Dog breeder rankings by presence days

The more presence days you accumulate on Dogzer, the more your ranking improves.
The overall ranking of breeders on Dogzer is determined by several criteria: results in dog shows (number of times in the Top 3), length of time in the game (presence days), number of dogs and a breeder's passion ranking.

The passion rankings highlight the breeders who best take care of their dogs. These rankings take into account the average health, strength, mood and cleanliness of each breeder's dogs.

Other rankings allow you to also see a player's position according to specific criteria: by number of dogs, number of times in the Top 3, number of victories in the dog shows, wealth (number of dogz'), number of votes received, or by number of visits received.
Dog breeder rankings by presence days
Place Breeder Country Evolution Seniority
Sneasel  Sneasel
 Majority breed: Dalmatian
 0 3,097 days
chaseiscute   chaseiscute
 Majority breed: Border Collie
 0 2,912 days
snapesgirl  snapesgirl
 Majority breed: Scottish Terrier
 0 2,458 days
4 Amutiel  Amutiel
 Majority breed: Siberian Husky
 0 2,173 days
5 mariasona  mariasona
 Majority breed: Miniature Pinscher
 0 2,094 days
 Majority breed: Toller
 0 1,904 days
7 cougarcat  cougarcat
 Majority breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
 0 1,852 days
8 KidKrazy97641  KidKrazy97641
 Majority breed: German Shepherd Dog
 0 1,834 days
9 we_are_young4a  we_are_young4a
 Majority breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
 0 1,574 days
10 souleater1212  souleater1212
 Majority breed: Akita
 0 1,485 days
11 Dreamzer  Dreamzer
 Majority breed: Pug
 0 1,266 days
12 Karbear10  Karbear10
 Majority breed: Cocker Spaniel
 0 821 days
13 antly659  antly659
 Majority breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
 0 652 days
14 saraphena02  saraphena02
 Majority breed: Borzoi
 0 504 days
15 sayit8199  sayit8199
 Majority breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
 0 490 days
16 MoonSkys122  MoonSkys122
 Majority breed: Whippet
 0 477 days
17 AndreaGG2001  AndreaGG2001
 Majority breed: Brittany
 0 441 days
18 Helen_Skelton  Helen_Skelton
 Majority breed: Chihuahua
 0 401 days
19 ruffian7  ruffian7
 Majority breed: Whippet
 0 308 days
20 panda090304  panda090304
 Majority breed: German Shepherd Dog
 0 297 days