am very excited to be back and see if I can get as far or even farther than I got on my other account. Feel free to message me as it seems none of my old... Read more

  • The bug that makes the game unplayable

    Author:  Animagus101

    A bug started on Sunday October 4. I'm sure everyone's noticed it so I'm surprised it wasn't reported over the past 10 days. Any button that opens a mini pop-up window doesn't work. I can put dogs to bed, brush/wash, water/suckle & do relaxation... Read more